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About: True warfare, "War Tank!!!" Nothing but the war, it's on as quick as you run the release. - Cannons firing everywhere! - Unidentified tanks - you can't claim if they're allies or aggressors! - Participate in a true fight by testing War Tank!!! Informations - More than 200 tanks war every another on one battlefield! - Speedy run, speedy-paced gameplay, view effects immediately!!! - Straight and addicting action-packed gameplay - Tank becomes larger as it gets stronger - The renewed looks of SD photo tanks, updates up to lvl 10!!! How to test - War runs instantly when you run the release. - Avoid another tanks' attack and destroy them. - Grow as you test the release. Upgrade another tanks. - Use equipment scattered around the map. - You can share your accomplishments with dudes. Use the share information. War Tank is fully nonpaid to test. Download actually!!!
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 32MB Developer: Springcomes [email protected]
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Battle Tank Reviews and Comments:

This is an online multiplayer release. Not what I was looking for. The release description could claim this.
~ A Google user
controller UI not properly coming while testing release war tank request apps developers fix this trouble
the finest release ever seen. brilliant!!! I liked this release very much .
~ Rohit Bakore
controls should be more better and there are very less weapons otherwise it's nice
~ anjali chaudhary
i don't feel this is pvp create voice chat in match and create castle then i can talk to my dudes and please can you guy create this release squad match i wish to teamup with my dudes
Very fun arcade-ish mode for speedy enjoyable gaming sessions :) however the banners after every war is annoying.
~ Johnny Nguyen
Brilliant release, highly entertaining and fully addictive
addictive, easy release with nice release graphics and controls are too nice, but gets boring after a target of time
~ karthik s
very terrible release if we destroy 50 tanks then automatically all tanks will create group and will destroy our tank sooo worst release !!!!! and all tanls are bots not true users
~ Maya Uttarwar
tanks are not moving not all most of the times i hardly test can anyone support...
~ herbert lopez
Terrible, terrible release! Just bots, no true PvP. As quick as you reach 50 kills the whole board hunts you down. Just poor.
~ John Lavery
Special and different than the rest tank releases. Nice numbers of tanks, but some tank customization and camo will be great tho. Addictive and fun!
~ Pibe 87
the release is so addictive but its better if you add duos,more weapons,and please can you add stealt,flame thrower then i gave 5star and rcmend it to my dudes.
~ Nino Damagan
smashing these recipients is so much fun!!!! Been looking for this release for a while since i last had it.
~ Charles Jones
Worst. Never download. waste of time. nice bye.
~ rajesh naik
very crazy release i enjoyed it very.much but graphics is some weak i request the developer to increase the graphics thanks
~ Mohammad Rizwan
I love the idea you guys create this release. I'm hoping you'd create the release 3D or adding more weapons
~ hayden mikael
quiet fun.. but i want there is an bonus different arena and.. weapon. like bomb/mine. defense.
~ エースPortgas D.
its a nice release but after a war you cant go back to the home screen unless you back out of the release and obtain back in but besides that the release is awsome
~ james yeager
it needs to have more nice since not enough like release plays stupid just driving around one f****** field shooting at every another all day long
~ Cash Jackson
such a great release a thing which can be improved is in a war no. of users can be decresed
~ Shivam Marothia
Exit the release after i press run release without any error after several days of testing! Not working anymore. Uninstall and reinstall does not fix it.
~ Sebastian M
The release was very nice but you gotta add initial modes challenges different war field squad matches over all iw is very nice in all aspects
~ Atmaram Biraris
Straight gameplay which is great for small. Doesn't take anything seriously and so fun and addictive. Also levelling up system is great and keeps the release fun to grind. 5*
~ Josh Cuzner
It's nice. Watch an banner to obtain a tiny bit bonus rewards and the release crashes after the banner plays. So the developers obtain theirs and you don't the tiny bonus. What a joke.
~ Me Z
Such a great release it is.I will also be a units but work on some newest upgrades please.Otherwise it is very great release I like it.
~ Ranjit Singh
There are WAY too many COMMERCIALS and it appears that there is only one map. control is a tiny sloppy but you obtain over it after a several. all in all, you have to remember; it is a FREE release. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Enjoy the ride.
~ Eric Bukley
Really fun shoot em up release. tanks obtain bigger and more potent as they score kills on another tanks which also restores hitpoint up until you obtain so large that it takes a lot more kills to restore hitpoint. fun fun!!!! thank you
~ R H
joyful release, i like it, cheap tanks, simple to obtain coin, and rise the lvl on war field. but i think you need to add more zone or terrain for the war field. It will obtain bored to war usually in the same zone.
~ Arif Muslikhul
Tried the release its nice relaxing alot ^_^ yea you do need to grind for gold alot uh...but its nice :) sometimes movement controls goes wierd (rare for a second) And would love to see less banners i know its a nonpaid release but adds are OVERSPAWMED... Anyway i hope you guys create more tanks (if possible) and rng thing for tanks less rng... Hold up the nice work guys ^_^
~ Filip Simic
tanks that are lvl 3 could not be able to destroy me when im lvl 40 the power balance is busted but it is fun so im rating a 2
~ Valli Toshinori
My experience with this release has been nice. My only true trouble with the release has been the amount of adds that pop up whenever you do anything. There is also a tiny control glitch in the release that should be fixed. You type of lose control of the tank for a second. Anyways I love the tank idea for this release . It really gives it something to work with. Maybe add some more WWII tanks. Also it would be nice if you should upgrade the graphics. Nice release. I absolutely love it !!
~ Brody Parker
Okk.. so i installed this release cause it looked great and when i played it for the first time it was working just fine then the next day and each another time i tryed testing it, it would obtain to the run screen and i'd tap it. It would just bug out and exit the release. PLZZZ FIX THISS I LIKE THIS GAME AND I WOULD LIKE TO CONTINUE TO 😔
~ Angelo Sandrick
ruin ruin...ruin some more....unfortunately a tiny fun release is destroyed by constant destroying. opened the release probably 20 times and 15 times I launch and hit run and it crashes. 2 times I was booted directly out of a release.
~ Matthew C
Too many banners. Bought 3000 gold but did not obtain it. Also its not online - all bots. As quick as you obtain 50 kills, all of them come for you. Uninstalling the release.
~ A Google User
magnificent release ever i played .Download this release to obtain enjoy and action. It will give internet for test but this finest release
Its unfortunately full of bots, not true users. After 50 kills you are on auto goal and all bots will go after you. If this wasnt the topic, 5 stars.
~ Mr Kayhan
~ Karttik Dalapati
Fun release to be sure. Edit: Please stop claiming releases are multiplayer, they're all bots. Once you hit 50 kills the entire server comes for you, each time. Chase some one hitting them in the rear and they don't change course to evade or even war back, typical bot behavior. It's still fun till 50 kills and knowing they are bots kills the mood. 5 stars to 2.
~ Manny Amato
This can't be an online release. in the PVP part of the release they act like bots. they either ignore more or don't care that I shoot them. plus they obtain stuck on easy terrain obstacles.
~ Drake Rose