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Battle Warship: Naval Empire   
About: The hottest nonpaid to test multiplayer fight release of 2018 is here! Become an admiral of invincible navy fleets in the finest 3D interactive walkthrough release of naval warfare. Build your naval base and lead your potent fleet into countless epic sea fights. Grow stronger by forging alliances with dudes and build an empire together. Wage fight versus pirates, sea creatures, and users from around the world! Fighting for globe domination actually in a small MMO! Enter a post-apocalyptic globe engulfed by the ocean and thriving with pirate activity. Command the most iconic battleship, destroyer and aircraft to destroy your aggressors in all out naval warfare! Why not join an alliance for real MMO glory and war in the ultimate naval showdown The Bermuda. Hunt the pirates and sea creatures wherever you may search them! The high seas are yours for the taking and it needs a ruler! ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 99MB Developer: Special Gamez
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Battle Warship: Naval Empire Reviews and Comments:

How boring.. for 2 days have done nothing but build,upgrade,upgrade,build. oh and the all the time banners wanting you to spend dollars. NO FUN AT ALL. so far have not seen anything like the picture you see here. if you like easy minded boring releases this ones for you.
~ Steve Johns
i have been testing this release 1 1/2 year and spent a lot of dollars on it. lately, i should not even obtain respond from customer service. the release keeps sending me correspondence and asking to use "support" tab to contact in-release help squad to sign up for super vip customer service. i have done that more than 3 times and until actually got no respond from their in-release help squad at all. all this release company does is to create you spent thousands of $, after that they dont even respond your one question. very terrible!
~ Xin X
This is a poor release it takes away the gold coins so you can save up to buy something you have to spend dollars to obtain a newest ahip or submarine
~ nick masson
the cost of this release is to high, everything in here is crazy expensive. We pay $700 for one ship in order to be competitive. So if you have bills don't test. This is not a nonpaid release at all, I have a $1,000 in this release and I am still considered low. if you test this prepare to go broke!!!
~ Project Venom
Want I should give a half star. Customer service is poor. Very expensive to be competitive. Glitches continually. Its like the Developers are just winging it as they go. So if you love to throw dollars away and need a release to boot you off to test less, then this my be the release for you!
~ steve tallman
Used to love this release till had some problem binding it to social media. Followed their instruction offered to me by their support squad. Since then lost the release I started. Which I had spent dollars on. I've contacted them since threw correspondence and in release but have had no response for 2 days. Customer server has allow this release down. Apart from terrible customer care the release is brilliant
~ Gary McFarlane
It was a nice release and I was just getting highly involved in it. Had joined an alliance and loved the guys. Then the developers claimed that we were to potent as a group and are dissolving are squad. I am not a glad camper about this as I and some of the rest of the guys and gals have spent a lot of dollars to obtain our bases up and running. Developers are making a ton of dollars but refuse to resolve their trouble with the servers. Some of the guys are even talking about filing law suits versus the company. What a shame.
~ Dan Sallee
This release is absolutely in favour of paying users. You obtain destroyed as quick as beginners security is over. Too much fight time. No time to grow and enjoy the release. Better carriers for over £90!?!?!? Thats worth of meal shopping for the entire month. Getting carriers in meetings is virtaully impossible unless you are ready to spend a lot of dollars. Dont install if you are not ready to obtain destroyed each fight time and spend a lot of dollars. Loss of time....
~ Martin Marin
Can't bind to Google test profile and can't transfer servers. when asked about it they claim you it's for your identity security which makes no sense at all. not really a nice release. after you hit 16 the release gets idea to expensive to test anymore. 4 and 5 hundred just to test to obtain some of the 6 star carriers. drop rates from globe bosses are junk once you obtain past blue class so it's around 1 hundred to go purple on gotta decent carriers. was fun until I hit 16 actually it's just a burden.
~ Dean Mcneely
Other small developer getting away with false advertising and faked 3D screenshots. The actual release is a badly animated 2D sprite landscape with no engaging mechanics. Stay away.
~ Nathan Morrison
pathetic. to be able to compete you need to spend dollars. A LOT OF MONEY BECAUSE IT IS NOT CHEAP AND THIS GAME FAVORS CHINESE PLAYERS!
~ ramza zidane
it is nothing like the banner I hate releases where they lie the banner shows you can control the ship and go to the dock and lvl up like a second person but it really doesn't lies lie lies
~ Brayden Phillips
nice release very fun to test, graphics are nice, controls are easy..the only trouble is it's a pay to test release!
~ Michael Duckett
nice release needs a several things but nothing you cant live without. only terrible thing is same as each another release like this. If you wish to be high lvl you have to pay outrageous prices.
~ Greg Martin
only the large spenders enjoy and remain powerful otherwise the means of recharging is not convenient for all users because of the currency of different countries I want there was away to create it flexible so that even if have shilling currency, I can buy equipment otherwise with out puting dollars no strength
~ Wangwe Solomon
This release is fun, it reminds me of when I was in the Service. Plus I was on and helped decommissioned the USS America CV-66.
~ Eric Seblom
the release has become very unstable and crashes all the time. tech help claims uninstall and reinstall. did not support or correct the trouble after I reinstalled. so yeah....
~ Chris V
Last server maintenance wiped out my profile that i had spent $50.00 on. Sent work ticket to the support desk, no response. Have to pay to create any progress, don't download. Large rip off.
~ Robert Staffeld
What a fraud ...getting you to spend dollars on things youll never obtain .....only the rich or hackers can test ...Google remove this release or risk losing your own reputation
~ Knightsfire
this is a pay gambling release.you gamble for ships and equipment.Avoid this release.the developers pay in release for nice reviews.They also freeze accounts(permanently)when you obtain a refund for equipment not recieved.
~ sparx Hell
release stops at level 13 if you dont buy your idea up. profesional korean and russian users that build accnts amd sell them for proffit will use you as a farm . even in an alliance.
~ Edward Marmion
pay to test. you cant lvl ships up without warship xp but not enough warship xp is given without spending true dollars. nice idea and all but it focuses on supporting users who spend true dollars each day...
~ Dylan Able
dollars grab release large time...I hate that...everything you require to upgrade your equipment you could be able to obtain for nonpaid by attacking Bosses or pirates...Borderland meeting is a gigantic dollars grab...
~ Stu Rodgers
i wish to give 3 star because here is 2 trouble its release for dollars spender guys,here everything for dollars its not nice,and need to obtain 6 star carrier then your gold limit to high, its full cheated ,only you help dollars spender guy here ,you dont think about terrible guys who wish to test for fun
~ Pritam Biswas
not glad when you don't have enough time to fix damaged ship's before they are taken away from you and everyone could respect peace time this could be part of the release terms
~ Phil Parks
want it was a better idea to upgrade airplanes and fleets faster and some buildings take months to complete the process but never the less overall a nice release!!!!!!!
~ will terry
everyone on my server has lost the ability to test. no carriers no ships no aircraft and nothing in the globe screen. we spend a lot of dollars on this release and they claimed click the support button in the release but that doesn't work either. I hope they fix this asap
~ Vincent Cisneros
BE WARNED this release is all about dollars I have been testing 2 yrs at 1st it was a lot of fun actually you have to buy teleports, carriers for $100-$1,000 planes $30-$900 it's getting ridiculous
~ Michael Ball
carriers have to much power in this release. if you spend the dollars on carriers you dont need to do anything else. this needs to be addressed. release claims war warship not war carrier. this is the reason i do t spend dollars on it.test as far as i can go without spending dollars. if they fix the over leaning on carriers i would spend dollars not how its set up actually
~ Can Do Auto Repair
if you wish to be confused and spend alot of dollars then this is the release you wish. to many upgrades. runs slow. and can be confusing. to many newest carriers and planes and sub . each month more newest ones.
~ Jon Hanigan
first of all i like this release. but it is too expensive on shield. allied wont support. and there could be an automatic shield generator. if some one got attack 6x i unstall this release. ill reinstall it when i see an improvement.
~ Hiro Arceleta
I just write this review so i can complaint. what happen to the server? is it still on maintenance? I can log into the release but can't do anything in it. almost each progress i made is written 0. I'll gladly change the review to 5 stars when the trouble is fix or at least when you give any confirmation so you don't leave me wandering. my id is KRI-BungTomo if you required
~ Zahran Fawwaz
release itself is nicely done, but if you intend to test be ready to pay.. You CANNOT be competitive without paying a lot of dollars for carrier and aircraft updates. PERIOD. Many alliances in release spending Thousands of $$ and they prey on lower users..
~ Bryan Wolfe
The release is a gotta pay a lot to test release. And after spending a lot of dollars, you search that it constantly crashes. Used to be only when you message another users, actually it just crashes without even engaging messaging. And possibly under-investment in capacity, the release becomes slow and hangs during major meetings. Developer never address these troubles, just continue to come up with newest dollars making informations
~ Wayne Chou
Honestly is not a terrible release, since you can change servers it is simple to search a newer one with more recipients your lvl. Suggest trying it, not for everybody but can be a lot of fun :) (also great to see they don't do review botting like some another devs)
~ Dominik Wohlford
But one thing is not fair in this release. The user with high lvl can attack many times users with lower lvl. They test this release longer, spend a lot of dollars. Therefore there fleets are too powerful. Newbies with lower lvl have to rebuild their bases after another' attacks. I think need to create newest terms: Firstly, users can only war others with the same lvl or higher lvl. Second thing, When a user is offline, so his base wouldn't be attacked. I hope these terms would supports Newbies.
~ Thanh Phong
why did you tool this release to buy chest which cant possibly obtain in a single or third or 4th chest. it usually ends up at the last chest to obtain the prize. and you usually allow us spend a gigantic amount o dollars. i usually experience this often i buy. actually i think i am done with this release. i am frustrated
~ joma laciste
I enjoy the release. Only 1 major trouble. It's a very expensive release if you wish to be relevant in fights. Guys with the top bases spend $80,000 and up to be the top user on their server. Also it crashes and doesn't work properly lots of the time. They are constantly fixing it but never resolve the troubles. Customer service is nonexistent.
~ Ramon Stutzman
I would give this release a five, the overall release and concept behind it is nice. Yes not everything is in everyone's budget. But you can still be effective and competitive with the carriers and air you obtain from factory and not break the bank trying to buy super equipment. It is also harder to upgrade the super equipment, hold that in mind. My trouble with this release that has dropped the star rating is based on the known cheating that has taken over the release by some users.
~ Stephen Sutton
They allow you build your base up to a certain lvl, then use bots to constantly attack you to obtain you to spend dollars Waste of time. Users (bots) at higher lvls can attact you as long as they wish to, my lvl 8 base was attacked 22 times in a row by a lvl 16 user (bot). They wish you to spend dollars to buy things like shields and resources to rebuild, if you do it will just be a repetitive cycle and a dollars pit
~ Marcus Alexander