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About: Book 3 of the After seriesnewly revised and expanded, Anna Todd's After fanfiction racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated readers across the world. Experience the internet's most talked-about ebook for yourself from the writer Cosmopolitan named the largest literary phenomenon of her generation.Tessa and Hardins love was complicated before. Actually its more confusing than ever. AFTER WE FELL...Life will never be the same. #HESSA Just as Tessa makes the largest decision of her life, everything changes. Revelations about first her family, and then Hardins, throw everything they knew before in doubt and makes their hard-won future together more hard to claim. Tessas life launches to come unglued. Nothing is what she thought it was. Not her dudes. Not her family. The one person she could be able to rely on, Hardin, is furious when he discovers the heavy secret shes been keeping. A ... Show more
Genre: Fiction / Romance / Contemporary Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.7 Audio language: English Authors: Anna Todd Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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About: Editorial Reviews"Sorry Christian and Gideon, theres a new heartthrob for you to contend with. Meet Talon. Talon Steel."- Booktopia"Hardt delivers a brand-new series with rugged cowboys and scintillating sex. Talon and Jades instant chemistry heats up the pages..."-RT Book Reviews"This book is so raw and addictive! Hands down my new favorite series this year."-Meredith Wild, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author"Ms. Hardt weaves magic with her keyboard and what remains is a beautifully writt...

Audio language: Englis Authors: Helen Hardt Publisher: Waterhouse Press

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About: The first time it happened, it seemed like an impossible miracle. Bills were piling up, adding up to more money than I could ever make. Mom's hospital bills. My baby brother's tuition. My tuition. Rent. Electricity. All of it on my shoulders. And I had just lost my job. There was no hope, no money in my account, no work to be found. And then, just when I thought all hope was lost, I found an envelope in the mail. No return address. My name on the front, my address. Inside was a check, made out t...

Audio language: Englis Authors: Jasinda Wilder Publisher: NLA Digital LLC

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About: Men suck.They break you. Leave you. Take everything until there's nothing left. And frankly, I'm done allowing them to make me feel insignificant. So, forget men. I'll just throw myself into my job, because at least that never fails me.Jackson has other plans, though. I refuse to be impressed by his perfect body, the cute dimple on his cheek, or the rugged stubble on his face. Jackson Cole can be resisted.But, I'm only fooling myself.He's going to wear me down. I can feel it. In the end he'l...

Audio language: Englis Authors: Corinne Michaels Publisher: BAAE Publishing

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About: USA TODAY Bestseller! Scarlett Goodwins world is divided into Before and After.Before she agreed to tutor Tucker Price, college junior Scarlett was introvert, struggling with her social anxiety and determined to not end up living in a trailer park like her mother and her younger sister. A mathematics major, she goes to her classes, to her job in the tutoring lab, and then hides in the apartment she shares with her friend, Caroline. After junior Tucker Price, Southern Universitys star soccer p...

Audio language: Englis Authors: Denise Grover Swank Publisher: DGS


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About: "A story thatll shatter your heart into pieces over and over again, and slowly... so slowly.. she will piece it back together." ~The Sassy Nerd BlogMarjorie Steel is still healing from the events of the past year, and shes happy to put her plans to study culinary arts on hold to help her best friend deal with a difficult pregnancy and two recently adopted troubled boys. The fact that Bryce Simpson spends a lot of time at the Steel Ranch is a benefit, and shes ready to see if her attraction to...

Audio language: English Authors: Helen Hardt Publisher: Waterhouse Press

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About: The #1 New York Times bestsellera thrillingnew romance from E L James, author of the phenomenal bestselling Fifty Shades Trilogy. London, 2019. Life has been easy for Maxim Trevelyan. With his good looks, aristocratic connections, and money, hes never had to work and hes rarely slept alone. But all that changes when tragedy strikes and Maxim inherits his familys noble title, wealth, and estates, and all the responsibility that entails. Its a role hes not prepared for and one that he strug...

Audio language: English Authors: E. L. James Publisher: Vintage

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About: Editorial Reviews"Helen has weaved a delicately balanced story of intrigue, secrets and passion, which practically melts the pages."-Bare Naked Words"The love story between Talon and Jade continues in Obsession. An apt title to be sure, because everyone is obsessed. Dear Ms. Helen Hardt, I toss many profanities your way for making me wait. Though I give you my deepest gratitude for building the anticipation of what Im sure will be an epic culmination to an amazing series. "-Heroes and Heartbr...

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About: Danger inspires fierce passion when a serial killer threatens Chicagos Ferraro crime family in this novel in Christine Feehans New York Times bestselling series.Vittorio Ferraro is a man whose family loyalty knows no bounds. He would die for his siblings and the people they love, but what he really wants is to start a family of his own. Deep down, Vittorio has always known finding a woman who could ride shadows would be nearly impossiblelet alone one who could accept his particular needsand ...

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About: Editorial Reviews"Sorry Christian and Gideon, theres a new heartthrob for you to contend with. Meet Talon. Talon Steel." -Booktopia"Possession brings Talon Steel's story to a conclusion, wrapping up a thrilling mystery intertwined with some amazingly hot sex scenes... the buildup to the protagonists discovery keeps the pages moving at a rapid-fire pace. "-RT Book Reviews"I'm dead from the strongest book hangover ever. Helen exceeded every expectation I had for this book. It was heart pounding...

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About: Roth and I are on an open-ended tour of the world. Roth being Roth, this means missionary in Morocco, reverse cowgirl in Calcutta, bent over the bow of a houseboat in Hanoi, slow and sleepy on St. John. Anywhere and everywhere, in every conceivable position, and some I didn't know were possible.Life was pretty incredible.Until I woke up in his chateau in France, alone. On the bed next to me was a note. There were only four words:He belongs to me....

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About: Second chances were never more seductive than those in this brand-new Buckhorn novellaThe day April Kasper offered herself to Boone Barton is etched in her memoryfor all the wrong reasons. He turned her down flat. Five years later the humiliation still stings, but April isnt a naive kid anymore. Now that Boone is back in Buckhorn, she needs him to see that shes older, wiser and over him. Or at least two out of threeBack then, Boone was a bad boyno question. But even he knew that sweet, sma...

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Similar Books Like After We Collided Alternatives
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About: Book 2 of the After seriesnewly revised and expanded, Anna Todd's After fanfiction racked up one billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the internet's most talked-about book for yourself from the writer Cosmopolitan called the biggest literary phenomenon of her generation.Tessa has everything to lose. Hardin has nothing to lose...except her. AFTER WE COLLIDED...Life will never be the same. #HESSA After a tumultuous beginning to their relationship, Tessa and H...

Audio language: English Authors: Anna Todd Publisher: Simon and Schuster



After We Fell Reviews and Comments:

This is just as terrible as the 50 Shades series... or worst. I couldn't obtain past the third page.
~ Alexandria Kim
it's not nice, like at all. for one the writing is about eighth grade lvl; the dialogue/hero interactions are choppy and unrealistic and the grammar is laughably terrible. also their relationship is physically and emotionally abusive, which is. not okay. i have no concept who thought this was worthy of now being published. it's a nice laugh if you don't take it seriously though.
~ Alice W
One of the finest ebooks I've ever read
~ Lauren Abraham
~ A Google user
no where near as nice as the first n second
~ Rebecca Russell
This series is sooooo nice!!
~ Karla Jade
Wow each ebook...
~ Martha Vazquez Del Mercado
I'm so in love with the storyline
~ Moonstruck
Nice storyline. This series is a gotta read!!
~ Melissa Farrill
Oh gosh finest ebook ever
~ Danielle Jacobs
I love the mystery of the storyline....😘
~ TheDragon Skater
after we fell
~ haley sheeley
This series is so nice...can't wait for ebook 4. You will not be disappointed..
~ Wendy Spinks
~ Veronica Manewil
~ Samantha Caraveo
I love the two n it's great to read the published ver Thanks Anna Todd I love you
~ A Google user
Proud of you anna!
~ Alondra Fajardo
Just nice! Read this (I still think of Hardin as Harry doe:-) and the Wattpad ver! <3
~ Olivia Wheeler
Just keeps getting better. Nice growth
~ Jess Wheeler
Book liked ebook very much! Looking forward to reading glad ever after!! Anna Todd has nice future writing!
~ Vala Jack
It just gets better & so much more hard to stop reading
~ Dee Holland
Finest ebooks I have ever read #hessa
~ Mattie Middaugh
If ur beginning to read the first ebook just OMG you will never drop it
~ Jacqueline Lopez
Just nice. You don't have to be a directioner. Such a sweet love storyline
~ Goobo Leebone
it's the definition of drama and suspense and everything to hold your brain entertained and develop a slight headache. loved each minute of the series and i thank my dude for recommending it to me. everyone could read the whole series.
~ Roeschen Munyai
Remember when I was reading this ebook on my device..I wouldn't even obtain up to do anything...😂😂😂😂i usually wanted to know what will happen.its a nice ebook..very romantic.and a gotta read series💞💞💜you rule Anna Todd!
~ dancer 33
I love this ebook so much! I've read it 4 times actually and it still gets me emotionally unstable. 💕
~ Ally Adventures
I read it on wattpad and it's just Excellent! I'm obsessed about this
~ Iulissa Moisi HS
Im honestly so proud of Anna Todd. I have read the triology on Wattpad and it has a nice amount of Drama and Romance. I'd give it 10 but 5 is the limit.
~ Leyla Normil
Loved it!! This one I think has to be my favoured thus far!! The reconciliations, the change in both of them and their relationship!! And the end wow, although I sort of suspected that was coming of course because of all the tricks in the ebook. Can't wait for the next ebook!! Only complaint would be that all this drama happens in such a short span!! All 3 ebooks!! Nonetheless still nice!!! Hold em coming!!
~ que porque
Really nice ebook, Just some of the break ups began to work my nerves. The constant repeat over the same thing or persons.
~ Lesia Edwards
Recipients claim the ebook is horrible. I think the ebook is nice. I love this ebook. If recipients are going to be negative, then don't read it. If it wasn't a nice ebook, then why would it obtain published? Because recipients like me, who are Afternators love the ebook. If you're not an Afternator then why did you continue to read the series? I love the ebook, and so does +1 billion another Afternators. From a Afternator ♥ #HessaFOREVER #Afternators #AnnaTodd #Imaginator1D
~ Serena Ntsaislia
This ebook was idea too looooong! There was just too many information that I really didn't care for that I started to skip pages. I still haven't even completed the ebook because I would stop reading it for a couple of days sometimes a entire week and run reading again only to obtain through 3 chapters at the most. Tessa so annoying in this ebook that I started skipping most of her parts and jumped ahead to Hardin's parts. Not sure if I wish to even bother with the next ebook when I can't even finish this one without stopping for long periods of time. Basically I've been reading this ebook for almost 3 months actually. That is just sad because I bought the first 2 ebooks only 2 days apart and completed both ebooks that same week.
~ stella penitito
I have read 2 or 3 of these actually, hoping for a glad ending. I got through a quarter of this ebook and deleted it. Even after paying $5 for it. I would love to see how it ends but I cant take it anymore. All it is a constant arguement between the two main characters and I found that as I'm reading the ebooks it has an result on my moods. Dissapointed
~ Jessilyn Braden
My thoughts on this ebook are 1 & 2 were better this one seems 2 ramble on more & really just create 2 many thing happen 2 one couple or their disfunctional families I mean no one has that much drama. And almost double the pages...Hopefully 4 picks me back up into this storyline.
~ Christina Brittain
Usually I think everything is easing up. Bamn! But I love it
~ Vanessa Villegas
I love the stories, the ebooks and I love Hardin and Tessa they are so stubborn and passionate. The stories are usually never ending saga's from all the recipients that surround these two jumping jack characters. Emotionally triggered to obtain me off my seat and then become restless and anxious of the storyline to continue. Thank you Anna for your full on love, romantic and feisty ebook of emotions. Hope to read more of your stories xox
~ Elsie Turia
I've loved the another 2 ebooks but this one was sooo long. I found myself taking more breaks than usual to finish this one. I felt like there were too many unnecessary information at times. Overall it was really nice though.
~ Tenika Carter
Anna Todd is a genius! :)
~ ruth lopez
So in love with this series
~ Tara Jones