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About: In Asphalt 8, youll race in some of the hottest, most high-performance dream machines ever created, from cars to cycles, as you take them on a global journey of speed. From the blazing Nevada Desert to the tight turns of Tokyo, youll search a globe of challenge, excitement and arcade fun on your way to the top! REAL LUXURY DREAM CARS & MOTORCYCLES! Over 220 high-performance cars and cycles for you to drive and push beyond their limits. Top licensed manufacturers and models, such as the Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Ducati Creature 1200 and more, including a selection of racing motorbikes! Newly recorded high-fidelity motor sounds for realistic audio immersion. Customize & upgrade your rides with over 2,300 decals to take down your foes with style! GET AIRBORNE WITH ASPHALT 8 Hit the ramps and take ... Show more
Genre: Racing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 99MB Developer: Gameloft
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Asphalt 8: Airborne Reviews and Comments:

I love asphalt 8 its fun racing release and I cant even stop testing this release its so fun! One trouble, i was testing "meetings" and it wouldn't allow me claim my rewards from the Easter cup plz fix this trouble but im glad Gameloft gave me 3 tuning kits. Overall its a outstanding release its fun!!!🤟🤟🤟
~ Adair Martinez
I used to like this release before. But actually after the newest modernization the dollars earning in offline races has decreased to a drastic amount and I'm unable to buy cars since I downloaded this release recently. If this continues in the next modernization then I'm regretting to inform you that I'll uninstall the release instantly. Please atleast don't test to decrease the credits earning in offline races. I'm requesting you guys 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.
~ Shreyas AK
what the hell is wrong with the drifting , my car looks like it is floating not drifting I can't control them, the feels like it is drifting dron the front and not from the back. I will bot test until you will fix it cause I'm not planning to lose some races because of that! lots of thanks, me.
~ Shani Asraf
Nice,Elegant and very time consuming when someone has nothing to do on nonpaid time...But one thing,my internet is speedy but the release constantly loads meeting,multiplayer,and my coins and tokens.... please fix and the will be Excellent. Thank you.
~ DJ D.A.Z
because newest modernization ver is not nice , it gives you weak credit to victory the race in heat lvl , so modernization your newest ver again for more credit . and hold both option to buy cars , credit and tokens mode , mostly cars is on tokens buy . so change this option .
~ shahrukh khan
this release is really great, there is a nice selection of song for racing, the controls are hard to master, but it is very satisfying when you pull of that sweet great drift. Buuut. there is a multiplayer system with rewards for points that you earn for 1-3rd zone. it was 1-4rt. and because of the change it is almost impossible to compete with othere p2w users, as you dont even obtain points. the multiplayer is filled with p2w users, that just gently tap your back and you ruin. cuz logic
~ Terra20209
This is a very fun release and the meetings are wonderful, featuring some of the most interesting and fun cars, with this, it is hard to obtain bored. On to the troubles: addictive, a tiny glitchy, and a very gigantic file.
~ Josh Blade
It used to be cute nice and decent. But then the release constantly each single time kicked me out of online releases and claimed that my app was suspended. I looked on the internet for how to fix it and it didn't support at all. It claimed to turn off info. That didnt support at all. I am not hacking and am just trying to test the release normally, fix this please Gameloft! Some person online claimed that to test the notebook to deal with this trouble. So? whats the target of having a small release then?
~ Yolex a.k.a Josh
I really love this release and the gameplay. Specially the graphics of it. It has a console quality graphics, I really love the release. As usually nice size come nice graphics. And one tiny request: create Modern Combat 5 in this graphics please. I know how important is recipients's 5 star rating,there fore I'll rate MC 5 a star rating. I love U GameLoft. Please create more releases like this 😃😘😍. But unfortunately my device kitkat, 1gb ram isn't compatible with Asphalt 9 please create a lite ver please.
~ Sid 's Gameplay4U
What's wrong with you guys, it's taking ages for joining the room in multiplayer race, due to which all my boosters are getting wasted often. Fix your damn server troubles asap otherwise you'll hold on loosing your lovers. 1) You have removed "Double Credits" option for watching banners if we earn bigger amount of credits. 2) Removed option for replay in Mastery. I used to test it again & again for farming credits. 3) Machines are idea too expensive. 4) Exclusive offers are not affordable actually.
~ A Google user
from 1 to 4 stars coz you made mp nice again, ticket refills from 2 hours to 1 minute is a nice concept to obtain rid of those rank boosters. this release is slowly getting better again and i hope it continues. the only thing that i can't give 5 stars yet is due to the reduction of credit payouts in career seasons and the removal of mastery replays which really isn't essential in the 1st zone and i claim you devs! you still can't force us to pay true dollars to buy your credit boxes by doing that.
~ i am john
Gameloft too greedy. In April 2019, they decided to slash credits by 50% when you victory a race in career mode and increase prices for tuning cars by 50%. And release is already full of banners. Very cheap and effects is users are quitting.
~ Patrick Dube
Nice release but...I don't know if it's my device or the release it's self but it keeps destroying. With it still being a very nice release it needs a bit of work, instead of giving decals we could be able to customize the cars to our liking. The song needs to be dated, (I like to listen to nice song while testing.) Overall very nice release hands down.
~ Pia Mia
I was really into this release, but I've finally accepted that it's just other pay for test in fun release clothing. I now spent too much dollars on this release for what it is, but I just uninstalled, so onto the next thing.
~ A Google user
Hey gameloft, except one,everything is ok with your release but why do we have to be connected with internet for updating cars even though when the release claims you can test career mode offline but why this thing ? Can you please fix this and I will give 5 stars in everything.
Product became P2W after the last 2 upgrades-removal of buy of blueprints with credits and credit multipliers with tokens from the premium offers became a gigantic mistake.Actually, a user wont be able to unblock topmost cars with blueprints unless they pay a fortune in true dollars for it.Just dont mind all those premium boxes-they only deliever a user with blueprints for machines unlocked ages ago..no blueprints are available to unblock newest machines;pls restore the old system before the December modernization.
~ Lijo K Jacob
The release is nice with awesome graphics and the newest modernization is running smoothly for actually but still, the increasing number of pro cards to upgrade the lvl and barring the replay on mastery is a terrible transport... I'm still sticking with the one star.
~ Imran Zulkifli
Outstanding, exhilarating release! Nice gameplay for many future users to enjoy. By far, this is one of the finest racing releases I've ever played. Maybe even better than Mario Kart. (Yes, I claimed that alright!) Even though the interface can be a tiny much at times, but it's cute straight-forward. It seems like a console release ported to small!
~ tasha678
Degrading from 4to 2 stars cause after the fastlane modernization you're destroying the release day by day. firstly you destroyed mastery rewrds system,can't race again in it,just 1500credits in career if test again a race previously was 4000,actually blueprnts only in bp box very terrible😣,no playad doble credit if >1500credit and the worst just 200tokns in festival rewrds previously was 500tokns.Gameloft we love A8 and its far better than A9. we won't transport to A9and so please bring the old system of A8.
~ A Google user
Nice graphics, controls are manageable, but thats not target. The in-release AI , lad thats nice, it's a true Pro in cheating. Human brains can't even imagine where else a racing release can tool on. I'm giving this release a 1★ 'cause it worth that. and all the 4★ and 5★'s you see, are all from temporary users, who didn't played it long enough to experience such things. You wanna know how far AI can tool give the Multiplayer mode a test. and I heard that A9 is one step ahead even from this.
~ Dipanjan Das
Finest racing release ive ever played on a small device.. It is one of my all time finest releases ever... love the terrible ass selection of cars, trucks and cycles. With all the updates and tuneups fom them they turn them in to hella speedy asphalt creatures tearing up variety of different race territories wild jumps and insane knockouts on another racers. thanks Asphalt 8: Airborne for all the hours of fun....
~ Danny Ryan
with each modernization the release gets better in some aspects but worse over all. If i should obtain a refund for the dollars spent on the release i would. Stop upgrading an out of date release and focus on the development of a release that creates an even field for each skill lvl.
~ Chris Kostro
Asphalt 8 Airborne is simply the great time aggressor. The graphics are nice and still up-to-date (regardless of the release's age), the gameplay is special and exciting, and the controls are simple to understand (you can literally test like a pro in just 3 weeks). But the "requirement" of in-release purchases is very disappointing and that really makes this release a pay to victory release, which is really sad. I hope that the developers should create this release not dependent on how much dollars you have. Thank You!
~ Rayhan cahya qurnia
The last upgrade threw this otherwise nice release down the gutter. There are a no. of troubles - 1. It keeps showing error reports when trying to upgrade machines. 2. Purchasing and/or updating a machine is so impractically exorbitant that one feels stuck on a lvl/car/cycle. 3. The prize dollars has been slashed to half or almost a third of what was provided earlier. 4. Well, you sure managed to create zone for an banner each actually and then (which is creepy). TRY NOT LOSING THE PEOPLE THAT LOVE THIS GAME
~ Kashif Naeem
Users contact Google, gameloft have been stealing dollars. They DON'T give you the rewards your meant to obtain and the release crashes and loses time. There are fake copies of the releases if they come as circular apps not square its a fake also the background is black not blue. Asphalt nitro is just as terrible and had to contact Google as it seems they are the one fraudulently making billing to your provider spoke to Google today
~ Sophie and Phil Knightley/ Keen
i love this release soooo much. I wouldn't change anything about it but can you please test with dudes beside Fb and local wifi? for example, you wish to test with a dude that does not share the same wifi as you. You would have an option to test with dudes using device numbers so therefore you would ask players for device # to test with their contacts that have the release. So if you can please do this or something like becoming dudes with recipients by their username and race with them. Thanks!
~ A Google user
It's a fun release for casual. I test it with my son. However, it's too glitchy to even consider seriously competing at the top lvl and spending dollars on. I have a couple of maxed out cars and when I'm able to drive the car without interference from the release engine I can consistently victory even versus recipients with full power-ups. But in 98% of races I can be in first zone with a 20 second lead and my car just turns right in to the wall with no idea to catch up. Almost each single time. Jump through a portal and my controls are reversed. I test on a $3k rig with the finest of everything in it built this year hardwired to a $400 gaming router on a 300Mbps connection. I can spend hours a day on it but the release really is trash.
~ Paycheck Suicide
Actually I have to place a minimum of 6 cards in a single upgrade of any car, some takes more than 20. Tech cards are hard to obtain it and required a lot in all of pro upgrade. Credits in carrer, multiplayer and meetings seems no change, but in mastery I dont wish to test anymore, 500cr is a joke, 200cr to victory a race seems slave work.... I do not test mastery anymore until fix rewards...
~ Andre Santos
newest modernization simply sucks. It takes forever to load challenges and multi-user option usually showing "upgrading " message. Blueprints are usually synchronising and things that are to be connected to the internet for testing doesn't load, fix this.... Previous ver was very smooth, if this remained like that I would've given 5 stars.
~ Ajay Satheesan
dollars extortion greedy release!!! testing banner for doubling points only works below 1500. above it banner not offered, simply doesn't test or does test but only offers to miss out. No such trouble with winning under 1000c. impossible to test with no dollars on pure skill. and the prices you charge are ridiculous! ! can buy one S class car in this release or the entire GTA5 release with half a billion budget? ??? no thank you.
~ A Google user
I had this release on my last device. Made alot of progress. Cannot transfer release to newest device so have to run over. Largest trouble is that most of the cars I once had gotten with credits actually require tokens and those stupid random blueprints. So five stars become three. Please create the blueprint case less random. Create them tradeable or something.
~ A Google user
It's basically not terrible, but its matching system is questionable. How the hell C-class cars can be in the same race with A-class cars? If it’s OK, then why are there D~S classification at all? It is obviously unfair to have different class machines in the same race!It alsmost guarantees that lower class gonna lose.
~ 高田シーナ
I was alway an apple player. But my iPhone broke and I purchased a Huawei Y7 prime. When I downloaded this release I wanted to upgrade my cars, so I went to the running and pressed the acceleration button, it's not being pressed. Not any button near. So I downloaded this release on my iPad and the buttons work. But why is Huawei the release doesn't works. Only the updating buttons.
~ Ziad Kassab
The speedy lane modernization destroyed it all. There used to be so many nice cars. Actually there were very several. And yet, ths release had been made even worse. The spring modernization only left a several nice multiplayer cars. Multiplayer is useless actually. Actually you can NEVER obtain nonpaid updates from car mastery, it has been made worse. Even the bonus tanks are gone from mastery (worth 200 tokens). The speedy lane modernization made cars IMPOSSIBLE to pro (too many engines required and boxes give literally nothing).5 stars w/o fastlane.
~ Achyutan Narayanan
Finest racing release by far! Lots of tracks and cars and you don't really need to buy in release equipment, it's simple to upgrade and buy cars by earning in release. I've been testing for nearly 2 years and never obtain bored as there are usually newest cars and tracks with the regular upgrades. I think the squad who create and hold the release going do a nice job!
~ actionmat100
The release is really fun, but it is so buggy that it's unplayable. I can't upgrade my cars, because it keeps claiming me there's a network trouble. When I finish an meeting, it Claims me there was a trouble uploading the effects. So basically I'm fully unable to progress at all. Odd, since the network works well enough to dish up a newest banner at each opportunity.
~ Justin Kerns
This use to be the release to test! Actually not so much. Its even gotten worse. So many banners and cr*p. It barely loads half the time sometimes I have to restart my device to obtain it to load. Thanks Guys! The newest modernization just took more away. That's right less on the nonpaid credits after watching a cr*ppy banner actually down to 1250 and apparently watching an banner for a nitro starter is gone too. The cheap ***** changed the algorithms so you can only double your points on races 1st zone is under 1200 credits.
~ Dean Dean
The credits for winning in races have been decreased very much. I used to obtain 4000 credits for replaying and winning first in lvl 8 races (asphalt). Actually after the last modernization, it's only about 1500. It has to purchased back to same range. Asphalt 8 is my most favored release and I have been testing since more than 5 years. This is most irritating thing done in this modernization. I also went through the another reviews with same complaints, don't spoil the release. I wish response for this review.
~ Abhinav R
The release runs off nicely but as you run over the top users your release well change. like all my car run up speed is not 2.4 sec if I bump a wall or a car bumps me the speed fall then take about 15 , 20, sec for them to obtain up to top speed. The cars don't turn they drift from side to side. I hate to claim it but this is my second profile and the another one is the same idea. So don't waste your dollars. I spent $12 and up graded two car full them from upgrade 2 and nothing changed. save your dollars.
~ A Google user
Too many errors from past many days making it impossible to upload release details, upgrade cars. Too many banners. Eats a lot of zone. Machines are simply too expensive. Developers have deliberately used the walkthrough so that one keeps testing the release for years together. Have to download full 2GB of time with every newest modernization. Actual ver is giving a no connection error from past 2-3 days. It's really frustrating. Too terrible. Developers in deep sleep even after many players reported the weird errors. 👎👎👎👎
~ A Google user