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About: Join Alto and his dudes as they embark on an infinite snowboarding odyssey. Travel across the pretty alpine hills of their native wilderness, through neighbouring villages, ancient woodlands, and long-abandoned ruins. Along the idea you'll rescue runaway llamas, grind rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms and outwit the mountain elders all while braving the ever changing elements and passage of time upon the mountain. Informations: Fluid, graceful and exhilarating physics-based gameplay Procedurally generated terrain based on true-globe snowboarding Completely dynamic lighting and weather results, including thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows, shooting stars, and more Simple to learn, hard to master one button trick system Chain together combos to maximize points and speed Play your skills with 180 handcrafted targets Find six special snowboarders, ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 66MB Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
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Alto's Adventure Reviews and Comments:

This is one of thé finest releases I've ever played, I consider this as a work of art. The visuals, the song ,the gameplay etc. This is my most favored offline release, I highly suggest this to everyone! I would've liked even more stunning environments and characters though . Developers, this can become revolutionary if you hold on adding more things to the release ! Also....what are you waiting for ......DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!
~ A Google user
A well crafted, smooth and pretty looking release. The title and introduction are a bit misleading as it first seems to lend itself to a storyline... There isn't one, not really as although at the run it Claims you all about saving llamas, as you progress it becomes somewhat of a side objective. Nevertheless, the release is smooth, the procedurally generated landscape keeps you guessing and the soundtrack is both ralaxing and pleasant to listen to. I can't support but feel there was a missed opportunity to throw in some bonus control for the tricks or some upgradable moves, such as swiping in a certain direction for flips and adding a several more holds maybe. There are a range of characters to unblock that generally feel just different enough to warrant unlocking them and halleuja, while there is the option to buy them, it's by no means the only idea to do it and it's not pushed so far down your throat you choke on it. All in all, I like this release. It should perhaps do with a bit more content but for a nonpaid to ah release, it's not terrible at all! Well done Noodlecake inc. well done indeed.
~ Benjamin Simpson
While the release is beautifully designed in both terms of looks and gameplay, the targets are redundant and more often than not rely on luck (catch a llama while hovering, for example, is a matter of testing until one runs across a feather and then a llama in the next five seconds or so; same thing with triple backflip - test until the release algorithm generates a long enough descent for you to achieve the backflip). A shame, really.
~ Lupus Lupusovic
One of the finest releases ever! The newest one - Alto's Odyssey has been installed in my device ever since the first day I saw that and has been my all time favored.
~ Muthu Vignesh
There is a bug at lvl 55 that states pick up a coin magnet 4 times in one run. I have had runs where I have collected at least twice that in one run but it will never finish the target. Hope to see a fix, thanks.
~ miles johnson
This is one piece if art rather a release. It's really time killing and soothing. One can test it on a relaxing mood or even take it as a challenge. The developers have done a nice job. Thanks.
~ saptarshi sarkar
Nice! The release is sooo cool I love the song. It relaxed me so much! Love it. No annoying banners. Straight idea and controls, smooth animations and gameplay. Nice graphics.
~ Mooniversal 3875592847
Annoying, rocks are extremely hard to see, especially at night. Just hold falling off the board and it takes ages just to replay, have to watch all that crahp about points and achievements. Overrated. Uninstalled.
~ Minaj Clasi
Finest Product ever...!! It was calming, Zen mode is nice.. I usually wanted to go snowboarding.. at night under the moonlight... shooting star and all.. and this release gave me the feelings... and it's nice.. but I want we should go snowboarding with our dudes.. you know like an online match(and Zen mode would be us snowboarding with no distraction)
~ Joseph Dousel
superb atmosphere. The song is soothing and swells at just the right moment when the hero is soaring through the air. I love the calming vibe of it all. Taking pictures in Zen mode is fun, especially when I took a pic right when my hero is beginning to back flip and the sun is setting. Check this release. ^-^
~ See Ya
A very relaxing release to test. The graphics & sound results are top notch. I do search the banners a tiny intrusive but it doesn't detract from the overall quality. One of the better releases out there, at least for a non-user like myself.
~ Ian James
it just doesn't really add anything to the series. still goregeous! but it isnt a nice sequel. has less mechanics than the first one, which was what made the first interesting (no balloons, walls, or zones) and doesny add any. i guess the llamas, if you can even call those a mechanic. also the controls seem a tiny off, sometimes ill die even when i jumped over a rock or landed a backflip
~ Cocoa and Consternation
Other nice release like Alto's Odyssey. A couple of things are better - I like the llamas, and it's great not to have all the balloons everywhere, for example. Unfortunately some things aren't as nice - the release is a tiny slower to obtain going, which makes it a bit less exciting; you no longer obtain the equivalent of one bonus life per run after buying the banner nonpaid ver (via the coin scarf); but largely it's annoying how flat the landscape is actually. Still fabulous overall.
~ Morgan Williams
The in-release banners create this release unplayable. I don't see a idea to pay to remove the banners; maybe I already paid and I don't remember. Whatever. Uninstalling this and Odyssey. Too terrible, it looks like a fun release.
~ A Google user
nice release, very relaxing. only one trouble; sometimes when you're moving really speedy, you'll pass through coin magnets instead of pick them up, which isn't really a gigantic deal, but it's something to improve upon
~ Alice Aspen
everything nice but a bug continuously annoys me. okay we test the release. we obtain hit by the rock quite a several times. a points comes when alto doesn't jump over the rock no matter how many times you tap on the screen. it doesn't let me to test further. so, I just have to close the release and wait so the controls works properly again.
~ pratham patyal
Why won't it launch? I played this release on my last galaxy and loved it so much. I just got the galaxy 10+ and it won't even launch. Please fix, I love this release.
~ Kemmis
It is a Really nice and soothing release. the only flaw (maybe only I) I noticed was that when the rock comes and u tap the screen it doesn't reply. it happens only sometimes which can be quite annoying at times, especially when u r reaching nice heights..... thank you for reading.
~ Trickster
I love the calm of the zen mode, this release is great and magical. I suggest it. the art style and song is super serene and I dont obtain how someone can hate it.
~ Jane Doe
At first the release seems to be very pleasant and mind refreshing,but after lvl 11 everything seems to be disturbing .Too much obstacles come into test to slow down the progress and the chasms are aweful premium at night or storm mode and without luck you can't obtain rid of them. loved it at first but after some time I was fully frustrated with too much things in the idea specially when the lights obtain weak.
~ Difrnt Prsn
Well,I'm personally aa PUBG and PES user...But actually I'm very much tired of those releases...then I switched to this interesting release....oh lad!!!its such an nice release...it search myself more relaxed when i test this.... I'm horribly interested in this....
Love this release really love it but its destroyed by long ads that are idea louder than the release. I'd happily pay for a full banner nonpaid ver like I did with the 1st Alto its not available. Some of the release banners I cant close, takes me to Test shop. Have to close Alto and restart, cant obtain off the advertisement screen. Shame really. Will be deleting this from my babes devices, banners arent usually appropriate, Tinder, leather clad older girls that apparently never claim no!
~ Paul Bramhall
The amount of banners and their placement is predatory and unethical. This release hasn't been significantly modernized since it came out (I remember testing it few years ago and it was exactly the same thing, bar the zen mode) so there is no justification as to why testing a 1 minute match triggers a 30 second banner.
~ Elena Meraw
Right when I pressed the release to test for the first time I hear pretty song. Im all excited to finally test this then....... a pop up shows up so I couldn't see the cool run of the release that takes you to the menu. I exited out and went back in and it wasn't there. My guess is it was an banner. This release isn't for me. Noodlecake makes some rad releases though.
~ Google User
allow me claim one thing, this is the release that just makes you feel calm and just makes you remember your glad memories when you visited some zone. Those soft musical notes, those soft crackling noise when you just touch and hover up in the ether when you touch the stones, those soft sound from board and ice and those intermittent lightning punctuating the night, I can go on and on. This release is fully nice, and I can't compromise on uninstalling this app :) 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
~ arpit lahoti
The release is wonderful and makes u calm and more peaceful.The song so refreshing and calm that if u r mad or tierd of doing work ,u can test this release for 5 or 10 mins only and u will be calm and glad at the end!!! Developers u have done a nice work!!! I really appreciate this!!👌 Thank you😊😊
~ Vikas Saahil
Adverts have become very much more aggressive. If I'd loved this release already through longer ues, I'd claim yes you're right, apologies, and pay. Newest to the release I actually search it so intrusive that it's hard to know if I like the release enough to buy. The aggressive advertising frequency really diminishes my attraction to the content. So might buy, but might dump it. Disappointing.
~ Brian Makepeace
First of all thanking the developers for providing this release nonpaid on mobile. I love the gameplay and every hero has premium characters. The lvls are very interesting but i suggest to add more obstacles on the idea so that it would be more interesting.
super calming, very cute, and had nice song and atmosphere. i lobe when its raining in the release its so pretty and its like an actual rainy day. and Zen mode is nice if you die a lot or dpnt wish the sound of things you hit to disturb the peaceful song and weather sounds of the release. its a very nice release i highly recomemd it if you like song, cute things, and weathery things. and as you test the release days now pass and you see sunset and sunrise and the moon and weather changes too
~ Kimberly Rutherford
Love this release!!!! But i wish to claim u guys there's a bug at lvl 41.... Felipe is unlocked nd i've done 2 missions with it. but after having one run nd when i click on test again the release crashes. Also when i restart the release, the missions i have done before are shown as undone. pl look into this matter
~ Kunal Sahni
I've just come back from notebook because i wanted to test out some apps, and still this release astounds me. I can't really think any another idea to phrase this; the release is pretty. Though i had one bug one where i died from falling on a tree an ended up just sitting in midair. plz fix.
~ Darknyan Gaming
Nice release! Now both of the releases in the series are nice. It is so relaxing and it forces you to be constructive by combining different types of stunts. I really enjoy it. There are a several bugs, for example when I ruin in the chasm I can't relive the hero, because it's just stuck in the chasm. Another than that it is nice - graphics, song, gameplay... Just nice :)
~ Nikola
Trust me or not, this release is an absolute kickass box. Your stress will be blown away in a minute after testing this release and I'll recommend that you test it with headphones place on as the sound results are just nice, it feels like its now raining and the thunder sound specially is my favored. You gotta be thinking that why I'm tlaking so much about this release which isn't even that known, but once you test it you'll obtain to know..
~ Karan Jain
I enjoy the hell out of this release, it is simple to learn, but hard to master. And, as I search most important for device releases, it has a surprising tons in gameplay - with different targets, which unblock characters with newest abilities. And, something I never knew I wanted, a release with calming song and pretty visuals and scenery. Unfortunately there's no idea to "victory" that I know of (it's an infinite lvl until you die), but that's my only complaint & I enjoyed everything else. Worth your download.
~ Matt Anderson
Really just an nice release all around. the art and backgrounds are easy and well made. Your movement through the snow banks is incredibly smooth, and as long as you're paying attention, nothing really feels unfair with one exception. When the screen switches to night mode, it runs to become hard to see your user hero. Other trouble is that I can't use my wing suit. I unlocked it few weeks ago, but after I closed the release and reopened it, the icon disappeared.
~ Nasif Quadir
The song is calm and peaceful.The scenery is extremely pretty.The gameplay itself is simplistic yet fun to test.With Zen Mode,I can forget about the pressures in my life and immerse myself into this pretty globe.I'm cute suprised that you can buy merchandise in the gift market in-release,I'm planning on buying one quick.Even though I only played 10 mins of the release,this is easily one of the finest release that I've ever played.
~ Player 580
This release is pretty. The art style is simplistic yet great the premise is also easy but its not the entirety of why you could test this release the target is to catch as many llamas as you can seems unoriginal right? but thats only a side ideal at finest. the nice sound results, the superb song, and the fun yet calming gamplay is great for a small device even if you are like me and dont test many small releases, please give this release a test you wont regret it.
~ Fergus
11/10. Pretty and easy graphics, simple-to-learn but hard-to-master gameplay, and nice song to top it all off. There are multiple different users to unblock that change the release a tiny in their own idea, and the Wingsuit adds a entire newest, fun element once you've gotten used to everything else. Overall summary? A simulation of running away from old recipients with your feet tied to a slab of wood, racing llamas, jumping over chasms upside down, and de-shingling innocent townspeoples' homes.
~ Cosmic Wolf
I was really hoping that this newest ver of the Alto release was going to fix the crappy things with the first ver. Sadly, this release sucks more. If they would just obtain rid of the night mode and dial back on the ads it would be a nice release. No one wants to test a release for a minute and then sit through a 30 second banner often they test. A lot of the banners are predatory or they aren't appropriate for babes. FIX THIS GAME IT COULD BE FUN!!!
~ Aaron Quigley
This release is just nice! The gameplay is easy to understand but not boring, and the graphics are the finest I have seen from any release I have played; pc, device and TV! I don't test many releases, and therefore don't ever review them, but this release is a gotta! Love this release, the song, graphics and gameplay makes it a unbelievable release to test when stressed out! 5 stars and well deserved!
~ Dakota Whitford