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Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing   
About: NO ROAD. NO RULES! Break nonpaid from the ordinary and enter uncharted zone with Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing! So forget everything you know about racing, because all you need here is your instincts, true skill and a fearless desire for speed. Youll race around sand hills, charge through canyons, drift across the dirt and climb past your foes to reach the finish line as part of an absolutely extreme racing experience! 50+ MONSTER MACHINES: Set your inner beast nonpaid in a 4x4 Creature Truck. Feed your passion for speedy wheels with a Muscle Machine. Or just go wild on the track as you drive an agile Buggy, a hard-hitting Pickup, a dirt-loving Rally Machine, a power-packing SUV or unstoppable Truck! UNLEASH YOUR STYLE: There are no limits to the custom options, as you pick from 7 offroad machine types, every with a special flavor of gameplay. This allows you to constant ... Show more
Genre: Racing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 39MB Developer: Gameloft
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Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing Reviews and Comments:

i have been short of rank up software for atleast a week actually. all my cars are at lvl 25 actually and need rank up . i cannot transport forward in career mode. can you please do something.😡
~ Sahil Kumar
plz support me!! i don't why I can't launch the release. when I Launch the release... it claims Cannot establish connection in the loading screen! I even have a Nice internet connection! plz.... respond
~ Illuminati
I personally like this better than Asphalt 9, it gives me a thrill of the ride the terrian is not sertain so u dont know who will victory or what will happen. With Asphalt 8/9 it just dosent Sorry-_-(Don't Hate Me).
~ AxelappleX
this release is very great but after 2 days it ask me to download an bonus file i dowload it but it claims a trouble occured when downloading even my time connectivity is very great i tried to solve this trouble 1000 times but i can't solve this priblem. please fix this trouble otherwise i uninstall the release fix this trouble gameloft!!
~ B4U Origami
This release is loaded with the unity Adware script that dumps photos and videos into a local folder, these then present up in your gallery and bonus folders to backup (in Pictures and & OneDrive), there is a thread about it on unitys web web (find for UnityAdsCache). Reported to Google.
~ Tony Hall
You could add an advanced play for connectivity speed to be able to pick and compete in multiplayer mode through 4G, my 4G connection is more reliable than any another Wi-Fi connection I use,
~ Mohamed Zein
Rally Racing to the XTREME!! As only ASPHALT can do it!! Xtreme Graphics, Xtreme Controls, Xtreme Fun and Challenging!! And, the Rides are ultraXtreme!! Finest Rally Racing Product, no contest!!
~ Preston Morgan
I have two troubles that are annoying. 1st the truck termed Perlini just suddenly disappeared from my garage without even trying it! 2nd you guys really need to create much better synchronisation of boxes in relation to cards lvl as a user opens up newest seasons! I can't race in season 5 or 6 and still have 95 of 100 cards falling into D and C classes that's just ridiculous! It takes a ton of fun out of the release and I'm hardly testing anymore! Another than that nice racing release. Please fix..no respond
~ Ali Amer
~ SpinningDronez Photography
I love the release, but i even with a full connection on my wifi i still cant test multiplayer. Not sure if it on my end or the release, but its a lot of fun just want i should test multiplayer.
~ Jeremy Touchton
it was fun testing this release though I was still used to the asphalt 9 controls. I hope you modernization the release with some cycles just like asphalt 8 and also improve the graphics. Some more information are required
~ Luke Oz
finest racer release I've ever played. going on 3 plus years of testing it. graphics are truly nice for a device release, and the light and ambient light and reflections from are nice!
~ ricky ranson
decided I'd take a nap after 2 hours waiting for it to download. other hour or so goes by and what do you think I discovered? the release quit downloading and progress dropped from bonus file 70-75% complete to download pending 0% complete. this happens 9/10 times I test to install a Gameloft title, so it wasn't a surprise. oh well.
~ erock steady
Well I got to test this release for a several lvls but then suddenly I got banned for no reason. It is a fun release but seriously I would like to know why I was banned because I wasn't even using any mods or trying to break the release or anything. Please look into this I just wish to experience the release again.
~ Fung Soon
at first it looks like a pay to victory release, but after u played it for a couple of days its not, the card way in this release is now satisfying with the consistent drop rate almost in each race you victory unlike asphalt 8, gameloft really did a nice job with this, i hope the next asphalt release is related like this one :)
~ Ramadian Pratamaputra Ardian
I want I should give this release a 5 star it's really fun, but the reason for a 3 star is the banners. The banners are really annoying they appear in each window you launch. I don't mind an banner here and there, but in each single window? However it is a ftp release after all and I understand that the developers need to create dollars to hold the release rolling, but with that many banners it can slay the fun factor. I still suggest testing the release the banners are my only complaint.
~ Matthew Bushong
nice graphic, nice controls and nice gameplay too. Only thing which is not fair is that AI tools us for dollars. Also it took my hard-earned 250 chips withought my permission (bug) also when my car is at 300kmph how a truck with 200kmph overtakes me?
~ chetron21
Nice release I love the machine archetypes (rally car being my favored) the maps are stunning and the off-way feel is intense compared to the another Asphalt releases. I am a large fan of these releases and xtreme doesn't dissapoint. I feel like Asphalt xtreme has the largest potential compared to the another releases but it is certainly missing a several tricks. Also your customer service is rubbish.
~ Alfie White
was never one for releases on my device until my daughter downloaded by mistake. what a nice mistake indeed i have been hooked and cant obtain enough of this release so well made. just want my countries rand dollar exchange rate is so low cant afford the boxes
~ Johan De Vos
Hi Gameloft, Your driving releases are nice! The only trouble with asphalt Xtreme that I found was that I couldn't load it up on my chromebook. I tried on a lot of diffrent chromebooks, but it won't go to the home screen. It works on a device or device but not a chromebook. Thank You, Please respond when this is fixed.
~ A Google user
outstanding graphics, song and gameplay. impossible to progress after a while. asphalt8 was slow, this is much much slower. this is the last Gameloft release that I'll ever test. i think all their releases are like this before your run testing, watch South Park episode on freemium releases to understand how these releases work 😀 hopefully you'll save some time and dollars
~ Jayanth Chintapalli
DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS ONE! It's fun in the beginning until you realize how unrewarding, repetitious and boring the release now is, it's like they just take the fun out of it. I'm claiming this after testing this release for a year, yeah, it took me that long to realize this. Just uninstalled but not before I spent my 2 and a half million credits and some 500 tokens I collected. Needless to claim, I got nothing. There are nice racing releases out there, this is just not one of them! Avoid this!
~ Wayne Watson
I was fully pleased with this release in each idea until I suddenly couldn't test multiplayer. That wouldn't be an trouble except for the fact that multiplayer releases are mandatory to complete everyday missions. No matter what wi-fi connection I'm on, the release claims my connection is too weak. I've uninstalled, and installed again with no luck. I tried getting through to Product Loft help but Product Loft seems to require a complete biography about you before you can submit an trouble. If it weren't for the gameplay and graphics, I'd give this release less stars.
~ Timothy Tower II
Incredible release. Large amounts of fun. You can buy different boxes of credits to upgrade machines sooner, but testing through the release gives you what you'll need to progress with relative ease. Highly suggest!
~ Tom Downing
i was mistakenly banned for suspicious activity. i do not suggest this release. i have played the release once since i downloaded it. played it for about 5-10 mins i go to test it tonight and im banned.
~ Laird Aldridge
Frequently i will victory cards for a machine (most recently from a silver chest i got 5 cards for Chevy Silverado 2500HD), then go to upgrade it, and i only have a single card (which i think I already had...). last several times i thought i had just misremembered which cards i had won, but apparently there's an trouble with my release. Also, whenever i test to go to multiplayer it claims I'm not connected to a speedy enough WiFi... works fine for all another releases i test, including PUBG... please fix these troubles.
~ Andrew Collette
Nice release. Generally releases lack in handling but this one doesn't. Nice work. Even banners are minimal. Only thing that can be improved is it doesn't allow you test offline. So work on that may be?
~ Prakhar Gahlot
What this modernization?, today I tried(i tried yesterday also) to download this release, after 100% download, it slightly glicthes and become 80% and after that the release was downloaded, when release was opened, it claims that it needed 1700MB to run, please fix this gameloft, please
~ Somnath Das
yeah this release is sick. definitely addictive. I've been hooked sense I downloaded it. only thing is I required a truck for a lvl 17 race but never had it as a chose when I looking through the trucks but I have 16 cards for it. and sometime when I click on the boxes it never reveals the cards. but another then that this release is so worth the download and your time. finest racing release out there.
~ Kory Carlyle
Unbelievable release! Runs on high without hitch on my Stylo 4. So much fun, and barely heats up my device. Modernization: Claims me i have no internet connection to test multiplayer when i clearly do. this has been for quite some time.
~ A Google user
I wanted something a bit like Dirt 3 Rally on Steam and this tiny beast has delivered it in spades. Sometimes the AI foes do something a tiny dubious, but once you obtain the Mercedes muscle car that stops being a trouble and getting that car is guaranteed in the first week of test.
~ Ben McGinnes
Rip off most of gameloft releases are. Be careful of theft and fraud by gameloft. They NEVER! Give you the rewards as claimed in the release if you do really well they do you for cheating and when trying to contact them it's impossible. I had to call Google themselves and they are investigating the trouble. If your release release is circular it's fake if its square all nice but gameloft are stealing dollars
~ Sophie and Phil Knightley/ Keen
Your use of the proximity sensor to trigger an ad under my finger is absolutely HEINOUS! I understand the release is banner supported; but present the banners in logical territories. Making the gameplay impossible to victory without Purchasing extras is beyond dubious. I'm near the target of uninstalling and never touching your apps again. I thought you were a quality developer. I guess your like all the CRAPWARE devs out there. EDIT 05/04/19 - I am uninstalling your release. I will not download your releases!
~ Harry Roxberry
Other Nice Ashphalt Racing Product , played with a controller for great drifts and furious cornering with the analogue sticks , even buttons or triggers depending what gamepad you're using definitely makes this release hard to beat and it's only beaten by another Ashphalt releases. This dev squad has a racing release engine for small devices down pat,a(Burnout Inspired) Racing release with AAA quality , especially when running on a 5.5" 2K AMOLED Moto Z Force,highest graphics settings look damn nice
~ Grant Giorgi
Nice release... Very indulging and the gameplay is intense... Tracks are mind-blowing and this release offers a breath of recent air from standardised format of racing releases... the playlist is also nice as it caters to different mood while racing... some races are really andrenaline pumping... Just a tiny recommendation - A premium meeting of cop car (muscle) knocking down another competitors would be nice... Meeting master will obtain the cop car Blue Prints... ✌️🤘👍
~ 6JO6KE6R's Gaming
this release operates on sunk cost fallecy. its fun...but once you obtain to a particular scene it becomes increasingly hard to progress without spending dollars. to create it more frustrating when you do buy a box its rare you obtain what you need. furthermore at least on my newest device...multiplayer rarely works...regardless if you use LTE or wifi. i am getting cute close to deleting my release..i wouldnt waste my time on this unless you wish to waste dollars
~ Larry v
asphalt experience was quite mind blowing . I trust the developers have noted how many S cars I have already beaten and have progressed in my racing career. There wasn't any trouble encountered previously but lately I think there is some sort of bug which has really slowed down my progress or probably someone has deliberately injected my profile with a virus. Dear developers please rectify this trouble effectively. thanking you guys in advance . regards, stevey.
~ Steven Melvin
Stuck in "Checking online profile" screen and can't connect to the release. I've contacted their costumer help and they've claimed that they can't do nothing to fix the trouble. I played this release for 3/4 months to obtain an error and actually I can't back in. What waste of time. Never testing other Gameloft release.
~ Gabriel Barbosa
The release is fun. Off way is nice, even though it's more mixed really. The races feel incredibly short, so short that it feels like I'm spending too much time loading and choosing instead of racing. The soundtrack is nice. The UI feels cluttered or inefficient, and it's not really intuitive. But it's fun and nice.
~ Msimelelo Maketa
i would like to know why im banned from this release when i haven't even had a chance to race. all i got to do was the guide. i used a release pad and the car was stuck in reverse so i drove backwards ,i completed it and actually im banned ,i don't understand .i would really like to test this release and i have never had this happen before. please support! i will gladley give 5 stars if i can test.