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About: Enter Bird Island in Insane Birds Evolution a visually stunning RPG with hundreds of newest Insane Birds to accumulate. Its up to you to assemble an unstoppable squad of evolved super birds, war and kick the pigs out of Bird Island. COLLECT, ASSEMBLE, EVOLVE Hatch your favorites, Red, Bomb, Chuck, Matilda and Terrence in addition to more than +100 newest Insane Birds!! The flock is bigger and badder than ever before. BATTLE AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS Challenge another users in PVP championships of the Bird Island pastime, Pigball, and dominate the leagues for even more nice rewards. EPIC ADVENTURES Who is behind the mysterious Bacon Corp? Whats the Eagle Force? Who lost the dungeon keys? Search the answers through EPIC fights! STUNNING GRAPHICS Evolution maximises the power of your device and device to bring console-quality visuals to the tiny screen. JOIN WEEKLY EVENT ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 88MB Developer: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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Angry Birds Evolution Reviews and Comments:

too many upgrades/takes up too much zone and I'm not hispanic and don't appreciate all the spanish only Adverts, Im native American and you don't place muskogean language banners on here so what's up, type search it discriminatory... I'm done gonna delete the release next modernization but thanks anyways
~ Annie Turnbow
Ridiculous hatching system. Spent numberous tickets to not even obtain one meeting bird. Going months without any stun birds. Don't waste your time. The randon number generator excuse is a joke. If the hatching is truely random, why would I obtain the same 4 star jacquie each week and never got majority of the 4, 5 star birds for years?
~ Kyrie English
TOO many banners. Just a newest change though, so hopefully things go back to the idea they were. UPDATE: Still too many banners. since I listen to radio on my device, each time an banner comes, it turns off my station. ugh. Very positive changes similar to leveling up and selling with much better control over how to view my inventory. I don't like that I can't sell totems in inventory, it was a idea to generate a several bonus coins when I really required them.
~ Broke USA
this release gets worse and worse. every time they have an modernization they take more memory. , so stupid. can we delete the older parts to create room for the upgrades? most recipients complain about the same troubles. it looks like they do no read the reviews at all. Done w. this release!
~ filis hagizaid
tired of not getting my rewards cuz release stops or it claiming i recieved them when i didnt use to love this release and spend dollars but wont no more cuz i obtain ripped off
~ Holly Sevigny
it's taking forever to load my hero! Actually it's stuck on 'loading user profile'. What's going on? I've modernized this review 3x times actually. I STILL cannot load the release. How long until you fix this?
~ Tara Allsopp
plenty to do in this release. nice time aggressor. I'm loving the newest upgrades
~ Emiko Pittman
This release is insanely fun, you can do a lot of things in it but the only complaint I have is that I can't war in Arenas, it claims that I have wars available but whenever I tap the button for a match, it either sends me to the Campaign or to something else such as Meetings, please fix that
~ Haroon Asghar
Cool but I would to have something different, in the eagle mountain instead of selling a bird for 1 day, sell the bird for a week also if I quit,and if I go again the next day, hold the floor I was on the same.
~ zahirul islam
so many banners, very terrible. also so many bugs in release, i constantly have to reboot. more time spent on banners and restarting instead of testing. contacted help millions of times, no feedback ever received. shuts down in the middle of testing a war, and once release restarts, it counts versus me like i lost but it was release, i shouldnt b punished for release troubles i shouls be recompensated. release really starting to obtain irritating more than anything. hope the squad sees this, also never got support 4 another ab release
~ D
Nice release but the bonus memory needed at every modernization has rendered this release unplayable on each device over 2 yrs old. My device is the last device that plays without destroying in less than 2 min. Getting a tiny ridiculous.
~ Roger K
the last modernization making birds 6stars killed it for me you need 5 5 star birds to up one bird then at least other 10 to full 1 bird makes the release impossible when you might obtain 1 bird with 40 tickets pointless testing it you can't obtain anywhere with it judging by the reviews rovio you have lost alot of recipients testing it with your dollars cow attitude towards the release actually!!
~ Budster i am
love this release. So addictive. You can test all day without purchases since there are so many different facets to the release. ItIt's the first RPG that has kept my attention. Tho that's part due to it being complicated. Which is why I didn't give 5 stars. would be great I knew I had a collection or understood why I was doing one. I've been testing for a while actually, only spent a dollar and when I suggest it to dudes I can't explain what you are supposed to do. I just do it.
~ Paula Digges
I had never gotten into the entire mad birds addiction like everyone else around me die. Until recently that is. Intrienangry birds for Facebook messenger and found it to be beautiful and easy. It made me wish a more fomplex but fun ver. So i downloaded multiple versions and tried them all. When I found this one tho OMG I fell in love with each aspect. This release is fun. competitively complex but easy and simple to learn!! would suggest this release to anyone young or old. Nice graphics amd more!!
~ A Google user
Newest modernization came out yesterday. since downloaded, the release crashes each 5 mins or so. Really looking forward to the newest informations, but in the almost 2 years this gane has been around, there has not been a smooth uodate without major connectivity troubles. Seriosuly, why can't you guys obtain it right just once? Please fix this as many are experiencing the same troubles as me, its basically not playable. I am not able to prepare for the next meeting because I cannot finish a war withiut the release ruin
~ Crystal Bryan
I like the release, but each time there's a large change, it messes up the release. Like actually, it won't stop from destroying. I can barely finish PvP arena war without it destroying. Trying to change to storyline board to use the scouts, it crashes. It's useless complaining to Rovio cause they'll give you the same crappy respond. I have 4 seperate tickes, and they have the same response. the only thing that changes, is the name of the person responding.
~ Manny Montoto
I love this release and all of my 5 stars but there are glitches in the release like Dr. Strange bird looks like the large pig who has all of the meal in front of him, and sometimes it would claim terrible server request and i am at home with really nice connection. But another wise this is a very nice release
~ guyguy guyguy
Lost my girlfriend to this release. She claimed i didn't have time for her. Finest decision i ever made.
~ erben21
The release isn't too terrible after time it gets really repetitive would be great if they had a live battlemode where you should challenge your dudes. Or even another arcadish modes that made castle equipment more fun or pvp. When the release started it had better shop deals paying close to 20 bucks for a gold ticket or even 2 and a handful of gems/gold makes me laugh. I mean 20 dollars I should obtain a nice release thats been released for a bit. Also I seen different deals for different recipients.
~ XtremeDogg
Still no sign of Rovio fixing all the in-release glitches. Continued feigned interest from Rovio about our concerns regrding the amount of in release glitches on their Fb Flockers page. Unhelpful help, they cute much recommend it's users fault and slash and paste answers, nothing needed or useful. All in all the release is FUBAR'd. Save your sanitary and don't install it. If you gotta test DON'T SPEND ANY MONEY until Rovio can give a nice guarantee that they'll fix the release as it stands!!!!
~ Lilian Garrity
very cool release ever my dude me that and i download i thought is was very terrible but played and had lots of fun i love this nice release!!!!!
~ basit !!!!!!!!
Nice overall release but should improve by offering more of a storyline line. That's the only thing I can grudge about the release
~ channing southgate
This release used to be fun but recently is getting stingier and stingier. Don't waste your dollars on this one.
~ Kay Fabe
The worst customer service I have ever had! They blame everything on you and act like the release is flawless and it is full of glitches. They will never restore a dime to you or any credits and they blame it on you when something happens in the release. The release is too much of a dollars grab by the developer. You can only test for short periods without paying to test. You have to watch idea too many long videos.
~ Toby Slingerland
It's obvious that Rovio doesn't care about their users. They hold "evolving" the release with constant upgrades and changes that, rather than improve the release, create it so much worse. When I started testing this release 2 years ago, it was nice. Definitely one of the finest release apps I've ever played, but actually it's absolutely poor! Nothing works right or runs smoothly anymore and actually it crashes on me each 2-3 min, SERIOUSLY? They've fully destroyed a once wonderful release! Fix it, Rovio!!!
~ Chad Butler
i am not glad testing the release anymore, matter of fact i can barely obtain a full 5 mins test out of it.The releases freezes constantly amongst another troubles fix it please.
~ Hazel Seymour
Can you add a gree and orange zone hoder and create two more holders .I also create a present for the star .can you place back the shop mod please Or create a opsen if they wish the shop mod.
~ Rutilio Garcia
the title definitely describes the release it's definitely more complex then the another "Insane Birds" So easy yet so strategic!👍
~ A Google user
unable to leave the release by pressing back button after the newest modernization, and some weird scriptures showing on the screen after each war. really hope it can be fixed in the next modernization
~ ahdasyam ancung
cute fun time waster, but if you continue too far in the campaign too quickly you'll search yourself out leveled by the pigs. this will take away the speedy attack information and create fights much tougher. this is on insane difficulty. so I suggest just scouting territories and gaining loot that idea. also getting meeting pigs seems affected by purchases. without buying meeting boxes i rarely obtain even the second bird (out of 3) offered through normal test.
~ d nichols
Its cool. Gotta install. The release test is by internet. Magnificent release. Insane birds rockzz. But the release gotta deliever clear instructions about powerups and gameplay.
~ Radika Bugga
nice release. addicted but usually problem with server often. 6 star bird create a lot of effort to hold testing this release.
~ Kasno Sudewo
Dear Rovio! i recommend 4 stars bird can be use in Awaken Five stars birds, and diamonds can be found in eagle mountain. and thein thier could be stats for the skill,lvl up etc etc..., coz oftenly we are enable to test, it claims that some birde are not eligible. we can't able to manage the squad, if possible if it reflects the right bird's. Thank You
~ nayeem khan
Nice release so far. Controls are a bit irritating with the wide arrow beneath the aiming line. It's hard to see it even if I wear my glasses or in the finest angle of lighting.
~ Siproena Johnson
Insane Birds evolution yeah it's a nice release well now it's a brilliant release anybody should love it. It's just that actually that we've got six star birds we have to build upon our gold tickets and silver tickets you know that right actually we have a limit of them so we can't even do it takes th and 100 and probably millions of those tickets just to obtain a several five stars please change that actually I don't like it I just don't I don't know you better change it or else I will I'm still this release I will crash it
~ El'ce Hannant
This is the first Insane Bird Product I haven't yet uninstalled since its idea better than the previous versions. To claim that they have had an Evolution is the finest word to describe it. I am loving it.
~ Chandan Hati
the ads have become unbearable and are destroying what was once a nice release, it used to be that you would only see an advertisement if you clicked on a chest or nonpaid war or bonus scout so you got a reward for the advertisement, not they throw in random ads for even the most mediocre of achievements and after practically each arena war or meeting scene, it fully ruins the flow of the release.
~ Hyper Lapse
In my Samsung a50, the release does not even run. It stops at "getting user profile" and then after a while claims, cannot connect. Kindly fix this.
~ Gaurav Sharma
i truly love this unbelievable release. i have spent hundreds of dollars improving my cherished squads. i feel a real camaraderie with my castle, but in constant conflict with the release's developers. they avoid fixes while obfuscating and ignoring ongoing troubles. support often seems condescending and futile. mostly cookie cutter responses; getting anything done is like pulling teeth with them.
~ Josh Kutil
🦉FUN! to test but no clear directions are to be found, more of a learn as you go release. Or obtain a babe to present you everything you can do besides killing pigs on the island. Much Fun! 🐽🐽🐽 out of 5
~ Suzan B