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About: Armello is a grand swashbuckling journey combining three styles of test; The deep walkthroughs of card releases, the rich walkthrough of tabletop board releases, and the journey of fantastical RPGs. As a superhero from one of Armello's Nice Clans, you'll quest, scheme, hire agents, search, vanquish creatures, cast spells and face off versus another users, with one ultimate target in mind; becoming Boss or Queen of Armello! The Kingdom of Armello is as risky as it is pretty. Perils, banes and bandits hide around each corner and a spreading corruption known as the Rot leaves no monster untouched. Simple to Test but Difficult to Master: Armello is simple to pick up and experience, yet its deep and emergent possibilities emerge as you test. Contains acclaimed storyline-driven guide mode. Speedy & Thoughtful: Adventuring in Armello is speedy-paced fun filled with deadly, tactical an ... Show more
Genre: Board Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 80MB Developer: League of Geeks
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Armello Reviews and Comments:

This is one of the most intriguing releases I've ever played on small. Nice art style, risk and reward gameplay, and multiple different ideas to victory. Some matches can be cruel and then some are astounding. The only actual trouble is that it seems to stop tracking my achievements. one time I pulled a outstanding victory that would be fit for 3 entire achievements, the release doesn't award them or record it to google test itself. It started doing it about a week of owning it. I hope it gets fixed quick.
~ Trevor Warren
Armello is a cute darn nice digital board release. However, I do have some qualms with it. First, a tiny one, is that when you change any settings in the options screen, your changes are NOT saved once you close the release. This is likely an error or oversight that should be easily corrected. Actually the most major trouble is the pricing. More characters with different abilities, details, and playstyles but for a hefty super. This super price isn't worth it with the tiny small PvP users.
~ Kimberly Wakefield
really pretty release and inwould love to rank it higher but the performance is very terrible. Animations are very laggy and touch controls dont usually reply. also the night time turns are too dim and its hard to see characters over terrain at times. with a tiny work this is a sold 5star release!
~ Bradley Leaver
HOLY WYLD. Y'all now took the PC release and made a nonpaid to test ver for small? Not to mention, but you can test a lot of releases and unblock characters with either currency? Not terrible, I gotta claim! Currency values might be a tiny janky as of right actually, but if the premise is there, I am impressed. I may alter the rating after testing some matches with dudes, but the stars remain 5 for bringing a non-compromised port directly to small!
~ Morfs Prower
Been testing for a year and all of a sudden I can't access my inventory or access the market. I close the release and restart, actually it's asking me for my correspondence address and PW, it won't approve it, so I restart it, and it still won't approve it. Thanks LoG. I paid for this release and the bandits box. And I can't search any idea to reach out for help.
~ A Google user
If you like your multiplayer releases that is full of walkthrough and in board release form then this is for you. Even if it isn't usually your kind of release you could give it a go. Definitely one of the finest mobile releases in newest years. All it lacks is some form of dudes list.
~ Russell Farrant
exactly like the PC ver and the release plays very well. Very fun and a lot to unblock. Fun for those who like walkthrough and need a time waster. Every release can go from 15 to 25 minutes but you can save and continue later if need be.
~ austin Deslongchamps
ps: after testing for a while, I actually have understood this release's trouble. Your release are doomed for a slow death, there's no user base, no nice reward in casual test(chests only yield dices which no one cares about after 3 months), no nice collectible contents (the only contents here are dices, heroes themselves, some tiny "skins" for heroes, ONE map skin, all of which are either hinder the user's test or not worth to accumulate left alone not resourceful enough to launch with), online are dead.
~ Nguyen Pham
Absolutely wonderful! I don't normally expect much from nonpaid release releases but this blew my mind, it's so easy and fun, I should imagine myself testing a physical ver of this release with my dudes each friday night.
~ Alix Awalt
PISSES ME OFF. loved the release, would spend dollars on it. but it usually disconnects in the last round when I test on line. they could have a reconnect option. this seriously pisses me off
This is an nice Product. Board Product style. grafics are stunning, great sounds/song and unbelievable characters that are differently playable! long term fun is part of it, since you can either test pvp or versus bots (which isn't less interesting) also to add is, that you won't need an internet connection to test versus bots, which is nice on tubes or zones that doesn't have wifi. please enjoy this tiny gem. 5/5 stars
~ Schilgen Simon
Should be a nice release but needs a bit more work before I come back. In order of importance: 1) I'm constantly moving to territories I didn't mean to; there needs to be a confirmation prompt when you click on a zone to transport. 2) The release needs to be able to adapt to the user's device resolution/dimensions. Words are often slash off when I'm trying to read something. 3) Users need the ability to zoom out further to scan the board. Currently very hard to see what's happening. Thanks
~ Chris Sanchez
A cute decent board release, but I dislike the PVP focus a lot of the release has, and the touch controls have a fair amount of jank sometimes. Also please allow us import our steam inventory, I purchased the release and supported you before it was f2p. I'd at least like my another dice, if not the hero box I paid for!
~ Kaseiko Vinceri
For sure this is the most special and fun strategic release I've ever seen. the release is complex enough to not bore me, and the mechanics, unexpectedness etc the release is literally one of the hidden gems. can't trust this release is now nonpaid and available worldwide <3
~ C O R D A N A
I got this on early access on Steam years ago and this is a very faithful port. Familiar without being dull and fun and variability in the heroes test styles. If they should create the multiplayer a tiny more stable and add personal releases between recipients (regardless of system) that share a network, that would be nice
~ Aaron Bratton
Fun release but releases are won and lost through luck. It's fun when it feels balanced but lose few releases because you obtain repeat cards you can't obtain rid of, spawn banes at most dungeons or fail quest after quest you had odds for. This effects in at least half releases finishing with less users than started. I obtain that's how these kinds of board releases go but once you learn the release....its luck. I mean they don't even balance out the starting territories. Wait till you obtain started with just swamps and
~ Steven Cordes
Giving it 2 stars because of bugs. I just finished prestige victory in multi-user with Mercurio. Yet both prestige victory and Mercurio victory achievements are locked. Also, I finished rot victory with 4 races and the achievement icon is glowing but I cannot claim the prize. Additionally release disconnects quite often in multi-user, not just for me, but another recipients as well. These tiny things crash what would otherwise be nice release.
~ Uroš Obrenović
ya know what this is? One of the finest small releases I've ever played. Not just from a gameplay perspective, but from my wallets perspective. What I mean by that is that the dev's seem to genuinely have some love for this release and wish recipients to like it, as the microtransactions in this are some of the least "fk you give me dollars" kind I've seen in a release. There isn't even a "$100 BEST VALUE" option! which is nice. It doesn't feel greedy, and I appreciate this release for doing f2p better then most.
~ Imperial guardsman
Gameplay is just like the original steam version, with slightly worse graphics. control wise, it is awkward, as you have to keep the end turn button, but it is frustrating when you keep the end turn button and the release either doesn't register it, or registers it as moving the map. it is lacking the later upgrades the steam ver has, so be warned
~ A Google user
Love this release, purchased it on PC too. Probably my favoured tabletop release even if it isn't IRL tabletop. Also furries!! My only complaint is that you don't obtain the bonus characters of the PC ver. I wish my wolf woman! :P
~ Ascyndaeon Haskaros
hey look, this release is absolutely AMAZING ok? i love everything about it. but it keeps destroying each two mins when i test to test a release. this release as itself is an immediate five stars, but right actually it's fully unplayable!!!
~ GavinoMaster
Nice port, unexpectedly so. F2P but mostly cosmetics and newest heroes, which are the ones you could focus on. Edit: since the last mobile 8.1 modernization, the release crashes each 2 turns. I already reported the bug to the devs and asked for support, but got no respond. The release is basically unplayable, and the devs wont support. I also payed some dollars for in release unlocks, which is actually fully wasted since i cannot test. I cannot suggest this release. Edit: the help squad is very helpfull. Sadly the trouble still isnt fixed.
~ Dan B
Havent been able to access multiplayer - all options for it and Google test are greyed out, and no obvious solution. That claimed, I still have access to the single user and so far it is a unbelievable, immersive experience. Hoping to figure out how to obtain multiplayer working quick!
~ Nader Abdullah
its a super fun release!... however, afther the prologue, there is no shop, no multiplayer, no idea to obtain the bonus characters that they preview in the prologue please fix! another than that, its an nice release with gigantic diversity. Modernization: need fo go into options and ENABLE online! want i knew thag, have been testing offline and missing out on cool equipment! 7/5
~ Luke Butcher
An awesome small port. Runs well and controls are rarely an trouble. However I rather want I should simply buy the release in full rather than be greeted by a grind and "fun bucks" to unblock the another half of the base characters in the PC version. I understand this way probably earns more on small but it is off-putting that I gotta grind or pay to unblock a hero I played a lot in another versions of the release. A one off payment to buy all the base heroes at least would be welcome.
~ barty1995
This release is really fun and a very refreshing experience! This release is oozing originality making it a unlike anything I've ever played before, while also maintaining a very D&D style. Although I'm not the finest at this release, far from it now, it is still fun to test, which is a very hard thing to accomplish! Thank you for creating such a wonderous release!
~ Jacob Ziegler
Incredible boardgame with nice replay value. The framework is solid enough to let for strategic thinking, and the RNG is well balanced to let for interesting gameplay and unexpected turns of meetings. Not only that, but it's a pretty visual and audio experience, the controls are intuitive, and the storyline is immersive. In short, a gotta have for fantasy and boardgame enthusiasts alike!
~ Rebeca Stanca
connection is often interrupted and you can't reenter a match once connection is reestablished, resulting in the user having wasted an enormous amount of time since a single match takes about an hour. this happened to me during the final round of a match. I'm so mad, I'm uninstalling. and this was a release I had intended to spend $$ on. Fix your servers!
~ Lumins Praximus
Very fun release. Well paced with enough strategic complexity to let for nice depth. A several key flaws keep the release back. First, if a user quits a release, there is a chance your turn will end or for the whole release to ruin and there is no rejoining a release. Also users who leave have no lasting punishment for it. They wait a several mins and rejoin a lobby. Their hero pool could screwed with. Least played combinations with hero options would work.
~ Davis Brown
The idea and art is nice. but this release is frustrating with the amount of bugs. the release force quits (not able to rejoin release or claim rewards), the release freezes after someone else disconnected; causing the same outcome. ill see users obtain 60 seconds to take a turn, but ill have less than 10; not allowing me to transport and use cards in one go. unlikely you obtain characters without spending dollars. 50 gold per quest? look i WOULD spend dollars on this. characters are pretty and adds nice depth.
~ Ian Romine
I'm still newest to everything, the release still is cute fun even for sometime like me who knows nothing about tabletop releases. The guides capably explain the basics but it's mostly up to the user if they can utilize the cases to fulfill a win condition. Controls are cute meh though, leaves a lot to be desired. Same with the screen zoom having basically three settings of too close, just a tiny less close and whoa, just clouds.
~ Zeroth Dragon
This is one of the finest releases I have ever played. Something you don't search often, with pretty graphics and balanced gameplay this release boasts both walkthrough and luck. With a range of ideas to victory and lots of characters with diverse abilities, this release is nice. Only complaint is that some cards are hard to decipher. Otherwise this release is the finest of th Ebert, and I can't even come close describing all the informations. This release needs to be played to be understood.
~ Alexander Goryachev
I have only played a several releases but this release is nice! it might be that I'm only just starting but the PC ver of this release has more characters so it would be nice to see more playable characters but if they are unlockable that's fine to. animations are wonderful, lots of replayability which is nice for a boardgame. Nice job devs!
~ A Google user
Nice release, I'm a gigantic fan of the PC ver. That being claimed, the small port has a several troubles, the most notable being that the release lacks a reconnection system if you happen to obtain disconnected, and the timers are much too speedy. If those troubles with the small ver were addressed, I would increase my rating to five stars.
~ j martinez
It is easy for me to grasp how to test the release, nice art, every hero are special and I really like the storyline. Some of the card results(keywords like pact) doesn't now claim what it is when I'm in release, but still love the release! Edit: Found it under release walkthrough.
~ Tan Chi Hung
Downloaded in the hope I should connect it with my steam profile so that I can test it on my device too. Seems I can't. Surely pissing me off a tiny after paying quite a bit to unblock heroes etc. on steam. The release itself tho, is nice obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be here. I can't understand those idiots complaining about the rng factor, or are you the kind to complain about terrible rng while testing UNO with dudes? It's tabletop. Cards and dice. Deal with it.
~ Toffee Cookie
4.5 star release and I've loved getting to know it. The novellas are enjoyable and my babes will like reading them, but one fairly large trouble. Trouble with shop resolved, thank you! not a refund, but they got the credits to in release profile. Next trouble is the dropped release. If you're testing online and DC, that's it. There's no reconnect option. Fix this and it's a five star release hands down. Thanks again for the speedy fix!
~ Timothy Stone
pretty release spoiled by terrible-ish porting! i have armello on Switch console and adored it, was very glad to search out it was on mobile and its works just as well, another than one thing that bugs me the most, which is once you obtain disconnected from a match (which can be easily done on small) there is no chance to obtain back into that server or match. for a release that requires such lengths of playtime this is an oversight and in my opinion very much needs amending. another than that, nice release!
~ lewis lovelock
nice : love the idea and release design. Terrible : 1. one release takes long time. perhaps the dice animation can be shortened. 2. So tiny time constraint for every turn. Since it is kinda hard to navigate to a certain superhero, many times I dont have time to test my card. Need better tune for the small ver
~ Eka Buyung Lienadi
Really fun board release with a great feel to it. Almost zero complaints except for slight lagging here and there, but to be expected from nice graphics and my old device. However, I obtain ridiculously unlucky in this release, missing over half my rolls nost of the time. It really puts me off testing the release when I played perfectly and got 10 rot, but lost due to misses. Refownloaded and uninstalled twice already. Would reccomend to everyone to experience this release and test it out for yourself, though.
~ Phantom X