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About: The Globe's #1 Archery release is actually on small! Archery Master 3D is the hottest and most realistic archery simulation release for you. Archery Master delivers ultra realistic archery experience that informations stunning 3D graphics, nice animations and easy intuitive controls. Shoot arrows at goals generally set at different distance to earn coins for newest bows, arrows and updates. Receive ready for the intense challenges from Olympic Archery champions. Take a breath, aim the goal, shoot the arrow and hit the bull's eye actually! Will you be the finest archer or bowman? Product Informations: - 4 picturesque territories: Pine Forest, Archery Field, Deadly Desert and Rain Forest - Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics - 20+ elaborate designed archery equipment - 100+ addictive lvls in normal mode - Compete 1-on-1 with true users all over the globe in online mode
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 20MB Developer: TerranDroid
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Archery Master 3D Reviews and Comments:

worst release i ever have played ....boring. .......frustrating......full of cheating
~ Bijan Kumar Sahoo
I think once you launch more lvls, it'll be cute rad.
~ A Google user
it is the finest release ever played.very entertaining and could be played by each stressed person who wants to version the stress of him or her.
~ Alberta Akakpo
Crashes when you obtain so far into the release. Works nice actually.
~ Roy H
First it was a nice release then after winning stages i dont obtain the bones arrows this qpp is no use please don't install it
~ Ajith Kannan
very great action and finest quality release for each one of your family and dudes.
~ Shiv Pujan Singh
One of the largest scam and sham possibly, You save up, they force you buy an upgrade, I purchased the 99c box coz I thought lighting arrow would be great, no freaking result
~ Roronoa Rajiv
The wind is very annoying and i just wanna delete the release because i lose cause of the wind otherwise nice release
~ Maniza Hasan
Not terrible! I search it a bit hard to control another than that its nice for passing the time.
~ Nicola Campbell
this is the finest release of globe. due to this the constant ration become higher
quite interesting but hard to direct the arrow. keeps slipping.
~ A Google user
this release is super wonderful.other trouble is when you testing online mode,is that human or pc
~ A Google user
Everyone who hates thid release got no taste. Clearly u a bunch of babes. This is the finest archery release ever.
~ Vanessa Davids
Newest modernization makes the release boaring🙁🙁...... Sir please fix this graphics trouble. Product's preview becomes excess brighter them before and blinking graphics surface☹️☹️☹️
~ Purnchandra Narayan
horrible release only idea to advance is buy limited updates and the amount of gold earned to buy just 1 arrow is outragouse deketing asap
~ Bryan Timerding
Could be a female hero option, but another than that very needed for visual practice
~ Sakura Starlight
This release's online mode is nice but it is not like that release too when we aim in center and run the arrow🏹 it's go in wrong direction
~ A Google user
this release talks to me... Claims ,. great. wait hold both eyes on this word ,DOWNLOAD
~ A Google user
The worst.. because the bow and arrow are not accurate.. while im realizing in center also.
~ Anand naik
It's ok, just not very steady. I'm gonna look for btr archery release! srry unless ur a freak'n pro, don't bother!!
~ Lisa M. E.
Not really that nice for me, probably because I have terrible aiming. Otherwise, it's a nice release.
~ A Google user
the first to review the attached resume and ip every of the year in my opinion we will have to do a several things that I am a known singer to find and ip address is no longer be able to create sure you been able to create sure you been able to create
~ Jaiwar Santosh
I gave 5 stars because it is very nice and i love this release very much. In this release my aim is very sharp it gets to that target of that board.
~ A Google user
This is one of those releases that you ll enjoy only if you have true dollars to buy enhancements. A time quick comes when the goal is so far and nothing to compensate for the winds and youll hold on losing.
~ Tom Okoth
Graphics is nice , but sensor, touch part is having some trouble. I have another Archery Products as well but they don't have this type of trouble. kindly fix it. overall nice.
~ Eddie Anims
Lost all my achievements and bows when I had to change devices. No respond from the developers from my query correspondences.
~ Fazeel Khan
It was great if this is your testing but i hate this releases because when you wish to test in 1vs1,you cant because you need to pay first!
~ Melo Quilatan
i loved the release but lately when competing aginst other users they lock up then your turn shows a zero score on the shot .. 4 times ive played and would not have lost the release or dollars then this happens usually at the 4th shot ...
~ Greg Whynut
The archery release is the finest release I found to test cause in each faze there is a challenge to bring out the finest effort of the user. Fully engrossing release.
nice release among all once i played but why when i go to challenge gotta hv internet access. My solution it shld'v an modernization overtime partcular time when required. in that topic makes me plays by time coz ican't access internet each time when i wants to test.
~ Ronald Chuma Pangras
online mode is the nice information of this release even then there are troubles in it many times it just froze and gives zero points at first it wasn't happening much but after i got to lvl 15 it happens for like 9 out of 10 releases i hope they fix it
~ prashanth ck
GOOD FASHION I like how the guy looks, he has nice fashion the graphics seam to be nice. I think it is super fun. If you like archery I sigust this release.
~ Blob Googledood
Their is no option to test on multiple devices. Hi developers please give us the information to connect the release to google and hold our release progress saved. Please as quick as possible.
~ Rajdip Dey
Downloaded a lot of archery releases. This is by far the finest one I've found. Least ads. No time wasting between goes versus the releases foe. As you test more and obtain better the sets obtain harder. Five Stars!!
~ David Taylor
A nice release but frustrating because not all informations work properly and there is no documentation. for example if you hit a 9 the release Claims you that you have earned an bonus arrow, but the round ends after the initial arrows are used.
~ A Google user
Absolutely love this release I would have given a 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that I have one device and have all of this on it ( Bows and a 1/2 the release finished )and once I obtain a newest device of course I obtain nothing Nothing transfer it from the another phoneI Spentt dollars if you're going to obtain this release and you're looking to obtain other device quick be ready
~ A Mandy
mośť. you have any questions about the another day when you obtain the dollars for the first time in the morning and then we can do it again and again and again in my life with me for the first time in the morning so far so nice to know that I have to be a nice day at work today and tomorrow night and sweet potato pie crust pizza and wings and ✈ back on the 📱 and the another day when you obtain home from work today so we should go on a date for the next day nice. you have to go to the. government. to. hid
~ A Google user
first it was nice then how many times I buy different products and upgrade my bow there is no use. so better don't install this release. The products are so costly and after buying we can use it for once only. this is cheating release . when i aim excatly at eye of bull (centre) it goes and hits on 7. when i wantedlly aim at 2 it hits excatly 2. 👎😬
~ Rajani B
I love (loved) this release and had spent somewhere around 50 bucks on accessories... until it was accidentally erased, I'd love to continue testing and inviting dudes but can't obtain into the release anymore... sent an correspondence, have yet to hear a response... Will gladly rate 5 stars if I can be helped.