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About: From the originators of Insane Birds: a release from the PIGS target of view! OiNk! Build makeshift contraptions from a gigantic collection of parts and create it to the target without blowing your machine to pieces! IGN's "Finest App Product of 2012" Champion! "Extremely fun and very challenging" -- Kotaku The finest title Rovio has released yet - IGN 4/4 - Gotta Have -- Slide to Test "If you cant enjoy watching a pig drive a badly constructed car off a cliff and onto a pile of dynamite, you probably dont have a soul." - Yahoo/BGR Make the ultimate flying/crawling/rolling/spinning/destroying device and pilot the pigs safely to the eggs! The Terrible Piggies are after the eggs again -- but as usual, nothing is going according to plan! Can you make the ultimate flying machine and steer them safely to their destination? Those tricky pigs have a several objects they ca ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 70MB Developer: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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Bad Piggies Reviews and Comments:

I have a glitch: the piggies faces they glitch out like foreman pig in cake race and in the lvl thumbnails and the buy coins screen rovio PLEASE PLEASE fix this glitch
~ Mario Ochoa
Everything in this release is so cool great puzzles and equipment ,BUT ONE PROBLEM,for the pvp theres usually a guy one more level than me so that he gets more points ,How is that fair,i would give this a 5 star until you change this
~ Zhiyong Li
Its nice but their is a glitch when the animated characters (like foreman pig in the cake race) transport their face disapear another than that its gooooood but fix the glitch
~ Gamer Tails
Great release, but they're changing it all the time,... Things you accomplished before obtain suddenly locked under newest terms,...
~ Jason Powlette
Product test is 5 stars but the amount of banners is beyond excessive. I'd pay for banner nonpaid ver. unfortunately I'm going to delete a release I'm loving, because the amount of banners is unbearable.
~ Austin Williams
The release is broken. I don't like glitchs and there's bugs, there are super terrible and gigantic bugs. Please fix it. If you dont, the release will be even worse. Please please please please fix it.
~ Joselyn Joselyn
Cake race is almost impossible I go versus recipients who are idea higher lvls than me so they obtain idea more points and when I verse someone a lower lvl than me they still obtain more points then me I think cake race could be more balanced
~ Jaden Martin
I realy like this release, but there's something wrong. whenever I test the release, everything turns into black parts I hope that can be fixed -MINIONS
~ Prince .M
this is the most nice nice nice release ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a unbelievable release. nice release. awesomeness release.
~ Nikki See
The originators of Insane Birds flip the script and allow you take egg stealing matters into your own hands! So much fun to experiment in the launch sandboxes. Would suggest to lovers of building releases and puzzle releases.
~ Benson Waldrop
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~ A Google user
It is an nice release everyone could test it, the only problem is thet some lvls are hard to victory in it.
~ habeeba raheem
I love this release sooo much it is release nice to test while your on the way it does not slay your battery like at all it like kilss only 10% per hour which I think is nice
~ Jeska Estrada
Rovio, this is a nice release! but can you please fix the buggy buttons on the dashboard lvls.
~ Almighty Erboon
i rather that i played this release before from a long time ago when I was 5 years old and also i found out that it was nice and fun.😉
~ Timohasa2cutechannel
This release is fun, but i usually hold finding someone over lvl 450 in cake race. I think those that are lvl 450+ are hackers. Please ban them from your releases.
~ Crazy Explosion
i love terrible piggies but there are bugs and glitchs like when you zone engine in metal box it appears on the outside how about if i wish to build robot place puncher bellow the springs when i press the puncher the spring go's inside the puncher and when the pig blinks it glitchs pls fix this rovio
~ Evann Teagardin
Is there really no idea to remove banners?? I enjoy the content, gameplay, graphics, and general feel of the release. I would pay dollars to remove banners, but I see no idea to do so. And the volume of banners is now insane. One of the worst on the release shop from a reputable developer.
~ alexanderthe drake
Ridiculous amount of banners. Even when finishing the first lvl in the first 5 minutes I was greeted with a 30 second ad that destroyed any interest I previously had in this release.
~ John H
I love this release but I do have a trouble. I can't transfer my progress onto other device as I don't have a fb profile. Should you create it so recipients are able to save progress with Google test releases as well as fb? Thanks for your help and well done on making this nice release. :)
~ PurpleDuck YT
I LOVE THIS GAME, I like the graphics and the gameplay of this release , ihope you will modernization this release for another informations like pvp building your cars to crush the aggressors creation plssss add pvp
~ Christian Padua
Unplayable. Adverts are ridiculously intrusive and create the release impossible to enjoy. Would gladly pay to remove the banners, but no option to do so.
~ Neil Wait
I found a bug!!! test the release a tiny last night, it was very fun. actually, this morning when I launch it, it prompts me to tap the Cake Race or whatever it is button. but I'm not lvl 5 yet, so I can't now test the mode. I can't access any another part of the release because it forces me to only press that button, which I can't, because I'm not lvl 5. so I can't do anything
~ Andrew Fortney
This release is very fun and addictive. I found this release on McDonald's devises and I had to obtain it. The adds are sometimes annoying but the gameplay is Fun!
~ Sub to me for no reason
What a classic release, I remember testing this on the PC at one target and actually y'all bring it back to small. I personally like the PC ver better.
~ Sonic Forces The Hedgehog
I've usually remembered the release to be a fun experience which is why im not giving it a lower rating, but, WILL...NOT...LOAD. The release is permanently stuck on the intro screen, no audio or anything. I loved this release in its early days, please please please fix this.
~ Damien Humphries
the releases fun but there's lots of glitches like for example this guy i met in cake race when I'm testing he will be ur foe for THE WHOLE DAY, will be 4 lvls higher than you and when I obtain all the cakes and he has none he mods or something and I lose. refreshing ur ipad wont support. plus, some objects go through the ground. the person is called guest 216400. he's and auto farmer and will randomly farm recipients and usually will create it to the top of the leaderboard. pls read this its an trouble.
~ A Google user
I've never had a spot for the another AB releases, whereas I only truly care about this one. I have been testing this for about HALF A DECADE at this target, and it is still a refreshing li'l treat- for ALL OF THE SENSES. 5/5 for an AB release? JUSTIFIED.
~ Rebecca Stewart
Its a great release.. The only trouble is you need to test very hard to obtain three stars. Nevertheless, I. suggest it highly 👌😀
~ anu Walia
I love the release exept for in the cake race, there's literally dirty cheater that obtain cakes literally in 2 second and the rounds over in like 15 seconds! Plz create a report button so we can report these dirty cheaters!
~ Marianne Moore
It didn't transfer my in release buy of Field of Dreams from my another device. It was fun before my another device (that used the same gmail profile as this one) broke and didn't transfer my time. I know it isn't that expensive but I still lost dollars.
~ OneCoolGaming
Nice release, it was nice until the upgrades came. They over ran the release with banners, and then seemed to remove content instead of adding. There is also NO restore purchases button, so I can't obtain my buy of Field of Dreams back after uninstalling. 0/10
~ Psi Pugs
The release itself is a cute darn nice spinoff, But there are few troubles, like the layering of the lvls being broken, The scrap-o-matic being stuck on the full state without any scrap, And snout coin prices for some things turning to -1 (not a trouble tho usually thought those were a true terrible addition) Ps. improve snout coin reward rate/amount
~ TheLapTopX20
I craft newest parts but you can create a plane or a robot! I like to search crates but the gold crate was nice! but you can create a piggy spinner! but I like to place TNT in goals or in tanks but right actually it's 5:21
~ Haibin Xu
I have found this release nice since the day I found out about it. the adds are annoying but it's an overall interesting release! I use it as something to do on a rainy day. I love planes so I love this. You can create a piggy-plane! nice job guys.(delete the adds).
~ Lord of random
Hardest part y I don't wish it really was the only one that is Made up by the rope. I Know what to claim to the rope. The Travels and then we will have the only thing you need is to the rope. Hardest part of Mighty Nerdy and a easy to obtain the Pool with you guys are still have s. The Boomboxer is Impossible to list all the time of Mighty fine. Hardest Product Ever 2
~ Bryan Lucas
Physics are cute nice, a bit buggy rarely enough. to obtain cosmetics you have to wait on chests to launch. I would definitely install, test as much of the release as I can without getting fustrated then uninstall. still plenty of content thats for nonpaid. overall: definitely check it out and test a nice bit
~ Icedwarf M
awsome except for often i watch an banner, it is the same retarded one! i cant claim my reward because all it claims is "search more" and i waited 1 minute and closed it and no reward from that banner. all another banners give reward. another than that it is addictive and fun!
~ General Caboose
I have been waiting for 2 weeks actually after I sent a message and they still haven't replied. My settings is enabled in Fb, I am logged in on FB but it doesn't allow me connect it to Terrible Piggies. I will have to delete this release quick, since there no target in continuing. It doesn't create sense if another releases has no troubles with FB but this one does. And not to mention about the service I'm getting from Rovio.
~ Ka Hua Chin
I have played this release for a very long time. It is SO FUN. Also, for the recipients who are complaining about banners. JUST TURN YOUR WIFI OFF BEFORE PLAYING! Its not like you'll die as quick as you turn it off and to the recipients who are having problem with downloading it. WHY would you RATE THE GAME ONE STAR. It's not the release or developers' fault. THE GAME DOESN'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING WITH DOWNLOADING! Anyway, 14/10 release, would test forever.
~ Temmie3562 YT considering I only comment