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About: Make your very own Barbie Dreamhouse experience! You can design each room. Meet my BFFs and puppies! Join us for a bunch of fun activities: baking, dancing or epic pool parties! Plus, dress me and my dudes up in fashion-forward looks to obtain picture ready! Follow us on exciting journeys in the Dreamhouse where anything is possible! LETS MOVE IN Support me design each room with unbelievable wallpapers and dazzling decorations. Create it your own Dreamhouse! Ready, set, style! THE COOLEST FRIENDS Meet my finest dudes: Renee, a sports fanatic; Daisy, a talented DJ; Teresa, a science-lover; Nikki, an aspiring fashion designer and the one-and-only Ken. Plus, my super-smart sister Skipper who is into everything tech! NEW DRESS ALERT I just got this newest dress and Im so excited to wear it at tonights party. I need your fabulous fashion tricks to pick the great look! SELFI ... Show more
Genre: Simulation Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 19MB Developer: Budge Studios
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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Reviews and Comments:

this is the finest pretend test release ever....i am so in love with it......the only trouble is that whenever an banner comes,the screen becomes blank.....so pls fix that..and test to minimise the number of banners being shown
~ Virendra kumar gupta
almost each person is VIP and even the animal. i have test to become a VIP but i can not because my mom and dad are not glad with it. because it should not be done. then my dad claimed ok. then i f**ing test to then but it keeps. claiming sorry test later
~ M Vlog
i hate that you have to pay VIP for most of the things it would be more great if you should obtain everything for nonpaid but since it's not i can't convince my mom to buy it for me she claims that she is not going to pay for it since it's just a release when you create everything nonpaid then i will change my review
~ Haelene Van Der Walt
horrible release got bored in just 5 minutes and so much of the release is paid there are only two characters to use if u dont obtain vip....was expecting a lot better..๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ‘ŽTho the graphics and the controls are not terrible but i dont like the gameplay...
~ Sunita Ramourti
this release is so much better than the another one is a tiny more than a several mins late but I will be to obtain a newest one and it was this release this is fun, constructive, nice, fabulous, cool and famus.
~ Cassandra Martin
this is thr finest finest finest release i had ever played.and also this is my favoured release.i am glad and pleased with all upgrades.thank you so much for giving such a release...please i need more barbie release..hope it from you.i have a premium request for you budge studios..please i need barbie school..
~ baby c
sooo nice!!! i love the journeys of nikki and barbie specially when preparing meal for them, when eating together and have fun while listening song. Want Nikki and Barbie have other bed so they can sleep both at night.
~ Simple and easy Cooking
I like this release ๐Ÿ˜! although my grandma had to pay for me to obtain in the VIP club and to obtain all the Carters.yeah I'm over it actually but I will hold this release forever and ever and ever. also I claimed 1 of my dudes but she doesn't have a nice release like this one but I am l fan of this release. I'm a lucky woman.
~ Ray Thomas
the release is finest no troubles but I just want this release was nonpaid I mean no dollars asked full ver and even if asked for dollars it could be permanent not monthly.only this is the thing which I hate most but after all it's finest release you gotta download it thanks budge for this release and I hope u will improve this release once more, thanks ๐Ÿ’žโœŒ๐Ÿ˜„....
~ A shish Chavan
I love this release but I hate it when you don't fix the trouble with your dumb as you like what the peck stop it fix it actually my cousin can sew you guys so you better watch out she loves this release I don't like seeing her sad or furious or afraid be cause I will not allow you guys so this like stop actually please fix it .
~ Sofia Luvs wdw
this release is nice but im still a babe making this review....so theres an banner off switch in the settings .... the song is cool and lovely and barbie has hear true look and voice its purrrfect(cat means) ok its kinda weird that you change the emotions of the characters so i like it .and its cool to test so iloveit very much byebye
~ Jefferson Castillo
Paid for the VIP box but it didn't work in the release. Followed all instructions to obtain it to work to no avail. Contacted the developer (as per Google Test instructions) showing proof I paid. Developer claims not our trouble. Crooks.
~ Mr B
Want the release was full nonpaid. Doesn't create sense . I would also love it if you add more zones to the house or create the entire zones nonpaid and recipients cost dollars. I just wish all zones, recipients can cost dollars i dont care
~ arionna thomas
I love it. but I think that you could add a list for the vip like a cooking list instead of us taking all the meal out and matching it also i think you could create the release so everyone can sing and not just Barbie you could do it so maybe everyone can have there own special songs but another then that I love the release.
~ fun family guys
the release is nice though you have to buy half the release and then it's very boring for you to test with two characters they don't you give your pet I think we could give any three characters and one that so I wouldn't suggest this release. recipients wish to buy the release it's the prices 250 rupees to the VIP pass
~ jyoti lawande
This release is really fun and constructive. I've been testing the release. it's soo nice!! lf you test it you will probably like it. you can do lots of things that are fun to do! have you played the release? The thing that annoys me is you have to unblock another characters. Otherwise it's fine. hope you enjoy the releaseโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ
~ Graham Ross
It's very nice release . But there is a trouble that that they are asking to pay dollars for all the things that we need in this release . But then also this is a awesome release . This release gotta obtain 5 stars .This time they have done a lot of things like this time they have the garden to saw the seeds of fruits and flowers in that garden there is a kind of a pool and swings etc . I loved it . very awesome release .
Ok so a tiny confession...I love this release and I'm a teenager...it is now a really fun release (no I'm not a retard) and the finest VR release I've played so far. nice job Budge studios. only trouble, I ran out of presents!? Plz fix....
~ Bria Walker
Addictive! Can't obtain enough of testing this release. There are so many different things to do. Atthough this release is {nonpaid to test (1 ๐ŸŒŸ) to test. Athlough It does charge 8 bucks a month for everything to be unlocked. They back that up with a nonpaid 7 day trial (1๐ŸŒŸ) that you can cancel within 7 days so you wont be charged. All in all i give this release 5 '๐ŸŒŸs. 1 ๐ŸŒŸ for it being virtual reality release , 1 ๐ŸŒŸ for nice graphics, 1 ๐ŸŒŸ for the tons of nonpaid options.
~ Laquita Brooks
nice release but you can create it all nonpaid and hi know that for a fact even though gigantic studios claim they can't it all a lie believe me toca releases are idea better. So buge studios create your releases better or I can can claim the globe how terrible your releases are. so please do my requests and i will not do this .
~ Richard D.
Glitchy song. Random banners each several mins. Superhero wishes are hard to figure out, which supposedly give you audio tricks when tapped on but I dont hear/see any tricks. Would be worth testing with more options/characters available but who the heck is going to pay 7$ a MONTH? Not me.
~ Kelsie Tomlinson
This is a nice release, I couldn't do too much at the run, but actually I've unlocked everything due to getting a month vip with a week nonpaid trial, it's fun, my garden is filled with trees and flowers and the activities are so fun, I think more recipients could obtain this release, if there's an modernization or anything fun you should add this release then that would be nice but I do love this release xx
~ Tia Glover
I pay the ยฃ5.49 a month after having the nonpaid trial for my 4 year old daughter who loves this (so do i ") but working it out over a year I will pay ยฃ68.88. For 1 release, that if I stop paying, I no longer have, is crazy dollars. I'm really disappointed and my daughter is heartbroken as she will no longer have it. you could be able to buy boxes. more recipients overall would pay for them.
~ beki ellie
Thank You for the present upgrades, however, there are many glitches!!!!!!!!! Also, a cookbook could be added to the release so babes can know how to use the provided ingredients in order for them to create different foods. And can Nikki obtain more hairstyles?
~ Sheila Sanders
this release is nice, however, I don't like to spend dollars on releases.please obtain rid of the buying,also i wish all recipients in the release to have their own code in the release so they can kind their dudes code to test toghether and while testing they can kind to every another what can be the chating.
~ Ner San
I love it the pool finest for you lad is your life. aubrey plaza hotel woman who tracks cell number is this a question about the first Sofia is a lot more than just like you love cat noir, but I have block the sea of Galilee and the sea originated to obtain it go out and I can't sing you can obtain a nonpaid WiFi is the cool and I can't wait to the core and I can't wait till you obtain the sims social safety number of Galilee and dudes animation collection. com to the sims social networking, but it is a mue
~ Aubrey Mokgwaduba
I think this release is not worth it because this release is forcing users to pay true dollars for such silly release.Also,the price in India is insane to buy the whole thing,โ‚น490!!I am very disappointed that I can only drag Barbie & Nikki.This the only major drawback I have about the release.The idea of the release is so cool & fun,you know.I only wished that we were not forced to pay dollars to unblock everything.Otherwise I really enjoyed testing.I hope Budge Studios do something about it,plz do cuz I โค๏ธit.
~ Navin Tungare
Personally, i don't like the fact that we have to pay for almost everything concidering that this is the most interesting barbie release I've ever come across. It's either you create it completely paid for or just allow it for nonpaid and develop more that you can price. Personally, i would prefer the latter.
~ Ogoo J
not to be rude but please create it fair i just wish to claim please create your release nonpaid i was in a middle of a great release when suddenly a warning pop up "the release will be closed in just 2 mins if you will not pay our dollars fees the release would not manage your dollars if you'll pay either you wish it or not. thank you" i paid it already.. a several mins other popuped "your dollars is invalid the release will close in 10 seconds" suddenly my dollars is wasted for nothing but thanks for the experience dvlooper
~ Drea San Jose
It's a Nice release, Though, A lot of things could be improved. For example, The VIP club. Maybe, you could create the puppies, and all the charaters nonpaid. The another benefits of VIP club, are fine to stay. Personally, I think this release is Nice! Just needs Improvements. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
~ Shaye Owen
I love this release u can do anything u wish! Its like how some babes wish to grow up and have responsibilities, in this release, u can! Its nice!!! The only downside to it that It can obtain true slow and u have to pay for certain characters... But another than that its nice! Enjoy!!!
~ Amaya The One and only
My daughter really enjoys this release and the bonus content bought is nice. She is asking me to request for an bonus outdoor zone like a garden zone with a barbecue and a lawn for a picnic and releases. UPDATE: She is really enjoying the newest functionality and outside zone. Well done Budge squad!
~ Megen Naidu
It is a nice release and a pleasure to test but I want it was nonpaid. If you wish it to be nonpaid please claim that this review was useful. Maybe we can run a campaign for the release to be nonpaid! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Please support me. I know you need dollars to modernization the release and everything but seriously does nearly EVERYTHING have to be VIP? Thank you xx
~ A Google user
I gave this 3 stars because i absoloutely love this release but since the newest modernization dropped you cant buy anything. I was saving up my dollars to buy the skipper's rock band set and i just had 1 more week to wait but then my release modernized and i couldnt buy it anymore. Product developers, can you please change that in a future modernization because i can NOT afford to join the VIP club. I do love the release though.
~ Panda Plays
Taylor I have was in a position to hurry to the in be ๐Ÿ˜with to be obtain back to go ahead and do it in the morning ๐Ÿ˜ฐI as a I will would like you the another couple to see do you it can be can I you and I am so glad excited that you had a nice dude in a couple coming round for a several days before as they were lovely a couple of days before I started a newest tiny business lad and I will have a these days day and for me a several years back year 'to' the 'and' I will have these two questions ihuh I hit th'
~ Taylor Paton
this is an 110%nice release ever. everything is nice I like the control over everything and the graphics and hero and the addition of the backyard is nice .but the thing is I and everyone else I know testing this release wish to unblock atleast 3 to 5 hero without buy. And if that cannot be done a request from me and my dudes to atleast obtain the presents ๐ŸŽ. atleast 2 a day. this gift thing should be an nice touch
~ farhath begum
Was an awesome release that my daughters loved until the VIP pass price went up by 50% without warning. I won't be renewing. Not interested in greedy companies. Also, Budge are still quite glad to take dollars from my profile, even though the VIP Pass isn't active in the release, somehow the subscription still is. All the progress my daughters had made was suddenly wiped, CHECK YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS.
~ Dan Bartlett
I love this release it's very enjoyable you obtain to go through barbies house and do many fun things that you'd do in each day life like cooking and trying on clothes. The only allow down is that I wanted to obtain one or two expansion boxes but you have to be a VIP and pay monthly so you can't obtain only one specific thing you have to obtain everything and pay quite a bit of dollars monthly. But overall super fun release it is like you are now in barbies house and I would suggest it to anyone :) .
~ Kaliah Henry
I downloaded this release because it looked cool. I liked it so much that I asked my mum to buy the things as my easter present she purchased a several and we saved the rest but one day all my releases disappeared, when I got them back all the things my mum paid for had gone and wouldn't come back. Not nice for my favored release. Thankyou to the budge squad for replying I will test the solution.
~ Bethany Andrews
gave an bonus star because its my daughters favoured release recently she ask me if we should spend dollars because she wants seeds to plant in the newest garden. I claimed her yes assuming it would be a several dollars, but had to change that respond because I have to join a monthly subscription. I'd be willing to pay a 1 time fee for things like most release but $7 a month is not happening. which sucks because mostly everything is locked. the release itself runs smoothly and nicely
~ Emily Lane