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About: Summer Festival Campaign is here with time limited offers! Test the globes finest bird flinging, pig popping release! Mobile Excellence Product of 2018 Use the slingshot to fling birds at the piggies turrets and bring them destroying down all to save the precious eggs. Newest to the globe of Insane Birds? Insane Birds 2 is the finest idea to obtain to know all of the iconic characters and experience the fun gameplay that has captured the hearts (and spare time) of millions of users. Decorated Insane Birds veteran? Everything you love about classic Insane Birds releases is here with some nice newest additions. Select which bird to fling when, test with dudes, take on multi scene lvls, and compete and collaborate with users around the world. Informations: CHOOSE YOUR BIRD. Select which bird to place in the slingshot and conquer the pigs with walkthrough! MULTI-S ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 58MB Developer: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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Angry Birds 2 Reviews and Comments:

It's a nice release and I enjoy testing it, but I noticed a bug while testing it, sometimes when you press the speedy foward button at the end of a release it just keeps speedy fowarding and doesn't allow you finish the release, it annoyed me greatly because I was gonna finish my arena streak and it happened and restart my streak.
~ Elijah Averkin
The upgrades have now made the release much less playable and I trust, have been introduced so as to coerce the user into spending dollars. You'd figure that a release such as mad birds that has been around for at least 7 years wouldn't be as much as a dollars grabber as it was when it first appeared, but its now far far worse then what it was when it first came out. Hardly worth the download when you consider that there's at least a solid 5 mins of unskippable adds each time you test.
~ Xavier Macdonald
Switched back from 3 stars to 5 stars cause that glitch stopped a couple weeks ago. What happened was sometimes during a release or after watching an banner, the release automatically shut down and restarted itself. Even during Regular Challenge it did that and unfortunately refreshed EVERYTHING and I had to run over. Thank you Rovio for fixing that nasty glitch, actually the release is fun and nice again 😀👍
~ Shannon Winn
Rovio only wants your dollars! they claim that this is a nonpaid to test release but they are constantly and purposely tweaking the gameplay to force you to run out of gems so you buy their boxes with true dollars. In the beginning they create it very simple for you to lvl up and you will victory a lot great equipment but quick you will experience the same push to buy gems..
~ Hermann N.
the different lvls, the different themes and another activities such as the everyday challenges l, the arena and just overall lay out of the release and varieties that the release offer. only downside is how many gems or ex amount of times you can do something because it might go up and the feathers you have to accumulate to unblock a hero once you unlocked most of the characters. but again overall it is great and I like the different challenges
~ SB Pro
this release is very fun and addicting I cannot stop testing it and it also reminds me of back when I was tiny and I played this release a lot but the older ver like the first release I have been waiting for a newest Insane Birds release to come out since I beat all the another ones(that were beatable unlike mad birds go) and this is a very fun release I suggest it very much.
~ Nick The ultimate skeleton
I used to have lots of fun testing but since last modernization gaming has just become frustrating. Please transport the 2 newest buttons located on the bottom right corner elsewhere. I use the left thumb to aim and the right one to unleash birds abilities. Actually i just can't. I hold hitting that secondary release button. Please resolve this as i trust most of the users are encountering the same trouble. time ago after you place the first button getting used past it was ok but actually is just not possible
~ Mattia R.
after the newest modernization, whenever an banner for Klondike is played, it doesn't present any X button on top to go to back to the release with other bird. this has happened at least 3~4 times, and I have to fully close the release and log in again and I've lost my chance for whatever I was doing. it's really annoying.
~ Hyae Jin JEONG
nice release but the only trouble is slow speed of hero development, less productive meetings for newest users, and the dollars trap for each tiny things I mean you can't even complete everyday quest without investing dollars to buy gems, seriously this is really inconvenient for young kinds who don't obtain dollars to spend on virtual platform. at least create this release a fun zone without forcing dollars trap for each tiny things. and its almost as if the treasure box will usually give you trash!!
~ Shashank Agam
very crappy, so many adds, rigged chests, all i obtain are spells not much else. there are adds that pull you out of the release and force you to install other. and the in release buy equipment is poping up each time you blink. that is what this release is about, they wish you to buy their junk. and thay is what this release has become.
~ Rik B.
Since their last modernization the release wont load. Sent an correspondence and the response was they would look into the trouble but nothing else has been done and no further contact has been received. My hatchling has probably starved by actually. I wont reload and run over with all the hats. My feeling is they dont give a hoot if you dont spend a lot.
~ Mardene Lockhart
Was going nice until the newest modernization was unsuccessful. Had to reinstall the release but it will not install on the same device. Yet have managed to install another releases and apps but not mad birds 2? Have lost all my progress with some of my birds in their 40's and many sets of hats. But really enjoyed it up to this target. Disappointed
~ Ben Arrlow
I have played many AB releases, but this one is just full of microtransactions, has limited lives and is full of related shady practices. For instance, remember how it was hard at least sometimes to earn 3 stars in the first AB? Here you either obtain 3 stars or you don't create the lvl. Didn't create the lvl? you can buy more bird cards. Need to complete all everyday challenges? Must spend 10 bucks. The lvls are getting repetetive after something 70 maps.
~ Bogdan Nechepurenko
One of my all time favored release but the only drawback is it's lack of powers which the birds need, secondly spending dollars such things which are important to continue the next lvl N without which we're unable to test the release. like this the dollars goes higher and higher, I think all the lover of Insane Birds will adopt with me N if not another but I'll appreciate if you can support all the lovers of mad birds if you sort out this trouble. Thanks a lot
~ babs khan
It's cool and all. I like the everyday challenges and arena instead of testing the lvls all the time. However, what happened to watching an banner to obtain a nonpaid bird or other roll at a treasure? It disappeared a couple days ago so actually you're forced to spend gems when all you might need is that one bird. That was a cheap shot Rovio!
~ chris welch
The release is fine, lots of lvls and fun. But. There's usually a but. There are random banners after lvls, too many micro transaction deals thrown at you, AND what is worst, is that you literally can't finish all the dailies and obtain the last reward, UNLESS you pay for a monthly box. 1* and uninstalling until this is fixed.
~ Xia Yan
it works well and smoothly!! and is SUPER satisfying, if you wish a challenge, i wouldn't suggest this, but if you just wish to see turrets fall over and things getting blown up, lad is this for you!! it's a nice sequel to the classic!! i would like to see limited time characters though, that'd be cool!!
~ Ben Sygitowicz
The target of all nonpaid releases is to obtain you to create purchases. Their way is cute easy. Like a drug pusher they test to hook you (or your babe) with simple test for a while. Then they create it just hard enough that to hold going you really need to buy something. Looks like I just reached that target. Bye! Uninstalled.
~ Jim Herrick
I thought cheaters and hackers were removed already at Arena but I was wrong. They're planning to crash it again. Still, Turret of Fortune is stupid, you usually obtain a stupid piggy by picking wrong card or because this is the day that you are unlucky. Boot Camp is stupid, on the beginning, you obtain great shot or 2-time shot, but in the last, 3 remaining birds didn't hit those piggies properly due to the frustrating lvl design same as on Arena. And still HAL is the worst bird in the release.
~ Ray Shearson
This release won't run up anymore. This has been happening for the past couple of months because it gets stuck on the loading screen and fails to load. The loading bar will go up quater of the idea and then for some reason decreases back to nothing and stays that idea. I've never been able to test the release since this has been happening. Product's nice, but literally unplayable at the moment.
~ Sar Argorn
just like any another small release. if its wants you to victory you victory. if the release wants you to lose you lose. the stadium test is an absolute joke. if you obtain up to 5 stars they create you test versus recipients the bring in 5 premium birds to the release and you dont bring any. so in short you have no chance to victory. And what I can't figure out is how you boast a 4.6 release rating when there are twice as many 1 star ratings in your reviews than 5 star ratings. Just like each another small release, they lie
~ Ryan Funkhouser
This release has a cheating algorithm designed to bilk you out of your dollars! It runs with the turret of fortune. If you obtain the pig on floor 2, close the release because it's going to continue to tool. In the arena, you are paired with users WAY out of you league, just to obtain you to spend $$. I've seen the fat bird obtain stopped mid-air by 1 wood stick & a balloon. I've seen pigs roll UPHILL. Matilda LAGS, birds don't follow the trajectory. The only pigs are Rovio - do not give them your $$!
~ Brian Duval
I LOVE AB2!! ..but ever since the modernization whenever you hit "continue" for the community chest or when you're testing any another lvl in the release and you hit the "television icon to watch a nonpaid banner" for an bonus bird.. it refuses to connect. I lost my whole Turret of Fortune bc of it the another day. It's NOT my device.. I have a newest S8 and it's never done this before.. but it's happening to my dudes who have AB2 as well. So I'm the designated voice.. pls fix and I'll change back to 5 stars.. thanks!
~ Alicia Wilson
I absolutely love it, but I wish to create a modernization recommendation and that is I think you the originators of this release could let us to send personal messages to castle memebers if you are a LEADER and I also think that you could give a warning button if they are getting ready to obtain kicked of the castle before they do and to add a 2 promoting positions. Nice Job (PLEASE READ THIS!!) THANKS!!
~ Curtis Williams
Was a lot of fun for about 3 weeks, until I couldn't obtain bonus rewards or participate in some aspects because the release thought I was testing offline. I sent Rovio an correspondence about the trouble 4 weeks ago, and another than the auto response, I've yet to hear back from them. And actually the release won't even go to main screen because it thinks my device has no communication at all.
~ Greg Ward
Very slow paced, I wouldn't obtain this if you are looking for an upgraded ver of the classic angery birds. Still, fluent and smooth animations, but that's all it really has. Better off downloading one of their old spinoffs like mad birds zone or something as such. Overall, this release just isn't for me, worth a test though if you haven't played it yet.
~ Steven Berlinger
The release is all right because, i got a legendary chest, but i was expecting more equipment, not just feathers, but like gems, spells, pearls, apples. And there needs to be more newest birds, come on it just cant be the same birds each time, Maybe the birds I saw in the video. And i dont know why you have to be in lvl 43 just to unblock the last bird. But, the release works to slay time, and its fun
~ tcm21
After the last modernization, the release won't launch. It just stays stuck on the loading screen. Was the modernization even tested for Mobile?? This is very frustrating as I really enjoyed testing up to this target. If I have to uninstall it to clear the trouble, I won't bother reinstalling as I'd lose months and months of progress. Not cool, Rovio. :(
~ Mindi Paulson
It's a very addicting and time consuming release. Actually although there are possible downsides to that, my own experience has been nothing but delightfully enjoyable and highly needed in times of a required detraction from the everyday stresses and irritations in daily life. On that note, I would like to cry out a Thank You, to the makers of a well designed product of entertainment.
~ Lucky Armes
Turret of Fortune is a Rip Off. I have lost so many gems, feathers, etc if I opt to view a video to continue when a pig pops up. Instead of returning to my release, I am sent to Google Test and asked to install some stupid mansion release. I lose all progress and my release runs all over. I've complained but obviously they don't care unless enough recipients obtain ripped off
~ Tina Byers
Removing release, poor customer service. I bought the "70 gems a day for 30 days" for $9.99. When you do this the "gem letter" is added as a everyday quest. When the 30 days passed, I continued to see the "gem letter quest" and should never complete everyday quests due to this. I emailed help and was claimed that I had to buy other 30 days in order to complete that quest. Horrible customer service to those who now have paid a tiny to a nonpaid release. Uninstalled.
~ VintageDougers
The release is fun, the graphics are superb, and overall it's a nice release to test when away from your PC or console. However, the lives system and the inclusion of semi-p2w mechanics (hats boost your score in multiplayer, and cost a lot of black pearls. You can earn them by completing challenges or opening nonpaid chests, but some cost a lot and I mean a lot of pearls. You csn however buy them, and victory more in multiplayer) sour the experience a bit, so just stick to the globe map.
~ Rocket Executive Kibble
I think it's a nice release, newest birds and all of them are really mad, I'm not cute sure about the pigs I don't remember if they still the same or they got an upgrade, anyway still fun. personally I love the mad birds characters, I don't unblock the head square yet I don't know about his or her abilities, if some body can give a clue would be nice. thank you to the originators. I hope I will have a unbelievable release time.
~ martin bol
it was fun for a while, but then realized unless one spends a lot of dollars on the turret release, you will never obtain more than one of two birds to test journeys. Even then, the animations take forever and constantly tap the screen for everything... you obtain a box but need to watch Video, tap to watch, tap to close, tap to launch, tap to accumulate.....OR when winning few prizes, two as every prize is shown. It isn't had if you don't mind spending few hours testing. Got rid of the release.
~ Colonel F
Since the last 'modernization' my blue birds don't split when the screen is tapped, Chuck doesn't speed up, and the bomb doesn't drop from Matilda. I thought it was just my device, but it happens on my device too. I am not glad with the newest modernization. And I didn't appreciate losing all my gems to wake up one of the bonus birds. I'm beginning to not like this release at all and I've been testing it for years.
~ Rockzan
Interesting side releases can hold you engaged as much as you'd like. Once you really understand the different aspects your progress can vary greatly. From hat buy, clans, training, and the map progress. Regular upgrades as further zones are added. Interesting challenges are provided on a regular basis. You can pay to test or not, in the end the effects appear related except the time involved. Videos deliever ideas to receive added resources in getting zones.
~ Ilpo Lehto
Was a nice release, but actually, after months of test, the lord lvls are ridiculous. I can obtain through variety of lvls between them in a several hours, using only a life or two, and I go through 40+ lives and 2 days to obtain through a lord lvl? It's not proportional nor fun anymore. Also, why are banners kicking me out of the release to launch up Google test shop? I approve that banners are a part of a nonpaid release, but I can't trust I'm being kicked out of the release, ridiculous.
~ Jakub Grigar
If you claim you don't like testing Insane Birds, I assume it is because you've never played it. The original is one of my most known couch-casual/dudes-trade-controller release out of my 200+ release collection. When looking for releases everyone can test, even when they're drinking, its a close 2nd behind GTA 5 somehow. Yes, I'm talking about the download on my PS4 of Insane Birds 1. If you havent tried Insane Birds on the large screen, you're missing out. Recipients love trading the controls off with it.
~ Nate Kalhan
Modernization May 20, 2019 After few more chances, it still sucks. In the beginning it qas fun. However, as the release progressed, the lvls become overly hard, with the only idea to power up your birds relying on finding black pearl cards. those were tied not to your progress, but in a casino style deck of cards that you are forced to pick from. of course, you should spend $10,000 to obtain all the essential updates. its greedy birds, and im actually mad customer!
~ James Galt
Can't stop testing this release! I have spent all my gems refilling my lives, so actually I have to wait for hours... Even though most things on the release I can't access for a dumb reason, the release is great! I have only played in the arena once for some unknown reason, and all I have on my homescreen is the feats and chests. All the another equipment just doesn't work. "Please connect to the internet", I am!
~ Brandon Tenney