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About: * Requires an online connection to test. Test actually the first ACTION RPG release of the acclaimed ASSASSINS CREED Franchise. Search the ITALIAN RENAISSANCE through the eyes of your OWN ASSASSIN, complete variety of missions and unravel the epic mystery of The Crows. WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT US: the graphics look spectacular cnet.com a proper bonafide Killers Creed release pocketgamer superb graphics phonearena.com CREATE, EVOLVE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR ASSASSIN! - Pick a CLASS: Select between Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster and Thief - CUSTOMIZE your Killers: Use loot, pick your outfits and weapons like epic swords and the iconic hidden blade. - Create your Killer EVOLVE from NOVICE to MASTER! TONS OF MISSIONS AND POSSIBILITIES! - Experience the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Run, jump, climb and feel the thrill of the leap of faith on your small screen! - Achieve a ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 92MB Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment
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Assassin's Creed Identity Reviews and Comments:

I've been reading through the comments before I bought the release as I was type of unsure if it's worth it. Having already purchased it I'm having variety of fun testing it and I think it represents nice value for dollars. I really don't know why some recipients are complaining about controls and etc. For anyone who is wondering if they could buy the release , just do it - it's really cool.
~ Nikolay Tarpov
Many times it doesnt even load.. Gets stuck at the 'Connecting' screen.. If it does load by some miracle, it takes too long. The actual gameplay and graphics are amaxing.. But whts the target if the release doesnt load. UPDATE - bonus release trouble. I paid bonus for the FORLI campaign and finished the release. However it was not showing up in my profile for some reason and the release had been restart. Lost all my release progress. I had to follow up with the help squad few times to resolve. Terrible
~ Sandeep Bankeshwar
not terrible, but I would rather see AC II port with full price mark and zero MTs. small devices are powerfull and there are releases like Rome Total fight, Xcom... etc which are high quality releases. clsssic small releases are just a garbage dollars grab... ;)
~ A Google user
The release is great. But each time when i download the bonus files, they obtain deleted themselves after a several days and i have to again download them. it is so annoying. Ubisoft, please fix it.
~ Sarthak Srivastava
Gameplay is boring and annoying. Could have specific buttons for specific actions. No jump button. Just transport with controller and the will do things automatically. Soo BORING. No fighting combos, no moves, Nothing. UBISOFT, you're a large dissappointment. I was a large fan of Killer's Creed since I've played it in PS. You can hold my dollars. Charity for you guys. Anyone reading this review, DON'T DOWNLOAD IT.
~ Danish Shaikh
Very pretty release to look at. It's like a port of a console release. How was this possible? It's very lengthy. Ypu won't be bored. The art is magnificent. I love the weapons and clothes. They as usual do their homework on these Killers Creed's releases.
~ Juan Vilca
Needs to be more like the original killers creed releases ,need nonpaid roaming and not this target by target into main menu ,i will only install again if this happens because its not worth it.
~ Demon blood
Although pretty and detailed in lvl design the release suffers from an uninteresting short storyline and short missions. The release is also made with an overwhelming amount of micro transactions, for gear, weapons, armor, boosts and more. I would lie though if I claimed that I didn't enjoy testing this release and that I would like to see more of it, or more like it, in the future. Also, probably too much to ask for but the release being launch globe would also be a great addition to the release.
~ Kon/nos Gousetis KOTSOSMC2002
This release is absolutely trash. Please don't buy it , it's fully not worth it. It's not even a launch globe release. Very short target and only 10 storyline target nothing else. They made two more storyline target and we have to buy it again.
nice release. a lot of error 4000 messages and related but i enjoy the release itself. nice graphics, nice release series. the storyline should use some work and it should use a several cinematic scenes and the combat portion of the release needs to be developed a bit. nice release overall though
~ Gabriel O'Crowley
i love the release. but i have been running out of storage and i spent about nearly 20 pound in this release. so i was wondering if i delete the release then download it in the future will i have my saved progress?
~ gangster cat for life
Long storyline short, after reinstalling release, restart device, everything is lost including purchases. Help doesn't support. Save your time!! v.2 Modernization Help does support however partially, but don't reinstall release your hero will be lost. Graphics nice. Controls at lower lvls not critical but at the highest lvl can serve you a sabotaje because each transport is critical and in the right moment, a wrong transport and you dead or fail the target. Not P2W release even if inside they have market.
~ Miron Constantin
Great small experience and even with in release purchases it isn't broken by it, easily playable and enjoyable without spending the 1.99 initially. A near great iteration of the series in a small release!
~ B Family
I thought that still more bugs in this release. Still getting error to run a target. Connection trouble? really? my connection is really stable. Please fix this. edit : Really? it's getting worse! i can't even run this release.
~ Abik Hoirot
Nice release with nice controls, but it was a tad bit glitchy for my taste. It is definitely worth the storage zone and two dollars-- it is AC after all, and I enjoyed having an actual Ubisoft AC release on my device. Thanks, and hold up the nice work!
~ Brandon West
1/5 star for just one reason. Gamepad is not well implemented. pls fix this. I purchased this while on sale. nice release. Just lacks nonpaid roam. Fix the gamepad trouble and i'll rate it 5 star. Hope you notice me hehe
~ Vowa
This is bulls**t. This release is 100% a subpar dollars grab. This is a small release I obtain it. But this is the 3rd time I've lost my save. And don't claim me to connect it to Fb. I've already paid for this release once, what I'm supposed to give you my Fb(so you can create more dollars off me again?) just so I don't lose my release. That's dirty.
~ Izzy Jaded
The graphics are very nice and the gameplay is nice enough, however you can't test offline which is a annoying, especially as it isn't multiplayer. Also there could be more storyline than just killing recipients; there aren't any cutscenes etc. However there is a lot of them to do.
~ Jules Buckland
not worth it. purchased bonus boxes and would not give them to me. then got ahold of the help group and i sent them their receipts like they claimed and its actually been a week and still dont have my purchases or other correspondence claiming they are fixing it. waste of time and dollars. will not be buying other release from this company
~ Matthew Brown
Ideal only for Killer's Creed lovers desperately in need of a fix, and the lack of uPlay connectivity doesn't do it any favours. Still, the graphics are nevertheless the finest I've seen by the Unity engine so far, the sound is unobtrusive, and the limited campaign element makes this quite suitable for grinding. Not sure it's worth what I paid for it, but hungry lovers will nevertheless be grateful for a stab-on-the-go mod-and-cut that takes them back to the days of the first Killer's Creed...
~ Pranab Pant
y trouble was solved, the ge is nice
~ Henrique Francisco
so much like the console ver of Killer's Creed. I love it. But i do t feel like i could have to pay for other chapter when I paid for the release. I can understand buying bonus dollars and things for the release but paying for the next chapter at $1.99 when I already purchased the release for that same price is a bit much imo
~ Samantha Turner
the push for IAP makes it feel more like a dollars grab than a release. the graphics and controls are nice for the platform, but the supermarket and release developers need to switch from cheep releases financed with microtransactions, to more complete releases at a higher price. add to that no ability to test offline and endlessly spinning "connecting" skip this.
~ Logan M
nice release. I spend a lot of time looking for a release that is challenging and fun that will keep my interest and my attention. i probably download&delete at least 5 releases a week because they look promising but they are so repeditive and with forced banners or 'pay to victory' mechanics but this release is legit. and only $2 for basically a full assasins creed release on small. absolutely nice.
~ Josh Rob420
This release is fun; it has nice graphics for a small release, and it plays cute well, but the storyline is short. And when they claim you test as your own killer, it really means you pick a class and a very limited range of faces. There is not much for this release, unless we can really change our killer's looks and have a longer storyline. To the developers, please think about this a tiny more...
~ 2-Bit Jimbo
Please send my dollars back. I installed this release 24 May 2019. I played this release also. But today (26 May 2019) as quick as I opened this release it is demanding for download again. What nonsense ! I extremely disappointed. please send my dollars back.
~ iqbal mansuri
nice release. I think you you could remove barrier around the castle and let the user to test a target without going into the main menu. I also think you could let users to do double assassinations without the gaurd looking and you could let users to go into the buildings and loot them even with being in a target. one more thing you could create the killer's talk and speak to another recipients. but overall it is a nice release.
~ Matty Rubin
It would be great if you should control the idea your hero climbs buildings. I want this release would be launch globe or at least add a bigger maps because currently maps create you feel like you're in a box. The contracts fell uninteresting, they're just the same but in a different map. Dozens would be much appreciated. Controls are a bit sluggish. The release is full of microtransacions. The release is cute buggy, the correspondence/box you deliver is invisible. Overall i don't suggest buying this release.
~ Martin
I really loved this release. I played for a long time. It really had the fun I wanted. But actually I'm back to test again but I can't obtain back my old profile. I saved my old profile into either playstore acc or facebook profile but ntg happened. The newest killer is still there, as though I have never played before. Pls support me obtain back my old profile. I'll give 5 🌟 rating if yall support me 🙏
~ Chang Yu Qian
Didn't experience anything till actually except it's just moving on and nothing is being downloaded. very disappointed to see the refund option disappeared. Claim me what to do? could I send you any screenshot or anything else? I'm feeling cheated. I have working internet on my cellphone. everything is fine. I had downloaded nice Spider-Lad and that's working magnificent but this release has cheated me. kindly present some attention to it.
~ Tanveer Ahmed
Killer's Creed Identity truly is the Killer's Creed experience. Lovers of the Ezio trilogy will search nostalgia in the Renaissance gameplay. Parkour and combat are simplified of course, but AC Identity will sate your AC cravings until you're able to create it back home to your console or PC.
~ A Google user
At finest a great feel to it. Gameplay is rough all around. Obviously it is doing it's finest as a small release where graphics are concerned. But it keeps having an error message and booting me off the release. I can't obtain past certain missions because it doesn't sync that I've passed it. Lots of bugs need to be worked out! Or else this will fall to a 1 star rating. Can't have that happening on an release trying to be part of a gigantic mega million dollar release.
~ OlBoy Ben
I like the release yet after I played it the first time I suddenly cannot access the release at all. The connecting screen is infinite and I have found zero solutions for this trouble. If the release now worked I'd have given it a much higher rating, instead I got screwed out of my dollars. Nice thing it was only three or four dollars. Regardless, it's the principle of the matter here, if you are going to sell something to someone ensure that your products work. Anything less than that is just lazy.
~ The Zee
Im cute amazed! I remember not going to school for testing early in the morning while my parents were working this release in xbox & fully love it! Having the opportunity to actually test it wherever I go in a pocket size screen is priceless! One of the finest releases I have played so far. Many thanks for making this come real all you geek scientists.
~ Cedric Bixler
The release has nice graphics but i dont like that we cant control our killer while climbing and you could add more suits, and why do i have to pay $1.99 for other chapter if i already paided for the release. The release would be much better if you now pay attention to the recipients that comment on how to improve your release, also can yall add the Newest York suit from killer creed 3 and whats also terrible yall havent even added a newest modernization also the hoodie looks nothing like the original ones.
~ Lil Pump
After reading many reviews, I halfheartedly went into this release expecting a terrible experience but what I found was quite the opposite. I've seen complaints about the fact that it isn't launch globe and many others about the controls and from my opinion the controls may be a bit touchy in certain zones and they frustrated even me at first but once used to them, this is a release I wholeheartedly enjoy. Many compare this to the console counterparts which is a mistake as this is a small rpg release.
~ Darkpaladod
I'm giving one star because not only did I pay for this release once, only for the release to claim me I dont have enough storage (at which time I deleted everything to create room for it) but I paid for it a second time only to obtain the same trouble. I'd love to give this release more stars than that. until I now obtain to test it on my device after I paid for it and dont forget, be reimbursed for the second charge, your getting one more star than you now deserve. Please can someone support me with this release.
~ Steve Marcrum
Nice release with nice audio; well worth the buy. A several errors, controls are a bit touchy, yet nothing release breaking. There is a learning curve, however, practice makes great quick enough. While there are pictures, I couldn't search a idea (yet?) to make a female killer avatar. Overall a nice release and so far well priced, with real microtransactions.
~ Tara Crowley
The release was OK, but each time I quit the release, I lost my progress. I just completed 50% of the release, but suddenly, All my progress is GONE! please fix this trouble. Its very frustrating when you have to test the release again and again. Its happen to me atleast 5 times! If you can't support me, I wish an instant refund!
~ Muhammad Syafiq Noor Fazlan
Im noticing a several troubles with the release for example: the release runs fine and all right up the main menu, then upon officially starting the release the top part of the screen goes blank, then some weird keys popping up on the screen, first I thought maybe I would have to restart the release and I did just that and just as it was before,same case. Should you please address this trouble, it has been frustrating and its not the only release I purchased on test shop but it is the only one giving problem.Smh
~ Marlon Davis