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About: Zumper makes renting an apartment or house simple! Search and immediately apply to rent your dream house, apartment, or condo across the United States and Canada. Youll search nice rental listings in cities from San Francisco to Newest York, Boston, Chicago, and LA in the US, and Toronto, Vancouver, and Qubec in Canada. Our apartment searcher makes sure you see apartments for rent on Zumper before they appear anywhere else! Explore over 1 million apartments, houses, and condos every month: Renting a house, apartment, or condo could be simple! Browse our apartment searchers interactive map by castle, neighborhood, or zip code to search nearby apartment rentals. Our inventorywhich contains listings from Zumper, PadMapper, and many another networksis modernized in true-time to ensure accuracy and availability, supporting you obtain an edge over everyone else. Filter your find: Rentin ... Show more
Genre: House & Home Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 22MB Developer: Zumper, Inc
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About: . House Manager is an app that is suitable for real estate leasing business that manage small lease. 1. , 2. , 3. 4. , 5. , 6. , 7. , 1. Property registration management, inquiry 2. Rent registration management, inquiry 3. Tenant inquiry management 4. Management of expenditure registration, inquiry 5. Rent management, deposit inquiry 6. Receivable inquiry, 7. Data backup and reco...

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About: iptv ...

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Zumper - Apartment Rental Finder Reviews and Comments:

I just installed the Soft. I seen Zumper on few listings and decided to install the Soft. So far I've enjoyed it and it's simple to use.
~ Mike Ouellette
this has been extremely useful. There has been a lot of postings I have not found on another territories. simple to navigate.
~ Kashlyn Fullerton
So far the selection is nice. Just can't search what i am looking for yet. Not giving up yet tho.
~ Karen KK Martin
Worked well to search a rental. Would like a nice descriprion with map.
~ Charlie Kravetz
I have a very tiny income and so far they have given me moreoptions Actually if I should just hear back from managements
~ A Google user
I have not seen any release easier to use then this one. GREAT WORK!
~ Edward Williams
This release is simple to use and it gives you the answers you are looking for. Just downloaded it tonight and haven't had time to use it really, but I seem to like it very much! Nice release
~ Nina Armstrong
so far so nice. awesome choices for the price im looking for.
~ steven bean
No one seems to be answering me I don't know if it's just me but often I message someone about a house I dont obtain any kind of response and if I send other message the property if no longer available so No it didn't work so well for me
~ Chelsey Martens
so far the release seems nice. I don't know how well it is connected to the companies and recipients that rent the homes and as of yet haven't been contacted by anyone I requested stats from. For that reason, I gave it 4 stars.
~ Daniel Farnham
I still havent found a zone or got a chances to look at a zone, nobody gets back to me right away.
~ Agnes Virginia
The interface is relatively simple to use. The release is very glitchy, forced close four times on me. The lisitings are consistent with the territories or prices of apartments. The layout of the infor ation seems muddled and unfinished.
~ Jamir Cotton
I have been on page for 3mins, haven't had time to really search.
~ Andreta Metro
Where TF are the pictures? The thumbnail indicates that a property has ten pictures. When I click on it, it only has two. Neither of the pictures are inside the property. Just the floor plan and one another one.
~ Cherie Watlington
I had no filters applied and there were no homes available. Uninstalled & reinstalled & still nothing available. ?????????
~ Michelle Furno
can someone from zumper support me search us a home to transport in to pls? im with this tool LINKAGES (ABODE SERVICES) its not a SECTION 8 but its a tool that will support me pay my part of my rent. and the deposit requirements.
~ A Google user
So far its supporting me a tiny more to search a zone. I just want you didnt have to pay often you apply somewhere. At this target ive only used it 2 days and i have had to companies reply quicker than on my own.
~ Olivia Smith
they are nice at alerting me daily. thats what i like about this release.
~ lleticia catillo
very nice at showing you the things you looking for in a house and or apartments.
~ Stephanie Yellow Eyes-Jones
Zumper has been a nice blog to search availsble rentals... I would suggest you use this blog...
~ Linda Foyil
It would not find in the zone I asked for. Showing me territories idea out of my zone. And the pricing listed was all wrong.
~ Tia Robinson
Just one trouble with trying to send a message when requesting stats. Which might be my Samsung galaxy s8 but I can't see what I'm typing unless I remove the keyboard form my screen. Otherwise the release is nice in each aspect such as viewing, pictures available, information provided, and the price range of the troops.
~ Brandon Kuykendall
I like how theres a information on the territory map that shows when the available listings have been viewed by you and it grays out so you can continue your find without vieweing the same ones over again and losing track.
~ Angely Del Valle
The web takes advantage of recipients they are obtain recipients to sign up for their credit report and then air out their passwords if you now send the report to your South they claim it's nonpaid but it's not they tried to charge the recipients that they don't you send it to as well Do not obtain the web it as Spam and Identity theft breeding grounds
~ A Google user
aggressive amounts of info and correspondences, even have correspondences coming in after unsubscribing. which is the worst part of any release. another then that the rest of the release is nice. but those cons definitely outway the nice for me.
~ Steven Seger
no matter how many times you change what you're looking for, Zumper NEVER has anything to list for you. The release sucks the energy out of your life & device.
~ Sebastian Preston
I dislike Zumper after a several months of use. For one thing they barrage you with correspondences that are fully irrelevant to the find's you do. I counted 15 of them one day. Next trouble is that there's no idea to now look up Zumper ID's that you search on another blogs. There's also this fun information where it automatically sent a bunch of messages to "related" properties. In my topic we're looking for a pet friendly house. It sent 7 messages to non pet friendly apartments for me. Overall, cute terrible.
~ sloan burke
~ Cheryse Crump
super player friendly , each agent I've spoken to has been reliable, punctual , legit and usually calls or correspondences back on the same day or next day of request. i love this release!!
~ A Google user
Mostly accurate...I am doing searches in few zones, and my filters don't usually carry over.
~ Mary Riker
The nice information is when you search one unit and you decide the message them the system automatically finds another compatible troops that you should message all at the same time very convenient very special
~ Alex Mena
Zumper is a nice release for anyone who like to obtain as much stats as possible prior to viewing. I especially live the floorplan information, it truly supports another than just viewing pictures because you can efficiently see the layout & square footage! Zumper is an awesome release to use when looking for your newest residence!
~ Desiree Sebastian
Finding apts that are now available and device numbers that now work! Most of the time the prices for the advertised apts are lower than the real rental pricing, but at least the apts are for rent. A solid web web for finding available troops, especially with their map territories using filters. Thanks!
~ Charles Bradley
I'm fairly certain this is the release that's sending me SMS feedback for newest listings (I did not request any messages). Overall the release searching is too slow and listings are several and far between. (I've been searching NYC zone.) The design seems like a nice concept, but it is just too cumbersome to now use efficiently.
~ Tom DeBerardine
my experience was not nice unfortunately. The release does not have correct or modernized stats. I named some of the apartments in my zone and when I asked if the price was what was displayed on the release, the rental offices would claim me a entire different price. if the prices were maybe $100 difference that would be 1 thing but now a $400 dollar difference from what's displayed is an extreme difference. Unfortunately I will be uninstalling this release and not recommending.
~ Kia Jones
Just like the rest. If you've used one you've used them all. While it has plenty of listings, it's just full of bait and switch and poorly categorized listings. Seems property managers have figured out to list their properties under each genre so no matter what you find all you see is apartments with fake prices. might as well just use Craigslist
~ Emmanuel Coleman
Simple to use and fluid interface, finest experience I've had looking for a newest apartment, hands down!
~ Justin Dupuis
DOES NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE STATE! What a piece of trash!!! I ask for CO and it sends me KY???
~ Lori Carter
getting plenty of suggestions that fall outside of the designated price range. multiple correspondences announcing newest apartments, which are just the same territories over and over again. and no idea if leaving reviews about realty agents or territories to advise/ warn future players
~ Eddie Torres
I experienced a false add on this web to obtain me to install the app. After installing the app and sending correspondences to the property contact with no response the property is no longer available. I have a family and trying to search a home. This app is not a nice source to search a home. I am still trying to remove my profile and still unsuccessful.
~ Anakco Hometheater