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About: Test online with users around the globe as you test to become the largest cell of them all! Control your small cell and eat another users to grow larger! But watch out: users bigger than you will be trying to create you their lunch. Survive and eat long enough to become the largest cell in the release! With newest controls developed especially for touchscreens, agar.io offers the same addictive gameplay that millions have already enjoyed on PC. Test online in nonpaid-for-all action and use splitting, shrinking and dodging walkthroughs to catch another users - or avoid them! Use a tons of premium secret skins with the right username! Become a beta tester:
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 31MB Developer: Miniclip.com
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About: STORY Ping and his little dog Mika are visiting the city of Berlin for the first time. Suddenly Kong the crazy ape who escaped from a nearby filmset is kidnapping Mika. Kong also tries to rob the Nofretete, one of the most famous samples of the city museum. Ping the Penguin jumps on his superfast scooter and a wild chase throughout the city begins. FEATURES *) Cute character animations by the Berlin based comic artist Mic Lololand. The cheeky dog. Kong, the crazy ape. Ping , the little ...

Developer: Lololand [email protected]

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Developer: AI GAMES FZ [email protected]

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About: Hollo Ball will keep you hooked for hours! One finger control. Easy to play, hard to master. Features unlimited gameplay. Build your newest addiction!...

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Developer: HK TAIHE INTERACTIVE LIMITED [email protected]

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About: Simple to play, use the bow or other weapons to destroy all enemies. Touch and drag to control direction and destroy all. After you become the king of stickman [Features] * > 300 Levels * Endless time * Sound & effect * All free * Play without internet * No WIFI ? No problem! Tips: - The more rows are eliminated, the higher the score is. I believe you will love it and now download! mail: [email protected]

Developer: Tigers Team [email protected]

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Developer: dasft llc segurcarlos71[email protected]

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About: Bounce Ball is an addictive, exciting and entertaining flick red ball game for all kids and adults with an amazing environment. Hit red ball has many interesting and thrilling stages with easy game-play. Just use a red classic ball, sling it on the ball, and hit the ball straight by direction you want. Now get ready to share your high game score with all your friends or on social media followers for all android game lovers with an amazing free ball by ball excitement of this amazing ball running...

Developer: Faruk Ayhan [email protected]



Agar.io Reviews and Comments:

why would u place a beginner in a room full of fed ones? seriously? please fix it and test considering the lvl of the users so that everyone will have a fair match.
~ Proxima Midday
i want i should test. but my connection is slow so i cant even accumulate dots. i know i would like this release but i cant test. if you notify me that you added single user and blootooth connect modes i would love to test again.
~ A Google user
Nice idea, sloppy execution While this is a nice concept, there are too many troubles with the gameplay to create it consistantly fun. First is the frequent lag, which you can see a lot of users names reference. Second is what seems like inconsistant app of the terms and no nice walkthrough to explain
~ R Lindsay
I split off to comsume other two cells and the part i split off doesnt follow my countrols anymore so my nice run was fked fix? Also the lag is horrendous at times. I would also appreciate giving us better softwares to create our own characters
~ Kaung Myat Tun
Very laggy and it literally Claims me that i have no internet connection, but i do! and because its laggy, before i should react in any idea to the release i obtain eaten.. I thought agar.io would be better this time but nope.. i was wrong, although... its still fun to test with you need to fix the bugs. Btw, i rated 3 stars because i still have hope for this release, but if you create it worse... Ill rate this 1 star..
~ Kazuki Araya
This release was super nice. Was. It got worse as more recipients got on. Maybe create more servers, local or something. I got to lvl 50 and I still obtain soawnkilled. Please support!
~ Andrew Hommel
Nice release. A bit touchy on device... Mouse/pc is much better. Still a bit of speedy fun though! Edit: removed a star because 120mb is rediculous for a easy release
~ Sean Mcintier
Hate this release to many banners when I test classic or any another mode it usually pops up an banner and it makes me die... im only giving it a two star rating because it doesnt lag or anything its a smooth release most of the time and I dont use wi-fi. I would recemend this release to recipients who can handle the banners.. sometimes when you split the controls act up to if that didnt happen then i would give it a three or four star rating Unfortunally, thats not the topic..
~ Lilly Potatoe
I write this review to adress the trouble of the poison system and how broken it is. I am sure you already know or at least thought of how long the poisons take to brew( like a common is 3 hours) and as rarity increases... its ridiculous, i trust its important to reduce time of poisons by A LOT. Also combining poisons with leaderboard points is very unbalanced and unfair. We need newest skins, shop poisons to cost idea less dna, more upgrades and content and of course fix the poison system. thank u
~ Dimitri
why do you need my correspondence address? i just played as a guest instead. the borders are invisible so you cant claim where theres a wall till you hit it. kept spawing next to gigantic "users". no guide (maybe i missed it) controls are laggy and makes it hard to transport.
~ Walter
super fun and competitive release. only one thing i can complain about. rush mode has worked... twice i wish to claim. can anyone support me out on how to fix claimed trouble?? anyway.. thumbs up!
~ Amber Buzick
Pants. Played for 15 mins. Control is horrendous. No concept when division is achievable. When can you fire matter? Why is there nothing that shows where you are, if not, or also who is around you? If everyone started at the same time it would be a fairer release. Getting place in the middle of gigantic cells you have no chance of escaping limits your test. Longest release played; 1 minute 3 seconds. Disappointed to claim the least. Uninstalling.
~ Vixy Thurgood
this release is awsome! i love each thing about it. but i want potions would take less time and you should obtain coins from releases. thank you!
~ Sharon Sthilaire
It's so laggy in classic. Unlike in the another release mode. I hope I change the server, it might be laggy because there are too many user in one server.
~ Gerry Colocado
nice release!😄 you could download it right actually! it's so exciting when you obtain top 5. the ONLY thing I would change is that you can obtain infinite potions and you can brew them at the same time! Agar.io is one of the finest releases I have!😏
~ Ali Nickason
This release is fun and I enjoy the idea, but the controls are horrable. Most of the time they have a delay. Also, the virus is able to slay me even if I didn't touch it. I am unable to conjoin, it would be cool if I can merg my smaller cells into on large one with the click of a button. The "war royal" could be slash down to 20 - 30 users to slash down the lag. Agar.oi in a nutshell: - 10:00 challenge: 7:00 mins of survival, "Server will shutdown in 2:00 minites." Transer to server = menu
~ Some Game Developer
one thing I have wrong with this release is that normally my hero would stop at some target and then go really speedy I just named lagging and actually I can't obtain anyone because it keeps lagging and I can't obtain any of the bubbles but overall love the release
~ A Google user
In the newest modernization the war Royale and zoom is a well done 👍 from me but in classic when you are like 10k or so, the screen becomes blank. Also when you split either your part becomes red, blue.... and a virus please 😫🙏🙏💓 fix these bugs. I love agario
~ A Google user
I like this release the only trouble is lag and that is because the server is usually idea to crowded there could be a user limit per server of like 70 or 80 recipients instead of having like 120 users in one server.The score usually ends up idea to high cause of how many users there are.
~ Ryan Peters
this is a very terrible release to me release modes not on small the stupid lag on it everyone I hate on agar.io. I still hate agar.io with the lag and when in war royale when someone touches the red territory I die test to fix this broken release.And you only care about war royale not rush or classic actually I feel different it is worse when I test party mode it loads for ever it's the release not the internet the release that is broken so this release needs upgrades on party mode.
~ A Google user
your stupid... i have a nice internet connection but it still claims connection weak... worst release ever... it lags for no reason if you wish to create me happier then create me a dev so i can add mass to myself or else i will commit suicide
~ Anonymous Xio
recipients just squad with every another and slay us and the person on the first zone just split and split and kills us so we cant gain more mass and become large,so the map could be more large.there are also some clans that test by teaming,if we test to slay one castle member another castle members just split into him and give him all the mass.if a person is of 30,40,50 or 60k when we merge we become of 22k. it is very wrong.it means a person with mass more than 22k could not merge.Macro could come back.THANKS
~ Sameep 1112
l think it is nice whenever l obtain bigger it gets more lagger. it takes to much internet. please create it better and don't create it have lots and lots of Internet pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee.even when l am teaming with my finest frineds some guy comes and eats us, it is so unfair. when you obtain killed why do you have to respon again but sooo small whyyy
~ A Google user
at first it was nice but actually when im a large fat ass blob i cant split or feed and i cant see!!!! pls fix this then i be back at 5 star... GOD DAMIT FIX THE GODDAM LAG TOO IDIOT!!!!! THEN SOMETIMES WHEN I CHOOSE CLASSIC IT STARTS TO SAY JOINING ARENABAND IT NEVER DOES
~ marco perez
this is an nice release! the skins you can obtain are cool and the gameplay is very fun <3 the only thing i would reccomend would be making the controls a bit easier, but otherwise its a wonderful release! 5 stars <3
~ auriah
The last modernization sucks! The release is usually laggy since the modernization and when u split, the another half changes color or become a virus. The newest release mode(war royale) isn't worth the bugs at all. Please fix and fix it speedy!
~ Radin Balakhani
This release actually trash! Very often when I test release it give me your green vomit potion "Mystery Potion". I never what this and to take that I need to pay 19 DNA, from where I could have it? And to obtain on the top 1 in the globe you need to use about 1000 and more DNA to obtain only 200 or test 24/7 launch this green vomit. What if I what cancel? And sometimes I lose my Potion(finest one) like I opened one, star second and its loading so long, I reload release and my potion is gone and didn't give anything👎
~ Illia Troshuk
I encourage everyone to transport their rating to 1 star if your having troubles in general! seems like when they fix one trouble they make other! Lag seems to have been fixed but actually when you obtain gigantic your cells run to disappear and then if you continue to obtain gigantic all the cells run to disappear including the another users! What the hell! Fix your release!!!!!!!!! **NEVERMIND GAME STILL LAGS!!!!
~ Sean Cooper
nice. but there are too many glitches/bugs such as invisible pieces, different skinned pieces, mass controlling glitch, mass splitting a part and going opposite directions and much more. You NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
~ 카일shimmiee
why cannot change arena? it is like we are struck in the same arena even though we make party. it is so hard to search our online dudes like this to test with...please let us to switch arena. mass just disappeared and freeze..please fix
~ Tan Ghim Huey
it was fun but then agar.io isn't working at all actually. I go to agar.io and it is connecting... but then it claims to retry because of connection failure and I have kept on doing it and nothing happened, so actually I can't test at all.
~ A Google user
agario used to be fun but actually it's so laggy I know I'm supposed to have nice connection but no and at each spawn I usually obtain eliminated by gigantic users and it's just terrible how it is actually it's so hard to go up the leaderboard without a partner that can fool you with his support. for me I think I'm just done with agario. uninstalling it.
~ JezTech_21 Productions
Honestly, i really enjoy the release, but each 2 times i die i got an banner that crashes the release. Also its incredibly laggy. Please add some sort of Poor Detail Mode, and maybe add a information to remove potions? i search it really annoying when i only ever have common potions. Also, 2 last things, add a information to remove members from your party, also add Regions. :) thanks
~ kikstro gaming
The internet is idea to slow, and starting off tiny when everyone is 1000 mass isn't fair..... It would be better if you should run users off with there own size according to when they run a newest match and then if you die run them off with another users who died and or is starting off a newest release.
~ A Google user
recipients are complaining about it being "too hard" but its not because of the release. Alot of the time its because they basically havent practiced at all or they have a really laggy device. It runs perfectly fine and I on average have like 6 different apps on the background.
~ Random Yoshi
This release is nice but the lag has to be fixed. I like it as the great walkthrough release but everybody complains about the lag in the release. I hope you can do something about the lag. Besides, it takes time to become the finest user in this release. It's just that the lag gives recipients the advantage.
~ Lekina Everett
right after the weekly leaderboards restart, it changed my country and there is no possible idea to change it back. So actually i have to compete versus the wrong country. i contacted help 1 week ago and i recieved no response. secondly, when you make a party, it will only exist for a full of 48hrs( sometimes less than 12 hrs) before randomly closing/disapearing and then you have to re-invite everyone all over again
~ Karam Summers
Well it's really hard to transport and it really hurts my arms. What also really annoys me is that we dont run at the same time because once you run everyone else is idea bigger then you and can easily slay you. What else annoys me is that you need to pay coins for skins and pay coins to save your created skin😑 Litterally why? I still gave it a 3 star. After I die and go back to the run it asks if I wanna rate it each single time! I'm not so glad with some parts but it's type of fun.
~ unicorn Vazquez
nice except I don't like that the person in 1st zone can just split like 20 times and slay you,and that you run so tiny in war royal and i think the person in 1st zone in classic could have a limit of like 50,000 or something like that so they don't hold getting bigger,and bigger,and bigger and destroy everyone.
~ christy schlagenbusch
I'll give you 2 reasons why you messed up. 1. LAG. Lag is everywhere. one minute, you'll be walking around trying to eats cells, the next you've been killed by some random guy halfway across the map. 2. TEAMERS. They are a very large trouble. You'll just be wandering around, minding your own business when all of a sudden two giant cells run splitting mass, Killing you and taking up so much of the map it's hard to even respawn without getting killed instantly.
~ Gacha Gavin