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Basketball Stars   
About: The globes finest multiplayer Basketball release on small, from the originators of multiple smash-hit online sports releases! Dribble, shoot, score, WIN! Grab the ball and take on the globe with BASKETBALL STARS. Test speedy-paced, authentic 1v1 multiplayer basketball! Present your skills, moves and fakes to juke out your foe and shoot for the basket! On defense, stay in the face of the offender, steal the ball, and time your leaps to block their shots! All in REAL-TIME! REALISTIC 3D GRAPHICS Basketball on small has never looked this nice: completely customisable 3D users and a tons of environments to test in! COMPETE 1-ON-1 IN TWO AWESOME MULTIPLAYER GAME MODES Play your duelling instincts in 1v1 Matches, or race to shoot hoops in time-based 1v1 Shootouts. INCREDIBLE REWARDS AND HUNDREDS OF UNIQUE ITEMS Testing like an all-star? Enter higher-ranked matches with bigger ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 45MB Developer: Miniclip.com
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Developer: Camren Jeffery [email protected]

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About: Basketball Flip hem basket atmanz hemde zekanz gelitirmenizi salayacak bir spor oyunu. Oyun ierisinde basket atmak iin engelleri amanz gerekiyor. Engelleri dnerek doru hamleler ile basket atabilir bir sonra ki seviyeye geebilirsiniz.....

Developer: Uğur ULAK [email protected]

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About: Become the Basket Master! Show your basket shooting skills while collecting basketballs and courts. Master the curved shot, improve your aim and collect all coins you can over the five different game modes. SHOOTS Score points with limited shots! 21 Score 21 points, but dont pass it! TIMES UP Fast, before the time runs out! HORSE Avoid failing or you will lose AROUND THE WORLD Complete the shooting circuit! While playing youll get coins that you can exchange for surpris...

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Basketball Stars Reviews and Comments:

just started am only lvl for this release is very simple and it's not even that hard they could run you out with 5,000 bucks because you could be able to go in the championships and lvl two
~ Betty Armbruster
connection to the server often gets lost and it sucks. all the dollars in it goes in vein, otherwise a finest time killing release ever.
~ Hasan Mohammed
it is a very fun release very addictive the only reason why I wouldn't give it a five because it can freeze up on you sometimes and a release tools on you sometimes but overall it's a fun release
~ LamontDogg G
annoying speed trouble lags a lot and misses shots even when hit perfectly fine I thought I'd give it other chance but keeps getting horrible and makes me lose even when everything is okay ugh CHEATERS
~ Kashmira Khot
This release is a waste. I spent dollars and it will not allow me victory. It jumps up 20 points so I lose. I watch the score and it does not work out. It is usually when I test a unregistered foe. Bots? This release is robbery. Please clarify.
~ Chris Quessy
I really enjoy the release but I had a major trouble. I was testing for some time and then I decided to log in with Fb. All of a sudden I lost my gold some of my saved dollars and all my progress and upgraded balls.... Why?????
~ Evgenios Constantinides
(ok must add more to my reveiw, it keeps FREEZING UP ON ME,to were I have to exit ATW out an come back in,ive lost so much cause of this,Ive lost Golds-Dollary-an not olny a several bags But VIPBAGS🤔😰😰)OH,an during the last championship I was almost to the 10th round to obtain prizes & it froze,had to run all over 6 different times,not going to lie I was MAD!another than that,its agreat release,only another trouble-(IT'S ADDICTING) LOL LOL just want there was a idea to send recipients Golds,like you can Dollary.👍
~ Jake Ellison
This release is so terrible because each time I shoot the ball and it looks like it is going in but it claim blocked. This release is trash. FART!
~ stsweeify
Sucks. if you lag, you can never victory. so if it doesn't connect, you lose. Poor release.
~ The Indy Slamma
the release the release is nice right actually so hold doing your job and obtain this done so if you wish to subscribe to your channel on YouTube go on YouTube by
~ Michael Mitchell
It crashes non stop. It's not like, one hour and then it crashes, you'll run the release, test maybe 1-2 releases, and then it'll freeze and never come back until you force stop the release and restart it. Please fix
~ Will Spencer
I really enjoy it, its different and very fun. They can add some more informations more options too be able too chat with another users.
~ Brian Brown
nice release only down falls are the fun things cost dollars in true life to create it worth testing. sucks hows the releases are not fair you run weak and go versus higher lvl foes with better skills and ball.
~ Vincent Prado
it runs off nice, but release runs freezing on you. I have to close the release and go back in. then it freezes again. I think I'm going to delete.
~ Joe Ramirez
I love this release but have lost so much dollars because it freezes in the middle of the release each several releases. I don't even wish to test high dollar races because I'm afraid I'll lose while my release freezes
~ Rachel Rivardo
this release used to be really nice but actually its constantly freezing leading to me losing matches because I have to exit the release in order for it to work again, it is extremely annoying and it needs to be fixed ASAP!!
~ Geovanni Bontempi
skips glitches and tools this release used to be nice. it's horrible actually. tried to test nine releases and it kept glitching. I missed half of the shots f this release. I
~ Princezs Baby
modernization: nothing have been fix. I had been loosing release dollars due to a freeze up that is happening to me the minute I logged in using the fb profile. I have no concept why is happening and the Miniclip squad cant figure out yet why is happening either. I recorded videos and sent it to them. Miniclip refunded me 2million in release dollars as a courtesy but the release kept freezing up on me making me loose over 10 million already. I wish google to obtain involve. Any one having the same trouble?
~ NeL
I used to really like this release until it became all glitchy and causes unrealistic results. I will be removing this release, hopefully they can fix it in the future.
~ Charles Urbaniak
just poor. I am winning the entire release and then it freezes in the middle. I log back in to search out I lost. really? what's the target in testing the release if the release just runs to freeze. I'm testing on a Galaxy S10+ so it's not the device. my internet is also at 4 lvls which is sending out a nice signal.
~ Adrian Hinojos
Nice release and graphics the only reason why I gave it 1 stars is because is not fair to give one person more lucky balls than the another, u could give the lucky balls at the same time, it sucks having to lose on a draw due to a lucky ball. it's not fair for competitive recipients. please fix this and have fair matches with same amount of lucky balls to both users at the same time.
~ Veronica Carreathers
Pay 2 victory, autistic release. if you lower the pay 2 victory equipment just like 8ball pool. that will be nice. you cant victory versus someone with better details bbn than you its just unfair. first they have better experience plus they have some non-sense advantages.
~ Raihan Rumi
Horrible release!!! Freezes constantly in the middle of a shootout. Lost countless coins because of that. Very laggy, the ball is about to hit the basket and it immediately gets blocked by the guy tight in front of me. My soft is up to date, all another apps work well. Editor's choice?... what a joke, you're embarrassing yourself mobile, thinking about going back to my 3 yrs old Apple device... tired of this Lemon device. That could be your newest logo Samsung.
~ Franck Tasic
Your release sucks. The inconsistency is the most I've seen in any release. You should shoot a great shot, but it still won't go in. Create the release more consistent and I may change the rating of your release. Also your release would be nice if you should pick the rating of your foe whether they are higher or lower rated than you. I may be knit picking, but then again your release sucks and I'm deleting it after I finish giving my opinion.
~ Lucy Mesode
once you obtain into higher lvl ,the release feels like it's rigged versus you . another user will score up to 2 more baskets after the buzzer .
~ Paul Sobstyl
It gets frustrating when your foe in shooting race gets 5 lucky balls and you only obtain 1 or 2. The originators could work on establishing more of a balance for that. Another than that, it's a fun release
~ Kyle Williams
Would have gave 5 stars , but one part of This release freaking blows, i worked hard for a 90+ victory percentage just for the release to lagg me out and cost me to lose the release and the dollars.!
~ Keith Jenkins
on shooters race rhe release gives the another person an bonus shot and gives them better things, such as an bonus target ball right before it ends and they wim because i didn't obtain the ball like them. I think we're done here. "microphone drop"🎤
~ Cadence Roller
it's a fun release but it keeps glitching and claims that I have to reconnect when I have full bars of time and wifi, then I lose the dollars I'm testing for.. this release needs some fixes and also need to obtain more gold instead of dollars the dollars you obtain is pointless.
~ Sydney Contreras
The release paused half idea while in shooting action which makes it impossible to test. it didnt happen yesterday but is happening today in 3 to 4 times. please fix this.
~ Kevin Wu
Micheal C James was testing in Basketball Stars (1983-1996) Micheal quited on August 30 1996 he started testing on October 18 1983 and Dale J Davis was testing in Basketball Stars (1959-1989) Dale J Davis died on October 26 2000 has the first pool diver on (1989-1997) on Babes Pool Swimming Product Dale has the lifeguard Micheal usually got bullied by Dale each time he played on Mondays Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays at 2:30-4:00 Dale usually cheated when Stanley C Cole found Dale's body in 2000 boom
~ Cool Nathan
it is a nice release, but it is very laggy. Usually i test defense they stopp and the next moment they are on the left side shooting a three or a two pointer. It's getting very annoying and I hold losing and it is not like i have terrible internet i have xfinity in my room and it is usually 4 bars
~ J4Prezident
what the f.. i was testing 50000 shooting races and the match ends up a draw and than in bonus 10 second my foe got 2 lucky balls, inspite shooting all great baskets i lossed because of this. Fully unfair, biased and i am done with this release. Uninstalling it right actually. Don't waste time testing this release you will end up pulling your hairs.
~ Sahil K. Gaba
what's the target of a shoot out if you're gonna add in backboard gifts, that defeats the purpose of a shoot out. really. one can be sorely losing, and end up hitting all the gifts and ends up winning from a gigantic losing deficit, that's not entirely fair nor is it balanced for a SHOOT OUT.
~ Kurtis Wayne
I had downloaded it earlier also and didnt forget it till actually ..... It is very interesting to test and I really enjoyed very much . i can not describe it in words .well everyone likes it. .Thankyou very much to pass the nonpaid time in nice work as ,, when i nonpaid i test this release one of ny favored i really enjoy 😊😊😊😊👍👌👌👌
~ j.p. gupta
It's a really fun release. but there are several bugs which are there since the last time I downloaded and uninstalled for the same reason. it freezes when the release is about to run and I'll have to take the loss if I test to restart the release. I think the developers don't even care about it cuz it's been there from a very long time. if this is fixed its one of the finest releases.
~ Yaaru Official
I think this release is nice because there is mini releases also you obtain to obtain nonpaid prizes.You can also obtain dollars to unblock more territories to test at .In addition, you obtain bags to customize and to upgrade your ball.The only downside for babes who test this release like me is that in oder to obtain some of the nice things you need to login in to Fb.For example, you need Fb for 5 gold and to create dudes online.last but not least,you should upgrade your hero by testing online basketball.
~ Samuel Fernandez
This release is very nice I deleted for a while a long time ago and I just redownloaded it the release and it is better than ever. I can see all the newest and better improvements and informations added to the release since the last time I played it. Shootout to the originators nice job with these newest improvements to the release as well as the lack of lag that was an trouble before in the past ver. So far I can see no errors in this release at all, again shootout to the originators of this release.
~ Jonathan Finley
Very nice release, my only true reason for not giving 4/5 🌟 is the easy fact that everything is too expensive compared to the winnings. if you were able to create more dollars we should buy better updates and have more fun.
~ Steven Hays
It does not score all your dollars totals in league test. I have won few releases and received my dollars but league dollars totals don't go up affecting my league standings. It also freezes up and lose connection. Soft needs someone to over look it and fix major bugs. Product tools you out of your video's and dollars. DO NOT PLAY!!!
~ David Rude