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Dirty Money: Neely Kate Mystery #3   
About: The final ebook in the USA Today bestselling Neely Kate Mystery series.Violet Gardner Beauregard is barely cold in her grave, but shes still stirring up problem. When Neely Kate Coulson accompanies her finest dude Rose to Violets attorney for the reading of the will, they obtain the shock of their lives, one that leaves them both reeling.If that werent enough, Unique Prosecutor Mason Devereaux is still calling witnesses for his grand jury, digging into the corruption in Fenton County. Neely Kate is approached by an unexpected source who reveals shocking news from the grand jury testimonystats about her wayward husband, Ronnie Coulson. And just as all the dust runs flying, Kate Simmons sashays back into city. Kate presents an opportunity Neely Kate finds hard to resistthe chance to search out why a Dallas crime syndicate wants the bag of dollars Neely Kate took from a lad shed killed in ... Show more
Genre: Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Amateur Sleuth Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Audio language: English Authors: Denise Grover Swank Publisher: DGS
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Dirty Money: Neely Kate Mystery #3 Reviews and Comments:

Nice!!! This ebook solved so many Q's.
~ Bernice van Onselen
Other nice ebook by Denise that I just couldn't place down!
~ Mikyla Miller
Oh my goodness, other unbelievable ebook by Denise. She will create you feel for the hero and obtain engrossed in the storyline line. This was by far my favoured NK ebook.
~ Amy Prescott
She did it once again jaw droppong ebook i so loved it .
~ Melissa Santellano
I am in love with this entire series of ebooks. I hang on to each word and feel each emotion. Denise did not disappoint with this one. It's a gotta read!
~ Shawna Thies
My guilty plessure is reading Denise Grover swank ebooks, the thrill and love that I share with these characters is nice! The love and compassion shared between the characters is so unbelievable you can not place the ebook down, so before starting making sure your days clear ❤
~ Alisha Rolfe
Other nice ebook by Denise and other one I couldn't place down. I love the Rose and NK series and this ebook didn't disappoint. It answers so many questions for both Neely Kate (and us) and will let her to transport forward with her life. Although it's sad that this is the last ebook in the NK series I'm not too upset as I know these characters will still be a large part of the Rose series of ebooks.
~ Lynn Bremner
This ebook highlights the love of a family, be it similar by blood or not. No matter how one had made mistakes in the past, his/her family will still love and help him/her. Thanks Denise for other moral lesson we've learned from your ebooks.
~ Haydz Galz
Wow! Once again claiming I am claiming my husband, "just one more chapter before bed...just one more.. just one more.... The end? Nooooooo! If you are newest to this series absolutely run from the beginning! You won't regret it!
~ Sue Winokur
You won't wish to miss this. This nice read kept me on the edge of my seat as all of Denise Grover Swank's ebooks. The depth to her characters is mind blowing for me. Not only do you feel multiple emotions back-to-back you also feel like this is reality I would definitely suggest this ebook to anyone and everyone it's a real gift that I hope no one misses out on.
~ Tina W
Dirty Dollary talks This is the final installment of Neely Kate’s novel and all I can claim is WOW. Denise really gave us variety of answers and I cannot wait to see what happens next in Rose’s globe. I thought NK’s storyline was wrapped up nicely and I’m excited to see what happens next! I was beyond excited in some scenes in this storyline as NK confronts someone in her past. All I can claim is NK is a badass!! I was a proud mama cheering her on. 🙌🏼
~ Laura Martinez
I loved getting this final installment of NK's storyline. it explained a lot of things and also showed Rose' turbulent life from other viewpoint. reading Dirty dollars has inspired me to go back to the beginning and re-read all in this series as I don't think I have appreciated it enough. I am so please NK has her glad ever after with Jed :)
~ Emma Fordham
What a idea to wrap up NK’s storyline! I absolutely loved how NK’s past was resolved. Denise gifted us with a ton of answers, but leaves more yet to be answered in the next Rose ebook. NK has usually had such a gigantic heart, and I loved seeing that side of her, as well as her inner badass. I also never would have thought I’d run liking a specific hero that makes an appearance in the novel, but here I am changing tunes. I’m so curious about what role, if any, this hero will test in the future. The ending was bittersweet, but I’m so excited for what the future holds!
~ Amanda Raney
I loved absolutely everything about this ebook! Neely Kate has been through so much; yet she is such a powerful girl who continues to war. She finally gets answers to questions that have been weighing her down for some time and will support her transport forward in her life without any more lingering self-doubts. And I will never obtain enough of Jed. I am thankful we will obtain to continue to read about Neely Kate and Jed in the Rose ebooks as they are the most adorable couple. With this being the final Neely Kate Mystery ebook, it definitely was a bittersweet read for me. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this ebook.
~ Sandra Lancaster
My mind is still spinning after finishing this ebook. This marks the conclusion of Neely Kate’s personal story. I have loved the opportunity to see the truth behind Neely Kate and how she came to be the badass that she is. My heart breaks for the trauma that she endured. But I also rejoice in the fact that she not only survived, she conquered. She finally found the love and appreciation she so desperately wanted in her dudes, family, and the lad that holds her heart. I look forward to sharing in her happiness as we obtain to see more from her in the Rose Gardner series. I’m not gonna lie but Kate is a favoured of mine. Blinded by rage and grief, she wants revenge. As deranged and psychotic as she may be, we obtain a glimpse behind her reasons. I feel that she’s especially drawn to Neely Kate because of their shared history of abuse and loss. Perhaps she feels Neely Kate is the only one who understands her pain. I’m hoping the way trip of “sisterly bonding” gives Kate a chance at redemption.
~ Felicia Thorn
Dirty Dollary was everything I required for Neely Kate! Neely Kate has been through so much. I was nervous that I would not be able to obtain my Neely Kate questions answered in the final ebook to her series. Of course, I had no reason to be nervous. Denise Grover Swank did a wonderful job answering my questions and more with leaving me with more questions for her newest Carly Moore series and the next Rose Gardner ebook. I love that Dirty Dollary had enough Rose Gardner in it to give a nice peak at how Rose is processing everything that came up in Come Rain or Shine without taking away from Neely Kate's storyline. Neely Kate's hero has come so far. She is no longer the closed off girl that felt she does not deserve love or friendship. She actually is a confident fierce girl who embraces love and friendship and knows she deserves all of the nice recipients in her life and has so much to offer them. It has been unbelievable to see her growth and the growth of her relationships. I am sad this will be the last Neely Kate ebook but am grateful I will be able to still see her future through Rose's ebooks.
~ Andrea Hastings
Have to run this with thanking the brilliant mind behind this master piece, Denise herself! Other impressive ebook that leaves you unable to stop reading! (Currently 5am! And I have to be up by 8am!) Just proof of how captivating this ebook really is. Just like in the previous ebook we are again questioning Kate's supposed need to support her half-sisters, Neely Kate and if we can believe the once committed, mentally unbalanced offspring of J.R Simmons himself. Can we really believe a word of a person who has escaped a insane asylum and a known aggressor? I recommend you read this ebook if you wish to search out! Although it has answered a lot of our questions, even a certain several about someone close to Neely Kate and Rose. It gives us a deep look inside Neely Kate's mind set. Present how even when something so nice for Rose can harm her so badly. Yet through the love they share, they can usually be there for on other. If you have any doubts about Neely Kate and Jed, then this ebook is sure to place
~ Jennifer Haebich
Dang! My head is still reeling over the things that happened in this ebook. Even though I tried to take my time, I read it one evening staying up very late because I just required to know! Everything! This ebook picks up straight from Come Rain Or Shine, Rose’s ebook, so if you haven’t read that yet, you really need to. What we obtain to search out in this episode is....... ha tricked you! You will have to read it to search out all the answers relating to Neely Kate and her full backstory. And it’s a doozy! Of course being a DGS novel, there are some leads that will draw us into the next Rose ebook and tricks at something newest. The full gang were present and helped Neely Kate out of a globe of problem. Jed, without a doubt, is her finest supporter along with Rose and Joe. What might surprise some, but definitely not me, that Mason is also there to lend a hand. Even though this is the last ebook in the Neely Kate mystery, she will usually be right by Rose’s side so we will still be apart of her travel. I for one will be waiting to join them again quick and follow them in Henryetta.
~ Monique Cashmere
Kate turns out surprisingly useful to NK Specially at end when she talks with Jed Nk as usual seeing Nice in Terrible Eagerly waiting for carly's storyline actually
~ rajshree chavan
Thank you Denise for giving us a look into the life of Neely Kate. I think this we required the spin off to obtain more stats on NK that we wasn't able to obtain in the Rose ebooks. I feel this one tied up all the strings that required to be tied up at this time. I think Kate is a lot like Skeeter. They both are in the long release of things but have a soft side. NK understands Kate more then most recipients. Just like Rose and James. All the Simmions babes have demons they need to slay. I know Kate is holding on to more then most. I hope her and NK can leave everything on nice terms. I was very glad to see Neely Kate obtain her ending with Ronnie. It is about time!!! I just wonder how much James knew about that and didn't allow on. Just a wondering thought. I hope we never see Ronnie again and NK and Jed can have their Satisfied life together. I am sure that isn't going to happen. I have some hopes and dreams for NK and I think actually that we have more of her storyline we can appreciate her more in the Rose ebooks. I think Her POV was idea to much for us to take in the regular ebooks. Also, with Rose having to deal with being "Queen,Lady in black" this will support us understand some of the users. I just hope Kate doesn't have something to do with some of it for Sister revenge on Rose. I RECEIVED THIS ARC BOOK FOR A HONEST REVIEW.
~ brandy barber