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About: Receive Ready for the Holidays with Google Tests Festive Upgrades! Only the strongest survive in War Camp! Catch, train and evolve over 1,200 creatures as you ready for wonderful fights! Crush your aggressors alone or forge alliances with Rangers to build a Troop! Bring your dudes or meet newest ones from around the globe with true-time messaging. Work together to conquer epic bosses, wage fight on another Units and dominate in REAL-TIME PvP. War another Rangers each week in meetings for your shot at the top of the Leader Board. Design your own special avatar! You can even customize the clothing as you want with a heavy array of costumes and accessories. Receive ready for a globe that is constantly changing as frequent raids bring newest challenges, newest worlds and newest creatures! What are you waiting for? Download actually. FEATURES Catch and evolve 1200+ ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 78MB Developer: WRKSHP Global
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About: Exiled Kingdoms is a single-player Action-RPG that allows you to roam freely through a unique world. It is an isometric game, inspired by some of the best role-playing games from the past decades; it brings back the old spirit of the classics in many ways: a challenging environment, choices with consequences, and a solid game system, with different paths to develop your character. Explore the world: no one will point you to the best hidden secrets. Talk to hundreds of different characters, ea...

Developer: 4 Dimension Games

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Developer: Falafel Games SAL

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Developer: SEGA

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About: An Interactive Map for Fallout 76 where the community can share locations and information. Notable features include: * High quality map with zoom/pan features. * Completely offline map and markers. Online required only for initial download and optional sign-in. * Categorized and Filterable markers. * Up/down voting for markers along with an option to only view markers that are "verified" (I.e. more up than down votes). * Check off and hide locations you've completed. * Comment on locati...

Developer: mydigitalearth.com

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Developer: Ekadanta Games


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About: action rpg game RPG(action) game rpg . . !...

Developer: chingchongchang

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Developer: Hosted Games

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Developer: Megastorm Games

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About: Multiplayer online hide and seek, Multiplayer game online game free hide and seek is an amazing multiplayer game for kids this unique hide and seek game have many Character with animation , in multiplayer player mode you can hide or seek challenges you to hide from the seekers multiplayer online hide and seek when you are in seeking mode there will be a time border in which you will catch your virtual friend it is an exciting simulation popular games of your childhood favorites hide and seeks mu...

Developer: lollygag games

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About: The game is about 'GAIA', a world losing its essence and is being corrupted by monsters called "HELLIONS" come to life destroying the world. The player is known as the 'PROTECTOR' which battles hellions and protects the world guided by a GAIA SPIRIT. The player of this game will be the protagonist and named as Aoi. Be the Protagonist Now! Have fun while destroying the main core hellions and reaching the 100th floor. Goodluck! Requirements: Storage: at least 100mb of free space Ram...

Developer: UC - CITCS TechTeam

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About: Mng Kim Hip siu phm chin thut kinh in trn di dng ln u tin ti VN kt hp cc ni dung c o: Kim Hip Kim Dung, Kim Hip C Long, Truyn Lnh Nam Chch Qui. c bit vi mc tiu hng ti sn chi Esport Tr Tru - Mng Kim Hip s mang ti ngi chi m tri nghim mi l vi li chi Ban Pick c o pht trin theo phong cch th thao in t. I. NI DUNG KT HP - BT PH MI GII HN - S kt hp hon ho gia cc ct truyn khc nhau s m ra mt th gii ga...

Developer: Trò Chơi Di Động Thông Minh Việt

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About: When the world tree begins to wane, what will become of the balance of the world? While the first part of the game can be played for free, it must be purchased in-game to continue thereafter. Shendoaha world protected by Sephiroth. However, with the power of the world tree having begun to wane, countless people have been overcome by an encroaching murk that has transformed them into monsters. Now with the world on the verge of destruction, an unlikely band sets out an adventure with the...

Developer: KEMCO


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Developer: Cory Trese

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Developer: Rodrigo Pan

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Developer: funny family game studio

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About: In this game you need to be a professional surgeon of celebrities and perform a surgery using realistic plastic surgery tools like Injection, Scalpel, cotton wool, Bone Saw and scissors. Features: ======== - Multiple levels - Lip surgery clinic - Nose surgery clinic - Eyelids surgery clinic - Pimple popping and removale - HD graphics - Engaging gameplay with instructions. Install skin surgery simulator now and enjoy performing surgeries and nose and lips, skin and eyebrows, it's f...

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Battle Camp - Monster Catching Reviews and Comments:

really fun the energy idea is a tiny annoying
~ big yeet
This release is one of the releases I love
~ Dark night
it wont allow me place in a name
~ Black Man
I just really like this release!!😃😎
~ HD MightFear
Shameless dollars grab. They create inventory management junk unless you pay for more zone, and the paid currency is not cheap. Fun release idea, but don't waste your time unless you're okay with either a subpar experience or major pay2win to obtain even a chance at anything cool. I pay for releases where it's an option to speed up getting cool equipment, but if it tries to force it, like this release, forget it!
~ Victoria S
This release is Super Fun and addictive I would suggest that you test it
~ James Webster
I been testing this release for 5 years love it
~ Demario Neissont
I Love this it is a nice release
~ Buddy Hershey
as a paying user after spending alot of time and dollars my profile is lost due to bugs with correspondence sign in and linking accounts. all i can do is restart newest releases over and over while my original release linked to Fb i opened in 2014, yeah 5 years ago not able to sign into. where is the fefund ? apology? retribution i hear nothing from the help squad. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME..
~ Master Dan
The idea is nice,the graphics are very great and match the aesthetic of the release. I just want there was a release control into instead of finding the controls right when I know what I'm doing. Also when I exit the release when completing a several targets it's like I never did them even though the energy bar and inbox claim another wise and it's annoying to do them again and again. However, the journey is fun.
~ theCoolBeans
As quick as I exited the release the very first time, all my progress was deleted. If you test to sign back into an profile, it claims that it's tied to a different release, therefore you can't transport your progress. When I tried entering my password for my Gmail anyways, it claimed that my password was too long. Besides, this release is pop up after pop up, and EVERYTHING relys on those gold coins. The energy takes too long to charge for what it's worth.
~ Kathy Wang
very worst release loading takes more time and release very bore
~ Mohanraj Veer
It's a really nice release but don't sign in thru fb. Each time I leave the release I have to sign in, letter by letter, number by number. When It gives me the option to autofill, it loads and then asks me to sign in again. After I sign in it asks me that you've signed in before so do you wanna continue. If I click cancel, all my progress should restart! Just don't do the fb sign in. it Claims you that you run with 50 nonpaid coins but that really is nothing in the release.
~ A Google user
Very fun creature building release with strategic moves at the touch of your fingers.
~ Cole Noble
My favored but when i am opening the release it claims unfortunately war camp is not working
~ Manisha Singh
I love the troop I am in and the release is fun it keeps me focused
~ Laura Godwin
The icon is literally a Pokéball, with dull colors and a weird picture. Come on, do better recipients
~ Isaac Connor
Finest release ever if you didn't install this release do it right actually.
~ Abi Harris
need a lot of dollars to be nice user and also if you wish to buy it's so expensive stupid release
~ Meshal Alshammari
I honestly love this release the grabs auck yes but it's well worth it when you obtain something nice
~ Hotel gaming
Lad this release is awsome its alittle on the boring side having to wait for the energy to regenerate but another then that its a fun release. I would suggest this to walkthrough and pashent users.
~ Elijah Stearmans
The release is nice but it's the second time that my profile is deleted. Fix that trouble!
~ Saphir Dimons
so disappointing and severe lags and so long to load. I think it will load for centuries I just waste my time to this release.
~ Kurt Russell Liwag
this release is usually having to download something each time you click but another then that it was cute nice
~ Bill Welsh
It is a nice release that allow's me use my BRAIN FOR ONCE because another releases are like you gotta grind
~ Joven Choi
love the release been testing it for years and still on level 20... for me its to hard to obtain coins is there someway of getting them easier?
~ bert bert
Love this Product a Lot. But I want they would expand the storyline test a bit.
~ Jake Heyden
The release is nice. It has it glits, but overall its fun., especially when you victory & obtain rewards. Go War Camp
~ Engrid Stewart
finest release ever. it has nice quality.it does have SOME flaws here and there,but overall it's nice
~ mysterious boi
Unbelievable I have been on and off with release for nothing terrible it reminds me of being a pokemon Trainer. One thing is the wiat for energy it could be 5 instead of 10 and creature egg hatching could 20 instead of 1 hour.
~ Eyzayah Mays
can't test to much of the release seeing that I'm almost lvl 20 and I only have 5 energy.... so I either have to pay for energy or wait. Also the only idea to obtain cool creatures is to pay.
~ Chance Bobito
Loading times are super slow, scenery doesn't appear up to date, item prices are too high, energy is taxed too heavily and is capped super weak, which puts a large emphasis on spending dollars cute early in the release for tiny gain.
~ Jacob Newhouse
previously I gave five stars. But it is actually making me impatient. After upgrading it is taking too long to reply.
~ Rukma Kunju
Fb reqired. This release would be so much better without Fb involed. After lvl 10 you basically need it to talk to recipients, lvl up faster, and send requests. Personally, I wish to recomend this to everyone but I can't because everyone I know does not use Fb anymore. Another then that nice release, nice test, and it's addictive!
~ Alex Doyle
I love the release overall but in Teepee hollow the quest to conquer the windigo is not letting me complete it. I've beat it twice actually and it really frustrates me! I cant transport on with the storyline at all! please i like this release so much but i literally cant do anything about it.
~ Elliot Anderson
The release is fun. Community is fun to test with. Developers do not catch hackers and are clearly dollars hungry. Purposely let hackers to test in order to create recipients spend dollars to test to rank higher.
~ Julian Bustos
It's very fun/addicting, but there's so many micro transactions and essentially all you obtain when you do a primary roll is a common you should have gotten from fighting, and even doing the higher spins you obtain cute much the bottom of the barrel
~ Mighty potato
It is a really fun release with variety of cool creatures which is the main reason i downloaded it. i like how you dont have to do one swipe per turn and you should even obtain an whole board set up. potentionaly
~ Joey Fogarasi
i love this release the idea is fantasic and i love collecting but how am i supposed to do any thing worth while when i only have 5 energy and silver is just as hard to come by as gold it makes it to where i only obtain to test for five or ten mins this release needs a lot of work and its been out forever shame on you!
~ Tyler Lynch
Dear war camp admin, I have trouble with connected facebook to my BC profile. My previous facebook was deleted, while it was still connected to my bc profile. I wish to do trade but i cant login to help pennypop because my bc isn't logged in with facebook. So i create newest facebook profile. But the trouble is i cant disconnect my previous facebook profile from bc profile, while it was already deleted. i also cant login to newest blog. So how am i suppose to solve this trouble? Please support me. Thanks.
~ Mohamad Irfan