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Blade Reborn - Forge Your Destiny   
About: To my fellow fighters, The illusion of peace has deceived us for far too long. As we speak, the Demon race is plotting a gigantic-scale invasion of our realm to pilfer our blessed iron ore. Darkness is rising, its inevitable - we gotta band together and prepare for it. But dont despair, my fighters, you mustnt forget how we prevailed over this same threat few centuries ago. Grab your weapons, dive into the underworld and war for the greater nice! CLASSIC DUNGEON CRAWLING LOOT-BASED GAMEPLAY - Scatter the Demon race, protect the blessed iron! - Search and build your legend in a tons of diabolical worlds. - Accumulate piles of loot and gold in infinite dungeon instances. HACK N SLASH, CAST SPELLS, AND MORE - Be one of three special heroes: An Immortal Sorcerer, Indomitable Hero, or a Deadly, Silent Killer. Master over 64 Various skills and talents for every class. - Switch we ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 50MB Developer: Snail Games USA Inc [email protected]
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Blade Reborn - Forge Your Destiny Reviews and Comments:

The release dosent allow u sign in on your own google test profile like how do u expect ppl to test the release if they carnt even obtain in to the release
~ A Google user
Finally hit 500k might. Then I obtain an modernization and after modernization my hero was deleted. Is there any idea to retrieve my hero?
~ josh campbell
It's a nice release and I hope that you would continue with it and hold up with the nice work. I hope that newest modernization will come out quick
~ Javar Benjamin
Its a very cool release and all but it keeps on claiming "connecting" and then my release just freezes and then i have a rejoin which is really annoying
~ Cayden Chiang
The release is alright, I think they could fix how cluttered it feels though. And maybe smoother framerates. It felt slow to me and I'm test on a one plus 6T.
~ jared williams
too many bugs
~ Simon Green
Nice release , im still t a weak lvl and working for it. Finest release while im at school and work.
~ A Google user
It's too easy for me.
~ Genjimaru X
just like Diablo 3
~ Tam Nguyen
Enjoyed the release untill the overlay of maps and home base overlapped, which hampered having fun. Probably this is due only to my device, Xiaomi SE as most releases and apps aren't optimized for a notched display device. Probably will be fixed by next modernization or patch
~ zohaib sharif
its so laggg hmmmm!!!
Hey Developers! What happened to "TALES OF GAIA"? I loved that release. Please modernization that release and improve the delays troubles cause by server. Can you separate the server of SEA PLAYERS to US and EU server? That release was nice! Thank you.
~ Jayvee Montealto
Its pretty and nice release. It has gender choice. Nice skill set. Dual weapon system. I love it. I think ita the finest release so far this 2018. This deserves some type of recognition for originality in small platform. Trouble only is that its too speedy like 120 fps. Feels like cartoons.
~ Aiko Sc
I love lamp!
~ Jason G
Thank you for getting my original release back :) I don't no what you did ? but thank you very much, very appreciated :) . My release is working fine actually :)
~ Colin Stockell
I love it and it's superb everywhere, including the UI. But there is one thing that bugs me... No male characters look like a lad to me except for the bulky fighter... Why does males have to be bulky to be a male... The elf lad looks like a tranny.... I'm sorry but he does. Despite that, the release is nice.
~ Russ Miller
So after testing the release more and playing on both wifi and LTE, I can confirm this release has serious wifi troubles and disconnects frequently making the gameplay horrible and frustrating. Better to be played off wifi but hwve no concept how much time the release consumes.
~ Chris Epic
Poor FPS on a Note 9, lots of translation errors, and the gameplay becomes fully blocked by hard paywalls. They use Diablo like photos to lure you in, but in release nothing resembles it at all. Oh and it's auto test. Lame.
~ Remedies of War
it wont connet to the server
~ Milton Morales
Well, this release was a lot of fun until I couldn't log in. Uninstalled it and tried reinstalling it just to obtain the same message over and over about the resource box and that I need to uninstall the release and install from test shop, whic I have done twice actually. This release seems to be dying speedy anyhow.
~ Tricia Snyder
It's so annoying when weapon change automatically , the release forces you to test two specs at same time ! I really just wanted to focus on one spec and change when I feel ready for change, ...this is so dumb ...why the heck I would wish to be changed from my magic caster I wanted to be to : suddenly draw a bow and shoot a bow ?!?? The ONLY idea you can test one spec without interruptions is when you test manually ..but even in this mode the button for weapon change is so near another buttons it's simple to accidentally click that weapon change button ...
~ BattleAngel
Sure would be great to now test this release but because of the Derpy ass Energy System you can test maybe 10 mins 20 mins at most before you have to sit and do nothing - whoever decided that was a nice concept needs to be fired and blackballed from any future jobs in development of anything entertaining. furthermore it takes upward of thirteen HOURS to obtain that 100 energy (constitution as they call it) .... 13 hours for 15 mins of test approximately. ridiculous.
~ boing boingerson
I have played loads of mmorpg , on device and notebook . This one stays in my device. One trouble I faced , after testing for 1 hour or so the release freezes. I can guarantee that's it's not my device. Well I hope the devs will look into it. But for users like me, we can exit the release and restart which restores the normal release. Nice release !! A gotta for all RPG lovers
~ D Evil
thanks the finest in the globe
~ Kian Saei
I liked the release until they changed the terms which meant I was dropped back to lvl 7 when I was on lvl 8 for upping my weapons. I have not been able to progress for months. Shame on you. I also obtain warnings from Google claiming the tool is unsecure and appears to steal your personal time. Test at your own risk.
~ Berge 1308
I guess considering that I'm not much of a spender, progressing is really hard. It seems the recipients at SnailGames haven't improved since their newest Taichi Panda f*ckup. But as usually, they cater more to their rich dudes than anyone else who test to have fun. And the worst part is, the large spenders crash the release for everyone else, and nothing is done to fix it. I've had enough of this release. I'm thankful I didn't waste $100 on this 'yet other poor release' allow alone $50.
~ Enigma Seven
release will not allow me enter a server please fix
~ Daniel Voelbel
wasting time for testing this boring release........
~ Dead Pool
To many errors, its an unsafe release and google place here, actually my dollars is gone.
~ Jerry Rivera
my time is gone but i dont care i can create a newest one
~ Jessie Smith
glad trouble each another day log in my gmail profile...pleàse will you fix it.
~ Jose Panti
release is nice graphics too nice please increase backpack zone in next modernization
~ sunny kumar
you guys dont deserve even 1 star, worst releases ever you can search in snail
~ A Google user
great release, but for the last 2 days I can't connect 2 server.developer support!!
~ rasta farian
Great release But I wish auto attack in pvp And can you create resize a littlebit the superhero cause it's too tiny...
~ Ynnos Obocaj
Other online copycat of 20 year old Diablo clones... Weird graphics on weapons, but most important: Since the modernization I obtain a 'harmful content' warning blocking me from the release via safety & malware guard... I correspondence you a screenshot, Snail-Squad.
~ Andre Michael Pietroschek
Nice graphics but boring gameplay.... Read storyline.. Walk to next storyline. Read next storyline.. Auto war for a minute.. Read more storyline... Repeat until bored... Dont bother
~ ozroly08 cgb
its so awsone i love it....but when i finally lvl up to 51 i couldnt enter the release it claimed i could reinstall the release and when i did that i lost all my progress. and i feedback it to my fb profile and i still didnt obtain back my profile.
~ A Google user
I'm a VIP 14 in this release and none of the developers even tried to respond to my correspondence. i was complaining about a certain bug that is so unfair for another users. A certain user in there got this bug that increased his might to 2million+++. i sent screenshots in the correspondence to prove it but it was ignored by these developers. its been happening until actually. and that bug started early February. These developers just takes ur dollars. they dont listen to users even if u have spent so much for their release.
~ Vanessa Bulaun
As an RPG Mod 'n' Cut lover , I can claim that this is one of the finest mobile releases on the supermarket !!! Graphics awesome , gameplay nice !!! Away better than Eternity Heroes and Dungeon Hunter releases !!! It's like Dante's Inferno storyline !!!
~ GamingReality '81