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About: Test "4 in a Row" versus the pc or dudes from all over the globe! "4 in a Row" is one of the most known walkthrough releases in the globe, this release gives you three different release modes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "4 in a Row" is a release classic for two users. Target of the release is to line up four discs of your color to a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Alternating, you and your foe drop discs into the grid and test to complete a line of four discs versus the pc, dudes or strangers from all over the globe! We've packed the beloved walkthrough and walkthroughs release in a nonpaid release, which informations three release modes: - Singleplayer: Test alone on one device versus the pc Here you can learn "4 in a Row" or train your walkthrough and walkthroughs. Three difficulties support you in doing so. - Local Mul ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 13MB Developer: Benjamin Lochmann New Media GmbH
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4 in a Row Multiplayer Reviews and Comments:

This has a virus
~ A Google user
Nice time pass
~ harshukhbhai chauhan
stupid animations drag release out
~ Javans Jamar Javarson Lamar
great release very addictive
~ A Google user
its a challenge
~ antwaun stanfield
really a great release
~ Amit Mamdani
Finest release ever test🖒🖒
~ D-Media Solutions
super fun and great brain release
~ A Google user
Thus release is fun and addicting fr
~ Scruffy Lawyer92
Google Test Market gotta remove this release.
~ Austin Sequeira
I like the ui and the responsiveness
~ Raphael Umoh
You cant test with dudes on fb
~ A Google user
it's fun, but the ads are annoying
~ kholoud nassef
Many disturbing Adverts made me uninstall the release
~ Ali Hassan
its IMPOSSIBLE to victory over the robot
~ Ewan Redmond
Interface needs improvement..rest cool!!
~ Sargam Gupta
Great and simple going to share with dudes
~ Jessica Santiago
My wife and I test every another online. We love it.
~ Loyd Warren
I'm rating this release 5 star bcuz it's the most fun and finest release I've ever played.
~ Biwwie the b
me and my boyfriend love this release
~ A Google user
claims im not online when i have great connection
~ Cool VidsBro
😠 simple mode is not simple if i should give 0 stars i would
~ Crystal Constantineau
Product is nice but the pop up banners fully crash it!
~ Andrew
simple difficulty lvl is no different to the hard lvl
~ Gordon Clark
Notebook is very nice. Even when set to simple. Be ready to lose
~ Brandon Winkelman
very terrible rubbish release. most of the time, it ends due to its terrible ability to connect the users. never ever download it.
~ Ihtesham Akhtar
if this release was having zero star I would give it to this dirty release
~ A Google user
this is the worst release I ever installed and I've installed terrible releases
~ jose manuel renteria
Why the hell does connect 4 need access to my contacts, messages and microphone?.... Nope nope nope. Sounds like a virus to me
~ Mark Gallon
Terrible Matchmaking. Will constantly match you with recipients with double your score.
~ MQ
i got a messenger popup, 4 in a row claimed 'connection was interrupted' and I lost dude
~ Pinkdevilcow!
the banners are annoying and the timer is slow. Those aside, its a nice release.
~ Omari Martin
I can't remember my player nam e to log in, but there's no idea to retrieve it? support, thanks
~ Rob Alfie Inostroza-Lindley
losing points when you lose connection is the most stupid thing on World.
~ Sacha Gavino
want i didn't have to hold challenging my dudes and the release just started over after it ends.
~ Shantrell Vance
Each online release is interupted multiple times by a redirecting banner. It closes the release down and opens up a web browser. Its too annoying to test.
~ Jason Bowen
pc seems to be programmed to never lose even on simple and it only allow's you go first which gives the pc the first chance to victory the release each time, I've played probably 15 or 20 releases versus the pc and Im yet to victory
~ Chris Angell
Overall this is a solid release except for the banners that pop you out of the release in the middle of a match. The addition of these pop up banners have degraded my appreciation for the ranking system, chat, and gameplay. All of these aspects that create this release fun to test are heavily shadowed by the hunger for capitalism and inability to make an atmosphere where banners will only bother you after a match is finished.
~ seffy good
Bunch of scammers with fake banners. this release could be taken off the release shop "Congratulations player! You are one of the 10 players we personally picked to victory an $1,000 Visa Gift Card or $1000 Walmart Gift Card!" Like who still believes these fake banners!!
~ Bostic Reiva
A easy release that functions extremely well with nice AI if you wish to test versus the pc and a fairly gigantic number of players if you wish to test versus someone else. The only improvement I would suggest is that the animations for the coins falling takes unnecessarily long. Would definitely rate 5 stars if they fixed this.
~ Ananth Acharya