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About: Receive ready for the run of your life. Join 5 million runners on an epic journey! You tie your shoes, place on your headphones, take your first steps outside. Youve barely covered 100 yards when you hear them. They gotta be close. You can hear each guttural breath, each rattling groan - theyre everywhere. Zombies. Theres only one thing you can do: Run! Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running release and audio journey, co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. Each run becomes a target where youre the superhero, with our immersive audio drama putting you at the centre of your very own zombie journey storyline. While you run to the great mix of heart-pumping audio drama and pulse-pounding songs from your own playlist, youll accumulate supplies to grow your base back home. BBC NEWS - The only idea to save yourself is to run for true. WIRED - In the style of Run ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Six to Start
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Zombies, Run! (Free) Reviews and Comments:

love this release. i don't usually use to run. Nice storyline with nice voice acting. i got very sick (Diverticulitis) last year and wanting to know about the storyline line kept me working out. i went to the gym idea more often each went on walks down my way. Actually I'm feeling better and gaining back my strength back. Thanks for making a nice release six.
~ iBot ClanRx
Fun at first. When you wait a week to unblock a newest target without paying, you do a lot of bonus runs and realize the 'supplies' you grab are just useless. Since you need supplies and materials but are only allowed 6 materials a week (the full per target), you end up with hundreds of 'supplies' that now mean absolutely nothing. Then add the constant begging for dollars and Spotify usually stopping, Zombie Run becomes much less fun and more of a chore.
~ Joshua Cook
I don't like jogging, never really have, but this release adds a great fun touch that supports me forget that I don't like jogging. If you wish to measure your jogging, though (eg distance or speed) you'll need to use other release at the same time because this one is really not accurate.
~ Haylee Cofield-Ilhe
The storyline is interesting and very intriguing, however since downloading the release, I have never had to evade a group of zoms. Zombie chases are ON but I never obtain the chance to run away. I just completed the third episode and no zom chases so far :/ I hope this gets fixed. I imagine it would add more excitement to the release.
~ GrammarGnostic Anon
Nice! I need to obtain fit and I'm a gigantic zombie fan! What should be better? So much fun!! And if, like me, you're not fit enough yet to run, you can adjust the settings to let you to go at your own pace. Immersive storytelling, hair-raising, run-for-your-life thrills with chase mode on, and a build-your-own-base information using the supplies you pick up on your runs! I'd give this 10 stars if I should! Brilliant!
~ A Google user
The release is fun but doesn't restart the song after stopping it to deliever some dialog. Have to stop running and run my song release again. This time of year that means digging under few layers of clothes.
~ Darren McGaha
nice release, but only works if you keep your device the entire time. It doesn't sync with Fitbit so unless you keep your device as you run, it won't count any steps/distance and won't log your speed during the chases. it still works i guess but linking to a wearable is cute standard for fitness apps these days so it's odd that this isn't an option. it's an simple solution but without it the release test is very limited.
~ Chassitty Fiani
I'm leading a double life. In my off time, I'm Runner 5 supporting my apocalyptic camp by collecting supplies and searching for answers to the zombie infection and it's done wonders for my pace! The storyline and characters are immersive, the chases are scary and motivating. I love the pro membership with the ability to customize my interval training. Optimal for outdoor running but entertaining for the monotony of the treadmill. I can't wait to test the races! I want the merch was a tiny more affordable. I'm hooked and wish to spread the word.
~ Michelle Haller
I hate any type of movement. Fitness is my aggressor and sofa is my finest dude. I tried all kinds of equipment hoping something would create me lead a healthier life. Yoga, stretching, walking, dance classes etc etc - nothing lasted for more than few apps (and yes, I hated having to do them too). Finally, finally there's something that makes me leave the house and walk! I love the storyline and details so much that I've started walking the longer idea home. THANK YOU!
~ Anna S.
Got me off my couch for the first time in my life. I've lost 80 lbs and gone from being unable to walk more than a mile to completing a 5k in 53.5 mins. Never would have started without this release. (PS y'all need to talk to Wil Wheaton about doing a voice because he's the reason I even looked this release up. It would be nice if he was part of the storyline.)
~ Cindy McDonald
Four stars for actually, but that is only because I had some troubles with using a treadmill and the release claiming me I had fun twice as far as I now did. And not saving my first run which wasn't that large of a deal. But really I just wanted to claim how much I love this release! I never thought I would run like actively for exercise but I am legitimately excited to go for runs! And it is all because of this release! Absolutely nice and so much fun!
~ Cassandra V
This is nice, sadly i cannot run continuously because a)I'm unfit and b) I have joint troubles with my legs, but when the zombie alert pops up i give it my finest attempt! Really enjoyable i just hope that one day I can run like I'm supposed to instead of speed walk. 😂
~ Annesethetic World
This release is probably one of my all-time favoured apps. My 12yo son and I have started running together (I'm a lapsed but long-time runner). We are so into the storyline that we are running idea more often than I thought we would, and it's lovely quality time. The storyline generates lots of conversation even outside of runs. It has worked well running in the background with the audible release, or we just listen to ZR and chat between Sam's commentary. I will be buying the yearly subscription today.
~ Monica B
I purchased the full release years ago, before they implemented the 'pay by seasons' gimmick. It's a nice release but i feel ripped off. i never was able to create an profile withput the release destroying and this prevented me from transferring to the newest release. If you don't mind the high price mark, i would highly suggest it. I still think about it on my runs some days
~ David Rowe
Really nice release - the story has motivated me to hold running. Would have 5 stars except for a tiny thing - the speed rate is rarely accurate. Not a gigantic trouble, but it makes it really hard in zombie chases when the meter claims I'm at 0.0 speed and I'm sprinting. Would love some assistance with this!
~ Emily Tucker
Just completed the first target. It was so cool! The voice acting was nice, the storyline was riveting, if I had been sitting down, I would have been on the edge of my seat! I love all the different elements in the storyline. Function-wise, I was walking on a treadmill, and the step counter worked fairly well when I kept the device in my pocket. The instructions were a tiny unclear, but it's fairly simple to figure out once I got started. I highly recomment this for anyone who hates walking/running!
~ Debbie Caleb
This release is nice. I just got into running and had heard of this release, so I decided to give it a go, just at the end of December. Actually we are halfway through march and I've finished the first season, and am set to run my first 10km very quick. The release is very simple to use, works well woth Spotify, and is very customisable. The voice acting and storyline are alsp very well done. My one gripe is the base building information, which is a nice concept yet feels unfinished.
~ Matthew Ellerington
This release has constructive and addictive storylines. That's what has me hooked, and it's very customizable. You pick how long you wish your missions to go, how often you have zombie chases and how hard you wanna push yourself in the chases, supply runs, interval training, etc. Thank you for making this release! I love it!
~ ambcompo09
this release has a lot if potential, but there are some serious bugs. In particular, if you sgare a workout as a text message, it becomes locked to that way of sharing. I revised my score up to a 3 because another than the sharing glitch, it is now a really cool release. I probably would increase my score to a 4 if they made it possible to obtain materials for building the city a tiny more available. As it stands you can only obtain materials from missions and season one gives a fairly tiny amount.
~ Brian Magill
Phenomenal release, shotty at tracking and consistently awarding supplies. Tracking only works well if the screen is on constantly and the device is in your hand. Once the screen is off, like my run today for example, it tracks NOTHING. I've had this happen a number of times actually and it is what I see as the huge oversight in this release. Investment in the release financially and because of the story is the only reason I don't trade up this release for something else. Fix this and you'll obtain 5 stars.
~ Doppleganger Sparklesplat
Super glitchy. Usually when it runs it just plays over Spotify the first time, which is annoying. And then the second time, Spotify will pause, but then won't resume on its own. And why do I have to download each episode? But okay, I should deal with that, except like today when it just stopped like 3/4 through and recorded nothing. Sucks if you are trying to obtain into the storyline. And then I obtain no record of that run and I'd like to hold track. Insane I paid for it, honestly.
~ Keili Gunden
luv this release its very well done 😁
~ S Kirk
Can't change the length of a target to more than 1.5 miles.
~ james plachinski
Love to listen to the episodes while walking alone or with the 🐕.
~ Paul Burns
release keeps on destroying mid run losing all progress for the run. have turned off all adaptive battery settings for the release edit: its happening whenever i launch the camera release to take a picture
~ Robert Rising
Nice release to create running more fun and interesting. Also nice storyline and globe building.
~ Hartti Tomson
Very well done release. Only got through season one but loving it and thought it is well worth getting the subscription! hold it up!
~ Tiffany Tang
I love, love, live this release! I wouldn't exercise without it <3
~ A Google user
well this release is the only finest one iv ever used its offline and online i love the radio the comes with it . plz create more radios talks.
~ E Graves
awsome release. It triggers the lizard part of the brain, making you run faster.
~ John Haller
Was really looking forward to using this but when I launch it, it just freezes on the logo and that's it :(
~ Stu Hugh
this has been the finest thing to support me meet my fitness needs as a soldier in the units reserves. Its engaging and simple to use. I care about the charactera and storyline line
~ Damion Brooks
Slightly complicated to figure out at first, but once I got the concept, it's the finest thing ever! Motivates my runs and keeps me entertained.
~ Eveliina Häggqvist
modernization*******The last modernization fixed my troubles and I love it again. actually there needs to be a wear os tool for it tip tip.**********************I did LOVE this release but actually it claims I ran 1.5 miles when i now did 4. its claiming I'm moving at a crawl speed. I now upgraded to the 12 months and then this happened. disappointed I paid for something that I actually cant use.
~ Melissa Burroughs-Owen
This release is entirely responsible for my newfound enjoyment of running, which is honestly not something I thought I should ever genuinely enjoy. Well done!!!
~ Disa Carneol
Better than just your average run tracking release. This one has a lot going on so just check it out if you think you might be interested. The voice acting is better than I expected too.
~ Gage Jenners
I really liked the original zombies run. I should buy the newest seasons when I had dollars etc... Then they screwed over their early adopters took away the seasons we had already paid for and more. Don't help crooked companies. The respond below is a load of bull. the old ver is not available anymore.
~ Dustin Kippers
Whether you are already running or you're just starting out, you need to obtain this release! The storyline is so fun and endearing, and even tho it is nonpaid its fully worth the subscription price. You don't even have to run, I just walk and am working up to running, so don't allow that stop you!
~ Jess
this is probably my favored release of all time. it got both me and my gf far more into running and fitness. something i appreciate is that this release isnt demanding, it doesnt force you to go speedy if thats not your thing and while effort is optional the storyline is so engaging that you'll probably end up pushing yourself anyway. i love the lgbt+ rep and how well its incorporated into the globe and the fandom is a delight. 11/10
~ Sam the Genderpunk
Wheres the old ver I paid for years ago? I notice the reviews that ask about that obtain ignored, and theres an option when you go to pay the subscription to download the old ver that leads to nothing. If this is on purpose the devs have no respect for those who supported them during the early days of this app. I'm positive the devs are British as well, funny how history repeats itself no taxation with out representation.
~ Melerik Rosario