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Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game   
About: Experience Arena of Valor, an epic newest 5v5 multiplayer online war arena (MOBA) designed by Tencent Products! Call on your teammates to join you in the jungle! Crush your aggressors in classic 5v5 combat in true time! Draw first blood, carry your squad, and become legendary in the arena! Informations: - Classic 5v5 MOBA, Perfected for App - Traverse a classic three-lane arena filled with nooks and crannies between turrets. Watch out for aggressors lurking in the brush and uncover secrets that wait in the jungle. Intuitive controls specifically designed for small will have you racking up kills with ease and create you an MVP in no time! - Growing Number of Legendary Heroes - Search and command a roster of over 40 fearless heroes and counting, including a tons of Tanks, Killers, Mages, Help, Heroes, and Marksmen. Build the great squad to crush your foes in war! - The Ul ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 99MB Developer: Tencent Games
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Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game Reviews and Comments:

the release its self is now quit nice the trouble is the match making and the afk's. if there where some sort of matching that allowed you to pre pick ur desired lane that might support or something it's a bit ridiculous when in literally each single match you test you have to expect an afk or a troll because the couldn't obtain there desired lane
~ KyloKian
modernized: glad this release is dying. the squad behind it was poor. Mediocre release with glitches and equipped with an abysmal help and dev squad. Gameplay should be better and the mechanics are so pathetically broken but 🤷‍♂️
~ A Google user
id rate it higher its an nice release but the developers are trash can't ever deliever customer help and the servers constantly have troubles my device runs pubg just fine so i know its not my device for the dollars recipients place into this release you'd think the devs would have a tiny care and respect.
~ Shaun Mcgilvray
Addictive fun! Love testing with marvel superheroes! Heard they might be getting rid of this release. Don't know why. That'd really suck after I spent dollars. I imagine a lot of recipients did. I know my dudes did too. Hold this release going.
~ Jason Cotellessa
there are some server troubles, but it's a nice release modernization: last modernization did screw the release. Like others already wrote, the release is not launching (black screen). I disinstalled the release, did reinstall, cleared old file to create a clean reinstall but actually it's not even installing....
~ Spiros Politis
Your report system is broken, I got a warning for being afk in a release,when I wasn't, then had my credibility score dropped by 12 points for no legitimate reason. Your "system" is severely flawed and it affects gameplay.
~ Joel Tovar
the release test on here is dope but the recipients on here really stupid I'm a lvl 13 and got reported twice already because they didn't victory even though my rating in the release was better somehow the report still went through. really makes me not wish to test if users like that hold testing
~ Jesse Messick
been testing this release for what two years actually ? haha ive been and off in the beginning because i didnt understand it (my first moba) so i would obtain frustrated but after months of trying to obtain immense thorough gaming time ive grown as a user i love this release and want you guys further its success please never give up and place on consoles.
~ Ginsen
Hi! I like the release and spend most of my time testing it but i have 2 worries. 1-) Most of my releases i end up with noobs , recipients that go afk or recipients that trolling and as the effects i lose my releases but this fenomen happens all the time the spite the fact i am in ranked or just normal 5 versus 5.Can you just do something to fixed it ? 2-) Is about upgrades . Is it possible to do this upgrades a bit faster i mean to present to us 10 versus 10 mode like in chinese server ?
~ Science of stupid gaming
its fun till u realise the characters are not balanced, some of them struggle to now be their class! while another excel at being over powered. i mean when its end release and 1-2 characters are wiping out the whole squad, something is wrong. Mina is a tank but dosent now tank at all, if anything she is more of a fighter with no true tanking details, the gear makes her into a tank and honestly its not enough to be a proper tank. also her attack details suck, u need 3 attack gear just to do dmg.
~ Snow Wann
this release is well balanced with very techinical and precise controls. an trouble some of the superhero balances. some are very op and others are very terrible but everyone has their moments with the right squad comp. also toro is not in my release idk if he was removed or being buffed and pls bring back bloody war i need it for my butterfly build and it would create the release more enjoyable than it already is. why cant i obtain newest nonpaid heroes to test its been a week so i demand newest nonpaid heroes.
~ Lian Matthew Serrano
Report system improved but still needs work. As a jungle main im having troubles with comebacks if a lane is feeding. Overall im having more fun and investing more than any another releases i test. But why Kriknak has only 1 ugly skin while another heroes have lots of great skins?
~ Can Xuanzeng
My credibility score is at 89, i just completed my THIRD unranked grand match with no problem and still at 89, when I could be 92. I noticed someone made a comment on FB and claimed you can only increase your cred score by 5 every day. if thats the topic youv lost a lot of lovers and dollars. Not to mention my device had a serious lag case due to YOUR servers which caused me to be afk during TWO releases. Poor modernization, poor customer service. I usually havent had any problem, up until newest modernization
~ Kameron mcbride
this release is my favoured, I'm not into releases, and this one caught my attention i would give more if it was worth it but it isn't. animation is changing and I dont like the newest mode, tbh i have nice connection and ir doesn't lets me test anymore and that sucks if this continue well ill have to uninstall the release
~ Amairani C.
Fun when it works, but will glitch you out of the release forcing you to restart at least once a day. This trouble has been reported by many, and the company does not seem keen on fixing, or even acknowledging, the trouble. edit: Lost a star for this happening 3 times in an hour.
~ Nicholas Oldick
it doesnt even allow me launch the release, im stuck in loading screen and all i see is a black screen. what a waste of time and time. uninstalling
~ hooman poornahavandi
i just modernized and actually the screen is fully black after the AOV logo and permission for storage, this might be due to modernization but I'm getting concerned if something is wrong. please would someone support? edit: it's taking too long for devs to fix their release. please do something.
~ mohammad karami
Really enjoyed testing the release but after the patch today I cant obtain in the release and then tried to uninstall the release but actually it's worse. Black screen , if this is not fixed I am considering to stop test AoV.
~ Stoyan
i'm back with an modernization for my review..if the last time i gived 3 stars, actually I give 1 star. Reason: The Europe server...is just not fair. All the time when i wanna test standard/rank ...the users from my squad or just go afk from the beginning, trolling etc. Over this things..what is the "finest" is the fact that on the EUROPE SERVER most of the users are chinese, arabs, and another nationalites what are NOT in EUROPE. and I really wanna know if i'm the only one in this case.🤔
~ Marius Florin Enache
Couldn't even obtain into the release, gave all permissions, it just stuck after logo on a black screen. I assume it's downloading content but no stats at all
~ Alsin
there are two troubles that are really annoying about this release one is the lag and lag spikes flowery and the another is the recipients that go AFK and nine times out of 10 you will lose that release there could be a better security way for your rank if recipients go AFK
~ Jamar Rembert
reviews hold getting removed. fix this release. have a staff that now care. dont place real hurt on marksmen. dont create automatic marksmen. dont place controlnoj marksmen. dont place %real hurt on an auto ajming skill. so many things are unbalanced and things are in need of buffs. fix this release and stop deleting terrible reviews.
~ Hunter
u could have a system that allows u to pick recipients that test in the release and not recipients that don't. I lost with recipients that are in ranked mode that don't know the terms. is there something wrong with the ranked mode or are aware that there are users that don't even belong in the rank?? to me this is just in plan words dumb cause your selection picking is not right. I deserve the runs I lost in ranked due to unfair ranked placements. did to this case please fix the matter at hand.
~ the ideas
Not a test to victory. However, gold grind is very slow. Heroes are not balanced with newest version heroes being OP until an modernization. Upgrades tend to nerf heroes and create them obsolete and no fun to test anymore. Matchmaking is a trash system. It doesn't pair fairly and any troubles reported are ignored. Finally, since the last modernization the are consistent errors in loading the release and when in the release I am usually getting network errors. My network is fine. I run many different releases and systems.
~ Khonrad Mykulak
What was this modernization? Product doesn't launch anymore! How is it possible a development squad version an modernization with this type of bug?! Not professional.
~ Gustavo Lobato
The newest credibility score limit is terrible. When I test few fights in a day and obtain laggy or have to reconnect for a tiny percentage of them, I can usually test enough releases to regain the lost score. But actually it is limited to 5 a day. Crazy when you can lose more than 2x that in 1 war! Also, Qill is WAY op. Seriously. Why did you buff him?!? Sincerely, Your Finest Lover.
~ Swirlspot Kitty
The release runs cute slick, to terrible it's a release built around making dollars and not a release made with balance in mind. Stuns are op and the heros behind the price tags are largely more potent than the nonpaid one. So I guess not really a surprise for a nonpaid small release, which can honestly be very fun at times, but it is worth a test if you like to feed the cancerous tumor behind you eyeballs known as MOBAs. If you like mobas then you will probably like this. It's ok I guess, 3/5
~ Alex Grim
The newest upgrades have made this release unplayable. It prevents you from joining if it THINKS your connection is unstable. It does a terrible job of doing it. Actually you can barely test the release at all. Gachas and Gambling reek in this release hard core. Love that newest skin? You can't buy it outright. No. You literally have to spend up to 150 USD to obtain it.😑 I went to MLBB since they DON'T PREVENT YOU FROM PLAYING!!! In fact they have a information that HELPS YOUR CONNECTION. 🤔 Learn from the finest AoV. MLBB.
~ Jaimie Littlefield
You know, I did give this release a five star review because it deserved it at the time... but actually? Allow's just claim if I had a dollar for each time this release has destroyed on me I might justbe rich. The worst part about it? I'm the one penalised for the release destroying on me. You are leaving ESports because you don't have enough users that fit what you wish, but I'm not sure you realise that it's the fact that we need quality. No another MOBA has ever destroyed on my device until Arena of Valor. Please fix.
~ Gryphon Sanford
ive had this release for so long actually i love it . i dont usually spend dollars on releases but the skins are just to nice . so many different recipients to test as w many different builds to test . graphics are nice & you def dont need to pay to test . most likely wont delete simply bcuz it hasnt failed me yet ! large fan ❤ love aov
~ Amy Faiith
I've talked to help about my lag with no response. This modernization quite literally BROKE THE GAME. I made other profile to see if my lag was just on 1 profile for some reason and my 2nd profile WON'T EVEN OPEN. I have a hint that would create the release a lot better. FIX YOUR SERVERS. MAKE THE GAME PLAYABLE. If you're wondering no I'm not the only one with troubles. FIX YOUR SERVERS I PAID MONEY ON THE GAME AND I REFUSE TO HAVE THAT MONEY WASTED ON A GAME WITH LAZY DEVS THAT DON'T CARE ABOUT THE GAME
~ Langly PTG
after the modernization, the screen shows Arena of Valor and goes black. Uninstalled and reinstalled 6times already and it still shows the black screen... :( Its been a week actually and still the black screen. This release is fun and dont require you to spent any dollars at all if you dont want to, gold(ingame currency) is simple enough to obtain that it only takes a week to obtain a newest superhero by doing missions.and equipment. The only thing that you spend dollars is for skins and it mostly depends on your personal skills.
~ An Huang
After the newest modernization, opened the release. After Arena of Valor logo appeared, there is only black screen. I've uninstall and install again. Still the same. Only black screen and not playable.
~ Co Hein
Would give five stars if it were to give more gold to unblock champions, there will still be enough dollars going into the release for skins... No one wants to spend dollars on a champion then more dollars on a skin for claimed champion. I'm not claiming throw gold at recipients to unblock them all super speedy just enough to encourage recipients to hold testing, tons keeps the release recent. Another than that the release is nice!
~ Renegade WEEB
currently having the same problem as others when opening the release since the newest modernization. In general, it is quite a nice release. One of the better releases I've found. Recommendable to recipients who dont wish to pay for a release but are still looking for a nice experience. No adds, acceptable gameplay. theres the option to buy in-release content but it is not essential to have a nice time. 5/5 simply for being a fun release that doesnt include loads of banners
~ Hooty Patootie
The release will not run after the newest modernization, which is fine because i test most MOBAs on small. You're better off with App Legends or Vainglory any tbh. UNINSTALL THIS TRASH. The devs will not reply to you. Ive gotten cute speedy responses on another mobas with a much larger fan base.
~ Mike Maderry
Since today's modernization, we only obtain a title logo, then permanent black screen. Before this modernization, the release freezes at the run of 1/4 matches, which effects in the release punishing you by preventing further ranked test. Complete nonsense, waste of a nice deisgn. So long, AOV.
~ Gamejeph Account
ranked match making is utter trash. when you victory for a couple of times system gives you trash colleagues or very cooperated aggressor so you will surely lose. and that doesnt stop until you lose 4 or 5 stars. / when you had a really terrible release because of your stupid teammates system doesnt allow you report them all. it considers your reports as " not legitimate".
~ oğulcan tufan
This release has so much potential to be nice, however the devs seem to be hellbent on tweaking settings for the worse, breaking any smart ability to pick a goal, and actually with the newest modernization neither i or my dude can even obtain the release to run. If you enjoy moba releases, do not waste your time here, this release is a disgrace.
~ Dakota Wymer
The release is no longer running after the newest modernization. It displays black screen and is not responding. The release was working fine yesterday so I'm sure that the modernization might have caused this trouble. BTW I did reinstall the release to see if that should fix the trouble but nothing was happening once I clicked on the release since it shows the black screen right after it claims Arena of Valor. It would be nice if you can fix it asap. Thank You
~ Adapt King