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Beat Stomper   
About: Beat Stomper is an action arcade release, easy one - button control with infinite fun! Jump, Keep, Stomp. It is born for you, and you are born for it. What are you waiting for?
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes庐 score: 5.0 Size: 93MB Developer: Rocky Hong
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Beat Stomper Reviews and Comments:

Great. very great. did i claim it was great? because it is so great. great. nicest release ever. great.
~ LennYgendary
nice release, nice song ,nice timekiller everything is nice sobit deservs 5 stars please test it
~ devansh sharma
This is the worst crossover ever
~ Emo Paper
it's a nice release I love the song that's all I have to claim
~ I Reek
completed it in a week but its really fun to test and I love the song, 11/10
~ SaltedChip375
it's a nice, easy release with a nice soundtrack.
~ Draugr Slayer
Miss the "Double Size" release mode. Why do you guys remove the Double Size Mode?
~ Muhammad Alhadi
Straight release, nice graphics and nice song.
~ Eliud Sanchez
The release test is really great plus you can obtain rid of banners by getting all achievements or by getting 300 it's super cool 馃憤
~ Music Lord Alex
Its really primary. I dont really like the song, and its not very intuitive.
~ Daniel Zamudio
one of the nost addictive releases I have played it is just a special release you can test on the bus or etc. 10/10
~ Goro Akechi
oh my god i never expected this to be ultra fun already got ti 300馃槑
~ ANF -Animated Network Friendly
this is the most nice is release I've ever played besides Luigi's Mansion
~ Andrew Martinez
awesome integration of elements resulting to a piece of art
~ Jaime Bronozo
EPIC! GOOD GAMEPLAY, MOST OF ALL. EPIC BADGE! thanks rocky hong. Very Kool!
~ RenDom Broda
super challenging but if only we can customiye our own song, that will be a 5 star rating from ne
~ Kh41
its fun and retro but should use some touches for exaple...the block has to have differrnt designse
~ Andrei Macabanti
Thankyou for such a nice experience!. Excellent in each idea.!
~ p r a fu l de v
Nice Product. Nice Sound. I Have 1 Request To Have Your Own Sound If Chance.
~ Kindgamer23
all the colors and the song is nice I give this release a five star for all the hard work that they did
~ Gavin Sommer
Straight, addictive, and oozing style. Unintrusive banners, which is very important for a nonpaid release. Definitely suggest.
~ Andrew Elstad
old ui was more better. when u updayed the the it feels diff in graphics. mysic and gameplay is the same and finest.
Cute sweet song. The in release sound result is very weird though but that can be turned off
~ Rahul Sundaresan
love this release, fun and easy. i want you should add more song tho or have different types of song but over all its a nice release.
~ Caleb Acosta
Very interesting and addicting. i love the flashing lights and the song. Nice job!
~ KhaiStudios
colorful and entertaining. banners aren't invasive and once youve unlocked everything they tuen the banners off fully so you can just enjoy it.
~ Havoc Turchyniak
Nice release! Love the song and the concept of removing banners once you unlocked all trophies is really nice. Hold it going devs!
~ Hongobouski
Love this release so much! Please hold it up to date and dont abandon it again. Been years since the last modernization.
~ Evrim 脟elik
This is so nice!!! Its like the idea better geometry dash! The songs are cool too! This release is so motivating aswell! It also gives no more banners once you accumulate all songs! Excellent release example for me! But there are flashing photos so watch out!鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍 FIVE STARS BABY! 馃ぃ
~ CD Shadow
Too nice to explain in words, just download it and you'll know what i mean :'3
~ Dramangos Dunkin Heart
nice release and nice sound track but can you please add more of dj striden i love his work even though i just heard them for the first time in this release i like his lv 5 (boss war)finest.Overall nice release thank you for making this.
~ Jobert Poylan Jr
must claim, i love the first lvls song. i think that it's fire (just started by the idea so i haven't gotten to test the others yet).
~ William Hogan
This release is nice, I really like the mechanics of the release and the last reward is very nice (no adds)
~ McAlien777
love the release, usually kept it on my device, usually was a joy to come back to the release and test it for short periods of time. only thing i think it lacks is, theres no option to test song instead of the gameplay or to implement your own playlist within the release. over all very fun release
~ david esmas
Great release but often when I arrive points over 100 and eat the boost ,It usually doesn't work . The screen just freeze !!!!!! damn it how can I got 150 to unblock song 鈥
~ Yuqin Lin
Really nice past time,fun and challenging,nice song. What else are you looking in a small release? I want there were more song to be added though
~ Zam
I really like the timing challenge! It's a easy release but it will defy you perception and will take you around in its learning curve. I really like it! Plus, the musics are dope.
~ Lucio Chagas
Great song!!!!!! it really makes me relax!! And one request please : can you add an "Add your song" so another recipients can add their own song too please
~ Sonic The God. Exe
I really do enjoy the release, and it is a nice time waster, but there's one trouble that's been bugging me. I have the Epic Badge from before the modernization, and I have all different themes unlocked, but since I linked my Google Test Products profile after I had already done the achievements, I don't obtain the XP or the achievements on my Google profile. I was hoping you should at least give the ability to earn these achievements again. I promise 5 stars if you do, as I truly do enjoy the release. Thank you.
~ Julian Carrillo
Honestly, ive played most releases, and this one is just to pass time, and enjoy, and it exceeds the exciting gameplay and dont obtain me started on the song! sometimea i think releases like these are horror, because its terrifying not to see them on the front page. hold it up, guys. :)
~ Multi-Blue