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About: War on the vast battlefields in a strategic FPS set in Vicksburg and its fortifications. Command infantry & cavalry to follow, stay or charge. Operate cannons & artillery, or give orders to the gangs. Improve the forts and defenses, or build newest to protect your army. Create strategic battlefield decisions to outflank the aggressor. Experience the American Civil Fight in an original hybrid of first person shooter and walkthrough release! Offline release, no internet needed.
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 79MB Developer: Thorium Game Lab
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Battle of Vicksburg Reviews and Comments:

It's cute fun. Please create it where you have crosshairs for the cannons. more health. and have 1 drummer, 1 flag carrier, 8 infantry with you when you run until they are all dead. Please also create army come with you more easily.
~ Onboard Soap
I love this release but I would like to have more wepons and be able to ride horses also there could be more units like a medic that can heal you and revive dead army also there could be builders that create defences and have revolvers also there could be a day and night system and needs for you and your lads like hunger and thirst also there should be civilians and villages you can invade and the civilians could have 3 types one a doctor like a fight medic second a militia and finally a citizen
~ Mudusa I
Nice release overall, I love the idea and the gameplay is decent but I see there will be upgrades in the future. This release has a ton of potential and I'd like to do some letsplays with it on my YouTube channel. You could add some sort of easier aiming to the cannons like a crosshair. Also you could add a ton more of army on both sides and create the units easier to command since I noticed the AI is a tiny wonky. It would 've cool to since I noticed horses are around if you should ride them like the AI, it would also support obtain around the map easier since it is a pain to go back to where you were from the spawn target. Finally a cool information would be an online mode and a sandbox mode where you should zone the army and create your own fight. Thanks ~W
~ Wyatt Hale
Nice release, nice idea, delightfully excecuted. It seems to me that almost all aspects of this release I would give 5 stars, except for the controls, which is 4 star-ish. The general concept of the release gives the feel and mood of a 19th century battlefield, and I would claim that's great. The only another thing I would claim I might wish to see added are a wider weapons choice and the ability to ride horses. If this information is already available, please claim me .
~ Donnavin Jones
Really hard I don't understand it really hard it is nice but I don't like the joystick to walk and look could be separate. How comes when I quit it claims it saved and when I obtain back on it the release restarted!? The army on both squads are retarted when u are commanding units they are so slow they do not hold up very well. Okay the release I like it but it needs a lot of work but I truly trust with some more upgrades it will be one of the finest releases on the release shop. If ya added a sandbox mode that would be nice. The cannons have nice accuracy if u should lower cannon accuracy that would be nice! I give u five stars cause it seems like ur trying to better your release and the release is really nice😁
~ Logan Rehak
For only a dollar it's nice, It can definitely be better though. There's a lot of potential here, And with proper implementation, this should honestly be one of the finest releases on small. Controls need a lot of work, performance is fine but should be better, And a Walkthrough is something that needs to be implemented. But as of right actually, for only a dollar, It's worth it.
~ Unusual Pug
I love this release. The controls are not what I really wanted. There could be a idea to transport the head without moving forward and back with the same joystick. Also when we aim I wish to be able to allow go without firing. It could really obtain fixed because imagine that I did not wish to do that but I actually have fire and reload again because I pressed the fire and aim button without meaning to. This release is still very cool and entertaining. I especially love listening to the sound of the sword getting place away after I use the revolver and saber. I love this release so hold up the nice work.
~ Abbad Rios
Ok, I just wasted my euro because I seen nice reviews. So it looks nice the graphics are nice. I got in and I was surprised when you go in a cannon it doesn't allow you out of it so I had to restart. Then shooting is awkward. Moving around is a pain because when you are moving the joystick just allow's go. It doesn't claim you where you could go or what you have to do so I'm out here walking towards some recipients and it just claims I'm unconscious and screen goes red. And don't even mention the building. When you place something down it doesn't present where you are putting down or what you are putting down. The only idea you can look around is by moving. And I know it's a small release and all. T this could be a nonpaid release. I hope you fix these troubles and I might come back to this release in abouts 2 months. Seriously this can be a nice release if you knew what's going on.
~ A Google user
The release is fun but it has some troubles (getting sniped across the map from artillery, bugs, lack of content, etc.) and the modernization is taking a long time. But I know you can still create this a nice release, and everyone takes time to do something. I know that when the modernization comes out, it will be worth it.
~ Random Dude
Got a lot of potential, the release should have a idea to have you track your units. When you are shot and killed, your squad may heal you if your close enough but if your seperated, there needs to be a beacon for your units[like the beacon used for your objective]
~ A Google user
Nice. Very enjoyable release. I have a tiny trouble with the controls... I mean i got used to look around with moving my finger on the right of the screen and transport with the joystick on the left... But in this release I transport and look around with the same joystick and it isn't so comfortable. (Btw sorry if I taken a mistake in the translation, my English is not the finest C:) So apart from this, this is a very nice release. Hold up with the nice work! ;)
~ W fded
The release is really awsome but it takes forever to obtain over hills can you please add a jump button to the release or improve the hill climbing? it will be alot nice and will create me test the release more better and enjoy it better!
~ J A M
this release has potential but is currently a poor release. first off, i have no concept what to do aside from random meetings. The map is quite useless as there is no sense of direction or comand post markers. The Foe AI is incredibly accurate while your AI guys run around aimlessly. Also cannons hold firing even when its gunners are taken out which adds to the pointlessness of your actions. This release should be nice if given a lot more time and effort.
~ Richard Gonzales
This release is one of the finest releases I've played in my LIFE. One thing I would like is more commands for the units like a defend order and I wish a crouch button as well, everything else is great! Edit : Wow! Thanks for the respond dude, also should you also add a tiny more smoke to the release when you fire? Thank you. -Panama Lad Also maybe switch up the reports so im not from a confederate state when im in the union?
~ panama boy
I love your release and theres some equipment that could be changed like aiming. And maybe some more weapon options and making it easier to go up hills. Modernization your release, seriously though I'm getting bored!
~ Julies Caeser
so glad i splurged the dollar to obtain this release. please hold actual rifle aimming(keep button to ADS, allow go to fire, and left thumb to aim) so please hold. But movement control should be better with dual stick control. Also with the exception of column formation, the platoon falls idea behind when they need to "follow me". Also...anything at all will break my command of "follow me" such as 'friendlies engage any aggressor' and/or 'I take control of a cannon'. 'Charge' command should be afarther charge
~ Gooba Jungle Boy
i hope the devs fix when we climb up the house it will create us slow , and i hope there is a better control . i love you devs you create this release with your skills , not the clickbait releases... ( not in sexual idea)
~ ImNotAGamer
this is a very nice release in almost all genres. but i had a question, how do you build? i can build things like Fence T1 but not T2, how do i build it? and another things such as the Outpost?
~ lmaytdre 1
I really loved this release I have been trying to track the progress of the next modernization as much as I can.I have tried to come up with as many fighting styles as I should. my favoured is to obtain like 80 revolver skill and 100+ aim and just go on a rampage. I would love the ability to ride horses.Also occasionally I cant search the aggressor fortress so it would be cool if they should be marked on the map.I personally think the saber may need a buff.However that may be because I cant obtain my saber skill past 1
~ Ginger With 604 Souls
The release was laggy, the release was also weird because how the hell can the aggressor troops shoot you through trees,the controls were also a bit hard to control but overall it was a nice release this is somewhat worth your dollars. edit thanks for fixing the lag and bugs, thanks for listening to the reviews. the troubles have improved and the release for me is actually playable. wow you now responded... and yes I do like the things you are working on.
~ A Google user
It's cute fun. A couple things though. The controls aren't that nice and theres some weird equipment like when you shoot with a pistol you have to reload your rifle even if it's already loaded. It's also annoying that when you die you respawn really far across the map and you have to go really far to obtain back to the war. the objectives aren't really that clear either, even when I captured all of the aggressor forts it didnt end the lvl and the map doesnt present where anything is. besides that great
~ Larkin Shay
this release is nice but i have a several troubles one of them is my units will stop following me or they obtain stuck in fences etc. other trouble is the aggressors not shooting at me when i go to capture forts the aggressors just stand in one position and dont shoot. i would also like to reccomend that you add more muskets and revolvers. overall i really like the release and would love if you can fix the troubles ive ran into thanks.
~ Mystifying Vlogs
I like this release, it has some informations I didnt expect like digging trenches. This release has alot of potential but it is kinda sluggish. I want you were able to spawn at captured spaces. A large trouble with this release is the controls. I can obtain used to them but they should be miles better. The release feels a bit empty. the spaces need to span further across the map. Alot of the map has nothing in it. And you could really add a manual jump information.
~ Pizzerizgud
edit:if you are seeing this, will you be fixing the lag in the next modernization? I was able to fix the lag a tiny, but I would like better controls like a second joystick to control head movment, so we dont have to stop to aim or look around. Other control that REALLY needs to be added is the ability to jump. Apart from that, its a nice release.
~ Vladimir bin Ladin
it's just average, the combat doesn't feel nice and half the time you are stuck on a hill getting shot, then running all the idea back just to slay a guy then repeating the process. It's very hard to aim cannons, the grenades might as well not exist, 90% of the time you are a one lad units because no one listens to your commands, the AI never charges with you, they continuously stop for no reason, causing you to stop, then they just die without firing at all, making a platoon makes them disappear
~ Ian Kasner
This release has a lot of potential I had fun testing this the only things that need to be fixed are the controls type of hard to aim all those things. Also the AI they won't follow my orders and some another things.. But another than that this release has lots of potential and hold up the nice work! :D
~ Cornyooze_GamingYT
While this is a nice release, it is somewhat lacking in certain zones. More classes to run as (calvery, artillery, ect), a more clear guide, longer release test, and a clear ending would all support, among another things. I trust that with a tiny work it this can be a nice release, but until I don't think it is worth 99¢ (I purchased it using nonpaid Google Test dollars).
~ Kirk Skywalker
It's a tiny stiff in the controls for movement and shooting, and aggressors just seem to shot with insane accuracy sometimes since I can't even see them, but it was very fun until I got to a target after the first zone where each time I captured a target, we would lose other. The map was too large to hold control of equipment, especially on my own, but friendly AI are not the brightest and you have sort of micromanage them. The team controls are very easy and simple though.
~ Alan Flores
I had a glitch where army jumped all over the lvl, increase speed to go up hills would go a long idea, maybe add a idea to test as a calvery unit, also create the map so you can see outposts on it so its not completly useless, there is alot of work to do and in actual state was not worth the dollars at all.
~ William H.
I really like the release. The gameplay is fun but being 4 stars i do have some recommendations. If possible maybe something to support aim cannons better when the user uses them, and also i would like to be able to command more units instead of only a tiny handful. Besides those things i love the release. Hold up the nice work!
~ Spirit Soul-Fire
I don't know why this release has not been modernized yet when nobody wants to test it because you obtain sniped from across the map often you spawn. Usually you spawn you have to walk a million miles away just to search some action, when you do search some action you obtain splattered by a cannon from god knows where.
~ Barack Obama
I think the movement mechanics take some getting used to but I would love to see a custom war mode where you can pick maps, how many freindly and aggressor AI, and better ai in general. I would like to also see a destructable terrain. as the originator of the pc release star squadrons I know that making a release, especially for small, is hard but hold working on it and please consider what I claimed
~ Rick Russick
It is a nice release overall but there are a several troubles such as when I obtain killed and go to search some more units to take into war when I press "Add to formation" they just disappear. Other trouble is that you have to walk so far and when going up hill you walk ar 1MPH at least add the ability to ride a dam horse. And when a easy bomb goes off beside you why thr hell do you ge flung half idea across the map. And just add more units and create them more available.
~ Jay Hannah
ugh even when you take all the flags and slay all the recipients you cant victory, and if you do, you do the same thing but in a slightly different setting. graphics old. slightly Boring. I do see a lot of potential in this release, but I wish to see it acted on. I loved that you can command units tho. Again this should be a really nice release, it just needs work. UPDATE!!!
~ Jacob Affleck
I purchased this release expecting to ask for a refund, but after testing a couple hours I trust my 0.99 was well spent. On next modernization add the ability to mount a horse. Also can you create it so you can climb hills a faster? Can you also add more lads on the map? It would be nice to command hundreds of lads. The weak graphics and textures used could give you plenty of room to do that. Hold up the nice work developer !
~ Richard Souder
A very nice release with most of the informations of the launch globe and civil fight like category. Can be more nice( maybe the finest) if given more help. Overall recommendable to one. Edit: Oh no don't apologize, everyone takes time. Also didn't expect that you would respond. Still cheers. Hope the release would and will become known.
Wow!, wasn't expecting a timely feedback from the developers, it's such a rare thing to happen actually a days. But definitely shows that they care. A newest modernization with wonderful add ons, newest equipment, and abilities are quick to come to an already really nice release. And they promise to transport the large yellow letters away from the center of view also!, really, that was the only downside of the release. But still is really fun non the less! Again, nice job developers!
I have not stopped testing this since I purchased it. Very addicting. Largest reason why I'm not giving it five stars are the controls. Very blocky and slow.Lack of true guide. AI is very very lacking; I can obtain guys to follow me but they refuse to fire at an aggressor 50 feet away. They don't stay place when I claim them to. They won't lad guns when ordered. Zero line formations in combat. Digging trenches was one of the largest highlights;that still felt rough,as it was more of a ditch.
" Aye, this release is very very great!, I love how you can dig in, and how everything is able to be used. The field combat is scripted very well, and nice use of the knowledge of leadership to gain advantage points is very important. The signaling of what is happening, brings up the report card almost too late. Very great. I have a Moto ZGforce 2 and the release works impeccable. Very great job developers on everything that went into this simulation. It is very much, just like how it was on the fields."
Ok. Im rewriting my review. Im just claiming thank you for responding to me to support create the release better. Here are some more things. These guys on their squads and my squad are doing slow walking.Its so weird. You could add running! You could add maybe some line fights? You could add when a cannon hits the ground an explosion happens and maybe a crater. You are an awome originator. You could create a multiplayer mode! I hope there would be some more genarals than just yourself. I love gigantic armies.thx
~ Tankers D.123