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About: Do you know why you're stuck here? From actually on, I will give you the basics you need to escape from here. Although it might be hard, I think you are capable of doing it. However, the previous entrant did not persevere long enough, and met his end here. Dont allow this happen to you. This locked door is only the smallest part of the trials you will have to face. So dont give up easily! Featured - Deleting an release will erase stored time. - Dismantle suspicious equipment. - Sometimes you have to combine two equipment. - Do not give up! you can escape! Developers Fb: [email protected]
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 97MB Developer: Gameday Inc.
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13 Puzzle rooms Reviews and Comments:

G R E A T J O B. I really liked this release Wow
~ Kiraizuma
Unbelievable fun and challenging release
~ Wayland Gnoh
really hope there is more...
~ daniel chu
impossibly hard unless you a member of mensa!
~ mark thompson
Eh kinda boring. Same old thing others place out there
~ Victor Sanchez
8317??? WHY? The puzzles create NO sense at all.
~ denis giri
the cutter at the fourth lvl is impossible to take, pls fix
~ a s h i a p
not logical. Can not understand the reason even if i see the tip.
~ 秦瑛迪
I like the release. Reminds of The Room.
~ Zac Voigt
I love smart releases. It eats your time.
~ Detamar Nogueira
This release create you think and have fun at the same time. Nice!
~ Erick Hernandez
Average puzzles, not simple to navigate as well.
~ Alper Akın
A+ Rating! Nice Product! 13 lvls not much for a release but fully worth going through.
~ Rick Post
disappointed with how short it is! 13 rooms isn't enough...
~ Nessa Sarsfield
Speedy to finish, but fun. Fairly simple puzzles to solve.
~ Autumn Y
some of the rooms were a bit confusing because u couldnt claim what an object was but overall it was a cute entertaining release and the rooms had me thinking for a nice ten mins
~ Life
Product doesn't work. Doing exactly what the tricks claim, but it claims test something else. Uninstalling because the release is poor.
~ Paul Rayl
When I have paid for a release I do not expect to have in ap purchases chases as well. Will be Uninstalling this release.
~ Davina MacLeod
Very fun until I got to Metal of the secret, because there was only 3 coins and the tricks were no support to search the fourth coin.
~ melena esparza
Fascinating and highly suggested for recipients who's been craving for mysteries and unexpected journeys. Couples of mild errors, but undeniably addicting. Hold up the nice work.
~ A Google user
This is an nice release. i completed all 13 lvls , however i have more than 50 videos lying around. i want should utilise it somewhere. its so sad that i noticed it at the end.
~ Shaista Sadaf
fully horrible. what type of a puzzle release is this? the riddle feels so weird. simple guess riddle but you create it complicated. looks like the release is made by babes right after they watched a cartoon about detectives
~ en1te
Some of the puzzles are not that logical, otherwise too simple. Weird interactions, and unintuitive idea of using equipment.
~ Nikolai Ommundsen
I Escaped! Really gets your noggin working. The clues are challenging but not too challenging that you give in to the tip. I really enjoyed and looking for other.
~ savalos
I got this during a sale so its not too terrible. However, is this worth the price normally? no. these lvls are rather short, aside from few rooms to solve. i got stuck a several times only because things dont seem logical dont pay for this.
~ Katnarine
Terrible escape room. There is more "click everywhere and hope something works" rather than possibilities that makes you think.
~ Fredrik Selvig
some hard lvls, however super fun and challenging! Appreciated the puzzles. Husband and I loved the release overall.
~ Danyale Post
I would rate it higher, as the puzzles are entertaining. But the release doesn't seem to recognise when I use certain equipment on certain territories- like the cheese and the mouse hole, or cup in the sink. I even looked at the tip, only to have it confirm that I was doing the right thing all along, it just wasn't recognising it
~ Zack TK
Doesn't usually let you to pick up the essential equipment. After a several attempts at seeing an object (knife) on the table in lvl 4 that i was unable to pick up, it finally allowed me to pick it up today. When I've opened the release again after work, the lvl has restarted and i cant pick it up again
~ James Hilliard
so stupid it is so hard because they give you these stupid riddles to work with and when you need a tip they only present you where the hidden equipment are located not supporting you with the puzzles at all and it gets this stupid right after the FIRST LEVEL!! total rip off. do not install
~ jason brink
The narration leads you to thinking there is a storyline behind. But no. There's no storyline behind. It would've been better if there was no narration and you're just trying to escape. The tip claims clicking mindlessly won't support, but it's not real. In fact, some of the puzzles are probably solved by most via clicking randomly since sometimes there's no logical reason for the puzzle.
~ Monochromatic Mirror
why are all these releases have color based puzzles... its so lazy, you really couldn't think of anything better than a easy color match release... yeah sure a breeze to some recipients but when you are colorblind it's a slap in the face not being able to solve a puzzle a two year old can... cant really give this release a positive or negetive review as I can't create it past the first 5 secs
~ Jonny Kilvington
I can't pass the one with the ice and water 400g bc it won't allow me accumulate the water from the tap when the cup is full I have used all tricks and it doesn't work support Edit: very sorry I didn't know that it me at the cup had to be 400 should maybe a tiny clearer nice job this release is nonpaid on sale
~ Charlie Hewitt
A cute nice attempt, not the worst release it's category. Gonna hold you busy for about 15 mins. Some of the puzzles made absolutely no sense, I suspect because the originator isn't an English first language speaker but one clue to obtain past that and you're back in track again.
~ Craig Bryant
It's not as terrible as the reviews recommend, some of the puzzles are quite thoughtful and fun... others are not intuitive at all. I would not pay to test it, but I didn't mind watching an occassional banner to support out a newest soft developer and encourage them to test again.
~ Shaherizad Parse
Cute fun! The puzzles weren't very hard overall, but still fun. There are few rooms, and I liked the song a lot! A couple puzzles made no sense, and I do want it hard been more interactive, more puzzles & story, and more similar & intense puzzles. It is cute fun though. Thanks!
~ Debbie Heath
Can't save your progress in a room. Once you exit the release all your progress in the actual room is lost. When you go back to the release you have to run the whole lvl over again. Unacceptable in 2019.
~ Whatatay T
You have to really think hard what to do here. i really love escape rooms, but I was stuck at room 9 and couldn't obtain out. Also had to use at least one tip in each room. But nevertheless, the release is nice and you could test it.
~ Aistė Butrimaitė
It was okay, but it will not let me to zone the cheese in front of the mouse hole. I see I am not the only person who has had this trouble so that is grounds to uninstall. Not wasting my time on a release you can't design correctly. Thank God it was on sale for nonpaid.
~ Jennie Kline
Most of the puzzles were boring, needlessly convoluted, and half of them didn't even create sense. not hard puzzles, just non-sensical puzzles. played through the entire thing hoping there'd be some actual sense in the puzzle making, instead all you obtain is more nonsense. felt type of like a waste of time...
~ Allen Walden