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About: Use the special powers of the Insane Birds to destroy the greedy pigs' defenses! The survival of the Insane Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the special powers of every bird to destroy the pigs defenses. Insane Birds informations challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Every lvl requires logic, skill and force to solve. If you obtain stuck in the release, you can buy the Mighty Eagle! Mighty Eagle is a one-time in-release buy in Insane Birds that gives infinite use. This phenomenal monster will soar from the skies to wreak havoc and smash the pesky pigs into oblivion. Theres just one catch: you can only use the aid of Mighty Eagle to pass a lvl once per hour. Mighty Eagle also contains all newest gameplay targets and achievements! In addition to the Mighty Eagle, Insane Birds actually has power-ups! Boost you ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 98MB Developer: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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Angry Birds Classic Reviews and Comments:

Why does the release freeze often i use a poweup in the silver league? Losing powerups and not making any progress. It's frustrating.
~ Sharon Mukuka
i used to love this release so much as a babe. actually its just banners everywhere. no idea of even normally removing them, I'd pay sure. but not even that, each second other popup recommend i use other paid power up, i mean geez, cant i just be a perfectionist without interruptions. please rovio, bring the old mad birds back, like when it was just this, seasons and rio, those were the finest of times for this community
~ Niki Koptzev
Love the release however the Soft keeps freezing up on me and I have to close it and reopen it few times to obtain it to work properly, it happens very frequently.
~ Heather Leann
nice release. played it from the run. 3 things that aren't ok. 1. banners are forcing to test shop. 2. the count down timer continues during banners. and 3. the oringinal didn't need stars to unblock next lvl. they unlocked when you completed the lvl.
~ Sacha Haenni
For the love of God - give me an option to remove the banners for a several $$$ - unplayable for my tiny one with a constant barrage of commercials after each round.
~ RJ
It is great, but once I test just one match/lvl it does not reply to my touch. Please fix this As quick as possible.
~ Rishi Varma
fun....when it works. can test maybe 2 lvls and then it will freeze. reloading will create it work for a tiny while then freezes again.
~ Joe m
poor. keeps locking up . Got tired of it locking up after I would buy a power up that caused me to lose the power up.
they place premium power up buttons right where u can hit them accidentally. then u r just SOL because it's used. i never got far enough to run out of stars, but i assune that is when they create u pay. of vourse they create u watch banners too
~ mark hawkins
The releases fun and addictive, but they need to really add an are you sure option for the electric black bird. Because I usually accidentally click it when I wish to push the pause button, which sucks because I waste the black bird that I should've saved for when I now need it, it sucks you guys, fix it!
~ Anthony Olson
Destroyed the original experience with this banner model. I'm sure years ago you should pay to remove banners, each screen you go to actually shows you an banner for other of their releases or makes you watch an banner between lvls. Spoils the flow of the release to the target I can't enjoy it like I used to. Sadly uninstalled
~ Aaron Walker
It was fun while it lasted.Adverts over and over instead of none, it cost so much dollars when it shouldn't, and its not even classic maps!Only recipients who didn't test and just read the click bait give nice reviews.Change it back to the 2012 ver.I loved your releases, yet I actually despise your company.I had to obtain an okder ver from a shady blog off the internet to now test!😞😡
~ Christopher Kobata
The Novelty of this release will never wear off, this release supports me go through a lot, my only trouble is that Red's Mighty Feathers, my favoured set of lvls, is the last set of lvls, but that doesn't mean this release isn't nice.
~ AaronBrowses
If you love banners then this is the release for you. Also it the the typical small release with a gigantic pay wall that runs early in the release. This release has absolutely no redeeming informations to it. The original was nice! The newest banner driven paywall Insane Birds is absolutely poor. Stay away from this release. You have been warned!
~ lloydearlrobinson
Really???? So many recipients complaining and still no change....... Keeps freezing and then I loose my winnings!! Come on guys......you can do better!
~ Susan Holtzhausen
ANNOYING! FIX THE BUGS! The release has frozen multiple times halfway through a lvl which has wasted some of my powerups. Sometimes when I watch banners for bonus powerups I dont obtain the reward!
~ Lillian Whitney
I love this release so much!!!!! I love it so much and it is very fun!! I love the power-ups and the fact that you interact with this release. It is a very nice release!!!! I like how you shoot mad birds out of a sling shot instead of tapping them to create them fly!
~ Kendra Jackson
the only thing keeping me from eating t runs is all the banners of another AB releases and coins, bring back the original ver we all know and love Rovio, please! I wonder what they'll do for AB 10th anniversary? (December 11th BTW)
~ Angelo montero
I like very much to stand everything about this release and watch out the pigs hidden commiting foolishnesses before the thing launches. Afterwards, the overall losses are not counted each time we lose.
I trust that the title "Insane Birds Classic" doesn't just refer to how this is the ver of the release without premium themes and gimmicks. This release is a classic and a large part of my childhood. I approve of this whholeheartedly.
~ Bronson Mansfield
im sorry about the four star review but i will change it if the old gameplay was back. Im not great at the release believe me so as another recipients thats why lots of recipients like the old release idea because we did not have to obtain stars all the time to obtain to the next episode so plz add the old idea back!!!
~ Zachary Sousis
Demand your congressman and girls break up google ! Developer as usual working hand and hand with the nice Satan of the globe...google. Like everything google has touched, they have destroyed. You tube fully unwatchable actually, As with all google banners i create physical and mental notes of all banners that are shoved in my face, vowing to NEVER buy a product shoved down my throat by Lucifer aka google. (google purposely not capatalized as they don't deserve the respect)
~ Hites Funeral Home
this isn´t even fun anymore it changed from a nice normal release to an release about earning stars. How can I even test this.(this release had better gameplay when it didn't matter how well the lvl was done.)
~ Melissa Pelletier
Still haven't fixed this. Makes y'all cute much suck!! Unable to rotate the screen the opposite idea. On charger, cable comes out left of device, but release only rotates right making it unplayable while plugged in.
~ Greg Cordle
the original ver was really nice when there were no stupid tools to be added/won, when there were no dumb banners destroying the user experience, when there were no stupid everyday championships, tokens and who knows what rubbish. This was a nice release once which the developers have destroyed fully. I regret to claim that I cannot and will not test this rubbish ver anymore
~ Andy Sebok
This release freezies up about each 2nd or 3rd release . I have to exit and then log back in. If this didn't happen so often I would enjoy it much more. It's done this on 2 of my last devices, same thing on my present device.
~ Patricia Mcguire
The finest release I have ever played. Challenging missions, usually pretty graphics. It is one of the first small releases. Far better than PUBG. I suggest it to all the tablet users.
~ Meghna Talwar
still a nice release, however, it has changed a lot! so many changes, it was better when you should pick wich episode you wanted and wich lvl. actually it has almost turnes into a "pay-to-victory" release. it woukd be better if it was truly a classic edition.
~ CultMember
Almost each star ranking system on Google test is the dumbest and annoying thing. If you complete a lvl flawlessly that's 3*. Not, "use our buy able power ups to obtain the bonus 200 points that you can't obtain otherwise". You relise that basically just killed your whole release.
~ Bubs McKinney
Used to be nice back then! I can claim you it was nice idea back then EARNING 3 stars without powerups like old school. I happen to be one of the globe's largest mad birds fan... and the idea how they have this release actually.. to me.. destroyed! Bring back the old style! this is soooo NOT "AB Classic"! A lot of recipients adopt on this, REMOVE THE FORCED ADS! I thought this would fix this by actually... They've made it worse! The only nice CLASSIC AB release left is AB SPACE! Please hear me out Rovio... fix this!
~ Mighty Red Bird
when testing Mighty League, release freezes. YOU LOSE ANYTHING YOU JUST TRIED TO USE. it becomes a 50/50 gamble if you watch a video - after the video, the release may freeze then you dont obtain scope or the ground shake. have to run release over. Only part of the release that is not fun! the actual release itself is nice not buggy like the Mighty League
~ mom radloff
This release is an all time nice in my ebook. However, I disagree with the fact that you have to unblock the previous lvl to obtain to the next one. I think the original idea was better where you should just test any episode that you wanted when you wanted to. Still a nice release though!
~ Anthony Eco
Insane Birds worst release ever the soft stinks! Product keeps lagging! Just when you are using the bombs or whatever gizmos you have earned, it will lag in the middle. Worst thing is that when it lags, it will not return the gizmos you have used because it lags. So it is irrelwvant that you earned whatever prize or gizmos. Because it will just forfeit it when you use it and thwn lags! grrr
~ Annlou Martin
I have to claim it's Ok, but a couple of recommendations. #1: Can you be more careful with the banners you pick, because I saw an banner for a non-babe friendly gambling release. That shouldn't be there, what if a 2 yr old saw that? Since babes, (especially tiny babes), like & test this release as much as older recipients do. #2: Can you have all episodes in the release not locked? You did that before. That's all I'm asking for.
~ Narottam Cecil
This is the BEST GAME EVER! I test it each opportunity I obtain since I installed it. Actually, to all those who are giving unfair one star reviews about the ads, just turn off your internet connection. On iOS, go to settings, then Wi-Fi, then turn it off. Same procedure with cellular time: go to settings, then cellular time, then turn off. For Mobile, go to settings, then connections, then small time, then turn off. It's a easy fix and will guarantee a 5 star review.
~ LegoWormNoah101
its nice st first but you very quickly come to realize that the release has been made deliberately to hard or your given terrible selections to complete a lvl without watching 5, 10 or sometimes what feels like an infinate number of adds, this has really annoyed me to the target of anger, uninstalling. I do not suggest this release.
~ Anthony Earl-Martin
The classic and original novel concept to fling those birds to collapse those structures to obtain at the piggies!!!! This has long been a favored release with me, but it has lost some of that magic it once had due to the upgrades but it still holds real to its gaming and objective and has improved in another zones. however, the release jams, crashes whenever I enter the Mighty league and the everyday challenges won't work either - shame the release developers don't play the release before releasing the next upgrades!
~ Ric TheSeagull
I had been testing AB for quite a while but stop about a year ago just got burned out on it. I started up again about three months ago but i'm not too glad with it. it seems like when I'm about to score large the release freezes on me same thing when i use my power ups or coins. I'm usually closing the release and restarting in because of this freezing thing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled cleared the cache and ive got plenty of memory. what gives?
~ Susan Saldana
so. many. banners. and glitchy...will just freeze. might be a nice time aggressor but I couldnt stand the banners right in the middle of the release! uninstalling. destroying the experience. learn from another releases that allow you just watch an banner for an bonus chance or a cool item. i almost usually watched the banner. but them being forced upon us at the worst time is just terrible.
~ Amanda Young
Played on and off for years. I can still enjoy the release, but it's been bloated. However I do like the Shockwave bird, which I only use when I'm in a true pickle. But my only true trouble is when I fail a lvl, an annoying "obtain more birds" message that I cannot disable. It may be trying to support, sure, but I am very used to just restarting. Please consider making an option to disable this, as well as a confirmation message to use the Shockwave bird.
~ EJT2000