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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: All 37 plays, 160 sonnets and 5 poetry books   
About: Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Boss Lear, Hamlet, and Macbeth the works of William Shakespeare still resonate in our imaginations four centuries after they were written. The timeless characters and themes of the Bards plays fascinate us with their joys, struggles, and triumphs, and actually they are available in a single volume for Shakespeare lovers. This edition of William Shakespeare's works contains all of his poems and plays in an elegant manner which makes it the great gift for any lover of literature a ebook to read and treasure! Whether for a Shakespeare devotee or someone just discovering him, this is the great zone to experience the drama of Shakespeare's words. It is one of the most authoritative editions of Shakespeare's Complete Works.This book includes Shakespeare's complete plays and complete poems in a newest, simple-to-read and simple-to-navigate format. ... Show more
Genre: Drama / General Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.5 Audio language: English Authors: William Shakespeare and General Press Publisher: GENERAL PRESS
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About: Along with Mother Courage, the character of Galileo is one of Brecht's greatest creations, immensely live, human and complex. Unable to resist his appetite for scientific investigation, Galileo's heretical discoveries about the solar system bring him to the attention of the Inquisition. He is scared into publicly abjuring his theories but, despite his self-contempt, goes on working in private, eventually helping to smuggle his writings out of the country.As an examination of the problems that fa...

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About: Martin McDonagh's plays have been produced in Galway, Dublin, London and New York. They have created excitement and have won numerous awards. In individual editions the plays have been among Methuen's most popular sellers. 'Martin McDonagh's The Leenane Trilogy, one of the great events of the contemporary Irish theatre' (Irish Times). This volume contains: The Beauty Queen of Leenane - 'McDonagh's writing is pitiless but compassionate: he casts a cold, hard, but understanding eye on relationship...

Audio language: English Authors: Martin McDonagh Publisher: A&C Black

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About: Macbeth is Shakespeare's shortest tragedy and one of his best-known plays. Often referred to as an archetypal tale, it warns against lust for power and the betrayal of friends. Shakespeare based the play loosely on a King Macbeth of Scotland. The play is traditionally considered "cursed", and thus many actors refer to it as "The Scottish Play" to avoid naming it....

Audio language: English Authors: William Shakespeare Publisher: The Floating Press

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About: Good evening. I'm Inspector Carter. Take my case. This must be Charles Haversham! I'm sorry, this must've given you all a damn shock. After benefitting from a large and sudden inheritance, the inept and accident-prone Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society embark on producing an ambitious 1920s murder mystery. They are delighted that neither casting issues nor technical hitches currently stand in their way. However, hilarious disaster ensues and the cast start to crack under the pressure, but can th...

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About: Alfred Jarry is regarded as one of the founders of modern avant-garde theatre Dada, Surrealism, Pataphysics, Theatre of Cruelty, the Absurdall owe a debt to Jarry. (Encore) This volume contains his three classic Ubu texts: Ubu Roi, Ubu Cocu and Ubu Enchan. Through the lucid translations of Connolly and Taylor, the reader comes to realize that the violent and loathsome Ubu is Jarrys dark metaphor for man in the modern age. As Ubu himself said, We shall not have succeeded in demolishing ev...

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About: Major Barbara is a 1905 play by George Bernard Shaw. Andrew Undershaft, a wealthy weapons trader, despises poverty believing "The greatest of our evils and the worst of our crimes is poverty ... our first duty, to which every other consideration should be sacrificed, is not to be poor". His daughter, Barbara, devotes herself to charity. When a shelter for the poor is at risk of closure due to lack of funds, the idealistic Barbara, a Major in the Salvation Army must reassess her beliefs and opini...

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About: Mike met Mary for the first time at Ole Miss in 1979. It was love at first sight for both of them. As their romance progressed, Mike knew that he had met his soulmate, the most beautiful girl in the world! When he graduated from Ole Miss and found employment his next move was to have Mary move in with him so they could begin their life together. But their happy ending was not to be and each of them met and married someone else. A True Love Story chronicles the triumph of love over tragedy as the...

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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: All 37 plays, 160 sonnets and 5 poetry books Reviews and Comments:

This reprint of Peter Alexander's 1951 edit of the whiz from Stratford'sComplete Works contains the full text of Shakespeare's total output, along with a newest intro by Peter Ackroyd, a quickie ...
~ A Google user
The ebook need to be more nice
~ Susanta Das
Finest ebook.
~ Uddipta Talukdar
~ sunita agrawal
I'm truly in love.
~ a è s t h e t í ś m
loved reading this ebook
~ A Google user
He is nice poet
~ A Google user
~ Aslam Taliparamba
I wish to learn about shakeshpeare
~ virali Thaker
i have done my buy for this ebook two time ..............nothing i got but i lost my dollars DOUBLE PRICE of this price !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish my dollars back,........................!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Navya Chelluboyina
Zone for collection to obtain an emotional intact and ride from Shakespeare ..cheers
~ Ravi Chandra Yadav
I haven't even completed the introduction yet, but it is almost hard to trust a native English speaker wrote this preface, and if you look you will search it was published by a branch of General Press based in Newest Delhi. I hope, for the sake of the originator of the introduction, that English is his or her second language. A more or less thorough overview overall, the preface is unfortunately riddled with terrible punctuation, awkward phrasing, and inelegant structure along with redundancies and puerile observations. The irony of these flaws in the introduction to the works of one of the finest writers in the English language, and arguably in human history; of an originator so studied, debated and exalted by the most erudite and intellectual literary minds, is absurd... it causes me to wonder if the physical copies of this edition are as inadequate... very disconcerting, to the target of being humorous, and I only hope Shakespeare's works have been preserved from these silly ineptitudes.
Very nice
~ ANJI Pinnamoni
Very useful for the newest or longtime Shakespeare reader. So many 'translations' and explanations of what words and phrases mean in context. A truly valuable resource.
~ Manas Shukla
Excellent for my needs. An all-in-one reference to all things Shakespeare and I instantly place it to use in researching some specifics in Boss Lear. It will be on my shelf forever...
~ Manoj Prabhat
Shakespeare. I love this ebook i had a chance to go to a live test at other school on a trip few years ago I loved it,it was fun to watch the hero do their finest work.
~ Mary Brewton
I wouldn't claim to have read the entire thing - it's virtually a lifetime's work - but what I've seen of this collection is well laid out and extremely readable. One thing though: if you're using a Google Test (as most recipients probably are) you have to 'go to' -> 'Territory' and enter '2' to obtain to the content menu so you can now pick whichever test or sonnet you wish to read. Once you figure that out, the collection is near-great I think.
~ Prabhat Patel
"William Shakespeare: The Complete Works" is a complete, well-researched anthology of Shakespeare's writings. The plays are shown in nearly chronological order. Every has an article about the test's history and content. Every test appears in full as thought to be from Shakespeare, although spellings have been upgraded. Page layouts are clean and lined out to preserve the poetic meter. General introductions to the anthology discuss the language of Shakespeare's day. I especially appreciated a discussion of his use of "you" and "thou." There's much more; this is a nice anthology.
~ Manish Panday
love this ebook its a unbelievable ebook to read if u like poetry and more of shakespeare then this is a ebook for u to read.
~ Monika Sherma
William Shakespeare is not only the single finest writer in the history of the English language, he is entertaining too. I highly suggest you read as much as you can; it will not only hold you occupied for hours at a time, but will educate you in more ideas than I can list. You will be better off reading these works on the printed page than on the pc screen, but no matter the medium, do read them. So 37 plays and 120 "poems" in 12 ounces rather than carrying your library in a van.
~ Latika Jha
~ Priyanka Bid
I especially love the sonnets! But his classic works never seem to go out of style; even in actual contemporary re-claiming. His inspiration from Greek and Roman classic theaters are well translated and read like a continuum for actual classical studies. I also look forward to reading some of Shakespeare's another works which I had heretofore not seen.
~ Naveen Mishra
Please add family library option.
~ A Google user
This is the only copy of Shakespeare you'll ever need. Everything is included. Bevington has essays to introduce every written work, as well as a very lengthy introduction to Shakespeare's life and contemporary history. There is even a really great breakdown of the history of the British monarchy to support with understanding the history plays.
~ A Google user