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About: An advanced Carp fishing simulator for the serious angler. Fish in 3 different lakes using a gigantic choice of tackle and bait. Make your own rigs and create your own bait. Use a spod rod / marker rod / catapult / throwing stick / bait boat (equipped with sonar). Fish in spring, summer, autumn or winter and pick between day or night. Based on the highly successful release ' 3DCARP ' but with many improvements and extras. 3DCARP2 the most advanced Carp fishing release.
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 68MB Developer: VCF
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3DCARP2 Reviews and Comments:

Better than the first
~ richard jones
Finest fishing release ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Barry Creme
Well made release, love testing it
~ A Google user
10/10 Absolutely brilliant! Such an improvement from 3DCarp, this is the only fishing sim that has been able to scratch the itch of hooking into a large fat Carp when you are not by the lake, to be able to fish with surface baits and see the carp come up and slowly swim around your bait, waiting to see if they are going to take it is something I have wanted in a fishing sim for years! And 3DCarp 2 nails it, I search myself claiming " just one more carp"
~ Adam Jones
Finest carp fishing release on the supermarket by far!
~ madjack mcmad
A well nice improvement from the first release graphics are nice controls are nice fell like u r out in true life fishing it a nice time waster when u r on ya brack at work or chilling out a lot more u can do as upgrad ur kit and rigs and more finest fishing release on the supermarket so far
~ john sim world
An awesome fishing simulator, awesome help from the development squad and one of the finest fishing simulation releases on a small device and has actually got even better of much improved adjustable settings which will support the release test better on all devices. Many thanks to the developers for their awesome continuing help.
~ Marcus Dunford
Brilliant wonderful
~ A Google user
its really choppy
~ Pinkzip143 gamer
won't load dontbuy
~ A Google user
Product doesn't load just takes me back to my device's home screen
~ Lee Arthurs
Product keeps destroying. Got plenty of memory on my device. Please fix
~ James Conachie
Product wont run. Usually i test to fish. It takes me back to my homescreen
~ Joe S
My favoured fishing release on mobile!
~ FranKG
Keeps freezing. Looks wonderful but can not test it long enough before it stops working.
~ A Google user
Brilliant release, and quickly to fixed the troubles I have had 5 stars.
~ Robbie Collard
Nice release had no troubles with loading or release test and no.trouble getting amongst a several large women and a newest pb 64lb I will take that.🤣
~ A Google user
The finest fishing release on the mob u fell u r there at the bank as u test the release night fishing to winter eta and the lad that furious it obtain back u r a relly frendly lad if u need gelp he support u as bugs obtain fix asap there no messing u can mack ur rig dawn tote ur baite u have to obtain the release and give it a go u obtain hook on ur 1st bite my be 1 min my be 20 min up 2 tbe idea u test
~ Paranormal 2016
It's nice release. Very realistic. Nice graphic. Would be nice if you add the vibrating mode on the bite alarms when it's runs. Nice for small when on silent.
~ Paul Challinor
Got the potential to be brilliant. But for some reason I cant adjust the volume. My media will be set to silent on the device but still plays sound. Seems to only have 2 options sound off or on. very annoying if you wish the sound on full blast, and dont understand why it could be able to overide the device. If that gets fixed review will be much better
~ Ian Norris
Hi this release is nice I first bought in CD form in 2008 which I still test actually its brilliant. The newest I trust is download able option is far superior to others on the supermarket at present. I can highly suggest this release for newbies to fishing and old hands, well done jullian on a nice job well done. It might be a nice concept to have live view as u have on CD ie.. Day turning to night etc.. I like the concept of being able to pick whether in spring summer etc.. Thanx for a magnificent time filler while waiting for that creature to bite Colin Bailey katch karp
~ The Wildlife gardener man Pond man
A nice release for fishing at home when you can't be on the bank
~ Bryn Bishop
Product will not load £3 is not expensive and but could expect it to load up and work would like this to be sorted if possible
~ Bob Bays
controls are terrible, would be easier just sliding finger across screen.
~ And y
Finest fishing release on the supermarket by far love each second of it 10/10
~ Dan Lewis
purchased everything once had to switch devices and lost everything really pissed about that
~ Joshua Carswell
Nice all around release no negative experiences for me thus far. I love that you can make your own baits and rigs all the idea from size, color, and scent to rigging your setups with Braid, Mono, or Fluoro. If you love carp fishing as much as I do this definitely supports when you cant go. And is just all around fun to test.
~ Carp Commander
This release is carp fishing to the "T". except for all the work. The thrill is there, and the disappointment when you snap a line. But I've caught all the tagged fish, upgraded to everything that I should. Also I have over 10,000 coins but nothing to buy. NEED UP GRADE BADLY. I would pay for an upgrade. so when can I fish the next locked lakes?
~ A Google user
brilliant is all i can claim this is a work of art if you like fishing you will love this
~ Terry Maloney