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About: 2048 Power of Two: Actually on Mobile Wear Connect related tiles to form newest tiles. For example: 2 + 2 = 4 4 + 4 = 8 8 + 8 = 16 .... 1024 + 1024 = 2048 Can you obtain to the 2048 tile ?
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 8MB Developer: Spooky House Studios UG(haftungsbeschraenkt)
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Similar Games Like Art Pixel: Holiday Edition (Color by Number)  Alternatives
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About: Art Pixel is a color by numbers game where you have to color the images. This is a special holiday edition filled with Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Santa Claus images. There are several colors in the palette and they correspond to the numbers in each pixel. Once you finish painting the image, you will be able to enjoy the final work and be surprised at what you have accomplished. There are types of images for everyone's taste. And we'll be adding many more soon. Use the fill tool ...

Developer: zapto games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Stickman Duo  Alternatives
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About: New game about Stickman has two parts! First part - "See". This part contains a video - an adventure about the stickman. You can skip the video by tapping the screen. Second part - "Play". Use some savvy here to kill all stickmen in short time. Prove your mastery and have much fun! Are you sad or happy - funny stickmen are always with you. Watch and play!...

Developer: Valerii Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like Battle Royale weapons quiz  Alternatives
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About: All the weapons from Fortnite Battle Royale are in this quiz so test your self and see how many you know!...

Developer: h0p3 of AMBE [email protected]

Similar Games Like quarall Alternatives
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About: Quarall is a game that lets you puzzle falling sweets. Whenever conditions are met the hungry worm can slip to the fruit and eat it. Quarall is a fair app which has * no ads * no analytics * no network connections (so far; multiplayer game mode will include network traffic) * been developed using libgdx (including libgdx freetype) Currently Quarall comes with the following features: * three difficulties: normal, easy and very easy * different speeding per difficulty * different ...

Developer: croesch [email protected]

Similar Games Like Monster pop Alternatives
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About: Monster pop game is a new Tap and pop the monsters game with unique and special game play like never before! The mission is to feed these little monsters with cakes by complete the levels. This fantastic pop game contains more than 900+ levels and No Live Limited like other pop games. You can play as much as you can and enjoy the great block match games. Your target in this game is to feed these monsters cakes by match 3 or more of same coloured monsters. The game is challenging and funny, it...

Developer: Tonya Northrup [email protected]

Similar Games Like Kavi Escape Game 498 Paradise Angel Escape Game Alternatives
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About: A paradise angel lived in a beautiful and magnificent village. That paradise angel was very beautiful to see. She is serving the people of that village. She was unexpectedly stuck in a house in a day. It is your duty to save that paradise angel who is there. That paradise angel is there to help you find all the spots that are hidden there to save you from there. The paradise angel who finds all the hidden clues in there and gets stuck there and saved you from the game and congratulate you to win...

Developer: Kavi Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like PixNite: Battle Royale - Color by Number Alternatives
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About: An application that will help you have fun coloring the picture with your favorite character or item from the battle royal. This is a great way to kill time, have fun, and also get rid of stress using coloring by number. Features: A large number of colorings and they are all free! Do you have a favorite subject? Find and color it in pixel style! Rich choice. Among the colorings you can find a variety of cosmetic items: character skins from rare to legendary, picks, hang-gliders, em...

Developer: PinRocket [email protected]


Similar Games Like Mahjong Towers Touch (Full) Alternatives
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About: If you like Mahjong, you will LOVE Mahjong Towers Touch: Mahjong Towers comes to Google Play in this beautiful sequel to the most popular mahjong solitaire game of all time, Mahjong Towers Eternity. Lose yourself in hours of satisfying tile matching and puzzle solving. Enjoy new features possible only on Android tablets: no more mouse ... just touch on tiles to match them! Swipe your discard pile to examine and undo as far back as you want with one touch. Beautiful art and music make this th...

Developer: Big Fish Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Twisted Lands: Origin  Alternatives
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About: Experience the birth of the terror that gripped the island of Tormente in the Twisted Lands series of hidden object adventure games! Take the role of a gifted detective who's always trusted his intellect and never given a second thought to the horrors hidden in the dark corners of the world. Watch his survival instincts kick in as he travels to Tormente to find a young lady and discovers misshapen creatures that threaten to kill him before he completes his task. Then protect the woman and her so...

Developer: Alawar Entertainment, Inc. [email protected]

Similar Games Like Swirl Down - Spin & Drop  Alternatives
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About: Go down as far as you can in this very easy to play, hard to master puzzle-arcade game. You're sure to have a blast seeing how many times you can get the ball to go down. Collect diamonds to use for unlocking other balls to drop down with. Swirl the structure to get the ball through the openings. Don't hit the red obstacles or it's game over. Features: Infinite gameplay Easy to play, jump right in Unlock different balls in the Swirl Down Shop Best Score tracking 3D eye candy ...

Developer: CandyCane [email protected]

Similar Games Like Memo Creatures Alternatives
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About: Only the bravest explorers are welcome to this adventure! The darkest dungeons and their dwellers are waiting to test your courage and quickness! Are you strong enough to face the scariest creatures? Okay, just kidding, they are quite cute. But tricky. Very tricky! Creatures hide in the depths of a dungeon in pairs so you have to use your memory skills and get them both at once! There are 2 game modes available - choose what suits you best - with a time limit or by the number of moves. Go as ...

Developer: Mad Cat VR [email protected]

Similar Games Like Big Brain - Functional Brain Training  Alternatives
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About: Big Brain - Free Funtional Brain Training is a compilation of 25 brain games inspired by daily life. Improve your cognitive skillz, test you brain and become smarter all while having fun with different brain puzzles. With 25 different brain games divided into 5 categories, both your left and right sides of your brain will be tested. These games are inspired by daily life and designed to improve skills you use every day: from finding a lost email to remember the name of your new colleague. T...

Developer: PocketLand [email protected]

Similar Games Like No.Paint: Color by Number  Alternatives
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About: Stressful day? Blow away your stress with coloring by number! Choose from lots of images you like or create your own pixel art! It's simple and addictive. Enjoy! # How to Play Just select color and then color by number. Long press to color continuously. Finish your artwork! Tip : Use bucket to color fast. # Key Features - Perfect relaxing and anti-stress activity for everyone. - Tons of beautiful pictures in various categories. - Share your pixel artworks with friends and fami...

Developer: BitMango [email protected]

Similar Games Like Fun Learn ABC Smart Kids Alternatives
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About: Fun Learn: Smart Kids Learn ABC, 123 is a free phonics and alphabet instructing application that makes learning fun for kids, from babies the distance to pre-schoolers and kindergartners. It includes a progression of following recreations to enable kids to perceive letter shapes, connect them with phonic sounds, and put their alphabet information to use in fun coordinating activities. Any little child, kindergartener or preschool age youngster can learn English and the English alphabet just by f...

Developer: Free Family Kids Games [email protected]


Similar Games Like Colour Match Alternatives
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About: Do you think you are a color master and you have extraordinary colour match acuity? or looking for entertaining, relaxing colour match?Then you must not miss this game! Color match is the most addicting color matching game, just swipe colored tiles to match and make perfect colour gradient. After making perfect color gradient This free colour match .Different game modes and difficulties challenge your colour perception.You can spend time with fun and mind exercising, as the colour match ...

Developer: Technology Luster [email protected]

Similar Games Like Magnet Balls 2 Alternatives
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About: Your goal is to clear the balls from the board, scoring as many points as possible. How? You shoot at them with more balls, and when three or more of the same color come together, they all explode. Point your finger to where you want the next ball to go. Features: * Relaxing and addictive gameplay * Beautiful graphics designed * 5 bonus balls * Possibility to use an accelerometer * 2 game mode (endless & adventure) * Compete for the best score in the world * 120 levels. New levels co...

Developer: crazy owl [email protected]

Similar Games Like Best Escape Game 527 Doe Escape Game Alternatives
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About: A doe was living in a beautiful and gorgeous village. The doe lived very happy. The doe was unexpectedly stuck in a house in a day. Your duty is to save the doe from there. To save the doe from there, it will help you find all the spots that are hidden clues. All the masks are hidden correctly and the doe who has been trapped there and you are happy to win the game. The tricks of the trick are a little harder to find, but somehow it may be a matter of interest. Good luck and have a fun !...

Developer: Best Escape Game [email protected]

Similar Games Like Escape room:Christmas present Alternatives
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About: escape roomChristmas present Today is Christmas. The gift I wanted to give my friend is gone. Quickly find and give it to my friend! Specials It is totally FREE Automatically saving progress Hints will help you out if there's a deadlock It is the best choice for you during your leisure time Abundant puzzles Fancy scenes Challenging puzzles Elegant music effect Strategies To tap anywhere in the screen To observe items carefully To pay attention to sus...

Developer: Flag Entertainment [email protected]

Similar Games Like Wave Gen  Alternatives
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About: Wave Gen is a game about combining and matching waves. Due to a unfortunate and completely unavoidable chain of events, this record has been completely messed up, and it's up to you to fix it. The record isn't broken, it's just... off. All of the wave forms that were once on it have been broken up and shifted. Shift the waves back so the combined wave matches the original!...

Developer: MildOptimist [email protected]

Similar Games Like Cat Bubble Shoot: Addictive Bubble Shooter & Blast Alternatives
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About: Bubble shooter games have never been this fun with the Cat Bubble Shoot. In this free bubble pop & blast game, you just need to aim at the bubbles and blast all the balls with the same color until you completely clear the board and complete the mission. So, if you are into such aim and shoot games and looking for an addictive time-killer game, download Cat Bubble Shoot for free on your Android device and help the cute pussy cat drop and burst the entire bubbles and get her kids back. A bra...

Developer: Lava Villa [email protected]



2048 for Android Wear Reviews and Comments:

Please fix the screen for the Moto 360 it goes off the edge
~ Dave Smart
How do you obtain out of release? Just palm over watch? Please fix score display for moto 360
~ Hector Sigala
Love ittt
~ tariq dari
Excellent release on Moto 360, very nice interface
~ Maged Gebriel
Plays nice on LG G Watch R!! No complaints!!
~ Hans Jaquez
Great release and it works great for my 360.
~ JeanCarlos Asencio
One of the very several apps that I have that now both work and look nice.
~ Dan Kotov
It's a a battery hog but lad does this look pretty on the 360. Very fluid and fun. Addictive.
~ Shawn Birchard
Looks and runs nice on a round display. I have the moto360 and it looks nice. It seems to be a large battery hog, though, I played for about half an hour and percentage dropped by almost 30%. But I didn't obtain the watch to test releases, but when I have a several mins to slay it is the first release I go to.
~ Joshua Garrison
Addictive and fun
~ Justin Legger
~ george cade
I love it
~ Vladimir Strafun
the softwer are very beutiful
~ kamrul gaji
Nothing to complain about.
~ Michael B
It doesn't even present up on my watch
~ Ajay Bhattacharyya
It's the finest release for Mobile wear, it's a nice time aggressor and it's very entertaining.👍👍👍👍👍
~ Arturo Sarmiento
Animations on watch!
~ majed alsaigh
Nice speedy response and doesn't nuke my battery!
~ Michael J
I like this release.
~ Marzan Hussain Ariya
How do you test on watch?
~ Karen Thayer
Create some lvls or different release test options
~ Rajan Sethi
Flawless on the Moto 360
~ Romin Mirmotahari
Battery drains very speedy.
~ Rohan Lapsiwala
Not compatible with the gear fit
~ Jamie Asprey
Works nice on my watch.
~ Mike Miller
Wow! This release is one of the most suitable releases made for Mobile Wear. Nice work!
~ yaman koudmani
Doesn't work on mobile wear
Ita doesn't work.........i. Cant launch it
~ Partho-sarati Chakraborty
Why do you need media access and IAP permissions?
~ Andrei Melencu
Downloaded it but it doesn't appear on my watch or my device waste of time
~ comments rus
Product works nice. Only trouble is that it kills my battery.
~ Steven W
It doesn't work on the Asus Zen watch 3
~ Nickolas gaming
Does not work with zenwatch 2. No Mobile wear help??
~ Josh Jones
Nice release, tough, runs nice on moto360 2nd gen.
~ Rico Anderson
It was downloaded but did not present up one my watch
~ Xavier Cruz1
If I should give it half a star I would it won't allow me launch the release if I go through my apps it won't present this anywhere but if I go to my installed apps it claims that I installed this release
~ Mariyah Furay
Works well but the pause button sometimes gets in the idea
~ Harry Jones
I've had releases for wear before and they have been cute terrible but this one is nice, nice graphics well made thank you 😊
~ Glen Barnes
Unbelievable tiny time waster. It took me 2 months to finally obtain 2048. I just want there was more to it. Various board sizes or something. Graphics and animations look nice and it runs well.
~ Nicholas Gorman
If I should give this zero stars I would, it claims it's for the mobile wear but when I download it doesn't even present on my watch even though it shows I successfully downloaded it? Complete garbage don't waste your time and patience
~ Natasha Carreiro