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About: Test like a babe, war like a lad! Units Lads Strike is the walkthrough release that puts you in command of a miniature green units. Take toy army through turret defense fights in your house, using true time walkthrough and walkthroughs to victory the tiny Globe Fight. Time can change many things, but not your childhood. Travel back to your youth, gather your green units lads and continue your unfinished journey in this true time walkthrough release! Lead your green units army, remote-control planes, rubber ducks, transformers and many another toys in RTS combat. Defend your bedroom, hallway, living room and backyard versus the invasion of the Evil Legion and place your walkthrough to the play! Experience a nice fight release, combining true-time walkthrough, turret defense, resource control and simulation gaming into a single small experience!Recruit your toy army, build for ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 93MB Developer: FightClub
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Army Men Strike Reviews and Comments:

literally the worst customer service i have ever seen. glad to take your dollars but not glad to support when the release glitches, even when proof has been provided. they would rather lie to customs and have them quit the release than support them and have them continue to test. i can not express how disappointed in the recipients that run this release. i wouldnt waste my time, a waste of almostb12 months for myself.
~ Shaun Wilson
Chinese allowed to tool & have premium pricing. Developers have acknowledged chinese cheating by "compensating" everyone with a robot most already have instead of banning those that are cheating. Tried to alert developers of cheating by chinese, and as you see in the reviews, you obtain an scripted response. Unless you are Chinese or can obtain on chinese server, you will lose the release and your dollars. UPDATE: Chinese company deleted my avatar claiming they found it offensive. American flag offensive??
~ Troy Varner
why do you hold claiming me to talk though customer service. i have claimed you multiple times customer service do nothing to support they do not care about recipients. they are just glad to line there Pockets with dollars and not now do anything to improve the release. so why would I hold wasting my time sending screenshots of racial talk and hate. want i should obtain a refund
~ Shawn Morgan
this release is for chinese users only. do not waste your dollars trying to hold up as their boxes are cheaper and include more equipment. fully racist release. DO NOT waste your time or dollars unless you have thousands and thousands of dollars to burn
~ brandon roach
Annual price increases for western countries while the Chinese users obtain discounts. Second time in 1 year Ams increase prices for UK users. They claim Chinese users only have premium meeting discounts but that's a lie. The release died over a year ago. actually it's just a chat platform until the weekend when the billion power Chinese users steamroll everything you have. It's simple for you to do well if your Chinese and have the developers supporting you along. I'll wait for the automated response.
~ Grant Fulcher
for my experience this release is a fun release, but it usually lag when teleporting to another war field n some worst topic is stuck,glitch... that mean u have to restart the release to solve the trouble, remember (your cc may pored to another bf already while u stucking teleporting). so, u might obtain hit without responsible.help squad ams they don no how to analys case just read system and claimed i don't see any error system. and not compensat anything, they think it is your fault. really terrible...
~ kong hean
I already sent to GM and nothing was done so, Product is true glitchy. I place a 24 hour bubble up after a final 2:30 am attack and 17 hours later right at restart the bubble dropped and I lost everything from units to resources to silver during Deep War. Anyone who plays knows there is no idea you can stay unbubbled for 17 hours before an attack during Deep War. I even sent them a screenshot of the war log showing 17 hours between war activity yet they refuse to resolve the trouble.
~ A Google user
this release deserves a 0 star. if you wish to spend thousands and thousands of dollars then you might like it. its designed to create you spend spend spend. Even the Deep fights are designed to create you lose so you will spend more. dont waste your time or dollars imo.
~ rebecca grimm
Pay2Win, its not like spend 5er on the release and you obtain something great. Its like spend 100e on the release and then repeat that 5 times and you obtain decent amount of boosts etc. . You have a decent battlefield? Dont worry they'll merge it with 5 another ten times stronger battlefields to create you spend more dollars.Hint for the devs: perform grammar check before sending in release upgrades Basically nice for killing some time if you're bored Modernization: thanks for the copy and paste respond, means a lot
~ Piotr Wardas
For some reason im not getting my info for this release. I turned them all on and I was attacked but I didn't obtain any info so I should reply speedy enough. please fix this.
~ Tymel Grant
This release is so much fun and I never obtain board of it but since i been testing for a while actually there is a lot of unfairness and thats a fact , prices are idea to high on the boxes and even the in release equipment are to high in the equipment market, and the Corp quest is messed up actually you jave to sign in each couple hours to the corp everyday quest which is ridiculous and inconvenient ,and is nothing but a dollars grab on that part. and the release is Tailored made for the wealthy and that's a fact also
~ Shada Harmon
one of the major limitation of a release like this is one castle usually dominates a server. I would like to see a multi corps chat box added to the release so I can strategically organise my alliances without having to copy and paste to 300 different recipients in personal messages or set up personal chat rooms In irc on my laptop. come on guys it's a walkthrough release and your in Hong Kong technological leaders of the globe. if anyone can do it you can. you made a nice release actually great it.
~ james allen
Very terrible release help. The release is a total lie.. They just take out dollars and no help and you can't obtain benefits from what you paied for because they hold making newest changes to create you pay more.. Very terrible release..
~ Almohanad Alzooaabe
it's nice til you lvl up to the target you can war others then the super players who spend alot of dollars on the release destroy everything you worked so hard for and steal and destroy officers that you paid for with true dollars gone so even if you spend dollars stronger users can just take it all away from you and farm you
~ Garrett Woods
Targeted harassment is a serious trouble in this release. ive been repeatedly attacked by recipients in a corp that are 10+ lvls higher than me on a near constant basis. It just makes the release not fun or worth testing.
~ James Rodgers
love this release at end of day servers cost dollars so they have to test and place costs to release to create recipients wish to pay to test but also u can test this release on a nonpaid profile too as i have a farm that is doing well that yep u guessed is nonpaid i only coin my main profile. So as for recipients that complain about not nonpaid need loads of dollars tosh i claim...... My only target to giving this a 4 star and not a 5 the customer help request is a bit of a joke they really do use each obtain out clause on any trouble
~ Ian Earnshaw
developers are liars and criminals. they copy and paste responses here.. then do the same in release. help is a joke. they never resolve anything. It has also been brought to the light that they give discounts to certain races. Then test to bribe everyone into forgetting it happened. Surprised Google allows a racist company like this to approve dollars. We could be getting refunds, never would have started testing had i known race was a factor in winning.
~ Miles Winchester
Please don't download this release!!! It's the worst "pay to test" release I've ever seen. The strongest users on every server have spent well over $20,000 every. It's impossible to compete versus them, even if you spend hundreds of dollars yourself. Even worse is the customer service. I hear recipients constantly complain about losing units they paid dollars for, but the release's customer service ALWAYS refuses to support
~ Mark Dye
I'm left wishing I should give you negative stars. I was on ig and saw an banner for a cool looking turret defense release. I clicked that banner which brought me here and I installed without first checking the reviews. Instead of the cool turret defense trailer i just watched I just obtain other Product of Fight/ App Strike clone. Your release is such garbage you need to fake even the category of the release. I'm hoping laws quick catch up to tech so we can be rid of scammers like you.
~ Dalton Allen
AMS gives a unfair advantage to users from China. they can buy up grades at a cheaper price and are allowed to have release mods that the normal users can not obtain. I want I should post the video that we have of one of the China users cheating. I also have pictures of the price difference of the boxes you buy.
~ Don the AS lifter
Worst customer service. They were offering a box that usually cost $99.99 for $19.99 and I still had 5 entire mins left to buy and AMS rejected my payment (have never had troubles with purchases before), I tried it again and the box expired so I message customer help and obtain automated message that had nothing to do with my inquiry and was greeted and talked to like if I was 5 years old. Never answered any of my clear question but just recieved automated messages. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
~ Jay Castro
Only the top corps are worth being a part of and you have to spend at least $500 to stay remotely relevant. DON'T spend dollars on units because they can usually be taken away from you. Spend dollars for everything else and wait for deals and discounts. I've spent nearly a grand and made mistakes but I'm not even in the top $100 on my server.
~ Derek Bell
looks great, decent idea and gameplay, one fatal flaw... higher lvl users are basically encouraged to attack you REPEATEDLY. once they overcome your defenses they can pilagge your base as many times as they wish with no recourse and you quickly lose everything taking days to rebuild, only to obtain destroyed again. literally 30 times in about an hour, and that was just my base, 3 others by me got the same treatment, what a joke
~ Adam Ellison
this is a nice release to test, but release has nonpaid claim that they dont wish you to claim. If you claim the nonpaid rewards the originators think your claiming too much and will seize your claim and state your illegally making claims. I. only testing this to obtain premium target on other release. so dont waste your time on this release. It is an unfair release.
~ wolf black
I was now having a lot of fun with this release until one day when my device was unattended and one user spammed attacking me until the target that my millions of resources were fully gone. This was already frustrating enough but I can't even imagine what it would have been like for someone who paid to obtain those resources. the release allowing such blatant ignorant trolling fully ruins the experience.
~ Matt Blank
very addictive release lol I only downloaded it to gain tokens for another release I was testing and I just kept testing till I got fully hooked on it. I'm not into that type of releases but this one has it charm and I quite enjoy it. I think there is idea too many extras, meetings and different types of top ups so it's hard to hold track but if you have loads of time on your hand it's not an trouble. nice release I would suggest to everyone.
~ Kinga Paczula
Customer help is absoloutely no support. I spent over $300 recently and the release lagged and everything I built was destroyed, they refused to support. Poor release and waste of time and dollars. Fully pay-to-victory based release but it is Unfair to American users, chinese users have gigantic advantage and pay idea less for the same benefits. Usually lags. Horrible.
~ Benjamin Killian
This is fun! Not overwhelming like a several others that are related to this kind. Plus, you obtain to war toys! Related ideas to "another" online releases i've played so I caught on quite speedy but that didn't take the fun out of it. Still, they're toy army lol I mean, c'mon. Who wouldn't wish to dominant the globe with toy army.
~ Ben S
pay to victory. Without being part of a nice Corp, you hold getting attacked to the target where it isnt fun to test. Even being part of a Corp doesnt protect you. there is usually some idiot who spends his whole earnings on this release and uses it to create up for his pathetic life. So he attacks and runs fights. once you obtain up to a certain lvl and participate in the everyday meetings you can afford to be security shields. then and only then is the release fun
~ Daniel Donaldson
unlike others, i trust this release is not pay to test! i havent spent a single dime and im doing nice (: The higher members who pick on others recipients talk about have been fought versus by all corps combined, and they've backed off! Fun and cool release, thoroughly enjoyed it
~ Aj W
Standard build something and spend dollars to speed it up bull release. Also, it's an units lad release, but if you create your avatar an actual units lad, it will be deleted because of "violent imagery." No shooting, no death, just a guy with a rifle. The gameplay, when you're not just waiting fora building to upgrade, is shooting your aggressors with guns. Half the avatars are shirtless guy selfies. Not worth it.
~ Chris F.
OK release but misleading banners I've been testing a several weeks and its gotten really boring. I started because an banner made it look like a fun third person turret defense kind release. It is not, its a convoluted walkthrough release with too many facets and technology trees. It takes idea too long to obtain to the target where you can attack lvl 3 evil toys. You need a decent active corp to be able to advance at all.
~ Justin Keeley-Jonker
Customer service lies. Ace commander rankings for day 1 are the same for the week and the day and I obtain cheated out of the higher rewards (weekly) every week. When I complain, they claim me I am wrong (which is mathematically impossible). The release is literally rigged and they don't care to fix it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME NOR MONEY. I would give 0 stars if I should.
~ Sean C
the release is fun to run. then you end up with a dead battlefield with the same recipients attacking every another over and over. the battlefield I'm in has been stagnant for a months actually with no merge. Chinese users have some weird advantage. they are all at hundreds of millions of power while everyone else is in the tens of millions. I have purchased boxes to test and catch up but is cute much pointless actually. I should drop 5 grand today and not catch up to Chinese users.
~ John Acuna
doesn't address user concerns, unless you spend thousands of dollars on in-release content. no effort to balance release so those who don't spend dollars have a reasonable chance of participating in meetings. prices of identical item boxes for higher lvl users are grossly inflated, compared to the prices for lower users. troubles have gotten so severe many users I've know since I started testing have abandoned release, leaving fewer and fewer users to war and/or interact with.
~ Michael Mollenhauer
fun but a dollars cow for pay to victory. uneven un fair testing field. alot of users are proving to be bullies with large egos. chat is filled with comments that i will not repeat here.. devs designed the release to almost force payment to be able to obtain to a target your able to challenge. 2mil vrs 30mil users.. cant even attack them back.. needs to be a cap of some sort so smaller users are encouraged and not to use true dollars as much. release idea is very nice just allow down by greed....
~ Nick Shoot
Dissatisfied and extremely disappointed. Though to be a fun storyline release but alas it just a release for large dollars users to attack others relentlessly and tiny storyline plot. Been in the release for 3 days and be attacked viciously. Why is the base hold changing to users idea higher then me in premium operations? Will uninstall this release after i used up my monthly card. This is extremely disgusting
~ Kwoh Kiewy
You need a bottomless dollars pit to test this release. Pay to test at it's highest. As for fairness in box prices around the globe... ha!! What do they do for us? Respond - place the prices up!! The Chinese users tool like holy hell and AMS do nothing about it.
~ Ian Young
this release promotes hatred and abuse, they have been flagged and recommend you dont download or spend any dollars on this release. They tool you and it has been noted on many occasions that they have cheated and used third party apps to support out the another countries. They double charge you and then threat ban you for asking for a refund dont test this release. They have and are committing fraud, they have no support here in the states, and you never obtain a straight respond. we need to have google take them off
~ Stephen Bates
The release is complete fraud. The Chinese users obtain discounted boxes year round (regardless of what their help claims)and also the boxes have better equipment. More gold to spend for their home country recipients instead of the boxes being lvl across the board with the same prices. Don't waste your dollars helping this company. They wish to take your dollars and that is it. Google needs to do something about this company. Shut them down! ADD RACIST TO THE LIST.
~ Joseph T