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About: What are the habits of successful recipients? The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Recipientshas captivated readers for 25 years: It has transformed the lives of Presidents and CEOs, educators, parents, and students in short, millions of recipients of all ages and occupations have benefited from Dr. Covey's 7 Habits ebook. And, it can transform you. Twenty-fifth anniversary edition of the 7 Habits ebook: This twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Stephen Coveys cherished classic commemorates the timeless wisdom and power of the 7 Habits ebook, and does it in a highly readable and understandable, interactive format. This modernized interactive edition of Dr. Stephen R. Coveys most known work contains: videos simple to understand infographics self-tests and more What are the habits of successful recipients? This interactive 7 Habits ebook walkthroughs you through every habit step-by-st ... Show more
Genre: Self-Help / Personal Growth / Success Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.6 Audio language: English Authors: Stephen Covey Publisher: Mango Media Inc.
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This ebook is okay, but woefully incomplete, and doesn't necessarily age well for the modern diverse audience. The LGBT reader will be snapped out of the ebook due to out of date comments and assumptions on gender and sexuality. The ebook takes on a refreshing, almost youthrightsy tone, however, the originator is woefully oblivious to his own independent discovery of youth as human. The solution is solid, but much better read from another sources, few Buddhist texts have related solution, but are much better in their presentation. Although the ebook is aimed at capitalists, the ebooks marriage with capitalism can sometimes create the points of the ebook ring hollow. It's an okay ebook, but it needs a facelift for the modern era.
~ Assume Correct
i buy this ebook but my parents was mad so refund my dollars please sir
~ Vishal Solanki Vishal Solanki
hello .i would like to buy this ebook. but I need to talk to you please give me a idea to contact
~ Janu V
Throughout my life I have read this ebook 3 times actually. Upon picking up the ebook again the 2nd and 3rd time I realized that I have gradually integrated a 1-2 of the habit's into my own life since my last reading. While I think that much of the content is common since, sometimes we don't usually recognize the impact of practicing the habits or realize that we're not doing these things everyday. Without going into nice detail, I will just claim that I think this is a wonderful ebook and encourage recipients to read and practice the 7 Habits.
~ Dustin E
Introspective accounts should use verifiable facts. Cancer terrible sales gimmick
~ Movie News
It's ok. I got this one really expecting something as powerful as Napoleon Hill's ebooks, after all, this is suggested everywhere. On the another hand, I found myself feeling silly as it seems that the originator makes it feel really simple and essential transforming your life in quadrants, terms and systems in order to be highly effective. If being effective means starting from boredom, I would rather sacrifice some of this effectiveness. I feel that this ebook is not up to date in many concepts, as right actually, we live in a fully technological society, which allows us to create nice use of apps and internet to organize our days. Still, when it talks about values and purpose in life, as well as the need to make a target statement, it turns to be very valuable for self development.
~ Nilo Lima
This ebook is nice. For a person like me who is still searching for my destiny, it has helped me to focus first on the primary principles. As a Christian I also found that the principles in this ebook are the same from the bible. I would recommend for the young recipients of my generation who will run the globe in the near future to place this ebook in their reading list as the first 10 ebooks to finish, or maybe 5. However, you could apply the wisdom found here. I found myself applied some of the principles without being aware of them and I experienced improvements in my everyday life. Actually I have seen that principles are potent when applied correctly. The next thing I will do is sharing this ebook to the recipients in my circle of influence. Blessings.
~ dolvinus womsiwor
This ebook is the only personal development ebook you really need. Most others are just imitations or repackaging of these concepts because these ideas are timeless. The hardest part of the 7 Habits is trying to live them daily. That's where the discipline gotta come in. I would spend $100 on this ebook. It's a classic. 1) Be Proactive 2) Open with the End in Mind 3) Place First Things First 4) Think Victory Victory 5) Seek First to Understand 6) Synergize 7) Sharpen the Saw
~ Joseph Lauro
I haven't picked up a ebook in over 10 years! I read this ebook front to back in about 3 weeks time in any spare time I should make. I haven't met a single person out of tens of thousands I've met that couldn't benefit from this ebook! It gives definition to the idea I've been living so many years! It's worth a read. It may change your perspective!
~ Ron Judson Jr
My babe was out of control and I had no clue why, I instilled promise and confidence but it never worked as a permanent fix. Backing off and monitoring his success was the finest thing I should have done.
~ Justin Lewis
It is missing some diagrams such as the Time Management Matrix in the "Quadrant II" section. I recommend you obtain the book of 25th anniversary edition instead of this one. Publisher, please fix this!
~ Nato Casilen
This is very nice ebook, But i buy e-ebook ver, It missed some picture, some table. Example, in habbit 3 chapter, subject Quadrant II, claim,"managemet matrix diagram on the next page".Where is that diagram? It not contain in this e-ebook ver.
~ เอกลักษณ์ เอกฐิน
Knowledge is power! My life will never be same again after reading this ebook. I will do my finest to apply the 7 habits to life. Hopefully it will support me grow as person and influence recipients around me. Overall, I highly suggest this ebook if you are having inner doubts and if wish to newest perspective on life.
~ Julio Cruz
This ebook had an instant, potent, and positive impact in my life due to its clear and practical explanation of timeless principles.
~ Ted Giblette
A nice ebook to support you organize thoughts, prioritize activities, think of another's needs, staying focused and getting the job done while building relationships.
~ Raylene DeLaRosa
Really speedy ebook. It's based on an ancient time-tested principles of "principle-driven", not today's "case-driven" ideas. Absolutely liked it !
~ Priyank Yagnik
I read the ebook over a period of 6 months during which time I took part in a leadership training programme - the two went hand in hand. The ebook is a gotta read for experts that strive for excellence and continual development.
~ Leon Wright
This is an nice ebook. Truly life changing ideas of thinking and acting. If more recipients read this ebook more recipients would live glad, fulfilling lives. So glad I gave this ebook a chance.
~ Brook-lyn Brown
Insightful, inspirational, empowering knowledge that can renew and transform ingrained thoughts and habits that are not needed or productive.
~ Osa Lundberg
I look at things under a different light actually. I've recognized many of the habits in myself and others that have had a large influence on me in my life.
~ Zack Zettler
This ebook had been on my list for a while. Actually I want I would have read it earlier, it was full of needed insights.
~ T.J Rothwell
But beginning and ending part were very boring
~ Pavel Lobashov
A gigantic company that I use to work for named RHA Developmental Disability Community on the east coast based their entire company on this ebook.
~ Jeffery Rogers
At age 61 in Seven Habits I found so many of the principles that I truly trust but have never truly lived. Today my expectation of a brighter tomorrow has never been stronger.
~ Mark Burke
Very interesting and inspiring! Made me contemplate my actual thoughts, for sure. Can't wait to obtain the workbook!
~ Krystyn Croney-Barot
This is a gotta have ebook. A very nice dude of mine gave me this ebook, and i still review it today. If it should by this for any past, present or future squad members i would. It's a ebook worth each read and reread.
~ A Google user
I did this course or lesson and it fully changed my perspective, not only on my personal life yet also on my professional. Gotta do!
~ A Google user
The ebook is so eye opening, I wish to read it again so I can really have it down and create the changes in my life.
~ Annie K
Nice ebook that carefully deconstructs the paradigms that run every of our individual lives and constructs a more effective idea of looking at life through a principle centered lens.
~ John Junious
This ebook was suggested by the finest leader I've ever known and I would readily suggest it to anyone who wishes to gain a higher understanding of their potential and how to unblock meaningful relationships that are mutually beneficial. In a globe of chaos, distrust, and uncertainty, these 7 principals deliever perspective on getting the most out of your personal and professional relationships while becoming the finest ver of yourself.
~ Cliff Le Cat
The Google Test Book ver is MISSING the appendices, and does not create this clear in the description. For the full content, it may be finest to buy a different ver. Another than that, the ebook itself is nice.
~ Pranee Pairs
Thought provoking and changing reading. This edition does not have the appendices mentionned by the originator in the ebook.
~ A Google user
A ebook you would need if you are reinventing your role in this globe. Learned a lot and love it.
~ Isa Kiyat
Nice ebook, it support to understand something that I didn't expect relationships besides victory/victory.
~ guillermo hernandez
It's something that I intend to suggest to others as a welcome accompaniment to life, love, and profession.
~ Stefan
The cd/audio ver breaks down every step...very motivating and empowering.
~ Corey Cutright
It was suggested to me by an inspirational person in my life and I intend to pass that on as well. It is one to hold for the Cyber bookshelf
~ A Google user
I thick that this ebook is the globe finest ebook till actually, I am in std 9th and I have read it! I am glad to learn from this ebook. I am from India, Mumbai. Thank you for your guidance.
~ A Google user
Nice insight into the paradigms that run recipients's lives and how to empower yourself beyond them.
~ Luis Mesa
A nice ebook for changing your life and implementing habits to better your life. The entire series of his self support ebooks are life changing.
~ Nancy Robertson