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About: AlphaBetty a fun, newest word release from the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga - Boss's first, social, small word release! Challenge your skills in a brand newest, nonpaid word release that will take you on a rip-roaring journey to the far-flung corners of the mouse globe! Join Professor Alpha, Betty and their loyal dude Barney as they embark on an epic quest to accumulate newest words and complete the Encyclopedia of Everything! Travel to exotic lands in this top newest word release and puzzle your idea through over 100 cheesetastic lvls of letter-linking fun! Accumulate premium characters on your travels to support you along the idea, but watch out for those mousetraps and creeping vines! Test on your own or take on your dudes to see who can obtain the highest score in the finest release to ever ignite your word skills! Are you ready? Allow the journe ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 60MB Developer: King
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AlphaBetty Saga Reviews and Comments:

This is by far the finest word release I have found. Be patient through the simple initial lvls. The challenges are layered on and never disappoint. I'm on lvl 576 and hope there are many more.
~ Margaret Rost
When I played this release sometime back I liked it. It sure wrapped my butt, actually I do better. It is a unbelievable release.
~ Beverly Chaisson
Are there going to be any newest lvls after 920? Or is this the end? Seems like I have modernized a several times but nothing newest :(
~ Telly M
i love this release and would like suggestiins on any another word releases you make! i dont wish it to end and i think i have 4 lvls left and im sad! i didnt use one gold bar nor buy any thoughout the whole release, kudos to originators of ALPHABETTY!
~ Tracey lynne Thomas
I'm a gigantic fan of word releases and i love how challenging this one is and how it's not like any another work release I've played. If you lovw word releases you'll love this one.
~ Abby Stinson
The release is fun and interesting you can learn more .I like it it supports me to medicate my mind ,just one thing ! Each 5 seconds you stop to think the tip will come out 😅a tiny more minute to think can support too 😊
~ 遠藤彩夏
I have tried this release before and it was very very hard actually it is much better and I am really enjoying it cannot stop testing it really supports the old gray matter, hold up the nice work thank you
~ Dennis Beck
I 💜 word releases, especially ABS 🐭! It runs simply, but gets more hard as your skills improve, so it's challenging w/o being too frustrating. Also, to address a common concern in casual, nonpaid-to-test releases... Yes, of COURSE it has in-release microtransactions. HOWEVER, I don't mind too much as long as it's possible to progress w/o them. Well, SO FAR, I am on lvl 480 and have only used boosters I've WON testing or from sending/receiving buddy presents. 👍 Also, the graphics are ADORABLE!
~ BethAnn Mayberry
Product is simple to understand, simple to test, and the lvls can be passed without having to buy your idea through it. Their "DICTIONARY" has a gigantic vocabulary, and contains more words than any another word release I have played. I enjoy this one very much!!
~ Tracy Fitzsimmons
unusually, if you have a nice vocabulary you can enjoy this release without having to spend dollars :-)
~ Bernard Coxhead
I have restarted this release many times, it usually reaches a target where nowhere near enough lives are given to obtain through a round. one time I kept trying for almost a year before finally uninstalling. I actually test for an evening and if I can't obtain through uninstall. I am not wasting time on it. I am awesome with words so know it isn't me being stupid.
~ Clancy Ellis
love this release....love this release need to explain how you have maded some words an they dont give it to you...but really love this release
~ Linda Stone
love the release very challenging. the only trouble is u have to much problem getting more cheese to co tinue testing after a loss.
~ Tina Cobb
i love this release i hope it never ends ! i have made it to the two hundreds ! yahoo!
~ Sandra Cross
Constantly challenging. Simple at first, but gets harder as you go. There are many ideas to strategize throughout the release. I search this release to be intellectually challenging. 5 stars
~ A Google user
I love it!!! It makes you think. Tech help is unbelievable. BUT! I've reached such a high lvl, it's really starting to cost quite a bit of $$$, so I reduced my rating to 4. I love how challenging this release is, but since all I have is a disability check, I may have to run looking for another releases. Ick. I don't wish to. It truly is a nice release! *After I modernized my review, I reached Lvl 500. Thank you for the nice reward! I really required it! I should sure use more. Outta $$$ for the month.
~ Vicki Thomas
love the release and I don't see anything wrong with it but the developers stay on making it even better! nice fun and supports exercise your mind 😉
~ Emily Kenley
This is the newest superhero alpha release this we played named "Alpha Betty Saga." She is an extraordinary power girll. Also, they have 26 letters of the alphabet, walked through the alphabet and keep up the closest letter.
~ A Google user
I've usually loved the Boss releases, but I'm very frustrated and disappointed actually. Ive been stuck at a lvl that i won and it won't go or present lvl after #920. i have modernized, uninstalled/reinstalled, played the last release over again and won. Nothing changes. I have place in a request for support twice and I obtain an automated correspondence that Claims me to go to a blog or YouTube for support from another users. Boss could be supporting customers not passing troubles off to another users!
~ Cindy Houston
i absolutely LOVE this release! its so different to the usual word releases! ive been testing hour after hour! its simple to test & so relaxing! After testing very often Im finding that there is no longer much challenge! i have been stuck on lvl ,59 for so long & have no concept how to obtain past this lvl! its do terribly frustrating & driving me crazy!!!! can snyone support PLEASE!!!¡!!
~ Anni Potash
I love this release!!! Every challenging lvl has me EXCITED to see what's next!!
~ Gwendolyn Gaillard
I can't support it I'm addicted 🐱 lol!!!! I have another releases but come back to this release as it's so nice!!! hold up the nice work!!! love it!!!all nice!!! I think I claimed you that this is my number one one but it really is I'm addicted so terrible that I usually come back to it even when I finish up some others I go come back because I just can't seem to obtain enough of you you're just so nice. Your wonderful!!! Fabulous!!! And Unpaid!!! No adds!!! Really!!!!!!: You are so nice!!! I mean it!!! I
~ A Google user
brain exercises. i love the challenges. can also obtain anxiety as lvls obtain harder. just take a break.
~ Connie Wilson
their are no instructions to obtain past this lvl. the release does not reply when you clear the obstacles to clear the plates. this release has fought the user on too many lvls. this is lvl 472 still working. the finest the release has allowed is to remove one plate
~ Gloria Bradberry
I really like testing AlphaBetty Saga, because it is a challenge and I love a nice challenge and so far this release is most definitely a nice challenge.
~ Keith Wolken
Boss usually deliver entertaining and addictive releases. However, AlphaBetty Saga is for me not only the most addictive but THE BEST word release out there.🌞Help ALWAYS gets back within 24 hrs tho' generally much quicker. Finest of all NO ADS only ones are for Boss releases.Takes a bit to work out all the tiny underlying quirks. {A FAQ's you should refer to would be gr8?} Don't be scared to spell out a word you think doesn't exist you'll probably search it does. Kudos to the developers.
~ Bilbo Baggins [AKA JanW]
keeps the mind active,entertaining and addictive.....finest word release that keeps changing to hold you engrossed.love it .
~ Laura Jeffs
Fun. The only multidirectional word release. Although I've seen words I should test when it Claims me I'm out of options?
~ Stephanie Sollars
really insanely hard when you obtain to the 200 something lvls. After testing 40 plus times in a row, it gets ridiculous.
~ Yvonne Krellwitz
I search finding 7 and 9 letter words are so hard and more frustrating than a fun release could be owing to the letters being far to random, create it more shorter words to speed up moving to the next lvl.
~ Roy Hargreaves
fun, but have not released any newest lvls in months. Boring to test same lvls over again and again.
~ Denise Higgins
This is a fully fabulous, immersive, challenging, strategic, and fun to test word release. Love it!
~ Kim Stanton
days played keeps resetting. very annoying. also not enough chances to gain equipment. It's a shame as it's a nice release.
~ Alison Bayne
This release is very fun and challenging. I appreciate that it doesn't take a long time for the lives to regenerate. Test it daily!!!
~ C C Ryda
Nice release to hold your mind occupied and sharp! Love the different types of lvls and the fact that the lvls take me long enough, but aren't crazy hard. I rarely run out of lives because of that.
~ Becky Brown
Glitchy. A lot of times the golden squares don't register with the release and you can't use them. and there are a couple of lvls where ... no matter how many points you have, you just can't obtain 3 stars. Dollary grubbing!
~ C Downs
I love the release but I've run out of lvls. I'd replay earlier lvls for more stars, but there's no idea idea to skip back to earlier worlds, and the release keeps bringing me back to the actual lvl, which is infuriating.
~ Melody B.
Each modernization has the same generic description with no newest lvls. This is the 4th modernization AT LEAST (since I've started now counting) with zero transparency. Just this: "Enjoy a fun, smooth and Mice gameplay! We have been improving the release so that nothing keeps you from having a brie-lliant word journey! Our target: to bring you a 100% glitch nonpaid release! We are constantly working on improving the release so hold on commenting and rating AlphaBetty Saga after every version. Thank you for your su"
~ Bec Wolfe
I was really enjoying this release until I got stuck on a lvl where you wish me to spell words without putting the essential letters on the board AND when I spell a word I suddenly drop from having 18 moves available to 6. Why? Why am I losing more than one turn for finding a word whose letters I need to spell the word you expect me to search the letters for? That is NOT fun. It makes no sense to me and is frustrating. It should have been a really nice release if you played fair.
~ Jo-Ann Murphy
It is a very nice release, challenging at times. Not that it makes any difference, but in my topic I test the release twice a day religiously, and once you hit (or in this topic-I hit) release nine, it resets to release one. So you never ever obtain gifts.
~ Rick Waverick