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About: Chosen as a Google Test Mobile Excellence Product of 2018. Agent A, your newest target is in from headquarters. An aggressor spy known as Ruby La Rouge has been targeting our secret agents. Your target is to search and capture her. First we need you to follow Ruby, then locate and infiltrate her secret lair. Once inside it is imperative that you uncover her plans. Oh and agent... do be careful. Miss La Rouge has a taste for dismissing agents such as yourself. Agent A: A puzzle in disguise is an episodic tale of espionage spanning five chapters: Chapter 1 - A puzzle in disguise Chapter 2 - The chase continues Chapter 3 - Ruby's trap Chapter 4 - A narrow escape (OUT NOW!) Chapter 5 - The final blow (2018) You test as Agent A, your target (could you pick to approve it) is to infiltrate the secret hideout of Ruby La Rouge and apprehend or neutralise the goal. U ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 60MB Developer: Yak & Co
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Agent A: A puzzle in disguise Reviews and Comments:

paid for the release, to be delivered in chapters. then they went Apple exclusive and never delivered the final chapter. cute scummy if you ask me.
~ Marcus Schwab
Not sure why so much delay in releasing chapter 5. Fooling all the recipients who paid dollars for an unfinished release.Also, such a gigantic modernization with no Chapter 5 is suspectable. Upgrading my review & uninstalling.
~ Mohit Raj Anand
This release isn't complete. The last lvl is "coming quick" since months and the entire storyline is not complete. It is a shame as the release is quite great, but this is borderline scam.
~ Emilio Zunino
My 5 and 7 year old babes are asking for chapter 5, they got me to test the puzzles twice... they are thinking if you guys ran out of creativity. They asked to test it a third time. Expectations are high for the finale.
~ John Jacob
Developer has made the decision to abandon an incomplete release they charged full price for, to pursue more lucrative products. Never buy an unfinished product from Yak & Co.
~ A Google user
The release is nice, funny and absorbing. As everyone mentioned, the only disadvantage is that it's now unfinished. And the version date is already due. :( It's frustrating, moewobes Agent A is not a nonpaid release.
~ Kasia Rakoczy
Nice release, however I paid for the full version, chapter 5 has been "in the works" for about a year actually, version date keeps getting pushed back. No sign of it being anytime quick, 1 star til version of chapter 5!
~ Ashley Davies
What's up with the modernization? End of January gone, even end of February, what's the word? Edit: end of March went by as well, we're nearing half of April..
~ Dusan Mojzis
Too frustrating to hang about waiting for the last chapter. You can only test on being a nice release for so long before we wander off and search something better. Like I have, few times.
~ Christopher Hume
Believing they would in fact finish the release was a large mistake. Need a unfinished release, buy it, otherwise give your dollars to devs that really care about their releases and the users.
~ Luiz Lee
Unfortunately this release is not completed. I kept it installed for so long after completing 80%, but looks like the final chapter is not going to be published... major disappointment.
~ Milos Marinkovic
Developers are taking a lot of time to bring in the final chapter for which I've been waiting for months. First it was "Early 2019" and actually these buggers have no clue when to version it. I don't know what reason is stopping them but this is highly unprofessional!
~ Roshit Hample
I was foolish enough to pay for an unfinished release so I blame myself for being decieved but at the same time I am thinking the developers of this release have no intension of providing an ending. this is the last release I will ever purchace from yak&co. Uninstalling
~ Roy Wood
The last modernization could have installed chapter 5, but nothing is there. It's April. It claims 2019. I don't know which month. Definitely not worth waiting till December for it to be released.
~ Ahmed Sher
Purchased an incomplete release; where's chapter 5?! from what I've read on another reviews, there has been more than a year's wait. Not nice, which is a shame since the actual release is so nice.
~ Ramses Rocha
Fun but the developeps released an incomplete release and promised an modernization "early 2019". The release has since been patched to claim the final release will be released in 2019 with no specific date.
~ Asa Puckette
Enjoyed the release, but this never ending wait for the last chapter is bullsh*t! The developers dont even care. All they are doing is reducing the price so recipients pay them while they continue to do nothing
~ Steven Humphreys
when is chapter 5 coming out? Do not install the release recipients. There is unnecessary upgrades coming of gigantic time to be downloaded and still the last & main chapter is incomplete. And currently the developers are not bothering to revert. A star has been deducted from the ratings.
~ Prashant Bohare
have been waiting far to long for chapter 5. The developer's create you pay for a incomplete release than create you wait over a year for the last chapter. will only improve my review IF chapter 5 comes out(not holding my breath) so only 1 star for actually...
~ Andrew Skulski
Don't buy this release - it's incomplete. And I think it's actually protected to label this release as abandonware. The final fifth chapter has been promised for over a year but there's no sign of it and Yak & co seem to have moved on to another projects.
~ Bryan Reid
One of the most nice looking interesting puzzle releases I've played. The graphics are great, difficulty lvl is also not too high or very weak. Worth the time played. Modernization: It's been idea too long actually, waiting for the newest modernization. Where is it?
~ Alkesh Vaghela
It went from early 2018 to early 2019. Actually the early is taken off, so just 2019. Last year I contacted the dev directly and he responded with an modernization. But this wait is not acceptable, so it is time for your yearly review. 1 🌟 until chapter 5 is released.
~ kishan patel
The storyline of the release is nice in itself but the fact that it is incomplete is a HUGE disappointment. I have been waiting for the Chapter 5 since around a year actually but it is still unreleased. It is a gigantic ignorance by the developers and it made me give Single star only because a nice storyline is only nice if its complete, incomplete equipment doesn't victory hearts.
~ Prathu Singh
The Product is designed quite beautifully but my largest complaint would be that it's a battery hogger. The entire concept of these types of releases is that they are time aggressors. But if you test this release for long it'll dramatically drain your battery. I'm not sure if its specific to Pixel 2XL or all Mobile devices. This trouble needs to be fixed. Even PUBG doesn't drain as much battery.
~ Alneez Virani
I could have read more reviews... release looked nice and interesting... PAID for it... played it, was enjoing it.....and then found out the release doesn't have a ENDING... nice job... here's a 1 star for releasing and charging for an unfinished product and also being unprofessional in announcement of date of finishing the release.
~ ßellerophon Sannin
Honestly liked it... a lot. But... it STILL isn't completed. been waiting on chapter 5. and waiting... and waiting... and... Please don't waste your dollars on this release unless you LIKE unfinished storyline lines. I emailed... I subscribed to their list... nothing. So, each 2 months, or so, I check back to see if I can test chapter 5. Next month is MY deadline ... no resolve, then I delete the release and create clear to ALL my gaming dudes that I search the developers incompetent.🤬
~ Nom E. De Plume
The "going back" by taping 2 fingers is very uncomfortable to my opinion, cause i prefer using 1 hand to test the release. The song sometimes is too tiny or no song at all in the background so it feels like the release isn't responding, and the sound results (explosion etc) is too loud. The puzzles are nice, easy but cool storyline as well, if you can fix the sounds then it will be unbelievable.
~ Mychik Phan
A fun escape room kind release. I did like that you got pieces to puzzles that you might not have unlocked yet. Some releases, you know you obtain a piece so it applies to the puzzle you're currently working on. I also enjoyed the 70's vibe of the song and artwork. On my device (Galaxy S9+) Ruby's artwork wasn't as sharp as everything else. Not sure what was going on with that, but this was a VERY minor nitpick (doesn't affect release test at all, just slash scenes) in an otherwise awesome release.
~ Kyle Matsumura
For some reason my original rating was deleted. Still a one star release as the developer has shown nothing but contempt for their paying customers. Broken deadlines and actually it appears they are working on other release. Dont waste your dollars until the release is finished
~ Simon Ridley
The release is so,so,so nice even makeme speechless because the storyline, graphics,picture is nice. But i have one question, When chapter 5 out? And why picture of chapter 5 is lighthouse? But, why its so long to version chapter5 ? If you heard it, claim me in the below. I Hope you heard. Thanks.
~ Yo Sua
I now like the release, but the version of chapter 5 is becoming ridiculously long... edit: and actually you've missed your third deadline in a row. great work guys. Edit 2: you're just a joke actually. Regarding how you treat your customers, I'll carefully avoid your apps in the future.
~ Karbon Kevlar
very disappointed with developers. It looks like they have lost interest in there own release. we have been waiting a year for the final chapter and they hold on changing the version date. I understand that they are only two recipients but this isn't a ps4 release. I think the only work they do on it is changing the version date each 3 months
~ Christian Brutten
Disrespectful devs that don't reply to lovers asking where the completed product that they were promised is. Instead they took a deal from Apple to create a newest release in time for a newest ios version. Should have just claimed us that they messed up the timing and required to fulfill a contract. Not doing so and ignoring us is a sad and disrespectful transport.
~ Norbert Szabó
Nice release, nice puzzles with just the right amount of difficulty. Almost reminds me of the target and click releases from my youth. The storyline is decent with nice twists and a bit of comedy. All in all, a quality production. Except, they never completed it. They've been promising to finish for over a year, actually it's on sale and they're making more excuses, which leads me to trust they plan to abandon it. So, if you don't mind an unfinished product, yeah, it's nice, for abandonware
~ A Google user
a really nice release without an ending, utterly disgraceful that you havent released the last chapter yet, all because you wish to version on console and notebook. We all know its ready to go and you're holding out so recipients will pay £15 rather than 99p on their devices, you've literally sold your lovers down the river, embarrassing.
~ A 204
Nice release but the promise of chapter 5 has become a joke. I've played through a couple of times in anticipation of the final version but it gets pushed each time. I obtain you're only a tiny studio but it seems like chapter 5 is taking longer than the another 4 place together which either means it's either wonderful and intricate of the devs aren't working on it. At this target I'm out.
~ john stephenson
one of the finest releases out here for the small platform that I have played. I have seen the ratings go down just because the last chapter is taking a tiny longer to complete. I wish to claim the others not to lower your ratings just because of that. Nice releases take time especially if just two recipients are working on it. It's better to wait for a nice ending rather than obtain a half assed ending from the developers. Don't be childish. This release deserves better. I typed this out in my underwear.
~ A Google user
Devs have no sense of their own workflow, they've been blowing past their own deadline for Chapter 5 for years actually. Yes you read that right, they've been selling an incomplete releases for years. I don't care if they're a two lad indie squad, this release isn't a technological marvel and the gameplay consists of taps and swipes. There is no reason why Chapter 5 could be delayed for so long.
~ Aethon
I now really enjoy this release but to have paid for it and not have the final product I am annoyed. I was glad enough to wait the original promised time frame for chapter 5 but its been over a year actually and the version date keeps getting pushed further and further. I search their lack of professionalism appalling and could really be refunding the recipients that purchased the release, they haven't followed though with their commitment. Terrible effort from the developers. 1 star until chapter 5 is released
~ Spicy Thunder
Love this release. It's simply done, the graphics are nice, and the puzzles hard enough to hold you interested, but not stupidly hard. Originally gave 5 stars, downgraded to 4 with the constant delays of chapter 5, actually downgraded to one because it looks like the squad behind this are more invested in a newest release for Apple rather than finish an old release for lovers. Perhaps this is unfair, and they do need to create a living, but this final chapter is taking its time to arrive... Taking idea too long.
~ andy mclaughlin