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About: Age of Civilizations is a turn-based walkthrough release in which your object is to dominate the globe. Maps: - World | [342 Provinces] - Kepler-22b | [404 Provinces] Orders are submitted before every round. The number of orders you can submit during every round is limited by your Movement Points for that round. After orders are submitted, civilizations execute actions in turn order, which is randomized at the run of every round. Map - The capital is the most important province in a civilization. If you lose your capital for 3 turns, your civilization will no longer exist. If you capture other civilizations capital, you receive all of its provinces. Capitals have a defensive premium: +15% and an offensive premium: +15%. Capitals have all buildings already constructed. - Transparent provinces are neutral. Provinces with color belong to another civilizations. - You can ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 19MB Developer: Łukasz Jakowski
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Age of Civilizations Reviews and Comments:

nice release but lost the ability to save the release. to terrible i wasted my dollars on it though.
~ Noah Roswurm
Warning for those testing on "1936 Full": DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT test Belgium. (Unless you're testing in Sandbox mode.)
~ TroyTheCoolGuy
A Civilization or Paradox ripoff that is honestly very competently made. Needing to watch population and each zone getting a fair amount of troops is very great.
~ Lord Gong
A couple things could be added 1. Able to pick what to take. 2. More countries pls 3.Pls create more like Hearts of Iron 4
~ Becky Aelker
Finest release ever. civ 2 is better with political options. movements of units shoud be done better. dzienki :)
~ Sylwester Bartosiewicz
it is nice overall the only thing left to do is optimize the release so recipients with a cheap device can test like honor 7x/newest cheap devices which lots of recipients use so it can be more budget friendly
~ Hi Champion
I love civ releases please work on it more. how can create more like original civ but on our devices bro. and add user 1v1 or 2v2 championships I don't I spent 8$ to thank you and hold going create it more
~ Aaron Lucero
It's laggy. PLEASE! PLEASE FIX IT! PLEASE! Also, you could add revolutions and make your own country thing.
~ Orion Alford
This release os nice its just that in the guide it claims if you hold an aggressor's capital in 3 turns you obtain their land but not realy and peace is important but the AI never cares and if you just need a tiny land and test to obtain peace they never sign a peace treaty and sometimes when i test to obtain a pact they decline but after they do weird
~ Faadhil Star129
I have xiaomi redmi 5 plus which that is performance is really high. But when I wish to test that release, it's lagging so much.
~ セリムヤヴズ
Cute nice but sometimes the AI can create millions of units in one turn and wipe you out. Also you can invade with a million and lose to 500,000. It is a nice release overall.
~ Bling Boy
Cute well done. Just too easy with not many informations and few bugs. The alliance system makes not much sense. I respect the work however and hope for a nice PC release.
~ Ridvan Aydemir
Love this release. Based on the old Risk board release. Strategic and tactical. The are a several bugs after newest modernization though.
~ Saadiq de Beer
Cute nice, but in some scenarios the "3 turn without capitol" rule doesn't seem to work correctly.
~ RealGamingFurry
@Adam Smith cold fight doesn't have a full scenario in this release, and the WWII map shows 1942, where it has already been invaded
~ Graciela Caro
It's like the fight aspect of Civilization. The graphics use a lot of battery, but most releases do. :-( Multiple maps, different foe settings. Overall fun!
~ Daniel Griffith
Countries are set to go after a certain country every round. Ex: I played as Vietnam and every newest release, Australia usually goes after Vietnam, Philippines goes after South Korea...etc. It is set up.
~ Davee Lor
very nice release. However do you plan on adding any more maps? If you have no concept on what another maps to add then you should add proxima b or gleise 581 G.
~ Daniel's channel
Nice release at a great strategic / difficulty lvl. The release doesn't use up too much battery and is great to be able to pause and come back to it as it is turn based. Very well constructed and would suggest to anyone who likes turn based releases / walkthrough releases
~ Greg Hancell
Purchased the release, but usually runs at 2 fps often I run it. Using an Alcatel Mobile. Please fix.
~ Jeremy F.
Add more civs pls! Also; if there was any idea of expanding the release, claim, adding a "trade routes" option to increase revenues or a idea of creating 3 different troops where every had their own strengths and weaknesses ?
~ Yari Shinai
it's a nice release but you can also add scenarios and create the European map now look like the European map I wouldn't claim this a waste of dollars it's a nice release five stars
~ Daniel Rigby
This is the finest small stratagy i've ever played and the amount of equipment you can do in just 1 release is brillient. I have a request, the addition of cities or a 1800s release mode.
~ Majin Vegeta
It would be better if it had multiplayer, more sandbox customisation, more dynamics than just military, econohmy and zone. It would be cool if it included natural geographic barriers like mountains and different climates. It gets repetitive after a while
~ A Google user
It's fun but only for awhile. What would create me test the release more is multiplayer. Like I would be stuck online for a long time if I am versing recipients. Or if that doesn't seem too much I would recommend adding co op or 2 user turn base
~ Tanning Tanspotty
I really love this release, it's very entertaining to test hypothetical scenarios where one country/ civilization prospered as opposed to how history now played out. I would be willing to spend more dollars on a release that allows both online/ offline. I typically dislike apps that are online, but this release would be a 100 times better if it offered that option. A chat should be included to discuss alliances, attack walkthroughs, etc. Also, for the actual offline release, I have a several recommendations: •Let countries to relocate their capitals (this would be the most expensive item, you can zone requirements, such as a user needs over 50 provinces, etc.) •Let time to present country influence. For instance, related to the units, population, etc. Time, you can deliever time showing which countries like yours, or like your aggressors •I want countries would form alliances more frequently, they do form some, but it isn't common. It would be great for countries and civilizations to pair up with those that they have a history with of being allies (i.e. UK, France, USA, etc.) Graphic modernization • Maybe present progression, if a country's zone has a tiny amount of recipients, provinces will have tiny cities, larger provinces will have cities, capitals will have some mega structure or landmark
~ Jonathan Chinchilla
Recommendation: add a custom mode where you have full control over the release. For examply have the ability to zone your and opposing capitals wherever you wish or be able to control the economy of each nation and so on. As far as the release itself goes this is the finest turn based walkthrough map domination release ive ever played.
~ A Google user
I really love this release, it's so fun strategizing how you were going to take down your aggressor and how you are going to expand your Empire to be as gigantic and Impressive as it can be, but there is one thing that is bothering me, it seems a tiny bit nitpicky but it's something that I would like to be added into a release in the future, I would like it if there was a idea to make your own custom country or micro-nation of sorts with your own flag which you can import from your picture gallery and pick one zone of the Map that your country will be placed, so in another words the ability to make your own custom country to test as, this is the only thing stopping me from claiming "this is the finest release on the test shop" P.S if the developer sees this comment please take my concept into consideration, and don't take it too harshly I still love the release this is just an concept which I think would create it better then it is already
~ Viper The Fox
Bottom line: I would obtain a refund for this release if I should. The walkthrough distills down to one objective: gain the most zone you can - each single turn. No amount of feinting, fortification, all-out capital assault, or anything else can overcome the overwhelming numbers the AI can throw at you once they gain a territorial advantage. Attacking is bugged (moving into the same newest zone as other neutral nation will run a fight rather than cancel the transport), and pacts/alliances are random.
~ Brandon Backer
Love the release, purchased it and been testing it for a couple years, i.also have the another AOC releases, Asia, Africa, Europe, and America and they seem like they have more to them than the base release. Nothing versus this release. What should be really nice if the base AOC release had all the same tiny information that Asia, Africa, Europe, and America do and just mash all of that into one release instead of 4 different releases. Like I claimed, nothing versus the release or originator, just an concept i had on my head
~ Brokenlights
I like the release and it is fun, but only for a while. What would be fun is a multiplayer mode. I would also be cool to be able to make your own civilization with it's own zone and population, and when you vassal a country, you could obtain to decide the zone and how it interacts, and be able to make alliances with names and a funtion, and send or request military support from other country.
~ F.B .I
enjoyable, some nations are impossible to victory with, but wheres the fun in winning each time? major time suck lol but its nice if you wanna just test and obtain lost in a release for a while.
~ Christopher Musialowski
I hope the devs read this review, but they probably won't. I don't know what happened to this release. I purchased it one year ago and had nice fun. It was easy yet challenging and a several days ago I decided to reinstall it. And it cannot. Stop. Lagging. It freezes each 2 seconds. This isn't my devices fault, I can run variety of another more high spec releases, and have 5gb left. It's a pity since I paid a several euro for this release.
~ oscar bravo
Don't need to be online to test, therefore a battery saver. Nice release, test at own pace, autosaves. No banners. longest release of mine took over 5 days and over 160 turns. Just saw AoC2, i hope it's as nice as this
~ Sam S
I really like the release but when my device modernized the release decided that each time I zoomed out or in it would cause serious lag and wouldn't ever stop I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the release but that didn't work so can you fix this. Apart from that really nice release
~ Oliver Croxall
Such a nice release, was waiting for this for so long ever since i played the another releases. Large maps and no release is the same. Very enjoyable, idea better than age of conquest and another releases like this. It's like hoi4 and aoc4 combined into a release that's better than both of them. Now the finest walkthrough release on device. (its also on steam if you wanna test the hugeee map)
~ MegaLunchBox YT
Age of Civilizations is a decent walkthrough release that plays similarly to risk without those annoying micro transactions and pay to victory informations. It's worth all the dollars you buy it for and definitely the most polished besides Age of Civilizations 2. The only thing I have a complain about is how stale it can obtain, I don't see myself testing this for more than an hour because it does obtain boring after you figure out the mechanics of the release.
~ A Google user
OK this glitch usually happens when I'm testing this release, what happens is one of the AI leave my faction and then ask for peace, once I adopt, I'm kicked out of the faction but the faction still exists, then they test to slay me, this only happens when I form the faction and it's super annoying even if I'm testing sandbox,, plz fix
~ Logan Plays
I've test Age of Civilization (1&2 on both small and notebook) for awhile. Have my doubt at first but this release is well made (even more impressed because of 1 lad units thing). I love the release, so here's my creative criticism about AoC 1 small: - It would be great if there are option to create the text larger (mostly on text about units, diplomatic,etc.) - It is a litte bit lagging when i zoom in full on map. Overall it is a great release and I would love to see more of your works.Thank you, developer
~ Chat Noir
More provinces? Like, you know how there are alot of provinces in AOC Europe, Africa, Americas, Asia? Why can't you just add those borders and provinces to the base release? And the scenarios need to be re-worked. Not to be mean, but the scenarios that aren't "FULL" (1914 FULL, 1936 FULL, etc.) are all useless. Just remove them and add the Cold Fight, Napoleonic Fights, etc. I'm not trying to insult the release. It's just that this release needs polishing.
~ Rio Kawaguchi