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About: Hell-o, lads and women. Merry early Christmas to all. Have you been nice all year or have you been naughty? If you have been naughty, this one is for you. Days before Christmas a tiny residential neighborhood in Los Angeles is overrun with zombies. Take on the role of Santa Claus, face off versus the zombie apocalypse and clear the house of all Zombies before Christmas morning. The dead are walking and old Saint Login has just added them to the naughty list. Informations: - Inspired by target and click journey releases, with some Christmas horror! - Great graphics, detailed objects and deadly zombies! - Face off versus the living dead as Father Christmas himself! - Informations holidays cheer and the blood thirsty undead! - Take out the undead using Santa approved firearms and exciting gunplay! - Many equipment to accumulate, combine and use in your quest. - Tackle puz ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 74MB Developer: Amphibious Games [email protected]
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Black Christmas (Free) Reviews and Comments:

Nice. More to come?????
~ A Google user
Nice Product
~ Angelle Jennings
Nice 100stars
~ Dark Wolf
~ مجید شکربور
Great release
~ Corazón Valiente
~ A Google user
More lvls
~ Sarah Revill
Is nice
~ Kane Miller
Want it were longer
~ Claudine C
~ A Google user
Cool release
~ Sasha Rust
I love it 😍😍😍😍 I had this release before and I deleted it ... I don't know why but I love it😍😍😃😃😂😂😂
~ Dakota Montano
Its very nice home , I think solo
~ paramesh waran
~ Tina Miller
This one now made sense.
~ Mai Nguyen
Solved all puzzles completed release hope achievements obtain added.
~ TheLordShinnok
Great release, nice storyline.
~ Andrey Sudakov
A lot of zombies!!! Cool and challenging.
~ Artjom P
Very great release as usual but too short
~ HaMaDa
I would think that the release was s scary a tiny bit though it looks fun
~ Adele Marsden
It's very interesting and challenging the idea u use the controls
~ A Google user
I have finished each release of yours waiting for more releases
~ Manan Bakshi
You have the finest releases out!!!
~ Sophia Garcia
It's a stupid release it won't allow me test I'm on the first one and don't know what to do.
~ what ever
Nice release, want it was longer, I was really enjoying it. The puzzles are challenging but not too hard.
~ Lisa Shaffer
Hope to see more upgrades for this release in the future hold up the nice work.
~ Romaine Richberg
Only improvement i would suggest r many more lvls&a idea to identify what ur pickin up. Overall enjoyed playin, was just over idea too quickly.
~ Renee Dragoo-Farner
Number in tree stump 7**7 lickle clue for the ones still scratching yer heads lol
~ Annamarie O'Connor
Other nice release. Still required to look at walk-through though. Because some click zones were placed close together, making them simple to overlook.
~ Gene Aiello
Do they have to hide each thing.because I can not search a track ps and I bass this release for a month
~ Tina Kline
For lvl 2 and the last one the "return" button disapper and have to exit it,therefore I have to restart again.
~ Mar Yati
The clues you search dont create any sense, couldnt obtain past the first lvl and Ive played few another releases like this. But this one is a waste of time.
~ Kelly Greenwood
Many times the clues doesn't follow common sense. Too much random clicks just to search out what we're going to do with our inventories. I only need walkthrough in the first lvl (that effin scratch on the tree stomp was an effin number!?#$%)...but then I should finish all by myself. The ending is better then another Amphibius Developers zombie releases, but I don't like the song (and song is crucial for me), so I'm giving it a four stars.
~ Mammalias Pizza
I haveint played it yet
~ A Google user
Is the Finest
~ A Google user
great graphic, but first scene you finding things maybe 4 equipment things stop working.
~ vaughnroy brooks
Couldn't even obtain pass the 1st lvl and it also doesn't have my release.
~ L. Green Qtie
stupid, in the 4 lvl you can literly clean up the blood pool with a pillow, you go through so much for so tiny
~ A Google user
idk what they are talking about the release is fine but it was hard for me to pass it i had to find it up on youtube so many times
~ A Google user
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