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About: FromNewest York Timesbestselling originator Meghan March comes a brand newest saga of forbidden love and second chances.A Riscoff and a Gable can never live happily ever after. Our family feud is the equipment of legends.Ten years ago, Whitney Gable caught me off guard with her long legs and grab-you-by-the-balls blue eyes.I didnt know or care what her name was.Like any Riscoff worth the family name, I went after what I wanted. We burned like a flash fire until she married other lad.She hates me, and she could.I objected on her wedding day.Actually shes home, with those same long legs and lad-eater stare, but theres no ring on her finger.They claim a Riscoff and a Gable can never live happily ever after . . . but Im not done with Whitney Gable.Ill never be done with her.Richer Than Sin is ebook one of the Sin Trilogy. Guilty as Sin, ebook two, and Reveling in Sin, ebook 3 are available ... Show more
Genre: Fiction / Romance / Billionaires Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.6 Audio language: English Authors: Meghan March Publisher: Meghan March LLC
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Richer Than Sin Reviews and Comments:

Meghan March sure can write ebooks that are impossible to place down!!! Seriously, saddle up and enjoy her newest ride..... If you've hated and competed with every another's for generations, you may be part of the Riscoff or Gable family! Both have rich history in their city but the Riscoffs seem to come out on top! Woohoo, there's some serious chemistry when Whitney, our heroine and Lincoln, our superhero meet up while both trying to forget!!! Whitney is trying to forget her scumbag Ex and Lincoln is trying to drown out the fact that he's going to have to run the family business! Hooking up seems like the great idea for these two superb hotties to blow off some steam! But wait! He's Lincoln Freaking Riscoff?!?!? If you've read M March, you know she writes wonderful second chance romances! This ebook is no different! Brought back together after a decade, Whitney comes back into city and Lincoln plans to obtain her back! With a lad like Lincoln, who seems to be able to do all things...will he be able to victory her approval after all these years?!? I loved this couple! Sexy times, drama, power, laughs! Richer Than Sin has it ALL & I cannot wait for the next two ebooks! I highly suggest this this ebook & originator! Meghan March has done it again! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
~ Melissa P
Why am I usually surprise at the versatility that is Meghan March?! Her ability to transport flawlessly from past to present to claim Whitney and Lincoln’s storyline without confusing the reader is nice. Richer than Sin is like nothing she’s written. If forbidden love/second chance romance is your thing pick up this ebook. I seriously should not but it down and that ending. Ahh!!! I can’t wait for the next ebook.
~ Martha McLendon
Family rivalry, tiny city scandal, and two souls you can just claim are meant to be. But what happens when everything and everyone seem to be rooting versus you? You obtain a fabulous storyline full of tension, steamy chemistry, and cautious hearts. Can’t wait to see if Whitney and Lincoln obtain their happily ever after!!
~ A Google user
Yet other hit for Meghan March!!! This storyline drew me in from the run with its forbidden love storyline, and kept me there with the fiery passion between Whitney and Lincoln. There’s twists and turns throughout, and just when you think you’ve got it figured out, Meghan hits us with something else. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out for these two in the next ebook!!
~ Shannon Ferguson
Richer than Sin written by Meghan March is yet again other epic 5 star read. Lincoln Riscoff and Whitney Gable are two fully different recipients but like they claiming goes opposites attract, but life was not made to be simple. Meghan writes such brilliant characters and storyline's every ebook is highly anticipated from myself and some dudes. She can comsume your life with each turn of the page.
~ Claire Dixon
Richer than Sin is a crazy ride. Lincoln Riscoff and Whitney Gable have an wonderful storyline, and we’ve only just begun. Book one of a trilogy, this does leave you with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger high. Experience Claims me as much as I wish to scream, I’ll need the wait to prepare for ebook two. I loved Richer than Sin. I was left breathless after the prologue, and simply enthralled as the storyline unfolded. The characters are raw and their storyline is intense. It felt speedy, as I devoured it in one sitting. I was addicted to the thrill of the drama, while not being overwhelmed. I would suggest this to the reader looking for a storyline to leave their hearts pounding.
~ A Google user
Well damnit! I could of freaking knew better then to allow myself obtain sucked into other Meghan March ebook and not expect a mind blowing cliffhanger! This was a thrilling, sexy storyline that leaves you holding your breath for answers! We meet Lincoln and Whitney in this dazzling newest globe Meghan has created, filled with lies, secrets, hatred, forbidden romance and my favored, a feud between families! Can’t wait to read ebook 2 and see what’s in shop for these characters!
~ A Google user
I'm so in love with Whitney and Lincoln's storyline! I mean come on he objected at her wedding. These two couldn't possibly be together but their chemistry past and present is undeniable. Meghan gives us the storyline in dual target of view. I really like getting both sides of the storyline from every hero. It's also goes from past to present giving us their back storyline in nice detail. I really enjoyed watching their storyline unfold. I couldn't place it down! I wanted to see how the past played out as much as I wanted to where they're going actually. And the end!!! It ends in a cliffhanger and lad does Meghan have a knack for leaving us at an OMG moment!
~ Amy Darragh
Okay --I have a complete bias as I have read all of Meghan's ebooks to date and Ruthless Boss will usually be my favoured -- but this is an incredibly close second. This is a modern day feud that originated between Lincoln and Whitney's families over 170 years ago. This ebook is the most great set up for what is to come as I feel I have all the stats and background to all the users in the storyline and I am ready to go for more. Like all ebooks by Meghan however I know there will be a several curveballs thrown my idea in the next ebook. Truly a superb run to what is bound to be an nice trilogy.
~ Jenny B
Meghan March is an originator you love but hate. You love her because all her ebooks are nice and you don’t wish them to end but in the another hand you hate her because of all the flipping cliff hangers and Book hangovers she causes. Richer Than Sin leaves you with one question: W. T. F! I loved this ebook! You obtain the past mixed in with the present, you launch to learn about Whitney and Lincoln’s past and how very, very complicated it is. Think Hatfield and McCoys complicated. I’m dying to see where Meghan takes this storyline and I have no doubt it going to be nice.
~ Elizabeth Milligan
Oh my God... I can't even run to explain what this storyline has done to me. It is raw, heart wrenching, and so absolutely potent that I was left breathless and crying my eyes out. I just couldn't stop reading. With each chapter I had to have more. I had to know more. But most importantly I had to feel more. And the second ebook can't come speedy enough. This has been one of the most potent ebook hangover I have ever experienced and I wouldn't have it any another idea. Meghan March usually delivers when she claims her newest storyline is her finest yet. But this one... This one is my favoured one yet. Everyone needs to read this storyline. I mean it! EVERYONE!
~ Mindy Martínez Borda
A modern day Hatfield’s versus. McCoy’s meets Romeo and Juliet with that Meghan March punch! It’s addictive and the plot twists have you powering through the pages. I’m hanging on by a thread to see where this Riscoff versus. Gable feud will take us.Sex ,greed and deceit what more should anyone wish!
~ Melissa Erickson
Delightful. Whitney and Lincoln are from feuding families who will never adopt on anything. They shouldn’t even be paying attention to every another but sometimes it happens. Whitney leaves and marries other while Lincoln is trying to obtain on with the life with love. Their reunion is bittersweet - they have to re-learn what they though the knew. Meghan March boxes the heat, full on sexy times and chemistry of star-crossed lovers. March never fails to the hold us engaged thinking one then PLOT TWIST. I was enamored by this ebook. I’m so looking forward to see what happens next.
~ Jaime Haughey
With all the drama in this city, this storyline would create for a aggressor TV series. Secrets, lies, betrayal, family feuds, this ebook has them all in spades. March does a wonderful job of balancing out the drama with the sexy inferno that is the chemistry between the two main characters. Not only does Meghan do a delicious job of testing out their storyline but the secondary characters enhance the drama that Lincoln and Whitney can’t seem to shake. And in real Meghan March fashion, you’ll run to feel all warm and fuzzy inside and then, BAM! The largest bomb yet drops into your lap, leaving you a quivering mess while you wait for the next installment.
~ BookStar Chick
4.5 stars. Richer Than Sin is very reminiscent of a modern day Hatfield and McCoys with a tiny Romeo and Juliet thrown in. Meghan brings us a twisty tale of two recipients who society dictates could never be together. The feud between the two families has been going on for over 170 years and shows no signs of stopping. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and Whitney and Lincoln's hearts and souls know they are meant to be together. But it's almost impossible to accomplish that with so many outside factors striving to hold them apart, starting with Whitney marrying other lad. Speedy forward 10 years and Whitney has returned home beaten down and her tail tucked between her legs. Life has not been simple at all for her over the years and coming home after what all has happened to her takes each last shred of dignity she has left. And then to run into Lincoln, who is actually the CEO of the family's multi-billion dollar company, well things couldn't obtain much worse for her. Only, Lincoln is dead set on getting her back. And she can't deny that the feelings she had for him all those years ago have never faded. But those pesky obstacles, namely relatives on both sides of the family run in instantly on making sure these two don't ever obtain back together. I loved the storyline unfolding in alternating past and present chapters as well as dual target of view. I loved how Meghan gave us the past chapters based on some memory triggered in present day. I am trying so hard to figure out what happened in the past, because all through the storyline, there are tiny tricks that something cute major went down that affected everyone and changed the course of Whitney and Lincoln's future. I now think there are multiple things that happened in the past, all leading this storyline towards the great storm. If you've read any of Meghan's another series, you know she is the queen of the cliffhanger! Richer Than Sin is no exception, leaving us with one humdinger revelation. Is it real? What does it mean for all involved if it is real? I am seriously dying for ebook 2, Guilty As Sin to search out! Not only about this revelation, but what the another secrets are that both Whitney and Lincoln are holding close to the vest. Bring on ebook 2!
~ Wendy LeGrand
Sometimes your past comes back to remind you of all the mistakes you’ve made. Generations of family feuding work to hold Lincoln and Whitney apart, even though they feel an obvious pull to the another. These two head-powerful adults have their work slash out for them. This is the first ebook of a trilogy.
~ A Google user
Meghan March's writing is pure gold! Lincoln Riscoff and Whitney Gable have a one night stands that turns into an epic love storyline that is more convoluted than Romeo and Juliet Their families are at fight, with the Gables losing the war, and the Riscoffs' taking over the tiny city of Gable. Receive ready for this roller coaster of a ebook and the plot twist at the end that you will not see coming! I cannot express how much I enjoyed this ebook--I am clinging to the hope that I will obtain ebook 2 shortly! 5 golden stars
~ Ruth McDonnell
I typically don’t enjoy ebooks that flip from the past to the present, and back again. I search them hard to follow, and loose interest quickly. However, who was I kidding when I thought “awe MAN! I hate these kinds of ebooks!!” It’s Meghan. Freaking. March! There is no hating one of her ebooks. So for the first time ever, I found one I now enjoyed, that flips. So Lincoln and Whitney come from two feuding families. They meet one night, and the passion between them is like wildfire... but they don’t know who the another person is at first. When Whitney realizes who Lincoln is, she quickly determines that he’s forbidden fruit. But Lincoln, he doesn’t give af about the family feud, he wants more of Whitney. After he objects at her wedding, she leaves city and is gone for 10 years! I don’t wish to give too much away, because part of the fun is connecting all of the dots... but believe me, you do t wish to miss this one! I wouldn’t compare this to a “Romeo and Juliet” kind of love... because we know that storyline ends in tragedy, and Meghan usually gives us a HEA... but as an ancestral Hatfield, I’d compare their families to the Hatfield’s and the McCoys. Right down to the shotguns. I’m looking forward to “Guilty as Sin,” and getting to know these characters, and their storyline, even better!
~ Christina Isaac
Richer Than Sin's blurb mentions a family feud, and what a feud it proves to be! Although, if you're thinking this storyline is something along the lines of the Shakespearean star-crossed lovers who belonged to the Montagues and the Capulets, Lincoln and Whitney's love storyline is very different, although the hatred should run run as deep as very true one between the Hatfields and the McCoys. Yes, the Riscoffs and Gables abhor every another, and when you learn the history behind it all, it's simple to understand why. But this being a Meghan March-penned read, expect a entire lot of heat, as well as a twist you won't see coming. I don't wish to give too much away, another than mention that there's a entire lot more that goes on than what the ebook's blurb has place out there. Richer Than Sin also, unsurprisingly enough, ends in a cliffhanger, and I'm claiming you, September cannot come quick enough. Five stars. ♥
~ Jen Valencia
Richer Than Sin by Meghan March is the first ebook in this newest trilogy. What a wonderful and nice beginning to this newest globe that Meghan has created for us to dive into. I love these characters. The Riscoff's and the Gable's have a family feud that has lasted for years without an end in sight. Lincoln Riscoff and Whitney Gable had a brief affair ten years ago. It ended in disaster and heartbreak. It changed them both forever. Whitney married someone else and moved away from Gable, vowing to never return. Actually after the end of her disastrous marriage she has found herself back in Gable. Forbidden love, second chances and oh the drama! These families have spun quite a tangled web. My head is still spinning. And of course Meghan leaves us out here hanging on the edge of the cliff once again! I loved each minute of it!
~ charity glace
WOW. Meghan March blows it away yet again with a ebook filled with suspense, twists and turns and scorching heat! Richer than Sin was unlike anything she’s ever written. It’s one of those ebooks that has you guessing what is going to happen from page to page and sitting at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens. I absolutely loved Lincoln. He has to be my favoured superhero of hers. He is 100% full alpha male filled with determination, persistence and not willing to give up on what he wants. And what he wants is, Whitney. A girl who is facing the consequences for decisions she’s made. I absolutely loved them together. Hello scorching chemistry and HEAT. This is a love storyline that was meant to be claimed and loved by readers. Highly highly suggest to anyone who loves twists and turns, a love worth fighting for and steaminess.
~ A Google user
I am a gigantic Meghan March fan and have nearly read all her ebooks. I just should not empathize with the female hero here. Whitney is so shallow and makes dumb decisions (I don't feel sorry for anyone that marries a cheater. You walked into that one knowing what you were getting). I cannot understand what makes her so irresistible when she caves instantly to an ancient family feud that neither her or the male lead have now been affected by and shouldn't care about another than the plot Claims them to care. I wanted to like this ebook, and tried to force myself to read it, but I ended up pushing it away after a several pages every time. I think this is March's worst work.
~ Christine Chowdhury
Richer Than Sin (Sin Trilogy #1) is a forbidden romance. The city is called for Whitney’s family, but owned by Lincoln’s family. The feud between their families has been going on for generations. “Lincoln Riscoff had already turned me into an addict, and I was dangerously close to feeling things about him that I shouldn’t be feeling. He’d cast a spell on me” Lincoln hopes for a second chance when Whitney returns to city 10 years after she had slipped away married to other lad. “I’m afraid.” His arms wrapped around me, and he pressed me tightly enough versus his powerful body that I now thought he should protect me from the globe. “You don’t need to be afraid, Blue. You have me.” I love a well done cliffhanger and lad oh lad this ebook has an nice cliffy. The type that makes you cry out and instantly run the countdown for ebook two!! -5 Stars!!-
~ Diane Sullivan
Transport over Hatfield and McCoy’s there’ a newest feud in city and not only is it Richer than Sin, it’s hotter than sin! You would think in a city named Gable, it’s simple to claim who the top family is. But it’s not the Gables that run things – it’s the Riscoffs. Richer than Sin kicks off the trilogy – an angsty read that pairs Lincoln Riscoff with Whitney Gable. Be ready for it. A slight cliffy – a lot of secrets, a ton of angst and so many questions. Claimed through dual POV with flashes to the past, we obtain a glimpse of a love storyline that started years ago but ended abruptly. And as much as not knowing is killing me, the anticipation for what is to come has me salivating. I love it when the originator can frustrate you but also have you spinning so many possible scenarios in your head. With families as nutty as these two, the possibilities are infinite. I need all the answers. I need them actually. Richer Than Sin is other stellar kick off to what is bound to be an nice trilogy. Sexy, secretive and I have a feeling that the angst is going to be off the charts!
~ michelle new
Richer than Sin was so addictive, I had to have more and I devoured it in just a several hours. The storyline of Lincoln and Whitney fully consumed me from the prologue. To be honest, words fail me about how to describe this ebook. Their relationship is doomed from the beginning, from birth but can Love defeat it all? “Maybe it was because I was a Gable and he was a Riscoff. That my very presence here was fully in the realm of the forbidden.” The dual target of view narration enabled us to obtain to know all the characters as individuals, then as a unit . It was a roller coaster full of ups, downs, twists and stomach dropping moments. M.M ripped my heart out and I literally stopped breathing at some target… “Lincoln Riscoff had already turned me into an addict, and I was dangerously close to feeling things about him that I shouldn’t be feeling. He’d cast a spell on me . . .” This ebook will simply blow you away and create you feel all the emotions, all the angst that the characters are experiencing. I can't even describe it... Meghan March is without a doubt the SUPER QUEEN of cliff-hangers.
~ A Google user
"What I meant is that just because something looks great from the outside doesn't mean it is, and the things that look like a complete disaster are sometimes better than we should ever imagine." Richer Than Sin (Sin #1)…… Riscoff's and Gable's, two families with a feuding history comparable to a modern day Hatfield's and McCoy's or Romeo and Juliet, with no end to the vengeance in sight! So of course a Riscoff getting involved with a Gable, especially in a romantic idea, would be absolutely forbidden with disaster being the only outcome. Lincoln Riscoff stands to inherit his family legacy and although he follows his grandfathers strict terms of all things business and dollars, when it comes to his fierce deep attraction and connection to the long-legged blue-eyed aggressor Whitney Gable all the terms go out the window! Whitney Gable unknowingly crawled in bed with the aggressor Lincoln Riscoff and it was addictively explosive and she knew they would eventually end in burning disaster! Speedy forward 10 years later, Whitney is back in their hometown with each intention of avoiding Lincoln and his magnetic pull, but Lincoln Riscoff knows what he wants and usually goes after it and he still wants Whitney!! Meghan March has started her newest Sin Trilogy with a sexy, suspenseful, and exciting bang that's left me in desperate need of the next ebook!!!
~ CMRW Jones
Ooooo this is nice! I love a nice forbidden romance/longstanding family feud storyline. This ebook gives us it all. Gun slinging grandads, a nasty bitchy mother in law and a several nice relatives thrown in for nice measure. Whitney and Lincoln are the star crossed lovers who obtain caught up and destroyed by the vile recipients around them. Their meant to be but were too young and hotheaded to realise it at the time. They burned bright and seemingly ended the same idea. 10 years on and they've both had their fair share of problem. Whitney's back in Gable after a fairly traumatic time and she's hell bent on avoiding Lincoln. He's having none of it though as he's well aware of his past mistakes and everything he lost. He's worked hard to atone and he's ready to finally take what he believes belongs to him. They have nice chemistry and feel like if they just took a deep breath and allow go of the past and all the things that were out of their control they might just have a chance. I'm a gigantic fan of Meghan March and her writing, she's an nice storyteller and knows jut how to suck you in from the first several chapters. Remember that this is the first of a trilogy so expect a cliffhanger and you won't be disappointed!
~ Teresa Spiers
Scandalous, angsty, and hot as can be! "They claim a Riscoff and a Gable can never live happily ever after, but I'm not done with Whitney Gable." Holy heck, that line right there is the epitome of the ebook. Just like Meghan March's writing, it lures you in, sinks its hooks into you, and never lets go. Lincoln Riscoff and Whitney Gable are part of a family feud that spans decades, however, they didn't know who the another was one passionate night 10 years ago. These two have the passion of a thousand fires, you can feel the energy they give off when together, but it doesn't matter when the rest of the globe is versus you. Richer Than Sin is pure decadence. The characters are compelling, the story is intense, and the angst and passion is off the charts. I absolutely loved it, and I know you will too! I knew that this is the first in a series, but I'd read Ms. March's scribblings on a bar napkin without thinking, so I jumped right in. Definitely not one to miss!
~ Cara Olson
Meghan March has got to be one of my top favoured originators of all time. Richer then Sin did not disappoint and only made me fall even more in love with this girls. Richer then Sin is a second chance love storyline that was crazy hot, sexy and will pull you into to this intriguing globe with just the prologue. Lincoln and Whitney are two recipients who fell in love with every another but quickly search out that they are from rival families. This storyline at first sounds so much like your run of the mill Romeo and Juliet storyline but is so far from that. Meghan March keeps you guessing and each time you think you have everything figured, you search other piece to the puzzle you never even know was even in test. Of course being the queen of cliffhangers this ebook does leaving with more questions then when you started. I know I wont be disappointed and I cant wait to see where their storyline takes us next!
~ A Google user
Meghan March has found herself a sweet tiny niche of cliffhanger packed trilogies. And when I claim sweet, I mean cruel and torturous. She takes nice pleasure in leaving her readers hanging in the balance, and I'm one hundred percent convinced she has one of those mugs that reads 'tears of my readers'. But I digress. Richer Than Sin is the first version in the newest Sin trilogy, and has a bit of a Hatfield and McCoy feel to it. Two families who have a long standing feud, neither of which is willing to budge on their hatred of one other. The Riscoff castle cute much owns the whole city of Gable, while the Gables are clinging to the fact that they at least still own the name. Tiny victories, eh? Lincoln Riscoff and Whitney Gable meet one night at a bar outside of city, where he comes to her rescue when she finds herself on the wrong end of a bar war. Sparks fly and Lincoln and Whitney decide to throw caution to the wind and spend the night together. No names are exchanged. Just lots o' pleasure. Speedy forward to the next morning when she realizes who he is and bolts, because FAMILY FEUD. And I ain't talking the release present. Anywho, the ebook is a combination of present time and the past, starting with him drunkenly objecting at her wedding ten years ago. The first chapter sucked me in, but honestly, I had a tiny problem investing myself in the storyline until about halfway in. Once the storyline delved a tiny deeper into their backstory, I felt as if I had a better grip on the characters and what exactly drove the feud. There is still a ton of storyline left, so I'm reserving full judgement until I obtain my hands on the rest of the storyline. But I will claim there were some things in Richer Than Sin that I didn't love. I'm hoping those things will have further explanation and resolution as the trilogy progresses. I enjoyed it and am invested enough to pace impatiently for ebook two so I can see where she takes this feud, and more importantly, this couple.
~ Lisa Kuhne
Oh. My. God!! Meghan March did it again!! Her cliffhangers are the finest!! Time and time again, she wrecks me with her brilliance! Richer Than Sin is sooo freaking nice!! It's addicting, captivating, and straight up delightful. When a wedding objection is the very first line in the ebook, I know I'm hooked. I absolutely LOVED this ebook!! I especially love how Richer Than Sin is so different from Meghan's another works. It has a Romeo and Juliet vibe mixed in with a tiny Hatfields and Mccoys, some Dynasty and a tiny bit of Dallas too. It's filled with drama, secrets, forbidden love, and family feuds. I seriously should not obtain enough of this storyline! The characters are EVERYTHING! I think it is protected to claim I have a newest ebook boyfriend and his name is Lincoln Riscoff!! I am crazy for him!! Love, love, loved him. He's so sexy. He definitely knows what he wants and isn't scared to go after it. When he sets his sights on Whitney Gable - who is nice I'm her own right - look out, because their connection is explosive. The forbidden element of their relationship...gah...so hot!! I need more asap. Richer Than Sin is only the first ebook in the trilogy. I can't wait to have the next two ebooks in my hands!! If you are looking for an entertaining, addictive, speedy paced, read-in-one-sitting type of ebook, then Richer Than Sin could be your next read.
~ Gabby Sotelo
Can this even be considered a second chance romance? I thought things were turning around for Lincoln and Whitney and BAM! Other curve ball is unexpectedly thrown at you. Okay that is me reeling in from just finishing this ebook. I have heard all nice things about the originator Meghan March. This is my first ebook I have read from this originator. I do own a couple of ebooks, but sadly I have not had a chance to dive into them. What I adopt on with the rest of her lovers, is she writes with so much emotion, it is hard to decipher what is true and what is not. Richer Than Sin started a tiny slow for me. I am not use to the originators writing style and taking that into consideration, I became stuck in the characters globe. The city of Gable .... oh what can you claim about tiny cities. Everyone knows you business from the second something gossip worthy happens. I felt for both Whitney and Lincoln. Caught up in a modern day Romeo and Juliet. I am just hoping that they obtain a HEA and have lots of babies lol. This ebook left me speechless. I am in shock how it ends and yes it has a cliffy. But I am okay with that since we have two more ebooks coming our idea! I am so glad that I finally got to read a Meghan March ebook! All the feels!
~ Crystal Cordova
I freaking loved each second of this ebook!!! The craziness of the characters, the passion between Lincoln & Whitney...there's so much more storyline to claim and I can't wait to see what Meghan has in shop for Lincoln & Whitney, and everyone else!! Nice cliffhanger, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Guilty!!!
~ angie hagerdorn
I absolutely love Meghan March's ebooks. She is my favoured originator. This ebook combines the forbidden love, meets second chance romance, meets romeo and juliet, meets passion in an exciting storyline with a giant cliffhanger. She knows how to captivate her readers. She outdoes herself more each single ebook. Can't wait for the next two!
~ Traci Staley
I really loved and enjoyed Richer Than Sin. Really a nice run to this series. I loved the chemistry and the storyline line to me is so intriguing. I kept trying to read between the lines and test to figure out all the history that happened between the two families and that ending killed me. Definitely cant wait for the next ebook to figure out what happens.
~ sarah horwath
Holy Hell! She does it again with Richer Than Sin the 1st full length novel in the Sin Trilogy. Should not place it down cause it checks all my boxes! Full of drama, second chance forbidden love, drama, sexiness, a family feud and even more drama. Like I claimed, should not place it down! And that ending, did not expect that! Shocking freaking cliffy! I need Guilty as Sin NOW! This is why Meghan March is my fave go to originator!
~ Peggy Willis
3.5 stars Would you like to read a naughty spin on Romeo and Juliet with second chance love and family secrets thrown in? If so, this is your ebook. It ends on a cliffhanger that I did not see coming at all. I am dying to know what happens next for Whitney and Lincoln.
~ Michelle Routhier
Meghan March has done it again, this ebook runs other gotta-read series. An old family feud is supposed to hold Whitney and Lincoln apart but love, lust, and attraction don't work that idea. I enjoyed how this was written in the past and the present to build the storyline, to see if they really have a second chance. The characters are deep and rich, not just Lincoln and Whitney but the extended family as well. Richer Than Sin has set the groundwork for the rest of the tale of The Gables and The Riscoffs
~ Sandie Parsons
Richer Than Sin is other nice read by Meghan March! This ebook has a tiny bit of everything from tiny city scandals, family rivalry and forbidden love. Lincoln Riscoff and Whitney Gable's storyline pulled me in from the beginning. I loved loved them both. I am dying to read the next ebook in their storyline! Cannot wait!
~ Danielle Robbins
Well, this flipped my entire globe on it's head. First of all, the cover. Black. Gold. It screams classy. Definitely on my list of favoured covers. Forbidden love, aggressors to lovers, whatever you wish to call it...I am sold. I loved this ebook. A woven, past/future, intertwined storyline that flows so effortlessly. At no target was I lost, or confused. You obtain the present, as well as the history. And holy swoon. Lincoln and his words. Enough to create my heart fully combust. So sweet, so reassuring, and dang it if I didn't place all my believe in him. I suggest this to anyone who loves the forbidden, aggressors to lovers stories thats ready to go on a wild, awesome Meghan March ride that leaves you just sated enough and wanting more.
~ Lauren J