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About: War for what's rightas an up and coming pirate! War slavers, sea creatures, and your own corrupt government to become a superhero of the high seas. But will you betray your own gang for wealth and power? "7th Sea: A Pirate's Pact" is a 200,000-word interactive journey novel by Danielle Lauzon, set in the globe of the table-top role testing release 7th Sea. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound results, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. Looking for journey at sea? Youll obtain more than you bargained for when you end up joining a pirate gang. These pirates are known among sailors for having their own moral code, one that is actually yours. You'll have the chance to rescue prisoners, uncover a secret plot, and even build a navy to liberate an island fort full of slaves. But you'll also be tempted to break your pirate bonds to seek your ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 5MB Developer: Choice of Games LLC [email protected]
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7th Sea: A Pirate's Pact Reviews and Comments:

~ Giovanni V
It crashes each five mins. I dont see why you need to pay for the rest of the chapters.
~ Miles Berry
Very Nice, As Usually
~ Some Greek Guy
Havent read it but the theme is on target
~ Paul Obot
Love the writing, kept me on the edge of my seat!
~ Melissa Lewis-Gentry
I liked it however the reason it's four stars is ONLY because I don't pay for choice releases and I am cute grateful to be able to test the 3rd chapter though 🦑🦑🦑
~ Chris Cottrill
one of the finest pirate similar ebooks I've read from them, loved it
~ Waivorsnow 367
Not terrible. Interesting choices, however characters can feel flat and romances are one sided
~ Samuel Hunter
When's the sequel
~ Alfred Melia
Played for the first time and got quite a nice route. Really like the story :)
~ Teo Isabelle
It gets very very boring and we should not really decide how to feel and all
~ Addy M
one of the finest storyline plot. the romance's plot is to cliche, but overall it still nice.
~ Frenz Pal
boring, the characters in the release doesnt act like what u would expect true pirates would act and the storyline is a mess overall.
~ A Google user
The storyline is ok. The largest trouble for me is that many characters aren't that memorable, even though there are only like 0 of them.
~ A Google user
Why does each release have to be PC washed? I mean a gender non binary pirate for Christs sake? Is nothing sacred?!
~ Ali G
The storyline was boring. Just about chasing some EVIL SLAVERS with maybe like 2-3 terrible sideplots thrown in for longevity. The most exciting part is the octopus war in the beginning. The user hero is incurably boring no matter what choices you create.
~ n mo
Not the worst storyline in the globe, personally I feel that the choices made dont change the storyline THAT much. But thats just me, still a nice read that keeps you interested but that price could definately be lowered somewhere in the near future.
~ Jack Hughes
ok, fun but not historically accurate.
~ Joy Hagerty
this was my 2nd txt based role test release journey. i like them. this one was fine until i got a short idea into it then it demanded $5.95 to continue. i rather prefer options to continue gameplay(watch video banners.. etc.. , or a blurb (in description perhaps) that described true cost.
~ Tom Campbell
I wished it didn't end so speedy (in my opinion), but I think it was a great release even though it should've been better. Unfortunately, it didn't create me too immersed in it because of lack of romance plot. There were 3 romance options and they kinda transport too speedy (and don't feel natural), for example: when my hero just held a hand of one of the ro's, like a several mins later they already wanted to spend a night together! After only just knowing every another for like an hour or something lol.
~ Christy Cricky
Haven't read it yet, just know it deserves 5 stars.
Enjoyable at first, but the ending destroyed the experience for me. It was fully nonsensical. Spoilers: First I'm captured, next a rescue occurred even though we failed at the rescue. Then I am getting kicked off the ship because the gang distrusts me. The next page, I have been serving on the gang for a year. I don't know what happened but I regret wasting my dollars.
~ Jessica Trantham
One of the finest stories you made.
~ jastur Rouge
just started reading it and already hate it. is the storyline about amazons?
~ Gift Esuh
a really nice pirate journey. fully worth testing.
~ Pqfire 09
should be better. I lost interest. paid for full ver
~ Matthew Thomas
a thouroughly enjoyable read, would like to see more in the future :)
~ Ridculley
Beautifully written and the great length! Nice for a great afternoon's read.
~ Logan Schevel
One of the Finest COG releases I've played to date and as a Lover of the Pirates of the Carribean Videos it went above and beyond in letting me experience my own tiny part of that same style. Or in another words it was really nice from a Lover of pirate releases 10/10 IGN would test again xP
~ Daniel Bleck
nice storyline and nice length but be ready to remember lots of characters who have tiny impact on the storyline
~ PULSE 0702
Writing veered into stats-dumping at times, but overall fairly enjoyable. Would have liked to see more development of hero relationships too.
~ Xiao W
All in all it was nice. Some parts felt like the storyline was on autopilot and choices didn't create a large difference. Nice job
~ Raw Wallace
High Key Salty because of Christine still cute enjoyable but why was her being a "Colleague" the whole time a thing clearly she was interested and I furious each attempt to create it official.
~ Kyonni Roberts
another than a several minor spelling errors, the storyline is well written and fun. Cute long too. 💙 I look forward to see what comes next from this originator.
~ Debbie Minor
The writing and the plot itself was awesome. There are some choices that change the storyline up so there's some replay value here. Definitely worth the buy.
~ rusty shackleford
A nice "choice of" release. Nice length, a Well written narritive, choices that matter, and a colourful cast of characters. Easy worth the price! Gonna test it at least a several more times to see how it all branches.
~ Ryan Slezia
I'm not sure to buy it. Some pointers about what I dislike: mind you, I have read the nonpaid chapter only. If you think it's unfair to judge it by only that, think again. First, what is going on with 3 girl captains already? 2 pirate ones and one admiral. That is very unlikely for that time period. You can of course have this as the norm in the ebook but a mild introduction would have been great, something like "in this pirate globe, lad and girl do all jobs alike". The combat stage versus the octopus felt very rushed. I'm mainly talking about the first page of the war. There's obviously some pirates of the Caribbean influence but I found it almost plagiarised. A bit more differences, some more build up would have been great. Hype up the fear and necessity of defeating such a foul beast. Can there also be less pressure to wish to be a pirate? The sentences about "pirate life" where badly timed. Warm the reader up to the concept, or give an bonus set of choices from the beginning where you can roleplay the main hero usually had a desire to such a life. 3 out of 5, with improvement I see this ebook going a long idea. You have originality on your side.
~ Rick Boon
Not going to lie, it gets very boring. You don't even really obtain to act like a main hero. It felt like i spent most of the time getting bossed around and claimed how to feel by another characters who would have made much better protagonists. overall disappointing
~ Jake Moore
I like it a nice addition to my choice library it's not too many choices that really change the outcome of the storyline I feel 3 playthroughs later it's still cute much linear unless I'm just missing something truthfully I have a hard time in even the most expansive stories breaking my normal hero mold. I like how the originator wrote the characters, Lex didn't bother me like another non-binary characters that third option usually turns me off however the they pronouns were there just not so frequently where it destroyed my perspective of "her" to me "them" to the another maybe "him" to others. They were written well enough to imagine whatever your preference is in my eyes. Overall well done to me
~ Xavier Sanchez
I enjoyed this release. The plot of it was cute i intersting although I found I had a habit of just skimming the paragraphs rather than completely reading them. Also i wished that the storyline had more on the background of the main hero and maybe perhaps creating a connection with their parent(s) rather than just having known that you had a mother and she was admiral
~ Nathaniel Rose