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About: Welcome back to the globe of Battleheart! In this stunning sequel to 2011's hit small RPG, you'll take command of a party of heroes and kill hordes of creatures in frantic, realtime fights that will place your reflexes to the play. With every win you'll face ever greater dangers, and grow more potent through a robust equipment and skill system offering vast combinations of heroes, equipment and abilities. Informations: 12 special heroes to build your party from, including mages, knights, necromancers, samurai, and more! Customize your heroes' abilities by choosing among 20 talents that augment their powers. Test alone, or enjoy co-op multiplayer helping up to 4 users. 20+ special creatures to war, including 5 challenging bosses. 130+ special equipment to accumulate and arm your heroes with. Adjustable difficulty, allowing the release to be enjoyed by seasoned users an ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 23MB Developer: Mika Mobile
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Battleheart 2 Reviews and Comments:

Nice fun! Finest small RPG series hands down!
~ Tony Monk II
The first War heart is nice, and this release adds to it in everyway.
~ Christian Chesley
Battleheart takes the classic Tank/DPS/Heal mechanics of an MMO and distills them down into a fun small release.
~ Andrew Reid
Having played loads of the original Battleheart, this is feels like a step backward.
~ Lonie Benney
Finally! An modernized Braveheart :') where's my achievements tho :' (
~ Trevor Shoell
This release desperately needs an autoplay information. It's very very repetitive otherwise.
~ RedCobra1246 H
Nice time aggressor with NO in-release-purchases. Worth the price for sure.
~ Jake Griffey
I can't test the release. After showing the "mikamobile" screen, it stops working and stuck at a black screen.
~ David Zhu
Nice release. Want there was help for the s pen on Samsung note 9.
~ Yasser Al Rayess
Nice pay-once release for on the train or before bed. Nice range of party options and satisfying progression entertaining combat.
~ Wyatt Roemheld-Nicklaw
Nice release. I just enjoyed Battleheart Legacy idea more. Legacy is just more my style of release.
~ smandenton
Improved art style from the already superb original, and really brilliant controls and mechanics. But most importantly, it's just so damned beautiful.
~ Jermaine Walker
Super easy to obtain started with and succeed, but allows plenty of versatility that it does not feel stale after hours of testing. Nice release to spend time on.
~ Alexander Nagel
Nice party RPG. Love that they added multiplayer. If you liked Battleheart 1, you will love this release. Idea more in-depth with more equipment, the enchant ability, and more talents.
~ Jonathan Trabing
Mika App is one of the finest and under appreciated release developers for small. I love their releases and this is one of the finest RPG's I've ever played on a device that wasn't a PS1 port.
~ KingSora08
I have tried BH series for both Andriod and IOS. Actually I am a fan of it. I really wish the multiplayer to be improved. TAKE MY MONEY
~ A Google user
I loved the original, this release ilhas for some reason taken nice parts and changed them for no nice reason. For example you have party xp not individual characters l, but you can only upgrade one ability per lvl.
~ Andrew Blennerhassett
Large fan of the original BH and BH Legacy, but this release feels like it's rushed, with almost no storyline, and shallow rpg elements. You can do better Mika, come on.
~ Julio L R Monteiro
Love the upgraded graphics of this one but still keeping it easy, I loved that charge from the original but another then that it type of of feels like a rehash of the first BH, loved that you also kept it as a one off payment rather than iapps.
~ Christopher Myers
Very nice release. I really like this release! Simple to test. Addictive. Can't place it down. Some lvls are harder. Thanks
~ Anointedtowin Jackson
hello mikamobile I love this release it is fun and distinct with newest spider and rat aggressors including a goblin shamans it's fun and I want you mikamobile would make other one but in all its Been nice!.
~ Anna Barrett
So disappointed This is just a blatant re-hash of the original and after testing the brilliant battleheart legacy this just pales in comparison I feel cute cheated by the devs having paid for this, I really thought this was going to be yet other step up from BHL and it was a heavy step down. Mika, you can't just cram a release full of characters and expect users to be glad with that. I would certainly be reluctant to spend dollars on a Mika release in the future.
~ Ryan Hayward
I loved the previous battleheart releases but this ver has no story, newest characters were very stale and it was full on grind. I was only able to grind so much until it got really boring. The grindy aspect would have been better if there was a larger customisable skill tree, or trinkets which you can combine, create newest equipment or just something to not create the release so repetitive. Plus there was no archer. Claiming this I wished there was a format like the first battleheart. In terms of story. I did enjoy this release during the first week but it got boring.
~ JYang
Incredible release. Customization only appears when you unblock all of a superhero's active skills. I appreciate that they gave you each superhero at the beginning but it's a bit overwhelming if you haven't played the previous releases. UI is wonderful. Your heroes don't attack aggressors back when ranged aggressors hit them, so you can't run a war and place your device down and allow it run on it's own. The release gets really grindy by the end and there's a lot less replay value than Legacy overall. Definitely worth the price. You could buy this release!
~ A Google user
Please please please.. modernization! This release is nice! It takes elements from the first, which I also loved, and makes it even better. If you are looking for an offline fun release, this is it. Well worth the dollars! Mika, it's been too long, thank you for coming back! Please hold upgrading this time! Oh, and bring back the Archer! 🤞😊
~ Robert Romance
I dont mind a reskinned release with the exact same mechanics as the original. Thats what this release is. But the immediate access to all characters, no storyline or intros, and a grind lvl progression cheapens the release. My largest gripe is in the control schemes. Theres a lot going on at once yet characters will sit there doing nothing while being attacked. Brutal Way 2 has perfected the interface for these kind of releases, with auto targeting and attacking ranged characters, simple use of skills, and time slow down when issuing orders. I figured Battleheart 2 would imlliment these obvious quality of life changes in their interface, but no. Im still plagued with the same exact controls from the first release.
~ Tashawn Nicholas
I've played since the original BH and have loved it and love what they've done with BH2. I would love to see more characters added in though, maybe some with helmets *tip, tip* 😉.
~ D4W50N 777
Not as nice as the original! Just a grindfest for the most part. Old release mechanics were better as well. Want more time went into the a storyline instead of modernized art.
~ Abilas Sathiya
I was disappointed at first that there is no storyline like in the previous War Heart, but I guess technically this is the successor of the very first one which also had just the fights. And after testing for many hours I think I don't even mind, I can usually create up my own storyline as to why they war 🙂
~ Al Lefant
In reality, this is Battleheart1.5, not 2. Essentially what the devs did was reskined Battleheart 1 giving it better graphics and changed lvl progression to be much more annoying. Skill points are actually shared amongst the party so you actually have to pick which hero benefits from the grinding you have to do to progress. It is definitely what Battleheart 1 could have been but I was hoping for so much more from Battleheart 2. At least they made it a payed release instead of putting in-release purchases.
~ Andrew Pullins
Got variety oh hours in the 1st release and hundreds in the legacy ver. Battleheart 2 seems unfinished compared to the previous 2 releases, completed the last boss after 8 hours of playtime. Pros: -Smooth gameplay. -Loads of customisation options. -A nice feeling of previous releases. -No in release purchases. Cons: -Very tiny content compared to the previous releases. -No story. -Where is the archer hero? In conclusion this is the worst of the 3 Battleheart releases by far. Gave 5 stars just to help the developer in hopes for a better release in the title.
~ Michael Fade
Mika should have done this release better. Seems like a dollars grab and also copied all aspects of BH1. But on the another hand the gameplay is great and the art is nice.
~ Ruslan Bekniyazov
A really fun release with some weaknesses. The original Battleheart was, allow's face it, a grind-fest as you worked to lvl up all your characters and obtain the equipment needed to face the Large Terrible. This sequel is even more of a grind, without the trappings of storyline and the occasional unlocking of a newest hero. That claimed, the grinding IS fun, the art is nice, and the walkthroughs can be challenging enough to hold your interest at the higher lvls.
~ Nicholas Friedman TeBockhorst
Just... Meh.. Not much was done to improve from the first release. Feels much much more grindy actually as well. Not terrible.. But not nice. Was hoping for more improvement from the first release. If your on the fence about buying this and already own the original... Don't. Just go replay battleheart 1. Want I should obtain a refund
~ Kevin Baker
BH 1 and BH legacy were fun releases. This feels like BH 1 without a storyline, without a sense of progression, and you're fighting the same fights over and over again. The passive skills are great and allow's you test around with different builds but its overshadowed by the fact that the whole party shares skill points. I don't think I'll replay it once I finish the release the first time.
~ Cheri Weems
Large fan since the first battleheart, finest release on the Test shop and have spent countless hours testing and replaying the release over. I've been hoping they released an modernization but they did better as released battleheart 2. Thank you to the Dev squad for sticking with a one off payment and not pay-to-victory like others. I would happily donate in order to you to hold of developing and improving on this release. Hold it up!
~ Joe Jongue
*WARNING* This release has no cloud save or any save functionality if you delete the release or change devices. This is such a glaring and weird omission to have especially considering this is a release with a (relatively) gigantic file size and is meant to be played for hours given its nature as an action RPG. So deleting the release is akin to stop testing it because I can't imagine why anyone would wish to re-download it and run all over again. Product is solid for what it is, but its hard to suggest based on this omission. Want I knew that or else I wouldn't have purchased it cuz if I did.
~ Kevin Cheng
Holy cow, this release is an utter tragedy. A beautifully robust, fun combat system, hamstrung by the complete lack of attention to multiplayer, story, or any social aspects at all. It's a gigantic shame that this release didn't sell better so the devs should've place a bit more effort into making it a more full product. As-is, it feels like a decent beta ver of a release that was destined to be nice.
~ Tim Keller
My largest gripe so far are the audio bugs. It basically sounds like a busted speaker but each another release even at higher than suggested volume sound fine without any crackling. The newest menus are a welcomed touch and the improved graphics are noticeable but the lack of content is type of demeaning and shallow. If your target was to leave us wanting more you succeeded, but I'm not sure if that is necessarily a nice thing in this topic. It just feels like more of a lateral transport than a step forward.
~ Tyler Cole
A nice sequel, but should be better. It's idea too much of a grind. A several changes should go a long idea. First, create crystals and skills purchasable with gold. Gold becomes useless if you continue testing beyond the final boss. Second, make more aggressor types and create the whole globe scale to your lvl after fighting the last boss. Third, create characters retaliate to ranged attacks. Lastly, let the user to press and keep an aggressor to order all characters to focus fire on it.
~ Joshua Gray