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Zombies, Run! 5k Training (Free)   
About: Zombies, Run! 5k Training is an 8-week training tool and audio journey for beginners thatll improve your fitness so you can run a 5km distance. We give you clear and detailed instructions about when to walk, jog, run and stretch, building up your confidence and stamina over 25 workouts - combined with a gripping storyline delivered straight to your headphones. (If you already have running experience, check out our Zombies, Run! release with bonus informations including 200 more missions, Zombie Chase interval training, a base-building release, time and distance audio info, and more!) Zombies, Run! 5k Training comes from the originators of Zombies, Run! (Six to Run & Naomi Alderman), the globes most successful tablet exercise release with 4 million users worldwide. Featured by the Newest York Times, BBC, Time, Wired, and Runner's Globe! EXPERTLY-DESIGNED 5K TRAINING PRO ... Show more
Genre: Health & Fitness Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Six to Start
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Zombies, Run! 5k Training (Free) Reviews and Comments:

Frequently crashes during runs and all details are lost. Also not so much a release than a poorly written audio ebook. You can literally do anything and the same scenarios will test out
~ Erik Ask
Even though it took me eight months to finish the eight week course, I can actually run 5km any day of the week. Also, fun storyline. I may have been quite emotional after the final run.
~ Schmy Seymour
Have loved the release so far. But from week 5 workout 2 it hasn't been tracking correctly. I did the w5w2 and w5w3 last week and it fully screwed the run, missing out at least 1.75km of it every day. So uninstalled and reinstalled the release today, and logged in again, and it hasn't recorded the last 2 runs. So did w5w2 again today and it hasn't tracked correctly again, missing out about the same distance....
~ Cheryl Moore
The release works as expected. I like it. It has helped obtain me to be able to run without feeling like I'm going to die. It runs slowly and builds up your stamina. I really like that you can use this with Pandora or YouTube and they will slash in when required with instructions. As much as I like it I'd give it 5 stars if there were some changes. 1. As others have mentioned, sometimes after you do a run it does not log it. In the beginning there were a couple runs I had to redo just to have them marked as run. 2. There is too much nonpaid run time. As nice as that sounds it leaves launch for us lazy runners to slack off and walk the entire time. More run/walk drills or exercises would be appreciated. 3. While the storyline line is ok, I want there was more to it.
~ Nibbs
Keeps destroying while training and all training time obtain lost. It's not interactive at all as a release: if you run it and stand still it will have the same effects as if you run
~ Brigitte
I already paid for the previous ver of Zombies 5k, but in this ver I can't go past week 4 without paying $4! What did I pay for when I purchased the full ver of both the Zombies Run and Zombies 5k?
~ Matt Trussell
it supports me work out
~ A Google user
Loving this release. Magnificent motivation
~ Ryan Thomson
Love this release so far.
~ Yasmin Elbaradie
Insane as I love it it works I'm fit as a snich
~ A Google user
Nice release and highly suggested if you are interested in running.
~ Karim Shaik
Crashes just before the end of every workout, all my workout time is lost each time.
~ Émilie Rachiele
Cuts out half idea through a run and you can't pick up where you left off. Pointless and not fit for purpose
~ George Stroud
love the idea but the release keeps destroying starting with week 2. also, needs a skip option.
~ Rachel Eversole
Nice release for starters. Keeps destroying at week 2 workout 2 with lots of training time. Please rectify the bug.
~ Sameer Deshmukh
Highly suggested. Fun, well structured and effective.
~ Samantha McMurdie
Cute nice. FYI you have to run paying at week 4
~ Alexander
Absolutely love it! Hopefully we can quick see zombies approaching on the map chasing us thats gunna be super excitingggg 😁
~ Colleen Gonzales
Oh it seems like you deleted my old review. Ahem...what I claimed was this so used to be nonpaid. To charge for it actually is GREED BEYOND MEASURE!!! I was willing to pay for zombies run release after I completed this but I'm so disappointed in six to run I think I'm done with it all. Plenty of exercise apps out there. DO NOT help these recipients and their greed. I could claim everyone that there is a virus attached to this release...see how far your greed takes you then!
~ A Google user
I've used this release for a several years and all of a sudden I have to pay $5.49 one i hit week 4. When this first came out I paid for it and actually I have to pay again. Not glad.
~ Nicola Robey
I love the idea, no another release has motivated me to run running, I now look forward to it in the same idea Pokémon makes me walk. Sadly its not really built for treadmills. Week one run drills were so short by the time I turned the speed up I was claimed to walk again, just had to double up and hold rubning til the second walk timer. Disappointed to see following weeks needing heel raises and high knees and whatnot that wont be practical on a treadmill either.
~ A Google user
I love the idea, and it's been a really great tool to use to return to running after a series of injuries, *but* I run in the morning, and after the first couple weeks, the runs just obtain idea too long, in terms of time. At first, I should go out at first light (about 40 mins before dawn) and still be able to create it to work on time, but with 50+ minute workouts, I just can't create the time, nor do I feel protected. I'll be using a different release to obtain me back up to 5k, peppering these long runs in on weekends when I can do them while the sun is up.
~ Stacey Cahan
I wish to love this release and I wish to give it 5 stars - but I've narrowed down that my bluetooth earbuds are the trouble in having Pandora and the audio in the release both mute when there is supposed to be a storyline line. Works great through my device speakers. Wired headphones are becoming a thing of the past - I hope I can still search the pair that came with my Pixel 3...
~ Jessica Heidemann
Nice release, unfortunately it just doesn't work consistently currently at week 4 and have lost count how many times it just goes blank half idea through a run, no fun getting 2/3 of a idea through a run to have to run again especially multiple times! If can fix this would be a 5* no doubt!
~ Matthew Roberts
This is the finest running release I've ever tried! Very fun and engaging and I've had no troubles testing YouTube or Spotify with it. Love it!
~ Lapin anonyme
So fun!!!! I can't trust I am almost done! This release makes it so simple and entertaining to run!
~ Haley Dennison
The story is nice, but I can't continue for the last 3 months because it loses connection each single time and It doesn't save your progress. Development squad, please fix this and create my buy worthy!
~ Yangyang Yang
Wow. I'm running 7k with no trouble after 8 weeks. Real couch to runner, this release is nice. Well done.
~ James Duncan
It doesn't work with just about each song user that recipients now use in 2018. It either switches off the song so you have to run in silence, switches off the voice commands so you have to check your device while running to check what you're up to, or just crashes fully. I won't be bothered setting up playlists that this release will recognise when there are related apps out there that work properly. Uninstall.
~ Jeremy Klysz
Got me srarred, kept me going, hold it fun. Only thing missing is a re-run at where you left after closing the release. It can pause but I required to restart my device and ended up losing the progress.
~ Jaderilys Gratton
I have enjoyed this release on iPhone and recently switched to Mobile. I have used it twice since and both workouts destroyed, saving no time. I will not be able to continue using unless this is fixed.
~ Morgan McCormick
This used to be my favoured training release, that is until I hit run and it instantly crashes. It's sad as it was a nice motivator with an interesting story. Actually it doesn't even work, no matter what I do.
~ Baillie Nitz
A nice release with great voice actors. Need skip options. The release stopped working 8 mins or so into my walk up walk (week 1 run 2) had to listen to the entire intro and wait for the ten mins to be up again before getting to the actual exercise. If you add skip options for warm up and non essential dialogue that would support.
~ Rebekah Nunes
I absolutely love it! I have had no troubles using my spotify or my gps tracking while listening. great for someone who has never run before, as it slowly works you up and not in a "I am gonna die." type of idea. They walk you through each step and I felt very accomplished! I never saw myself as the runner kind but actually I am sad I have to have rest days. I highly suggest! Check it out! Its nonpaid till week four, I will be subscribing! Worse topic you just delete it and transport on. come on, Runner 5!
~ A Google user
Fed up with the release shutting down or freezing during a run. It doesn't record the progress and you can't seem to skip to the part where it malfunctioned. I used this release last year and enjoyed it, this year I'm wondering what I paid for as it would appear to be the glitchy workouts. This not due to the battery settings either as I rectified that after the first several times it shut down on me. These troubles leaves me feeling frustrated and unmotivated.
~ Ciara Henstock
I've been using this release for two weeks and so far it's been, to quote Sam, "hella fun" and super motivating. I'm in love with the writing and the voice acting, and the missions are challenging but not incredulously hard. (And yeah, I can fully feel my leg muscles getting stronger.) I've had a several glitches regarding using Spotify and the release simultaneously, but it hasn't been enough to crash the release for me. I'll definitely be buying the another five weeks, and I can't wait to test the main release!
~ AnbuRose Courence
Have loved using this release right up to the final run. As other review has mentioned, listing it as a 5k run and then measuring it by time is really demoralising if you end up having to run more than that to obtain the full plot. I wound up running 7k and still missed the last couple of clips. At least to create this ckear before the run that's how it will work would be nice.
~ Jo Lee
The 5k one only has a tiny narrative which gives idea to giving your interval instructions. Works well with another song users. The release does have some nice functions and the tracking works well. Things that should be added. -Info to remind you or prompt you to work out. -More help for like Samsung smart watches and another wearable fitness trackers. - A info that works half idea so you can turn back. This is designed for newest runners who may not have worked out routes.
~ Dan Begg
Would be great, if it didn't hold destroying. I really enjoy the idea and content. Unfortunately each single time I run with it the release crashes and switches off mid run, im walking, waiting for my next prompt from the release and it never comes. I then look at my device and the release is fully closed down, my run isn't logged and I have been 90% thru a run! It's a shame that I'm going to have to switch to other 5k training release, as this would have been my favored.
~ Jess Waite
I have been using and loved this release to run running after my breaks. But actually, I can't even obtain through the first workout. It's not destroying or freezing but it just doesn't give the next part of the dialog. The battery is not optimizing the release and I have it launch to create sure it doesn't do anything but it did anyway. I hope they fix it. I really miss using the release.
~ Ellen