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Bee Factory   
About: Welcome to the most exciting Bee idle release! Are you ready to manage your own factory and become the richest lad alive? - Unblock +100 super fun bees - Sell TONS of honey - Upgrade your bees and your machines
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 20MB Developer: Green Panda Games
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Bee Factory Reviews and Comments:

so goog cfg HD and I think it's just the idea to heaven it was just the right idea for the recipients of America and I don't wish you spell it up in a single room and you can't even see the name on it and I think it's the only 6AM I can obtain in the globe and you know it all over again but 6PM has to heaven it all in a moment and you don't wish it all to heaven and you can see that you have a nice sense and I don't think you could have done that in the globe of this video or anything like this is a rea
~ Emmerson Kamara
Nice but create other medal🏅PLEASE!!! 🙂 III But if you pick a one you don't need to watch a banner could you change that NOWWW !!! Thank you if you did it. III I hope everyone likes it don't check terrible reviews it will create yourself sad Okay.
~ Zak Booth
I destroyed the release leveling up too much, but it's cute fun anyway edit: I did send an correspondence and respond stating you're looking into it, for actually I'm going to reinstall the release and hope the error doesn't happen again
~ Gwen Evans
The release is really entertaining, but the amount of banners is killing all the fun. Not only there's a banner at the bottom, not only powerups ask you to watch banners, but even crucial updates will force you into watching a 30s banner or you will not create any progress. And removing banners is not even a one-time buy, but has to be purchased each week. Also absolutely no depth or tons in terms of gameplay, wouldn't even waste time on it if it weren't bees. I like bees.
~ Egor Rakoed
fun release, nice, not 5 stars because it's repetative, buy newest bees, upgrade, watch add, upgrade. watch add, buy newest bees, repeat EDIT: omg can't belive you read my comment! ok, I guess what I would suggest is some idea of either restart everything with like a 50% increased value of honey or something, or some meetings where you would have newest types of bees in a different scenario or something. for example, maybe you have more updates per kind of bee before you can upgrade, then prizes for them.
~ Stealthdude 21
fun release, but it's an banner pit. it gives you the option between nonpaid loot or more loot for an banner, and plays an banner either idea. Each time you lvl up, you obtain an banner. and the releases they are advertising are atrocious.
~ Nathan Jinks
I like the release and it is very simple to grind, but my trouble is with the banners. Sure, there are a lot, but hey watching them gives me rewards so I do it anyways. My actual trouble is the lack of ads. I cannot restart any of my bees because the restart banner is unavailable. This gets increasingly frustrating because it is hard to improve on the release. What gives? Another than that, love the release.
~ The Galactic Legend
i was having fun until my honey jars started to come out empty and actually im making absolutely no dollars even though all my bees are working and producing honey edit to clarify: I had most of my bee hives maxed out to Gold lvl one at Silver one at bronze and I just unlocked a newest one when I decided to delete the release. my honey machine was up at lvl 57 (or somewhere around there) so there's absolutely no reason that the honey jars could have been coming out 100% empty
~ Aaron Gilbert PhoneTube
It's a cool release, I'd claim. But, it's extremely aggravating when I can't do something because it requires an banner. I have a nice wifi connection and such, but when I click the button to watch an banner, it does nothing. I can't et the x2 boost, restart my bees, or obtain more dollars when I obtain the Golden Bee.
~ Moogando The
when you first look at it, it doesnt seem fun.. but believe me i love it, and you might love it. you could test this release!
~ liilve
This release is so relaxinf and very simple. The tons of bees that you accumulate along the idea are so different and constructive. Adverts are a choice for you and it doesn't interrupt your release. This release fully deserves a five star review
~ Daniel Rodriguez
alright, so most small releases trying to tool you out of your time and dollars. i honestly feel like the time and effort you place into the release now gives you a sense of progression and productivity.... ...plus I like bees...
~ alier alvarez
I love it, I'm at lvl 11 and it's so cool like you can tap each bee. I'm waiting for the next modernization. Btw, I rated this ten million star in true life but here in Google Test, only 5 stars are the full amount of stars Jacob
~ prince jacob
I love this release enough to give it a 5 star rating, the reason you have only a 3 star from me is the cost of your VIP 7.99 a week, over $30 a month! which in my mind is daylight robbery. WoW is only $15 per month and there's a lot more bang for your buck there.
~ Lillie Jones
I like the release because often I like the feeling of being the boss of something. but sometimes with this release, you dont really have much to do exept tap, swipe, and upgrade. over all, I would recomed this release to recipients who just wish to test a easy yet fun release by themselves.
~ A Google user
This has been an nice experience and I can't trust I'm almost done with the release.The newest bees you obtain for every lvl usually crack me up.But....WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ADS!?I would LOVE to see less banners!Hold up the nice work,🐝bzzzzz!!!
~ Isela Zuniga
The newest breed of predatory monetization. Adverts everywhere, many you can't avoid. Everything is boosted by watching an banner. Sounds terrible enough, but then they test to push a $10 weekly subscription on you! And with push, I mean they really pester you to do it, and progression makes it feel like the release's balanced around it. Stay away from this one, and each another release employing the same horrendous monetization structure.
~ Arnstein Fedøy
this release requires you to watch banners to lvl up. something that takes less than 2 mins to do. so 1 min of release test 30 sec of banners just no nice. also frequently when you pick an option to not watch an banner they pop up anyway. also actually there is a newest message claiming go super and no option to "never see this message again" because I ain't paying 8 bucks a week for this release. bees are beautiful though. dont waste your time or the zone on your device.
~ annibell way
Reached lvl 40 out of 80 lvls in under an hour. This release's more of a "download once to test when bored then delete right after" release then one you hold usually. Also the jars keep more each lvl so speed doesn't change. So like (example) the beginning jars keep 1K and bees produce 2K while at higher lvl jars keep 1B while bees produce 2B. Doesn't obtain more satisfying as the release goes on. Also idea idea wayy too many banners
~ Chris Seawright
Nice tap release, pretty graphics, and a fun concept, but greed is severe here and ruins it. There's more banners than release time... unless you're willing to pay $8/week. A week? Wow, no. How about once? Some developers don't seem to understand they'd create more dollars by having a nice release more recipients wish to test, and then showing a couple banners occasionally. Nice luck and goodbye.
~ John Conner
uninstalling after the second pop for vip(first time I laughed second time I groaned). the release is a nice tiny I'm bored release but the heavy amounts of banners and then the $8.44(after taxes) weekly VIP sub( which comes out to 33.76 a month) kinda killed what fun I was having with the release. I should the $8.44 that the developers are asking as for a monthly subscription, but not a weekly one. originator's note: it's 7.99 before tax but I did the math on it with tax included.
~ Matt Decker
Full of banners which are needed for everything. Constant banner banner at bottom. Adverts to lvl, banners to restart, banners for a boost (even though it gives you an option between a tiny boost for nonpaid, or bonus boost for watching, the nonpaid boost still makes you watch an banner). Sometimes closing an banner now ran other. Uninstalled.
~ Wayne Smith
At first, the banners didn't bother me and I usually thought "Okay I'm being rewarded to watch an banner, I can live with that.", but it's starting to obtain a bit annoying. Don't obtain me wrong this is a superb and entertaining release, but the banners are starting to bother me when I obtain deeper into the release. I'm on lvl 391, and as you run to earn more dollars, you obtain to restart a lot quicker. Which means you have to watch a lot of banners, but overall I love this release! 🐝
~ Ramen Noodles
This is the absolute worst banner-trap I have ever seen. It does not have the normal "Hey watch this banner for bonus equipment!" No- you NEED to watch banners to PROGRESS. I swear I've spent more time watching banners than now testing. Not worth the time. Receive literally any another idle release instead.
~ Issy Insanity
Most of the bee names are really dumb and create me and my dudes groan. It's a really fun release to test if you like tapping things excessively and trying to catch powerups. I do like testing it, don't obtain me wrong. My only critique would be that the names are type of uncreative. Otherwise? It's fine.
~ BlueFae
The release has great, clean visuals but it forces banners CONSTANTLY. You can watch an banner each 5 mins for bonus gold generation, you can watch banners each single lvl up for bonus gold, and so far each single time I wish to unblock or restart a bee tier I gotta watch banners! SO. MANY. ADS. This release has potential but if they wish the release to really shine, the developers need to stop shoving so many ads down our throats.
~ Leslie Kins
Product is interesting and fun but having to watch an banner each 2 mins is insulting. Sometimes the release will also test to force you watch and banner even if you picked the nonpaid upgrade rather than the one with the banner. Would be an enjoyable experience if it wasn't for the overload of banners which can't be avoided and are essential in order to advance the release.
~ Memo Krosav
Run button scams you into paying 7.99 per week to test! Almost hidden same colour small font text! SCAM!! Comment on developers respond: it's PEGI 3 rated, are you claiming that a 3 year old would look for the small 'x' and not hit the flashing 'run' button? Blatant attempt at trying to con dollars from babes! The option to buy could be within the release not a flashing 'run' button on the intro screen!
~ Matt Johnson
Love this kind of release but hate the amount of banners. For each upgrade you are forced to watch a 30 second banner and even when you pick a non-banner option for less dollars an banner will still pop up anyway. Fun tiny release but abaolutely destroyed by greedy developers. The only word I have for the amount of banners in this release is disgusting.
~ Mark Whittle
I love this release because it has x2 boostes and I just started and I'm already on the 3rd bees and you can tap and it will go faster and there's a factory that makes dollars!!! and you can lvl up and there's a golden bee that automatically gives you dollars when you tap it!!! download this release or you will be terrible🙁🙁🙁 and I'm serious!!!
~ Daren Heable
its so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ danielle avery
LAME CASH GRAB. In the 15 mins I played, at least 5 were being forced to watch the same commercials over and over. Everything you do prompts a commercial to the target its ridiculous. Theres lots of nonpaid releases just like this one without so many banners and the release isn't interesting or special enough to justify spending $7.99 WEEKLY to test without banners.
~ Stephanie
I really like this release, its a nice release to pass time. There are a lot of beautiful bee's, quite a several stages and more. I suggest this release a lot as a release to pass time. edit: so i read a several another reviews, nice and terrible, and i noticed something consistent. Recipients seem to complain about how many banners there are. I personaly dont mind THAT much but I do adopt it can obtain annoying. I highly suggest that you look into. I do understand that those banners support pay for the development. Add in release purchases 👍
~ Madi Lee
Lvl up? Watch an banner. Need a boost? Watch an banner. Unblock a bee? Watch TWO banners. Restart a scene? Guess how you do that. The mechanic for literally everything in this release is watch an banner. I hold waiting for the banners to settle down or hit their everyday limit or whatever so I should just settle into testing the release, but when I ran out of banners to watch it just locked me out of progressing. It's getting deleted.
~ Tybot Milbot
this release is a very fun and addictive release I got this release yesterday and each time I have gone on my device this has been the only thing I played. would definitely suggest love love love been factory
~ Laurie OConnor
All the fun of an idle/incremental, with none of the pressure to be at peak effiency with your test time. You upgrade your honey jars to hold pace with your bees, and your bees to hold pace with your honey jars. If there's a scaling cliff, I haven't found it. My only complaint is that to restart your bees you have to watch an banner. I'd like the option to pay in-release currency for it. 20 or 30 seconds is a long time to stop testing the release. I do love the release, though, so well done devs.
~ Kristy McCullough
Wasn't sure whether to rate it 2 or 3 stars, but decided on 3, because it's a decent and fun time aggressor. However, there are idea too many (forced) banners, and it doesn't take a lot to prompt them. Moreover, 10 bucks PER WEEK to remove those banners is beyond ridiculous. As long as the release keeps presenting banners like this, and the ridiculous price to remove them, I would never rate this more than 3 stars.
~ ND Wan
Its awsome, I love the feeling of getting a newest bee and altogether just testing the release, I dont mind the banners at all and the finest part is that you dont even have to be testing, when you sleep it's still going the release is addictive and is a nice time aggressor I reccomend this to anyone that likes tycoon kind of release love the release and looking forward to future upgrades 😃😃😃
~ CrazyBoy26q Univee216
This release is so fun and simple to test, Definitely suggest it to anyone looking for a really fun and simple idle release. I leveled up crazy speedy and I only played for like an hour and a half. 10/10 Would suggest 😂
~ Julian Gallegos
At first this release was nice. I had such a fun time guessing which newest bee was going to be unlocked next. Yes, you lvl up quickly but it gives you a high sort of because you are progressing so quickly. I would definitely rate that 10/10. Actually here's my question. When you reach scene 91 the bees run over. You dont unblock any newest ones they are the old ones that just produce higher amounts of honey. When I saw that I got really disappointed. I wish to know why there are no newest bees to unblock.
~ Abbigail Sandberg