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About: 10000000 is a Dungeon Crawling Puzzle RPG Matching Product. Run the dungeon, match tiles and run for as long as you can This release is so nice it makes me wish to cry - TouchArcade - Creatures blocking your idea? Match swords and staves to take down pixel art Orcs, Dragons and Elementals - Can't see a match? Dig into your backpack for equipment. How about casting a magic spell that changes all the tiles on the puzzle board, or eating some meal to give yourself an energy boost. - War getting too tough? Use the loot you found to go back to the Blacksmith and Armorer to upgrade your gear to epic status Freedom costs 10 million. Im half-hoping I never create it Kotaku - It's an RPG too! - Every dungeon and creature war gives you experience to spend on newest skills at at the trainer - Upgrade your castle - Matching stone and wood lets you bring it back home to ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: EightyEight Games
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About: Woody Puzzle is a addictive and classic puzzle game! Drag the blocks and fill up the grids,the blocks are crushed when you complete the grid. It is so classic and fun! You can pop the blocks anytime and anywhere. Once you start, you will be more like this block game. How to play Woody puzzle * Tap block to move them to fill up the grids * Try to complete all in the row or column. * Blocks can't be rotated. * There is no mobile block end of the game Why choose this wood block puz...

Developer: 100 PUZZLE GAME [email protected]

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About: Connect One is the only app where you can MAKE REAL MONEY PLAYING FREE VIDEO GAMES! We have already given away TENS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to lucky players just like you! All you need to do is play any of our games and collect at least one ticket to be entered into the frequent cash prize draws. The more tickets you collect the higher your chance of winning the cash prize! Check back at draw time to see if your name is on the winning ticket! The winning prize is paid out through a Payp...

Developer: WINR Games Inc [email protected]

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About: Pretentious Game is one of those rare games on the App Store [...] full of originality. - Pocket Gamer A lovely platformer Rock Paper Shotgun "I can say that its refreshing to see something like this come along." - ArcadeSushi Is Pretentious Game an overwhelming experience with a touching message or just a too pretentious game? You be the judge. - Director's Choice Award and Best in Storytelling nominee in Casual Connect San Francisco 2013 Have you ever realized how wor...

Developer: Keybol [email protected]

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About: Start an adventure elimination in the interstellar! Come experience a new way to eliminate the game in star maze! It is still a three-game, the difference is the innovative game process, pushing the crystal in the maze line to reach the horizontal or vertical row of three crystals of the same color. Game features: Innovative elimination gameplay Multiple game modes, eliminating modes....

Developer: Sweet Sweet Candy [email protected]

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About: In a beautiful small village there were some homes and people. The villagers lived very happy. A vigor giant lives in that village. Those people were so afraid of the vigor giant. But that vigor giant was so sinful. The people who did not know this were hiding in a house where the vigor giant was. It is your duty to save that vigor giant from there. That vigor giant will help you find all the trunks that are hidden there to save you from there. The hare where all the clues that are hidden are hi...

Developer: Best Escape Games [email protected]

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About: Do you search the best boy puzzles for kids and cool games for boys? Do you search the best educational game for boy? Then our Kids Puzzles for Boys games is perfect for you and will be useful! Kids Puzzles for Boys is the best educational game for boys with interesting and cool kids puzzles for boy! Kids Puzzles for Boys game is intended mainly for boys from 3 to 12, but is suitable for all from 0 to 100 years old! In Kids Puzzles for Boys game we selected the best kids puzzles for b...

Developer: Piu Piu Apps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle For Kids - Christmas Game Alternatives
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About: Enjoy Christmas Games with christmas puzzle, christmas maching objec, christmas coloring book, christmas match object, christmas jigsaw puzzles with Santa and his pals Holidays are just around the corner and your kids will love to play with these new puzzles. Each relaxing puzzle features a different beautiful scene drawn by a professional cartoon artist, and a unique reward when the puzzle is completed. Perfect for entertaining little boys, girls, and toddlers over the holidays! The be...

Developer: Star Game Development [email protected]


Similar Games Like super hero puzzle Alternatives
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About: play and enjoy this is the super hero pazzal in this game you make the proper image of given super hero also yo have many update what you want in this game. weekly you have new super hero after completing this stage of super hero....

Developer: Rangesh Kanoujiya [email protected]

Similar Games Like Grandpa's Table HD  Alternatives
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About: There is a room with an old table. You dont remember who designed it and with what purpose, but you know that it hides a game, game that hides a secret. A game that must be played to save memories from fading out Grab your device and discover the mysterious world of the grandpa and his memories - solve relaxing puzzles, collect mementos and explore the history of the grandpas life. * Carefully designed user interface - interact with the unique table in an amazing 3d environment. * Solve...

Developer: Kivano [email protected]

Similar Games Like Hidden Scenes Spring Garden: Nature Picture Puzzle  Alternatives
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About: Taking the classic jigsaw puzzle to the next level, Hidden Scenes is a must-play for lovers of picture puzzles! With 5 unique, exciting game modes youll have to swap, flip, rotate and rearrange the mosaic tiles to reveal the stunning HD nature photos hidden within each level. If youre looking for a collection of free picture puzzles for adults look no further! ***************** ORIGINAL GAME MODES SWAP - Swap the pieces into their correct spot, like a relaxing jigsaw puzzle FLIP - ...

Developer: Hidden Scenes Games by Difference Games LLC [email protected]

Similar Games Like Fox Jigsaw Puzzles Alternatives
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About: Fox Jigsaw Puzzles game is about beautiful fox! It is a fun jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. Features: 1. 4 types of puzzles, including switch, shuffle, rotate and regular jigsaw 2. 9 - 1600 pieces. 2. Save to gallery 3. Change background 4. Use own music. 5. Pinch to zoom 6. Landscape view(Premium version). Join us on Facebook: ...

Developer: Titan Inc [email protected]

Similar Games Like Kavi Escape Game 482 Butterfly Escape Alternatives
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About: There were a few homes in a beautiful and magnificent place. The place was beautiful to see. There is a cute big size butterfly living in that fantasy village. That cute butterfly was unexpectedly stuck in a magic house in a day. It is your duty to save the cute butterfly from there. It will help you to find the hidden clues where you save the cute butterfly from there. Find all the tips and save the cute butterfly from there and congratulate you to win the game. The tricks of the trick are a li...

Developer: Kavi Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Real Flip Sequin - Live Screen Alternatives
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About: Real Flip Sequin - Live Screen Pull screen - Real Sequin! - Create sequins on your phone! - More than 50 species! - Go through all the arcade and quiz! - There are such riddles as football teams, brands, logos! - Open the sequins with the help of the game symmetry! - You can draw and create sequins in your phone! - Put Lizun and Slime on the picture! - Take a photo and turn the pictures! - Manual evolution sequins are always with you! The wallpapers are very beautiful! - Anti-stress i...

Developer: Brothers Apps And Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like HTML5 Brain & Math & Puzzle Games Browser - No ADS Alternatives
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About: Lights flow free plumber heart Draw a Line flow the ball Number Puzzle 2048 word Puzzle Balls Puzzle Box puzzle Wood Puzzle and more Games... Wait for new Games...!!...

Developer: Arbach Market [email protected]


Similar Games Like Logo Quiz: Guess the Logo, Brand Knowledge Trivia  Alternatives
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About: Can you guess the logo?Logo Quiz is one of the biggest trivia game.Tons of popular logos from all over the world with the largest logo collection of brands & logos to solve. Logos are everywhere around us.You see brands everyday.How many can you remember and recognize?Try your mind, memory and perception skills in a free Logo quiz.Download LOGO Quiz now and let the fun begins! Guess the logo and answer what international brands hide under logos from all over the world.Some are easy and you ...

Developer: Coloring by Number - Pixel Art Games : Next Tech [email protected]

Similar Games Like The Moron Test Alternatives
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About: Graduate from Moron to Genius as you tap, twist, and shake your way through these fun and tricky challenges! Master the game, then laugh as your friends and family struggle with these seemingly simple puzzles! The Moron Test is one of the most popular mobile games ever with millions of players worldwide. Play now and experience why The Moron Test is an Google Play Store favorite! The Moron Test - it's fun to FAIL! FEATURES: - Simple, addicting gameplay - Six sections featuring hundr...

Developer: DistinctDev, Inc. [email protected]

Similar Games Like Whack Your Computer Alternatives
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About: The crazy classic game now has more ways to whack your computer! 15 in total and all you gotta do is find them. The secretary has become a bad-ass wild-woman! She doesn't sit idly by while the boss whacks the computer she goes mental! Tap items in the office and take out all your aggression on the cartoon computer so that your computer will survive to serve you another day. As you find all the ways to whack the computer you will help our heroes return to their primal neanderthal state befo...

Developer: Tom Winkler [email protected]

Similar Games Like Puzzle Game Alternatives
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About: Puzzle Game Classic One of the most addictive puzzle games in the puzzledom. Simple, fun and suitable for kids/adults to train brain and keep their mind sharp! How to play Puzzle Game: Drag and drop the classic brick into the board and make lines horizontally or vertically to clear bricks. This is a simple but fun brick game. Puzzle Game Features: 1. Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age. 2. Simple and attractive. 3. puzzle games free. 4. No WIFI ? No problem! Tips for Pu...

Developer: guaiqin [email protected]

Similar Games Like Classic Labyrinth Maze 3d 2 - More Mazes  Alternatives
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About: After 10 million installs so far for Volume 1, there was a massive demand for more challenging levels. 39 levels are free in the lite section, the other 63 level could be played each after watching a short video or if you get the fullversion. We improoved the game a lot, with awesome sound and visual effects. Also we are introducing multi-ball level. This game starts harder all in all. So if you did not play version one of this game so far and you like to start a little easier, we reco...

Developer: Cabbiegames [email protected]

Similar Games Like Mouse Spy : Trap Game, Cut the Cheese, Maze Puzzle  Alternatives
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About: Mouse Spy is a free, simple but very addictive maze puzzle game. Can you help a mouse named agent "Mouque" to eat all the cheese, escape traps and solve puzzles? The goal of this puzzle game is to help the mouse escape traps and solve puzzles find right way to get the cheese. Earn cheese points and open the next levels. This can be achieved by controlling the mouse movement on the right way. Each of the 100 levels requires logic, skill, and patience. Will you be able to help Mouse to...

Developer: Ipricot Games [email protected]



10000000 Reviews and Comments:

Nice fun!
~ MycahM
Finest match 3 there is
~ Blake Parker
a Masterpiece.
~ Tom Amon
Finest match release on the interwebs.
~ Anon A. Miss
everything about this release is fun! it's easy and so very addicting! it's a gotta-buy!
~ A Google user
Match 3+ rpg
~ A Google user
What do you need Storage permissions for? I'm assuming the worst, and leaving my review at 3 stars until otherwise informed of what you're using it for.
~ Brennon Kauffman
Want I should buy more resources for like $2.99 or something lol I'm lazy and don't have a nice attention span
~ Tenebris Silentium
I now downloaded this from a pirate web, completed it in 4 hours worth of dungeon time. Liked it so much I came and paid for it. Thanks for the fun release!
~ Javier Bueno
UPDATE:Still adore this release (Pixel 3a), but I want the dev would create the release icon adhere to Google's standards. I hate how ugly it looks in comparison to another release icons, and therefore attempt to hide it. ORIGINAL REVIEW:One of my favoured device releases of all time, I had it on my iPhone and I have it again on my V10. This release is so nice because it offers fun gameplay whether you have 20 seconds or an hour to slay. It's incredibly clean and polished, and it's well worth the price.
~ David M.
Short, intense, and addictive. Docked one target for having Google Test achievements but no apparent idea to now receive them due to no interface to sign in or view achievements. EDIT 2019-03-06: Google Test login works actually and achievements are listed, but haven't confirmed that they can be earned. I'm on Ace lvl 2, so that might be interfering.
~ Soon-Ping Phang
Fun puzzle release
~ Diana Sturgill
Nice distracting release!
~ Gordon Wellman
Super fun and addictive.
~ Dennis Clancy
Really well done matching release
~ Rachel Jacoby
fun! different swipes too. achievements are broke.
~ Omar Rashid
One of the finest puzzle releases on mobile.
~ jaeger jaquez
Nice release but too short. Needs an expansion!
~ Anthony Rice
I cannot pick superhero portion after activate it.
~ Ken Cheung
Beaten twice, still fun to test through again 3rd time
~ Sam Beresford
Nice release, I want there more releases like this.
~ Dale Gercken
The release is fun, relatively special and worth the price. The song is nice and gameplay is relaxing without being too simple.
~ Penelope Blank
Very fun and for the first time in what seems like forever there are no microtransactions
~ Adolfo Osegueda
This release has a cute interesting idea, but with the pacing and challenge system it's more about luck and just constantly swiping whatever rather than experience or skill.
~ Cian Kinderknecht
Nice release... but once Holdfast is picked you can't deactivate for some reason. Emailed developer. Hoping it gets fixed, otherwise I am stuck.
~ Dave Cole
Fun time aggressor that keeps me coming back. I also bought the follow-up title so highly suggest
~ Jason Ellison
I thought I didn't like match-3, CandyCrush-kind releases. 10000000 proved me wrong.
~ Joshua Yen
Nice release, very original. Only terrible about it is a tiny short, I got nonpaid in 4 hours of gameplay.
~ J A Dias Neto
Achievements are not working! All of them are shown as secret, but after finishing the release, repairing and updating everything, I still not have got any of them...
~ Levente Varga
Brilliant..nice to see some nice releases with no IAPs. Fully worth the upfront cost. As mentioned by others, Test Products integration is broken (Feb 2019) - finished the release but no achievements unlocked .
~ Pieter Harmse
This is a very fun release and it takes me back to the old Commodore 64 days. It has nice progression and no microtransactions. Though it lacks polish, that is also part of its charm and is embarrassingly more complete then releases published by AAA companies.
~ B.V. Marin
Fun time sink, everything worked flawlessly. The design was easy and simple to learn and challenging to master, nice release all around.
~ Trent Smith
I will usually love this release. You have to be speedy on your wit to match the right thing at the right time. I feel that the run challenges are a tiny simple, but I have also been testing this release probably 5 years. Highly suggested.
~ Jessie
The finest match 3 there is. Like an old school dungeon crawler had a baby with a match 3 release back in the 80s/early 90s. Nice 8 bit song that fits perfectly. Even though I kinda suck at it, I hold testing because it's very fun.
~ Daniel Chappell
nice fun. love the release and the developer. after unlocking the last potion, bottom right, you cant deactivate it. achievements werent unlocking either.
~ Kyle Wilkie
Beat the release in 3.5 hours. Enjoyed and easily lost track of time. Google Test achievement seems broken though, didn't obtain any despite completing the release.
~ Yuda Nugraha
an immediate classic, really nice release! but i've got a bug where I can't deselect the last option, I click on it and nothing happens :( also, achievements not unlocking.
~ Yell Prearo
This is a row/column sliding Match-3 release with speedy pacing, RPG themes, and a gigantic amount of progression. Only trouble I've had is that none of the Google Test achievements unblock correctly -- litetally 0 of 14, likely an trouble due to testing midair/offline regularly that the devs didn't anticipate. Still, one of my fav Match-3 releases.
~ J H
Cute enjoyable release. Easy got my dollars's worth. (6-8 for main content, glad to return to the release to slay time etc.) More song/soundtracks would be great. I hope there's a sequel one day. NOTE TO DEVS: I "completed" the release (bought all updates and escaped) but didn't unblock ANY of the Google Test achievements. Any concepts why? (Acc is linked etc.)
~ DY357LX
This is not a 5-star release. It's also not a 1-star release. For 3 bucks there should be a lot more to it. It's tiny better than time attack mode of bejeweled except the matching mechanism is clunkier and more stressed for time. After about an hour of test, I am actually mostly stubbornly trying to obtain my dollars's worth out of it by testing a tiny more even though it's not very fun.
~ Jay M