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About: Bed Fight is a squad-up PVP release that has gathered a gigantic number of users in Blockman GO. Users protect their base the Bed, and use all the resources they have to destroy others' beds to victory the final win. Here are the terms for this release: - It will divide 16 users into 4 squads. They will be born on 4 different islands. The island has its own base with a bed. Users in the squad can be revived as long as the the bed exists. - The island will produce irons, golds, and diamonds, which used to exchange for equipment from merchants in the island. - Use the equipment and blocks in hands to accumulate more resources on the center island. - Build bridge to aggressor's island, destroy their bed, and slay them. - The last surviving squad wins the final win. This release is owned by Blockman GO. Download Blockman GO to test more interesting releases. If you have any rep ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 67MB Developer: Blockman Multiplayer
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Bed Wars Reviews and Comments:

it so the finest release you can test this release. it so the finest I want you all can have this release I usually test this release so much. I hop you love this release and don't forget to download this release and have fun to test this release and you can change your beautiful face it well be fun to test with this is going to be fun to do with this release actually download PLZZZZZ I LOVE THIS GAME PLZ I WILL MAKE YOU A GOOD GAME. Actually just leave a like. Because I I ummmmm I like you so have fun in this release hop you like this release
~ Tha Thach
it's fun! it's type of like the Minecraft one. Just that you can't do squad upgrade. I hope you can change that! Nice release though!! 👍
~ Galaxycat Senani
it was nice! at first. then, all it would do is sort everyone on the server into red squad, and then it ended. so i'd test this again, and it'd do the SAME THING leaving us in an infinite loop of waiting, and winning for no reason another then there was no another squad.
~ Lucy Marline
I registered to see what would happen then I had a different name and lost all of my progress and actually it's claiming that I'm someone else!!!! PLZ FIX THIS!!!
~ Brandon Stallings
nice release. this release is epic and nice i am getting emeralds too simple cuz i am updating the iron forge and also i don't wish to obtain emeralds at the large island and I AM IN DIAMOND ARMOR!!! i am killing more recipients in their islands and i am using invisibility potion to slay these noobs (squads) thank u have a nice day/night! also watch my vids in youtube pls like and subscribe!
~ Midnighttunnel TownVideos
Love the release! really fun I will like a dudes and multiplayer information.i wanna test with my m8 but we can't. another than that... KEEP IT UP👍
~ Bezalel Duru
it is a very nice release but there is a bug some times it shoes 'retry conecting again and again' if you fix the bug i will rate five stars.
~ Abdullah al- amin Zahin
I really like these release and I think it's very very cool and I really really wanted to test with my tiny brother but she cannot join he has bedwars on his release by blockmango and he can't even join it I've never seen them on a release in my life bedwars
~ Brayden Brinkley
this stupid release will not download at all!!! my brother got it in like 2seconds but for me its already taken like 10 mins and im only at 6%
~ Derrick Nash
I love this release but there is a trouble when I test all my squad goes and I am all alone versus the others, like blue has 2/2 and red(me) 1/1 I think u could place afk settings I just feel so mad when like one of blues teammate distracts me and the another goes to my bed ,yes that's teamwork but I should have teamwork IF I HAD A TEAM!
~ BBritney Tube Gacha
I love this release!!!! it's nice! should never ask for anything better!!! I should pray daily 2000 times for everyone to download this!! truth dare dare download this truth you will feel my wrath! that's it bye!!😄
~ Iman gacha
i love this release so much and this release copy in minecraft bedwars but i love this release if minecraft you gonna pay to test bedwars please blockman go modernization again bedwars and newest sword and mapo==[]::::::::::::::::>♡♡♡
~ Mary Ann Emanel
its nice,cool and awsome and you need to slay recipients with things and obtain to their base and do more things you obtain to buy different things and if you see two women standing click on one to obtain equipment also the woman that looks like a witch sells cool things to.😝😝😝😝😝😂😂😂
~ Mu Lan
I love it. it is so cool!!!!(((((:::::😘also can you create each one a diamond sword!love the entire GAME!!!!!!! love tink
~ Tinker Bella
this release sux i have work hard for my equipment ang while i was going back to the base it lag but my wifi is ok and i have fall from the island and it lag and lag until we and my squad colleagues are defeated this release very sux i suggest to not download i hat this release its very laggy ang so very pay to victory i hope you fix this lagging trouble and when i chat my dudes from block lad go i lag again and it was not sent it claim me to modernization but mine is already modernized and my dude is too fix it for 5stars
~ greninja boss
its like minecraft for nonpaid on small or device because minecraft costs like £4 or £5 but this release is only with the apps and I love the apps anyway and the apps are the finest to everyone(i think) :) so I give this release★★★★★<3 PS: I Love This Product So Much
~ antony matusiak
it was really fun testing with a squad. I loved the looks and programming in the release. it was really fun to upgrade things and destroy beds and aggressors. Can the next release be an online hide and seek release?
~ Kid Scammell
This release is nice!! this is my personal favoured release you can build tones of equipment.Its nice😁😁
~ Michael Harrison
When i was about to test it, IT SAYS "Loading Resources Failed" and then i tried it again and again but IT. DID. NOT. WORK. I just wasted my time on this release for O N E H O U R . i thought it was like minecraft bed fights but IT. DOESNT. EVEN. WORK.
~ Alvi Comendador
has a lot of lagging and it might just be horible the graphics are the only thing that is coming from this release that i like
~ Cali Baldwin
TERRIBLE!!! The walking style is the worst! it takes an 10 mins just to walk over a bridge without falling, ONLY IF U DONT FALL!!! IT doesn't matter how nice u are. The movement is off balance I hold falling after trying so hard to cross a bridge and turning speed isn't nice either. All the matches literally take like an hour. No joke I haven't completed a single 1. 0 stars! DONT WASTE YOUR LIFE!!!!! 😠😡😠😡😠😡😡😠😡😠😡😠 The graphics may be nice but why does this have 5M+ downloads 🤔
it is aswome. the dimonds and its like the one in minecraft. thank you for making this release i cant stop. i have been palying this for almost 10 years. hope blockman go keeps making recipients smile. i love the blockman go releases it is asome. blockman go hold making more releases
~ A Google user
they could add something that can allow you find for random recipients. Me and my cousin wish to test together, but we cant find every others name.. so please add something that you can find for random recipients's names.
~ CWolfGoes UwU
worst release EVER i test to press something and the release freezes when it unfreezes,i'v been defeated. it is also a rip off minecraft bedwars release. so please just go test that instead of "bLoCKy MaN gO".
~ -LunaXshadow- -LxS-
Wow! i love how you fixed alot of these bugs. thats why i rate five stars actually!
~ Charlie Hipwell
it is a vary fun release and if you dont have bed fights in minecraft we can test this and it has a lot of things simaler to so thats what makes it fun🎆🎇.
~ Ken Adams
this release is just like i am imagining things like i never played Minecraft bedwars before thank you so so much for making this release i really love it it really means the globe to me i was so excited to test this release for actually 5 years thanks so much for making this release it is nice. i hope you have a really great day.
~ Debarun Roy
At first I can test to the release but when I restarted my device....actually I cannot...Then I deleted it and installed it again it wont work like what happened earlier....When I download the Eggwars and the Blockman go release it did the same thing....I should give it 5 stars if this didnt happen...
~ John Curioso
I'm trying to warn u don't download this release it doesn't worth ur precious time the release just hold destroying and weak quality😠😬
~ Punks_ bio
I haven't played yet but im SO excited, if possible im going to write anoer one of my experience cause i've never written a review before. I love mincraft even tho i don't have it but i test other release named minecraft demo mode made also by mojang, test it out if you wish to test minecraft. Not all the informations of the regular release but yeah. Thanks for making this release, ima check it out actually. :D
~ Thavanesh Thevar
When i first played the release it was pritty nice but it is slow and unfair do not download, this is a 3 yr old release and i would even claim the worst one ever
~ Maria Vallejo
The release is fun it's just the banners I obtain banners during release test and it takes me to the home screen losing everything
~ Zeus
I love this release cuz it's hard and I had to I had to claim like like 5 hours to obtain to the second lvl they had attacked like five more to obtain to the third lvl yes
~ Ziggy Hopps
when i first played it, I thought this was boring but actually it is so fun to test. Please fix the glitches in the release so that we can test fair and please add enderpearls for 10 emeralds
~ Bryan Hew
its the finest release ever. i really wanted to test bed fights but i cant in minecraft so i downloaded this release and i was so excited i played this release all the time im even rank 1 in this release and if u wish to be my dude my name is Little_LizardG
~ Julia Nicole De Guzman
This release is like minecraft. its nice for the recipients that cant obtain minecraft for their reasons. graphics ate decent i guess. Overall, its a nice release!!!!!
~ ___ Shadow ___
it is nice I love to test it and I don't care what recipients claim thank you for making this release please create more of these releases like a release named epic proportions. p.s I got that from pat and jen.
~ deanne biggs
it's just like Minecraft but a tiny bit more harder and it's fun to test with dudes and I love the building materials all the equipment the updates the emeralds the diamonds okay if you for because you didn't like it feels like 10 emeralds or 24 crafting table and we can craft like a lot of equipment for the diamond and emeralds
~ Angel Vargas
You made a large mistake... the upgrade is horrible it doesn't even create sense I loved the release before the modernization or degrade when you mess with a release. a it makes it worser not better me and my brother wish to test on the same server before we should actually we can't fix this and don't about the upgrade talk about the server.
~ iffat sadaf
Terrible. First of all their are stupid teammates who think wool is the finest bed defence instead of obsidian. Can you just create a guide for all these noobie teammates. Secondly their are too many holes in the maps. I've probably lost 30 diamonds because of the holes. As well as this why can't you break the bed with a fist. It's so much easier for recipients who rush a lot like me. Furthermore please add different modes like solo, doubles and trios. If these things are fixed I will reinstall the release.
~ Mathew Sebastian