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About: Join the epic fight of the Real Mages and war for the fate of their dying fantasy globe. Accumulate and lvl-up legendary heroes to take them to speedy-paced fights on stunning arenas. Kobolds, Elves, Demons, Insane Raccoon mages, Dragonkins, RaArchnes, Swamp Witches variety of characters await! Darkness is descending upon the destroyed remnants of the globe floating in the void. Every night other light in the sky fades, devoured by the unstoppable demons of the Legion. Yet there is hope. The Dragon Prophecy claims that one of the Real Mages will enter the Dark Turret and pick the future of the universe. Might it be that you are that foretold chosen one? =Age of Magic FEATURES= STORY CAMPAIGNS. Delve into the globe of Age of Magic, traveling with the powers of light and darkness. Meet legendary heroes, war epic fights with unimaginable aggressors. Learn the storyline of Roland the R ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 73MB Developer: Playkot LTD
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Age of Magic Reviews and Comments:

love the storyline line.. wonderful characters. multiple campaign modes, everyday challenges, championships, and premium meetings makes it simple to test without pay.. challenging but not impossible to lvl up. nice release!
~ Dustin Fleming
Been testing this release for a several months actually(which is a rarity for me).The release is uniquely rng lite, if you place in the time you obtain what you wish.Its not without its flaws but its a nice time aggressor
~ mitch c
I have been enjoying this release for few months actually, and I think it's still fun. Sure, recipients who place dollars in will be more competitive, and beyond that I picked a lousy faction to spend resources on, but still fun.
~ Daniel Myers
Hey! This is not your usual review on Google Test so pay attention and read my storyline about magic, lost kingdoms, many heroes and unbelievable surprises. Allow's go. I remember my first PC release. It was named Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos. I was 10 years old and I didn't know how to use it, so I gathered pc classes and, in the end, I was ready to test this release. Lad, I loved it! And played for years... more than 20 years... And then, Activision made Activision equipment over Blizzard and the release died. Yes, I was looking for epic fights, for great stories, for a well developed release... And I found it! I was not expecting to search this on a small release though, I just wanted to slay time but this release... This release got me. I haven't spent any dollars on the release after a month of testing and, I claim you, I am going to help them by buying equipment because they deserve it. They are celebrating their first year on Google Test. I MUST congratulate them! Thank you so much Playkot LTD squad! I know you read this. UPDATE: I hate it that Google doesn't let you to enter a paragraph or a title... /Shame on you Google.
~ Ludwig Laborda
Limited energy hampers progress and enjoyment. And the micro transactions are too much when coupled with the VERY slow grind. If a user wants to compete with the whales or launch higher lvl characters, true globe dollars is needed.
~ Marc Ealdama
newest modernization has some bugs,nice release overall,lost some resources from getting dropped but playkot quickly compensated with twice what i had lost,thank you playkot you do care,would give 5 stars except for the ongoing chat bug,come on playkot its a yearlong known trouble....AoM is a cool release with nice customer help 😍
~ Carol Gardner
Decent release, but a bit pointless. You just hold grinding, but are limited to only a several fights per day (nonpaid test). And those fights will likely be fought automatically, which is type of boring. Ho hum.
~ Hot Wheeler
Its a fun release with gorgouse graphics. the only thing preventing me giving five stars is how much I feel microtransactions are pressured on you. As well as constant crashes, but that I'm confident will be fixed so its no large trouble.
~ Louie McEwan
I think its one of the finest squad building releases on Mobile, but they push micro transactions too hard, and it makes me pull back. If I wish to spend dollars I will (and have) ... Been testing just over a year.
~ derekplus
Product has a ton of potential, and actually it is being fulfilled! Product is fun, deeply storyline driven characters that are getting better and actually the release is expanding into something that once you test, you will not stop! They also do a wonderful job of making sure every family of heroes is balanced power wise, and if you have the combination, breed of superhero is irrelevant!
~ Justin Parker
All the top tier users have basically the same exact healers. If you're not leveled up, you won't stand a chance. I'm not putting other dime on it. UPDATE: That December modernization turned out to be a fraud. Other dollars grab. Actually instead of running out of time in most topics, your high lvl high powered heroes are being eradicated by The Rogue Class. Out of the blue they are extremely overpowered and there's no accrual counter to their technique. All the higher tiers look the same with rogues
~ Black Panther
I had to change my review after last modernization, it was a nice concept but very poorly executed one. Look at Pulchos video re it to see everything thats wrong with it.
~ Paweł Skw
It not disimilar to another releases like SW:galaxy of hearoes. p2w or grind. So far the graphics and the song are refreshing. It now has a storyline that is coherent. It may be a bit onerous when trying to sell you equipment or toons but that is the standard these days. Get equipment aside there are no banners, the gameplay is simple and it does entertain. Edit: 2nd week. Useful community. I still have not purchased anything. There are prompts to buy boosters for newly unlocked toons. Enjoying it anyway.
~ Arturo Cofresi
So far so nice. Simple to test and just hit lvl 20. Cute casual user but growth seems possible. Modernization: Still testing months later. Level 55 actually. Still a casual user 😊
~ Gregory Tuckett
need some ads or some another techniques so that we can obtain some nonpaid gold or red gems daily, for example, we can be able to watch full 20 ads every day and for every ads we will obtain 5 red gems or 10 golds. then it would be more fun, thank you
~ Md Mahbub E Noor
The release is stunning and the characters are well designed. However, I'm testing on a Pixel 3 XL with a notch, and the release doesn't use the screen zone around the notch. It would be so great if you filled in the screen all the idea to the sides of the notch.
~ Neil Varillas
Lots of bugs after newest modernization. Especially in arena and any battel. In arena Even when I'm defeating the aggressor in the end it comes as defeated and my zone remains unchanged in arena, in release test or in Tomb of horrors I obtain defeated even after killing all aggressors. It happens at random, more oftenly when 2 of my team characters dead by the end of war. Please fix this bug ASAP
~ Abhishek thengil
I just began and I am enjoying it so far. my only concerne is some informations take a while to unblock reason being you have to be high lvl before you can access it. as I progress, I might create a secondary review as long as I dont obtain bored of it too speedy.
~ anonymus snipe
I love this release but why does it take so long for energy to refill? I've been waiting an hour to obtain back Into the action..can u as the developers change that to create energy refill faster as well as more than one orb each 30 min..because that's what it seems..it takes foreverrrrrr
~ falisha gomez
Very enjoyable release without the need to spend. You can, the are a lot of options, but these originators still create it fair if you can't. I would like to see them lower thr price of some of their boxes to create it feasible to suppprt them. Nice release!
~ Paul Bogacz
release keeps destroying each 15 mins after the last modernization..it's becoming really annoying..otherwise a very enjoyable release. Edit--My complaint hasn't been taken care of..the help squad claimed they'll look into it but meanwhile I'm losing championship fights and campaign fights due to ruin.. Edit-- had to give it 1star actually because the release keeps destroying constantly... It takes minimum 3 attempts to launch the release.. compensation doesn't really matter anymore cause it'll be wasted anyway
~ Soumyajit Mandal
since the last modernization nothing works as I am constantly stuck on "connecting to server". It is for sure not my connection as another releases or browsing the web works just fine. kinda disappointed. thought that the insane amount of silver to upgrade heroes is annoying but this tops it.
~ D. P.
Very nice time waster, lots to do, many heroes to improve, definitely fun if you like to grind to lvl and improve individual heroes to place together a potent squad to war another users and the AI controlled aggressor squads. Storyline is typical RPG but worth reading and well done. Suggested for sure!
~ Rick Sandifer
I do enjoy the release, but it is highly suggested to search a nice castle or you will stall out quickly. The unavailable characters needs to be remedied, there have been 4 newest characters, but the existing locked and unavailable heroes that are large parts of existing factions remain untouchable.The cost to upgrade is still astronomical compared to silver drop rate and the drop rate and availability of gear pieces makes anything beyond gear lvl 7 is incredibly slow. Fix troubles and rating will rise.
~ jeff capace
Great release. Pretty graphics. Lots of lvls to test through in an interesting special release globe, without having to throw dollars at it to progress, like a lot of releases these days. Suggested
~ Tony Lavelle
i have been testing this release for a while actually. it has a gigantic curve where you are leveling each day and actually im at the grind. but i still enjoy coming back and testing every day even just to obtain my dailies. i have not spend dollars on the release either. (prices are a tiny too high or else i would lol)
~ Jacob Kile
My first rating was one star. But I gave it chance. Great release as nonpaid user rise is slower but manageable also finest superhero's can be Only be found in meetings that's run each one or two month. So if you think accumulate all today no go. Nice release to spend brake or chill for 20 min l.
~ Domagoj Šimčik
A really great turn based release, a bit grindy and farmy but extremely rewarding. No luck based gacha system or paywall to obtain potent and meta heroes, you just need to test to obtain anything there is in the release. Doesn't require intense gaming (at later), you can only come at specific hour few times a day like I do. It also has an official discord server to create things more neat.
~ Chingga Zhang
Fun release that you dont need to go broke testing. Despit some reviews, if you have a tiny patience its a nice release. There is a moment when the really speedy progression slows. But if you finish the entire release in 2 weeks, (which you can do if youre willing to drop the dollars, personally i am not) what would be the target?
~ theoneknownasgm
Enjoy the release, but its rewards are low in what they give u. It costs a lot if u wish to improve your heros faster and it takes a long time to grow yourself powerful. It's a grinding release that eventually u run getting burned out on. Also, the blue and purple orbs that u use to test the different dungeons could be made available to buy or available better so u should test longer. They give u so many and their used up true speedy. Also, it costs idea to much silver to increase your heros.
~ Mark Zabik
Fun release until you run winning too much. I recently came back to this release to see if the troubles it had before had been fixed. Played for a several weeks actually. Got to lvl 80 with an arena squad over 53k. I can claim this release is cute fun up until you victory to much. Example : I victory 4 times in a row in arena. 5th war same aggressor squad comp I've destroyed before. Lower lvl lower rarity then mine yet all the sudden none of my hits land and all of theirs land. I lose. This happens everyday.
~ Orumus Vids
The release is nice! Nice storyline, enough equipment to do without taking too much of your time, the devs usually test to hold a balanced release. Requires patience to obtain powerful, and lots of grinding after a certain target, but it is doable. Definitely not a pay-to-victory in my opinion, but don't expect to test for a month or two and become the finest user ever. As in all things, greatness is achieved gradually!
~ Чудомир Чанев
It could be five but after upgrading to newest release, i obtain very annoying trouble. This release can't be played using wifi connection. It usually claims lost connection. I love everything about this release except this trouble. Please fix it guys. I have edited to four coz the trouble is solved but actually newest trouble is happening. there's only blank screen after opening the release. is there any down or activity on the server side?
~ Ibnu Fadilah
First things first, graphics, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It is just so pleasing on the eyes, I have only been testing the release for about a several hours (by the time you see this, I will have pooled about a several days worth into it), but I have to claim, the gameplay is fun and refreshing, and I do like that the developers aren't shoving anys banners or pay-walls down our throats! If there is anything that I would like added or changed it would be, quicker loading screens, and voice acting! I should support with that.👍❤👍
~ Ethan Hayhoe
I actually finally give the release 5 stars. Yes - sometimes there are technical troubles but honestly this is one of the several releases where the help now works. A moderator in the global chat gives solutions and the spending is not overprized. The release is fun - the graphics are and - you not even need to spend you can create it up the ranks without. You will usually have recipients who are dissatisfied but here I give the squad gigantic credit! Bravo!
~ Dirk Weeber
The release is fun, very pretty graphics cool turn based fighting where you obtain to control everything, not boring and has an interesting storyline so far plus you obtain to test with dudes. Only trouble I came facing was that 'back' button on screens(top left corner) is too tiny to easily tap, sometimes I had to tap few times. Create it more visible and all is set ! Great release and hold up the nice work guys !
~ Buddhika Jayalath
Been testing this for a week and Im still addicted, there are lots of rewards, upgrades and meetings. Though I notice some informations missing, would be better if the devs will add an option for the strengthened hero materials to retrieve when they are no use anymore. Thats it for actually and Still hold testing this nice release. Also, please add a information wherein the release can detect our actual territory so that we can join our local guilds because everyone will like to interact to their own nation.
~ Vladymier Zig
NOT a dollars-grab. I've spent hundreds on apps in the past and I thought this release might have a pay-wall, so I haven't spent a dime on it as of today. I've reached lvl 53 after a couple months of testing and I've only been tempted to spend dollars once in that time. That's because the release doesn't pressure you into buying things since it progresses cute smoothly on its own. This has become one of my most favored releases and hasn't penetrated my wallet. I might spend a tiny to present my help.
~ Ben Patton
The release is just infinite grinding and 100% pay to victory. The graphics are nice but there is no target of testing when you can't progress further either without paying or paying the same old lvls again and again. I'm at lvl 20 and the progress seems impossible actually without those 2 things. Uninstalling right actually and it's better for you to not test this release ever.
Modernization crashes due to Google test. If you test to load after modernization it crashes, If you test to sign in with Google to load your progress after a recent reinstall it crashes. I don't know if Fb login is working as I didn't set that up pre-modernization. The only option right actually if you sign in with Google test, which is automatic without a full reinstall, is to test from scratch and that's not an option for me as I've poured some serious time into this release already.
~ Adrian Wells