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Billionaire Undercover: The Billionaire's Obsession ~ Hudson   
About: <b> One geology intern who desperately needs to be rescued from a hostage case.One billionaire who has the capability to save her life.Two recipients who are inexplicably drawn to every another even though they have almost nothing in common. </b><u><i>Taylor</i></u>Just when I thought I was destined to die in a foreign country after being kidnapped while doing a geological exploration, a mysterious rescuer shows up just in time to save my life.Unfortunately, my liberator also happens to be the co-CEO of Montgomery Mining, my employer, and a billionaire with an attitude.At first glance, Hudson Montgomery seems like the quintessential superb billionaire with plenty of dollars to burn, and no concern for anyone but himself.The arrogant billionaire I should handle, but I wasn't quite so sure how to deal with the nice guy I discovered once I looked past the superficial exterior.The one who s ... Show more
Genre: Fiction / Romance / Billionaires Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Audio language: English Authors: J. S. Scott Publisher: J. S. Scott
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Billionaire Undercover: The Billionaire's Obsession ~ Hudson Reviews and Comments:

Billionaire Undercover has me on pins and needles. I loved Hudson and even though The Billionaire's Obsession series are an obsession for me, this one has me all over the zone. But in a very nice idea. There was some tears and my heart tore into pieces. There were a several smiles along the idea and the ending was great. Taylor is a real fighter and with Hudson, she was unstoppable. Billionaire Undercover was all I wanted and so much more!!!
~ Crystal Cordova
Courage. Hope. Love. No matter how many times Scott focuses on these traits, the message that these words call to mind never gets old. Billionaire Undercover is life at it's most tragic and love at it's most compelling. Hudson and Taylor search strength in the unpredictability of circumstance. Neither is what they portray themselves to be. However, every may have found in every another the chance to have so much more. It seems like I've been waiting forever to solve the puzzle of Hudson Montgomery. Turned out to be well worth the wait.
~ Isha Coleman
Finally more Montgomery brothers. Hudson is a Montgomery miner brother but previous to him and his brothers taking over there father’s company they were all in the military and finally settled in with Last Hope which is a personal hostage rescue. Taylor is a intern for the Montgomery company and wants to be a geologist and life’s not been easiest for her so far but while on a trip for company Taylor is kidnapped with her dude and her boyfriend. So much goes on in this ebook, you obtain a better insight into Last Hope and the recipients that are involved. I love how Hudson and Taylor develop there relationship especially with Hudson awe inspired by how Taylor survived such terrible case. Absolutely loved J. S. Scott and her ebooks can allow you escape into a wonderful ebook globe where you just forget what’s going on in the globe and troubles in your life.
~ sarah bailey
When I started this ebook I did not know much about the storyline or even read the blurb, but reading many of this originator’s ebooks I knew I would be taken on an emotional travel. Hudson and Taylor’s storyline was definitely that and so much more. Taylor had endured so much as a babe, so much loss, but with that and with the support of a type and gentle lad, she gained wonderful strength. She embodied this strength and resiliency as a kidnapped survivor in her adult life. Her rescuer was none another than Hudson Montgomery, the billionaire co-CEO of Montgomery Mining, where she worked as an intern. I absolutely loved Taylor and Hudson’s storyline. When Hudson and his brothers found out about the hostage case with their employees, they jumped right into action to set up a rescue target. Unfortunately they did not search out until over a week later so much hurt was already done. But Hudson was determined to rescue and heal this girl he was immediately fascinated with just by her picture. And Taylor was just as wonderful with Hudson, she is so grateful for everything he had done for her but her feelings for him go beyond that. She sees the Hudson that no one even tries to see, he is more than the cranky, bossy, workaholic billionaire he portrays to everyone. I loved her so much for that. They gave every another exactly what they required. Billionaire Undercover is ebook 15 in this wonderful series, I can not wait for more.
~ Sandra Hirai