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About: Russian meddling, American fragmentation, and global politics collide in this action-packed, international thriller.In The Nemesis Manifesto, Newest York Times bestselling originator Eric Van Lustbader, "the master of the smart thriller,"* delivers an epic and harrowing journey of the predatory forces that are threatening the very fabric of democracy and kicks off a compelling newest series with a singular newest superhero for our time.Evan Ryder is a lone wolf, a field agent for a black-ops arm of the DOD, who has survived unspeakable tragedy and prepared her life to protecting her country. When her fellow agents launch to be systematically eliminated, Evan gotta unravel the thread that ties them all together...and before her name comes up on the slay list.The list belongs to a mysterious cabal known only as Nemesis, a hostile entity hell-bent on tearing the United States apart. As Eva ... Show more
Genre: Fiction / Thrillers / Espionage Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.0 Audio language: English Authors: Eric Van Lustbader Publisher: Forge Books
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The Nemesis Manifesto Reviews and Comments:

Lovers of bestseller Lustbader’s contributions to the Jason Bourne franchise (Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Initiative, etc.) will welcome this outstanding series run. Evan Ryder, a field agent in a ...
~ A Google user
The Nemesis Manifesto offers a thrilling ride into international espionage, double agents and conspiracy. Book one of the Evan Ryder series introduces readers to a terrible a$$ female spy thrown into a ...
~ A Google user
A finely crafted tale of intrigue and espionage that feedback Russia, Germany and the United States. Central to this storyline is a secret group symbolized by ravens. There is almost a super superhero girl agent ...
~ A Google user
I’ll be the first person to admit that political thrillers are far from my category of choice – typically I stick more towards the fantasy and sci-fi end of the fiction spectrum. But I’ll also be the first to claim you that Eric Van Lustbader’s newest ebook was pleasantly surprising in the idea it kept me involved to the target where I was on the edge of my metaphoric seat the entire time. The Nemesis Manifesto informations a entire cast of wonderfully written and engaging characters but focuses its efforts on the enigmatic Evan Ryder, a slightly jaded and incredibly smart operative for an unnamed arm of the DOD. When we first meet Evan, she has been named in by her boss for a premium assignment that has led more than one fine agent to their death. Actually, with the pressure mounting and the stakes higher than ever, Evan gotta search who the nefarious and deadly Nemesis is before its slay list can be finished. It’s a race versus time as Evan wars not only unseen forces but also her own fractured memories, which claim her there might be more to this Nemesis than she – or anyone else – anticipated. Although the prologue started off a tiny slow to me and was subsequently hard for me to obtain into, the rest of the ebook overall was a wonderful thrill ride packed full of journey and intrigue. In each chapter lies a newest mystery, an exciting twist, or a heart-pounding action sequence. There are well over a handful of key users in the ebook, all of which have separate but interconnecting plotlines – and their own agendas. I think under ordinary circumstances, this would be quite confusing to read, but somehow Van Lustbader succeeds in making all of these individual and intricate characters and their plotlines surprisingly clear and simple to follow. Van Lustbader is equally successful in his ability to create long conversations about politics and government engaging rather than droll. Add this to the fact that Evan, the very definition of calm, cool, and collected – not to mention effective – is a female operative (even Van Lustbader throws in a time or two that female operatives have been sorely underused) who usually seems to be ten steps ahead of the opposition is the star hero and you have a master on your hands for sure. I can’t claim that I enjoyed all the female operatives. I found Brenda rather exasperating both for her inability to see the bigger picture and her foolhardy decision to soldier on when that was clearly the wrong choice. But I was easily able to overlook that fact because of how interesting the another characters were. The Nemesis Manifesto was gripping and thrilling, with unexpected elements, plot twists, relevant politics, and plenty of betrayals. Even if political thrillers aren’t normally your thing, I highly suggest giving it a fair shot – you might be surprised. *I received an ARC copy of The Nemesis Manifesto in exchange for an honest review
~ Tabitha Stephenson
Evan Ryder is unstoppable! Evan Ryder is one mean killing machine! She sure racks up the body count in this first ebook of a series that she is the star in. Though some of the others, from Brenda to Boyko can keep their own cute well. The action parts of this ebook were cute simple to understand but some of the political equipment was a bit convoluted and I think there were too many double and triple agents. It did not support that this ebook felt like it was from the middle of a series instead of being the first ebook. Maybe some of the characters came from a previous series? I would not mind reading more in this series as this first one turned out to be a cute speedy and exciting read and I wish to learn more about this unstoppable agent by the name of Evan Ryder!
~ orchidbeautiful21
This was not terrible but not my category. First off, I will claim that I like how the main hero, Evan Ryder is a girl agent. And she is super tough and able to handle all that problem that comes her idea when she goes looking for it. So many of these political thriller kind ebooks have the secret agent be a guy. It was great to have it mixed up a tiny. There is a lot of action and quite the body count, plus lots of double agents and a secret organization with a slay list and a plan to disrupt the modern globe. I got a tiny confused with all the acronyms at times and that took a bit of time out of reading to figure out what they all meant. Though I still liked most of the storyline. I probably would not read more ebooks in the series, though I might google the summaries because I wish to search out more about the storyline of Lyudmilla and Evan.
~ Katherine Bickmore
Nemesis Manifesto was cute nice. I usually don't read this kind of ebook, though I have read a several on occasion and have enjoyed them mostly. This ebook is toted as the first in a newest series about Evan Ryder but it feels like a middle ebook because there are many references to past histories between characters like Evan and Ben or Evan and Lyudmilla. It made for some very confusing parts in the beginning especially because it pulled me from the main storyline I was reading about Evan hunting down Nemesis on the order of Benjamin Butler. I wanted to know more about the mysterious Lyudmilla. The Russian parts with the GRU and SVR were interesting and it was kinda cool how it all tied in by the end between the different factions in Russia and the US. Though it definitely left launch a large bombshell, probably for the next ebook in the series. I think it was a cute nice political thriller and I do not regret reading it.
~ Kelsey Bickmore