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About: NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER This thrilling novel kicks off what Stephen Boss calls a trilogy that will stand as one of the nice achievements in American fantasy fiction.NOW A FOX TV SERIES!NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST NOVELS OF THE YEAR BYTIMEAND ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BYThe Washington Post Esquire U.S. News & Globe Report NPR/On Target St. Louis Post-Dispatch BookPage Library Journal It happened speedy. Thirty-two mins for one globe to die, other to be born. An epic and gripping tale of catastrophe and survival,The Passage is the storyline of Amyabandoned by her mother at the age of six, pursued and then imprisoned by the shadowy figures behind a government experiment of apocalyptic proportions. But Unique Agent Brad Wolgast, the lawman sent to track her down, is disarmed by the curiously quiet woman and risks everything to save her. As the experiment goes nightmarishly wron ... Show more
Genre: Fiction / Literary Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.3 Audio language: English Authors: Justin Cronin Publisher: Ballantine Books
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The Passage: A Novel (Book One of The Passage Trilogy) Similar Books

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The Passage: A Novel (Book One of The Passage Trilogy) Reviews and Comments:

The passage. First of all this ebook is idea to long. Easy should of been 250 pages shorter. Im nit bothering with ebook two or three. I hope the mini series is better than the ebook! Not suggest.
~ J. Brown
I believed the review that it's about a woman babe struggling to survive. False. It's (again) all about the lads and their sadness, struggles, dead wives, jobs, moral quandaries and on and on. Disappointing read as I expected female equality in the storyline claiming. Silly me... got the same old manspeak... it's all about them and every another.. again. Same-o same-o
~ WarmWeenies Doxie Sweaters
What a waste of time this ebook was. The originator was sitting around thinking, hmnnn vampires are known so allow me write a storyline about them. But I don't wish to create it too obvious so I'll give them each another name except that. Ok, actually I need a title to this apocalyptic tale. Something nice. Oooh, how about the STAN...I mean the Passage. I kept reading hoping it would obtain nice. It didn't.
~ Jeff L.
Human Genetics alteration nightmare
~ Jackie Pickrell
I have been searching for a ebook like this for years. Don't allow anything deter you from giving The Passage a test. Hell, they offer the nonpaid preview.
~ Tony Compretta
This is one of my favoured ebooks and is most definitely worth reading or listening to
~ Shelly Allain
Fully original, emotionally affecting and absorbing. Should not place it down!
~ Bryan Finck
This is and will forever be one of the absolute finest stories ever written. It's great. Forever a favoured.
~ Vincent LeGrowl
Can't wait to read the second and third ebooks.
~ Chris Arbaugh
One of the finest ebooks I've read on a long time. Kinda long but worth each word.
~ Eric Romanino
I'm so sad to come to the end of this trilogy. His writing is absolutely breath taking.
~ Alyssa Chaney
It takes a heck of an awesome writer to obtain me that involved in a Vampire post apocalyptic globe. ... But Mr. Cronin did it. The Second novel The Twelve is nice and I cannot wait for Town of Mirrors to be pubLished.
~ Teresa R Dunlap-Stillson
I really like this ebook. Very exciting, one thing after other.
~ Tammy Wood
Unbelievably nice! Just read it. Receive past first couple chapters and then it takes off. You are in for quite a ride! (PS: Expect to stay up into the wee hours of the morning.)
~ Judith Austin
Couldn't place it down. This is the finest apocalyptic horror ebook around. So realistic
~ Mike Kittleson
Gets slow at times and the style of storytelling changes multiple times but overall it is a nice storyline
~ Nikhil Bansal
One of the finest ebooks I've ever read. It was an enthralling page turner. I found myself constantly curious about what would happen next while I read this ebook.
~ Eric Vintimilla
Unlike anything I've ever read. The characters are written in such a idea you can't support but become attached to them.
~ Traci Castrovinci
I read this ebook when it came out, and found it enjoyable but not compelling enough to read any more in the series. Thus three stars, nice but not nice.
~ Josh Boren
Came upon this originator and ebook for the first time as I was perusing the NY Times finest seller's list , now The Twelve was on it and I found my idea to The Passage as it was the first in the Trilogy, actually I am waiting not so patiently for Book number 3.
~ Catherine's gmail
Sci fi novel about genetic alteration of human topics, gone haywire
~ Mary Valuri
Read this when it was published. Wonderful storyline, wonderful storytelling. Was disappointed with "The Twelve." Hoping the final ebook will be on par with "The Passage!"
~ J.K.S.
BEST BOOK I'VE EVER READ! Seriously love this ebook along with "The Twelve" and "The Town of Mirrors"! I've already read all three once, actually I'm reading them again. However, you don't have to pay 10$ for these ebooks, you can search nonpaid epub downloads on Google.
~ A Google user
I am an avid reader and I haven't read anything compared to this ebook since Stephen Boss's The Stand. I haven't heard of the originator before, but hold up the wonderful writing forever and ever. Amen!
~ Jack R See
I am a fan of apocalyptic, end of the globe equipment, and Justin Cronin did not disappoint! I found his style of writing to be related to Stephen Boss (my favoured originator). The storyline is very detailed and the characters likeable and well developed. I have my calendar marked for "The Twelve."
~ A Google user
Really a nice storyline all three ebooks, the only reason I am giving this one a four star is because the beggining has a really slow run, I urge wary readers to push through till the end.
~ Jarrid Schreiner
The idea the storyline unfolds is masterful. It draws you in slowly and before you know it you've formed a bond with the characters. Then the rug is pulled out from beneath you and you are propelled forward where you are left to wonder and thus to read on. Book 2 is just as nice as the first. It picks up seamlessly with enough stats missing to draw the reader back in. Looking forward to reading the concluding installment. If you enjoy the passage trilogy I recommend : the strain trilogy
~ crystal jannett sanchez
But well crafted and every person's travel is an interconnected piece that leaves you wanting to understand more about them, not just the cases in which they search themselves.
~ Danita Dixon
Idea overhyped. Long winded and meandering. When its nice, it's nice, but there's idea too much filler.
~ Nico Vreeland
Difficult to obtain into at times...but if you stick with it, you won't be sorry - your prize is ebook #2...wow!!. A lot of hero building in the first ebook. It stands as one of my top 3 favoured post apocalyptic fiction series (my favoured category).
~ Chrystal Cecil
This ebook grabbed me! I couldn't place it down.
~ Drew Stone
Fully enthralling! I am NOT a hardcore reader because I obtain bored too easily... This ebook fully solves that trouble for me! I truly should not place it down. Actually moving onto the sequel. ^_^ ~LAG
~ gary gonzalez
This ebook was long, yet it seemed to go quickly because the storyline was so engaging. I really started to care for the characters. Half of the ebook are meetings that lead up to an epic end-of-the-globe scenario, while the another half deals with those who survive in the post-apocalyptic globe. I am currently reading this ebook's sequel, The Twelve, and am enjoying each epic part of it as well.
~ Thomas Sharpe
It was okay. A tiny slow and territories. But I have to wonder the person who wrote the review now read the ebook. This ebook was not about a tiny woman who saved the globe. It was about all the another recipients in her life and how they perceived her she was only a minor hero. Don't think I'll go on to the next one
~ greylady 2
I very much enjoyed this ebook. The characters were really interesting and the storyline was believable. I'm a large fan of The Walking Dead and found this to be just as entertaining. I like the exploration of recipients in survival mode, overcoming extreme circumstances. The ebook was well worth the buy. One of the longer ebooks I've read and I still wish to read more. Luckily I don't have to wait because the next installment is already waiting for me. :-)
~ April Azure
At first the ebook had to much filling in it. It greatly disturbed the natural flow. Then it was to dark an I don't mean the obvious dystopic setting, but the interactions between recipients.
~ Reine Gill
Takes you into a globe that we destroyed with characters you root for, recipients you despise and frightening monsters. Takes recipients to their core, who they really are. I had a hard time putting it down, usually wanting to know what's around the corner. I will be reading the 2nd ebook!
~ Buttercup&Aba Spoknik
Very nice storyline, but the excessive hero development was not nice for my short attention span. For this reason, it took me nearly 6 months to finish. Once the hero development was out of the idea and the took off, I couldn't place it down. Going to buy "The 12" as quick as I'm done this review.
~ Richard Gambrill
Couldn't place it down!
~ Paula Noesen
Had me thinking about it any time I wasn't reading it. A real masterpiece
~ David Weeks