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About: ** One of our largest hits of all time, Zombieville USA 2, is actually available on Mobile! Check it out! ** The spirit of Battleheart returns, re-imagined! In Battleheart Legacy, you will search a rich and detailed fantasy globe, customize your special superhero with variety of potent skills and equipment, do war with hordes of aggressors, encounter quirky characters and search the stories of a troubled realm. Will you become a potent sorcerer, or a notorious rogue? A noble knight, or a savage barbarian? How will you forge your legacy? Informations A refined true-time combat system, based on the award-winning "Battleheart". Transport your hero or attack your foes through easy taps, and unleash potent premium moves at the right moment to turn the tide of war! Unparalleled animation and VFX create each war a visual feast! An astounding 150+ special skills across 12 cla ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 7MB Developer: Mika Mobile
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About: In SFD, you manage a party of adventurers attempting to reach the deepest depths of the Sigma Finite Dungeon. Can you defeat the Lich King Raeleus and the false god NOG at the deepest depths of the dungeon? Key features: *Unique blend of RPG with roguelike elements, including permadeath. No second chances! *Hand-crafted isometric pixel art graphics *Randomly-generated dungeons - a new adventure every playthrough! *Tactical, turn-based combat *6 adventurers with their own unique skills ...

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Battleheart Legacy Reviews and Comments:

Galaxy tab s3, Some of screen missing, can't read storyline line.
~ lee trolley
Nice release and an nice engine. Hats off to the devs.
~ John Marczak
Finest small release ever. Worth the dollars.
~ Pickle Rick
Last release I'll ever buy from this developer. Idea too short. Final boss war is beyond obnoxious.
~ Jeremy Sherry
This is absolutely the finest RPG release I've played on a wireless device. I suggest it to everyone.
~ Frank Hernandez
Love the release want you had ideas to enhance the equipment through breakdown of another equipment to obtain a better weapon armor etc for in between lvls
~ Kevin Buxton
Nice!!! please create a sequel i would buy battleheart Legacy 2
~ Greg Mason
Nice and fun RPG, with lots of replay value. Simple, intuatave controls
~ A Google user
The movement is a bit clunky and i encountered a VERY annoying glitch. Despite using only mage spells i just cant finish the quest involving doing primal hurt to slay the spider
~ Gabriel Wong
nice release for sitting on the toilet... for hours. (great tiny grind fest)
~ goodking wence
Surprisingly fun, nice for devices, strategic depth, lots of skill customization and combination possibilities, nice length
~ Eddie Taub
The speech balloons obtain slash off on the sides of the screen of my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, making the dialog unreadable in it's entirety. Please fix this and I will change my rating to five stars.
~ Robert Hirbernik
Please create an modernization like enhancements of the equipment etc. 😍 Loved this release so much! I just want it had cloud save😅 Finest RPG that I've played!!!
~ Dert Yazu
This release is really nice. The only negative thing I have to claim is it doesn't help the Galaxy Note stylus at all.
~ Jon Smith
Favoured small rpg. Very fun system that let for collection of skills from class trainers which can then all be mixed and matched. It isn't just about cycling cooldowns either, some skills take nice placement to use effectively. Teleport for example can let you to survive versus higher lvl foes due to you increased evasion. -Review Bot 23844
~ Elyria
nice device rpg. there is either a bug or a faulty description in the paladin skill "might" it only gives 10% of armour value instead of 20%
~ Piet Klang Henriksen
overall a very solid release. frustratingly, there is no log kept of active or ongoing quests which ruins a lot of the experience.
~ Lauren Spano
This is one of if not my favoured release on mobile, and one of the finest single user action rpgs I've played. It has nice depth for when it was made and nice hero customization. You can really obtain deep with it. Combat is fun though late in the release you'll have to turn up the difficulty for a challenge, as some of the combos of classes and equipment are unstoppable, but it takes a while to obtain there. I'm wanting to test BH2 quick, even though it's a bit different.
~ Manjushri
The release is nice, very fun and not too time consuming, many characters \ abilities you can have, Over all a nice release... Just needs upgrades, release has been the same for a long time !! Add newest equipment !! Plz! Thx
~ Winter Soldier
This is what a small release could be. Nice controls, smooth gameplay and no pesky micro-transactions. Well worth the buy.
~ Adam Patrick
It's a shame but this release doesn't help my Bluetooth MOGA Superhero. As much as I wanted to hold it, I don't trust this release is ever going to be modernized just because of one more gamepad help.
~ Rodolfo Ferreira
the finest release ever !!!!! Very simple to test , funny and also a epic release. the knight class is the finest class.
~ A Google user
Finally a casual RPG as it could be: classes, quests, and ability synergy. I gotta claim that buying it and getting the full experience from the run was much nicer than having to scrape in-release coins to test...
~ Amit Moshe
it is an nice release, although I want you didn't have to grind as much to obtain to the next zone. another then that, 10/10, would buy again 👌
~ Keith Borrowman
release is fun but some aspects are ridiculous. to unblock many of the class options you need to down hard quests which require you to spend dollars and stat points on skills you dont wish and cant use for your hero idea. this is VERY terrible execution. Also the "lvl" of quests is wrong entirely. a lvl 6 zone really requires lvl 7 or 8 MINIMUM meaning barbarian isnt an option unless you grind for hours...
~ Mark Moody
i love the release and its speedy beautiful additive and sooo much more. the bosses from the first are all in as far as I'm aware (boar and spider so far) and it has a ton more skills and classes to test with. (did see a spelling error though "a light trapping that brings our your inner savage" barbarian outfit item description. our could be out i assume) 5 stars from me!
~ A Google user
Can't really claim much that hasn't been covered by another reviewers but this release just deserves a 5 five star rating. From the art style, to the release mechanics/controls, the release test and storyline have a lot of effort place into them, enough so it easily stands among my top 3 releases on small (When it comes to rpg style)
~ Frank Price
You need to create a confirmation pop up when buying equipment. I misclicked a several times and purchased item and lost my gold. Nice release. You could add multiplayer and arena versus users. I hope you guys go large and create a sequel to this ver.
~ Michael Damico
Quality, fun release! No banners, no nags, no micro transactions. More playable classes than advertised, and class combinations are cute cool. Fun war system, reminiscent of WoW. Nice tiny RPG in the palm of your hand. More fun and surprises than I expected. Nice job guys 👍
~ Brian Cary
The sole target of Battleheart Legacy seems to be leveling your hero. It's a ceaseless grind-fest with a several spineless fetch-quests to help it. There is tiny to no storyline to motivate a user to continue testing. There is no log ebook to deliever overview and direction. If testing solely for the purpose of growing a hero is your aim then you may like this release. The hero development system is deep. This release is visually appealing. Unfortunately that's all Battleheart Legacy has going for it, in my opinion.
~ R. H.
really awsome release no true limit to your hero build fun to test. only thing is I want there was more quests even if they were repeat quests or more use of taverns and when you give the 2nd blacksmith the living stone his inventory now gets better.
~ daniel gilmore
Very nice release for the most part. Inventory is poor and item slots are a tiny stupid, but fun, not over in an hour, replayable and very simple on the battery compared to another releases I've played with a lot less going on.
~ Kirby Dague
An nice release worth each penny!!! Nice fun, plenty of build options available, fun dialogue, wonderfully smooth gameplay from a time when releases werent infuriatingly bogged down with pay walls or ads. This will be in my release folder for a long time to come. Would love to see more added to it in the future, but that looks a bit grim as the last modernization was 4 years ago.
~ VagabondJack
nice release, but unbelievably short. the limited scope of this release could be made clear rather than being deceptively hidden from the consumer. this is now fraud.
~ Andiar Rohnds
Nice release, I absolutely love it. One trouble I noticed is when I'm traveling around on the made and I enter a castle or dungeon the release will freeze at the loading screen and I'll have to close the release out and restart it. Another than that, been having a nice time with it and am looking forward to testing more.
~ christopher eld
This is a really fun release but falls short due to primary oversights. No Quest list, no idea to look around Globe map without walking, idea to simple to buy wrong item due to no buy confirmation, no control option for onscreen joystick ect..easy things to create gameplay much smoother. Feels incomplete overall. Nice graphics, very flexable hero build options are what create this release fun. Difficult to trust the maker dropped help of this release being as it is decent at its core. Needs TLC please
~ Darin Manuel
Same trouble as the another Battleheart: It's not that deep and becomes repetitive quickly. After a several initial quests, you just have to wander around and grind until you can take on the large quest. It's quite bland and the controls can be irritating as a mage or archer when you misclick and walk to the goal instead of shooting it.
~ jestervae
So, caveat. Just purchased this last night. But so far a great RPG release. It's a great blend of fun graphics, some action, mini-quests, and a skill-based, item-based superhero creation. And, rare for these, I can very much see myself doing replays on this, exploring a gigantic tons of different types of hero. Nearly usually RPG apps are either not RPG enough; a Legend of Zelda-esque easy leveling system. Or they're straight D&D with menus and information too detailed to deal with on a device. This manages to obtain over both troubles. I may have been looking for years for something exactly like this, ever since I completed KOTOR.
~ Matthew Moore
This release is nice. High replayability due to the number of hero classes/abilities. Nice graphics, fun and challenging. Can be played offline. I hope they will do a War Heart Legacy 2. Though it will be a while as I have heard the developers actually have babes. I suggest this release to anyone looking for a nice release with no banners, shady permissions, or another BS.
~ quotetheraven72
Very nice combat system and controls. I'm testing a rogue and I have a great array of abilities such that I can crowd control one mob with a stun and then kite others while throwing poisoned daggers from farther away. The backstab ability grants dodge when you wish to obtain up close and personal.
~ Matthew Crouch