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Bejeweled Blitz   
About: Enjoy one minute of explosive match-3 fun from PopCap Products! Detonate as many gems as you can, 60 action-packed seconds at a time, in the hit puzzle release played by over 125 million recipients worldwide. Match three or more and make cascades of nice with Flame gems, Star gems, and Hypercubes. Use potent Rare Gems and upgradable Boosts to compete versus dudes, or challenge another users and top the leaderboards in Blitz Champions. TOP THE LEADERBOARDS IN BLITZ CHAMPIONS Challenge another users across the world when you compete in Blitz Champions Contests. Receive matched with users at your lvl and war it out for the top score. Accomplish a tons of tasks and present off your skills every Contest informations a newest idea to test. Change up your walkthrough and test like a champion to victory potent rewards and top the leaderboards! DISCOVER EXPLOSIVE EXCITEMENT Accumulate p ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 100MB Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
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About: Once upon a time in the cold world of a lonely planet, the sun was born. And everything became bright and colorful. That is the very beginning of our story - the tale about the EcoBalance world. The Sun was lonely and didnt have friends, so it decided to travel a bit. It left the home cell and soon made three friends. When they met together, they had so much fun, that the real ecoboom! has happened. It became the start of the evolutionary chain - a flower was born. Time has passed, and fl...

Developer: PAMPAM LLC [email protected]

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About: Draw Blocks The Awesome Drawing Puzzle! **"Draw Blocks" is a puzzle game that is fun and challenging. I can't stop playing this! -- WeDigitalsnews ** Drawing and Filling the maps are very addictive! - WhichAppsAreAdditive? ** Draw Blocks is a unique Puzzle for Drawing and Filling ^^ - BigAppnova Draw the various Objects as specified in the top direction box on vacant Blocks at the bottom with your finger. When there is no vacant block, you win! Snappy drawing of the Objects is depe...

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About: Match The Picture Shadow is a real fun game. It helps kids to improve their memory. Kids matching puzzle and game. 1. 275 pictures to match with its shadow. 2. 45 levels to play. 3. Nice images with high quality. 4. Super sound with correct and wrong answer. 5. After the level it will rate you out of thee stars. How to Play: Just drag the picture on its shadow to match. Send your suggestions to [email protected]

Developer: ACKAD Developer. [email protected]

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Developer: AnMPzL [email protected]

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Developer: Luthfeel Studio [email protected]

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Developer: HappyOceanPlay [email protected]

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About: Hello, friend. We are very happy because you have chosen to visit us. You will be very happy playing with us. We created this app special for you, your family can play this game and for sure they will be very pleased. Drag and drop the cute pony picture or horse puzzles and try to finish in a little while. It is a great entertainment for the whole family. Features: - Download and install this jigsaw puzzle game; - Improve thinking abilities - Different mode of difficulty; - Our app is p...

Developer: HappyOceanPlay [email protected]

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Developer: Studio mond apps [email protected]


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About: Does not contains any ads! One of the best games in the world in this genre! Fun and addictive physics puzzle gameplay! Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. Lots of levels with more coming soon! This game based on popular draw line to physics object transformation. But use it in original manner: - Only one line can be used at the same time - Created physic line can be removed as part of puzzle solution. - After the line is removed another line can be created. - Just 2...

Developer: Dima Lechinsky [email protected]

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About: Pop! A button has fallen out? Don't worry - you have Ten Buttons! Let the colorful threads fill the board with this cute little puzzler. Paint the canvas with the colorful buttons. Gather ten and repeat. Connect. See. Sew. A new title from creators of Dotello, Rings, and Perspecto is here! GAME FEATURES: - Totally unique rules you have never seen before! - Tens of beautiful buttons with handcrafted animations - Captivating music, perfect for endless puzzle - Best players ...

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About: () You have to move a steel ball by a magnet controller and find a way through obstacles to collect the stars and reach the goal. () Don't forget to use objects and abilities and also avoid traps ;) () The game mechanism is a little like "Push Box" games but with a new idea and completely different gameplay. () Play for free and have Fun :)...

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About: Red Hero and Ice Princess is an adorable platformer puzzle where you guide this couple to escape various mazes. Swap between the worlds to solve unique puzzles. Overcome all obstacles with the power of teamwork! If you are a fan of maze game and solving puzzle, you must try this teamwork game! Each of the character has his/her own ability. While Red Hero can easily control powerful flames, Ice Princess can pass water river easily. However, Red Hero freezes if touching ice traps and Ice Prince...

Developer: Wazzion [email protected]


Bejeweled Blitz Reviews and Comments:

I have had NUMEROUS dudes share gems with me, at least 10 or 12 I have not received them.. the 2 in my inbox I can't harvest them.. Something needs to be done about that.. rediculous
~ Denise Sites
again got my gold bars taken from me. 2 time this month. actually i test these challenges with black squares covering everything but the power ups. so frustrating when i lose my earned power ups
~ ronald rodriguez
Great, but please allow me know how can I access the release in my two devices bc and have the same profile. At this moment have two with different scores.
~ Gilberto Aviles
Product is fun as long as everything's working.....changes recently implemented have taken a lot of developer time, it feels like the priority is $$$ to be gained by puzzle publishers so if you're not paying, questions go unanswered... will continue to test as hampered as it has been. maybe when things calm down and $$$ are being paid, there will be time to address the peons farther down the meal chain.
~ Admin Goddess
This release literally charged me when the device was a on the charger 15 feet from me.All of these releases are a scam are set up to take advantage of.recipients.
~ Leslie Ditto
I've been testing this release for a several years actually. It makes me furious that they don't usually count your progress especially when you wast so much time testing. seems like they have no loyalty to their long term payers.
~ Eric Austin
love the release, been testing for years. but i've modernized this modernization 4 times actually, and i hold getting the screen which claims there's a newest modernization. (upgrading while i'm texting this note) yet its the same one i did on 4/12/19. whats up??? also theres no rhyme or reason to the target system. very frustrating. it was much more player friendly and exciting using the old ver. just an opinion.
~ Tami Black
tired of the release taking my spins and my rewards,I'm ready to stop testing also as long as I've been testing this release which is been a long time in the premium releases I have never ever ever got the large prize got to be rigged
~ A Google user
zero stars! I just made a buy for spins. the sale right actually is 29 spins for 6400. I bought this 2×'s so i should stock up on spins & they gave me 50 instead of 58! im upset b/c i bought $20 worth of gold with actual dollars so i should buy the spins, 29 spins for 6400 is nice deal well i was given 50,not 58 and im furious! double checked to create sure sale was still on. and it is. i am done with this release if i dont obtain my spins, or my gold bars back for the buy or my 20$ i paid.
~ Jessyka May
love bejeweled blitz! it's a great tiny thingamajig to have handy when you're hoping to sneak away from all the stress of your day...oh and it pairs well with red wine too!
~ kandie kennedy
I enjoy the release but hate the inconsistency in the idea the release works and doesn't work. On the everyday challenge, I will obtain "retry" opportunity one day then the next day I might not obtain but one. Some days it might be 8 or 9 retries. Very frustrating. The same thing happens with the everyday spin so even when I wish to watch an banner to obtain that retry I don't obtain the chance. Again, very frustrating.
~ Sylvia Giordano
In the past day you have modernized the releases...and not for the better...you have the nice release pop up each release and they are not all nice...the releases are testing much slower actually...
~ Kathy Padilla
Yesterday, I would have given this release 5 stars. I LOVE IT! Putting that Encore bird at the end of EVERY ROUND IS A TERRIBLE IDEA! FIRE THE MAN OR WOMAN WHO DID THIS AND DESTROYED THE GAME!!!
~ Bobbi Sue Lewis
newest ver is a negative for me. the everyday challenge has changed its award scores to outrageously high limits. unless you know all the intricacies of thee boosts, can't obtain there. lost interest.. not fun any more.
~ Barbara Czapski
Why do I have to watch a video few times TRYING to obtain an bonus spin? And few times though the spin shows I won 2 of the GOOD like the amethyst or other, I have yet to obtain it. Why?
~ Renee Sims
the release i test is Bejeweled Blitz. I do not like the upgrades that you cannot obtain out of. Twice this has happened to me and I lose all of my points and have to run over. I do not wish to modernization but the web will not allow me continue until I modernization. not glad about losing all the points I've gathered.
~ Barbara Manicke
Garbage Dollary Grab. I remember when this used to be about having fun and killing time. Actually they use manipulative practices to obtain you addicted and then monotize it with over-testing banners and intricate loot box mechanics to obtain your dopamine fueled brain addicted to buying their gambling system. The worst part? EA did this same thing and they are falling apart. If they hold feeding this monotization style, expect more mental health troubles.
~ Justin Kodiak
I am addicted to this release been testing it for years. last night it just stopped working I'm scared if i uninstall than reinstall i will loose all of treasures and ranking. please support! Thank you squad Bejeweled on the fix it worked
~ Mike Binner
I haven't been able to test, when this is my favoured release. I don't understand why it all of a sudden won't load for me 😒 😣😒 I still can't launch my release 😡 it's actually June 4th
~ Artricia Harris
I loved this release and have been testing for years. However, since you changed the Regular Spin, it's almost impossible to acquire enough coins to continue to test competitively. I am 60 years old with arthritis in my hands. I just cannot chase that tiny square. Once again, age discrimination at its finest!
~ Tammy Gant
Been testing this release since it first came out as a Fb release. I've spent HOURS testing this "minute long" release and can honestly claim that no release has ever captured my attention for so long! Many years later and I still love it ❤❤❤
~ Bethany Hooper
nice release, focuses too much on newest informations and not enough on cire stability, but it keeps me on my toes.
~ Charles Consaul
I have loved this release for a long time... The only thing that I'm disappointed with today is that they are no longer giving the option of an encore of 10 seconds... That last 10 seconds racing versus the clock was thrilling... Oh, well...
~ Claudia Simoes
In order to obtain high scores the release forces you to buy gems. Sorry in not in to dollars grabbing releases to obtain better scores The challenges actually force you to test blitz champion releases and spend coins on costly gems. It seems the rewards are rigged to.Ihave played thousands of gems and only won more coins than the cost of the gems once.Rubbish I'm done .
~ Karl Riimand
adding The Encore crash the release I cannot obtain into it like I used to and I've got quite a high score you can see that. also is that going to be permanent or just part of your anniversary I I don't wish to test the release until it's gone I'm sorry I think I'm not the only one that feels that idea I think it lowers your score cuz it stops you before your times even up that's the only trouble anything else I love the release. thank you very much
~ Pennie Wendell
This used to be a cute decent release, that was fun to test. In the past I gave suggested it to others, but would not suggest it actually. Since newest upgrades and changes it is destroyed. There are lots of bugs, glitches and malfunctions and I've lost out on lots of equipment due to these. Worse yet, they hold happening with nice regularity. The releases screw up and seem rigged. It's just no fun anymore. Plus, seem to have a lot more banners, which I wouldn't mind as much if it still worked and was fun.
~ J. Franks
modernization does not work, all jacked up waste of time and all the bonus rare gems that i have spent time to obtain, then to just throw it away because you can't compete with another users. "type of pointless" to have an modernization !!!!!!!
~ Jeff Brinkley
I love this release but I took a star off because I don't think the trigger could be higher than all the others to upgrade! To upgrade from lvl 6 to 7 is 7,500 shards why is it 8,500 shards for the trigger boost Smh! & After someone buy the deluxe board why is it only available 12hours after? I brought this board twice but I refuse to obtain it again it could last at least 24hours & there could be 6 nonpaid spins not 3!!
~ Remonda Davis
I've been testing this release for years actually under different accounts ,thousands of rare gems and blitz champions releases only ONCE out of thousands have I gotten the grand prize. I think your company could be a tiny more generous. The odds of getting 1,000 thousand points or 500,000 could be the same but unfortunately you recipients don't see it that idea. Thank you,
~ kostas tsakos
cute much of a rip off when you see all these icons it gives u reduced rate claims 9 so u think u r getting 9 for one price. not real only one. then pay just a small bit less to test again. i played for 3 days obtain my points up this is how it worked. i think i will opt out of this i played years ago and was somewhat rewarding.
~ patricia smart
Nice release. Too many banners to have to watch. Glitch where nonpaid plays present up small on screen, can't create moves, click out to fix; then you lose the nonpaid plays when release refreshes. Also glitch where if you have to leave the release and still have nonpaid spins you lose them. It's terrible enough you have to wait 24 hours before freebies restart then you lose your freebies 😡
~ Carmen Place
A time waster. However, the odds of winning are poor. In a 'random' grid of nine choices, despite picking the same position over nine hundred times in a row,in a grid of nine, grand prize is never won.. All aspects of this release are designed to create you watch banners. Their banners are designed ro come up with timing and position to encourage even accidental views and purchases. this release is like living with a Trudeau gov, they charge hundreds of thousands for anything and reward with hundreds...
~ Eric Taylor
I just played the everyday challenge release, as no realize that I am not getting the points that the release shows for the points that I earned. I ayed 3 times just actually and could have gotten 5000 for the first release and 15000points every for the next 2 releases. I am only getting about 1000 points for every release. not glad.
~ Antoinette DiRusso
May 27, 2019 Ffrustrated right actually because I go to obtain more spins by watching the videos only to be sent bk to watch more videos without receiving the nonpaid spin! Sometomes it works, sometimes, not so much! Also, the newest Blitz blast prizes are not being rewarded once releases are complete.
~ Nadine Zollars
don't count on ever getting high coin amounts after testing premium releases. they will never give you anything over 25,000 coins. you will never obtain the full.
~ Steve Mattix
The jackpots seem to be rigged. I usually pick the same selection out of 9 and never victory the jackpot. That is not statistically possible
~ Kauai Martial Arts
Nice release! However, the banners that claim look at the video and obtain 4,000 coins, do not deliver. I have looked at the videos and NEVER obtain the coins!
~ LovelyOne Wilson
use to be fun. actually its just a dollars grab. everything costs idea too much. then a "build up" system too. wow im out of this trash. never install this garbage.
~ Wes R.
I have been testing this for years through 3 devices and have loved it. In the past year no matter how much I test I can not obtain anywhere. It has turned in to frustration and not much fun anymore. Actually it seems all the same recipients victory everything most of time and all the newest informations are designed to for us to spend more dollars.
~ Chrissy 8675309
This is the cheatingest release i have ever played. I hope the programmers burn in hell. how can you obtain 244 white gems when the system doesn't drop any. you cannot beat a tool that constantly change as you test. change the tool to execute fairly so users have a fair shot.
~ anirtak 71