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About: Join over 80,000,000 recipients who are already testing this top-rated FREE puzzle journey! Enter the globe of Minutia and accumulate beautiful characters, lvl them up and conquer the Slugs! With more than 2,000 lvls, enjoy hours and hours of fiendish fun! STORY: The tiny monsters of Minutia lived in peace and harmony until the meteor smashed into Mount Boom, bringing with it a strange force that transformed the Slugs who lived there into an units of greedy, greenery-gobbling pests. Actually, the Slugs are taking over the globe, munching a path through Minutia and sliming up everything they touch! But a brave band of heroes is fighting back! Left alone when the Slugs conquered most of Minutia, these unlikely champions are on an epic quest to solve the mystery of Mount Boom and beat back the Slug advance. To obtain to Mount Boom, theyll need to become the BEST FIENDS! ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
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Best Fiends - Free Puzzle Game Reviews and Comments:

Not sponsored but God damn this release is addicting. Like this is my go to release when I'm bored no matter what device I'm using I'll create sure I have it downloaded. The animations are beautiful, in release purchases are super affordable but you don't really need to buy anything unless you wanna buy the premium fiends.
~ Deq'Ah Bieha
I Love This Product I found it almost 2 years ago from an banner on other release, I have been testing it ever since. I love the meetings and collecting the different fiends, Not just a babes release its a release for all ages.
~ Crysi
Frustrated that I can never victory the fiend in the meetings before it ends. I test each single day but the bluebell meetings would never allow me run them when I completed the previous one so there is no idea I can ever earn them. I was 2 meetings short today when I was claimed "sorry meeting ended". Allow the next challenge run when you complete the previous one. especial since every challenge is timed. I was like 10 bluebells away many times and I lost all 800 due to sleep and work. ugh
~ Jennifer Vanniman
Nice release, super addicting! ....HOWEVER.... I made a several purchases and actually when I finish a lvl and use keys to launch boxes, the tiny yellow 'back' button at the bottom right is not lit up and I can't return to the main menu. It's like I'm being forced to use the keys I received after my purchases. I have to close the release and reopen almost each time actually. Would give 5 stars if this bug were fixed! 😊 EDIT: Works seamlessly actually for whatever reason 😎 devs, thank you for this release!!
~ merkaylah
~ Kandi Ann Brewer
This is not your typical match 3 same o same release. I love the idea, I love the puzzles, many of which are quite challenging, I love the graphics, the adding of newest lvls each week and I love the characters. I even love the excitable hostess of the fan club ( sry, I can't rembr yor name, lousy w/ names). Everything about this release is a +++. Cudos to the devlopers.
~ Sarah Cheeseman
i honestly love this release, it's by far my favoured!! i test it so much, im already passed lvl 400 😊😊 it has nice graphics and animation, and i love that you can upgrade the fiends, i will continue to test!
~ April Brown
This release usually loads on device or device. i like it because although in-release purchases are available, you can advance without using this means. There's a great tons in the challenges too. i highly suggest it.
~ marsh S
Think it's bs that the pieces don't fall in a regular manner. Makes it so that it's not about skill, it's about if the release wants to allow you pass the lvl or not. If a piece is supposed to drop right then down in a lvl then each piece that lands in that box could go right then down... You never know where pieces are gonna fall though, there's no rhyme or reason. Besides that I love the release.
~ Tonya
I love this release I test this release morning noon and night! if it wasnt for this release! I probably would lose my mind! and caught a topic by actually! so thank to finest fiends! wouldn't no what I'd do without you! love you usually your dude/or fiend! Robin Brooks😘😍🤗Oh! Ps! can you please place some Gold in the wooden boxes! I think that would be cute kool! 5stars! all day!
~ Robin Brooks
I 💖this release. It is super beautiful, and the bugs or...fiends 😊are adorable. The gameplay is not to hard, and it is simple to obtain updates within the release with out spending dollars. All in all...I rate this release 10/10😊👍
~ Yvette Payne
Addicting! The lvls vary in difficulty, but are never to the extreme of being so simple I obtain bored or so tough I obtain furious. I appreciate how simple it is to create progress in this release, premium offers on equipment are frequent but I don't feel pressured to spend dollars because I can obtain along without it. if I create a buy it's purely to help the release, the YouTube animations are a great touch too. I really like Howie!
~ RJ Thomas
Holy in-release buying Batman! This ho-hum match release nags you constantly to buy in release equipment. Though you clicked test? Nope, in-release buy screen. You clicked test again, right? Nope, thats other feedback to in-release buying, because thats what you really wish, right? Sonewhere there is a release, but you'd rather look at some in-release buying options, right? this release is intentionally set-up to create it simple for babes to rack up charges
~ Rhett Stubblefield
i have been test for 6 years actually. I am at lvl 826. it is the finest release ever. it can obtain a tiny hard..but it is worth it. one change needs to be made though. when we victory one..two..or three nonpaid moves, i want it would ask if i wish to use those moves because sometime it can be a hard lvl and i waste the nonpaid moves if i can't finish the lvl in those nonpaid moves. Tha release makes me use them.
~ Sherry Thompson
One of the very several match releases that is fun, engaging & I have yet to hit a paywall. They have banner options as a idea to earn everything you need. Only one I've found that I can test indefinitely. Lots of nonpaid equipment & newest meetings going on all the time. Highly suggest. I haven't spent a cent; I don't mind the banners, you control how many you watch to an extent depending on how many resources you wish. If you do wish to pay, they offer hella bargain deals all the time: those too are the finest I've seen.
~ Jennifer Boyd
Nice! Love the animations, characters, release options, and challenges. Never a dull moment with this release. I don't mind the banners, because they don't interrupt the release, and let you to obtain premium keys, diamonds, or energy.
~ Mildred Haslett
More challenging than I thought I was skeptical at first but I figured what the hey. Have not regreted it yet. It is impossible to go through the lvls without spending any true dollars; it just requires patience, persistence and tbe willingness to watch some banners. Watching the banners gives you freebies. One thing would be great and that would be a brief explanation of how one can receive more of the gold bars and what the fiends can do at every lvl. A Finest Fiends for Boneheads.
~ DawnStorm
I absolutely love this release, however, there could be another ideas beside testing 7 challenging lvls straight, to earn gold. I spend about $50 a month actually, which is just about the price of my cellular bill. That was not my intentions when I downloaded this release and still is not. On occasion, to save my bought gold, I give up and replay the round until I finally victory. Every lvl makes you think, which I really enjoy the challenge. I just dont like the amount of dollars I've been spending on gold.
~ NyYahri YisraEL
love love love this release! the only thing i think would be cool is if your use gold to obtain more mores, it would be great if you should somehow "bank" those bonus moves. not all but maybe up to like 10 moves or something like that 😁
~ Malinda Rettinger
I've played this release for many years. About 4 years-ish. You do not need to spend dollars to test ever. All Fiends are earnable with keys which are release test earned. Variety of meetings so you never obtain bored. Im lvl 457 I think and as long as your smart enough to beat the lvls, you never need to pay dollars but you will search yourself spending because you can't even support it. Cool newest styles to place on your Fiends. Even gold is earned through release test. I test this release to relax at night before bed.
~ Nielle Ramm
Gotta Nice release i ever played , so simple! The lvls are quite hard when you hit the 400's , but its addictive and you dont have to pay for anything on it... ✌
~ shane da gaming master
Pretty and Fun I kept hearing radio commercials for this release and thought I'd test it. It is a slight twist on the match 3 releases. You dont swap, you connect matching colors. (think Boggle)You obtain 5 characters to support you with premium powers to do missions and conquer slugs. These guys will evolve (grow up) and you can swap them for others you search along the idea. Graphics are beautiful and vivid. In release purchases are cheap($1.99) Although you do not need to buy. I like it, it's beautiful and not stressful.
~ Koko O
test idea too much but it is a very enjoyable release! just not crazy about when U run out of moves & have to spend 10 gold for other 5 moves when most of the time only 1 more is required. almost like the release works it that idea, not giving anything for that 1 last required target till U spend 10 gold!
~ family vlogs
(1) Up to lvl 350 nearly and not spent a penny. Sure there are banners, but watching is optional, AND there are immediate rewards for watching. (2) This is not just a match 3 kind of release, but match many, and you also have to think when not to match. Logic troubles in a graphic setting. (3) Sent in a recommendation for improvement, got an immediate - well, almost - respond next day, and follow up correspondences were responded to within a day. (4) Someone has a sense of humour. Gotta be a fun zone to work. Kudos.
~ Riaz Husain
The bugs that haunt your home have become the unlikely allies to save your garden from the evil menace of the wicked slugs that squat their claim to eat your plants. Though sometimes the connection to give your directive can be a bit sluggish and unfortunately the comm window does ruin from time to time. Better than your childhood ant farm it will hold you entertained and logically challenged for hours. Finest of luck cadets may you live long and prosper.
~ Alicia Becknell
The release itself is really fun, gameplay works well, it's immersive, no complaints there. The reason I gave only 3 stars is because of the amount of in-release advertising. at any given time there are 2-4 different meetings going on, it's hard to hold track of anything, especially if all you wish to do is just pay the release. To much on the screen at one time.
~ Morghan Peressini
I've been testing this release for a while and I really love it. It's challenging, beautiful and relaxing. They have all types of ideas to earn VIP they are very generous with time. I do spend dollars on releases as long as the release is not greedy, this release has few boxes for all types of price points, and you obtain a lot for your dollars. So far I'm very pleased, I have stopped testing few releases due to the fact that they are greedy and give you absolutely nothing if you don't contribute monetarily.
~ Berta
Changing review to 3 stars. Some elements of the release I still like, but it's beginning to obtain boring. I'm on lvl 203 where the targets are to break launch 3 boxes & accumulate 110 rain drops. I have played this lvl 15 to 20 times a day for weeks, & while it is fairly simple to break launch the boxes, it is impossible to accumulate 110 of anything if that number never appears. After all these releases, only 50 to 75 rain drops now present up, so there is no idea to obtain 110 because they simply do not exist.
~ Susan Leverette
Hooked on this release. All another releases (actually and past) I wouldn't think twice about uninstalling but not this one. LOVE that there are no lives to lose. Allows you to test as long as you wish no matter how many times you lose. Characters are a hoot. Developers did an outstanding job creating this release!
~ Pamela O Neill
I've been testing Finest Fiends for years. It's very addictive and I love it. Nice job with this one, thank you for your assistance in supporting my tiny lad learn his colors and how to figure out drawing patterns and lines and how to count. He likes to support test too. This release helped create learning fun for him.
~ Misty Madson
Finest Fiends is a nice release!! For those frustated with multi-user releases, no one can sabotage your release but you. Every month = bonus releases with interesting prizes. Test with dudes & support with presents--everyday! Test at your own pace. It's also addictive. One hint: click everyday gift from BF DAILY! Miss a day--run week over. Receive to end of a month & victory wildly nice prizes. Oh, BEST PART: SUPPORT is fair, answers questions in nice time, seems to appreciate it's users, & has sense of humor!!!
~ Sue Morris
love the graphics, you can give & obtain energy/lives, diamonds, & meteormites everyday with another users without needing to be dudes on FB, your own lives replenish speedy & your full number of lives increases actually & then so you can test longer, multiple ideas to earn keys, diamonds&meteorites, like each 10 mins, and you usually earn some even if you lose a lvl. The challenges don't take days to complete so it keeps your interest. I would call it a "Feel Nice" release because you now victory
~ Angie Summers
I just passed lvl 1,000 and I started testing at the end of September (2018) {it's actually May} mind you I don't usually test each day either 😉 this is my favoured release actually & its super addicting. I've gotten my Mom, Aunt, Sister Husband & both of my 2 oldest babes (10 & 9)testing it actually too. Seriously (pun intended) a super fun release oh yeah & I don't have troubles with it destroying like another release apps do. Other thing that I really really love about this release is that you can also test it offline😉
~ Brianna Roberts
I'll be honest when I was seeing all the banners for this release I thought Oh brother!! That release can't be that dang nice. After some time went by I was wanting a newest release to test and me and my husband wanted to test it so we added it to our devices. We have never seen so much going on with a release. WE LOVE IT!! WE'RE ADDICTED. The animation videos are soo nice and beautiful. I watched all in a row and did the quiz. You obtain rewarded nicely for everything you do on here. The releases are so nice.
~ Deborah Denney
The finest release I've ever played...I'm past lvl 500 actually. To the recipients complaining the lvls are too hard and they just wish dollars...of course they do lol...everyone wants to create dollars. You CAN pass even the most hard lvls without paying tho..after failing so many times they'll add a transport...until you obtain it. I've made it to lvl 530 without paying for anything.
~ Tracy Lehane
So fun, and so addictive! Love this release, and it's very fair, giving plenty of ideas to earn super currency. It's entirety possible to test without paying true dollars, but I've done a several micro transactions to support help the devs, and further my release. Back when I played Nintendo DS releases I would have been glad to pay 20 - 30 dollars for the release test, so the 6 or 7 dollars I've spent seems a bargain to me.
~ Michelle Pfann
This was my first favoured release. never been too much into releases. This release got me hooked. i didnt run getting discouraged until the mid 400's (lvl)... After those lvls it seemed to take a week or 2 just to beat 1 lvl. That got boring. I dont wish to spend that much time testing the same lvl over and over.. Some ppl may, but not I. I do still test here and there
~ Theron Davis
&it's still happening and apparently finest feinds doesn't care to fix it you are completing a cycle and all of a sudden it doesn't let you it just takes the part of it causing you to have to use other transport I spent nice dollars on this release and actually it's just ripping me off!!!
~ Sarah K.
This is consistently one of the finest releases I test. It adds moves if you obtain stuck, meaning you're never going to just "beat your head versus the wall" of a particular lvl - the very trouble that has made me stop testing another releases! I also enjoy the tons of challenges and the monthly quests.
~ Kate Brice
I love this release for so many reasons. If you struggle on a lvl, you obtain an bonus transport. I have quit testing a couple of releases because I played the same lvl each day for over a week and couldn't victory it. You can earn all of the things you need for the release without buying things, but I buy equipment from time to time to help the release. Lastly the bug graphics are beautiful and they celebrate when you victory. Makes it more fun.
~ Karen Pynes