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About: YouTube Sound is a newest song release that allows you to easily search what youre looking for and search newest song. Receive playlists and suggestions served to you based on your context, tastes, and whats trending around you. A newest song streaming service from YouTube This is a fully reimagined song service with official applications from your favoured artists. Search the song you wish Easy search the albums, singles, live performances, covers, and remixes youre looking for. Dont know a songs name? Just find the lyrics or describe it. Find newest song Receive song suggestions based on taste, territory, and time of day. Use The Hotlist to hold up with whats trending. Uninterrupted listening with Sound Additional Listen banner-nonpaid Dont worry about your song stopping when you lock your screen or use another apps. Download your favorites or allow us do i ... Show more
Genre: Music & Audio Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Google LLC
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Similar Apps Like Descargar Musica para Mi Celular Gratis MP3 Guide Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Cuando estamos en las reuniones con la familia y los amigos lo que hacemos es escuchar las canciones que ellos tienen en su mvil bajar musica gratis para el celular y t quieres aprender para bajar musica gratis fcil y rpido a como colocarle las que te gustas en tu telfono aplicacin de musica para bajar gratis, pues aqu aplicaciones para bajar musica y videos tienes el mejor de los procesos como bajar musica gratis en mp3 y fcil y rpido para complacerte en ello. No es de genio que se ...

Developer: Appssabias [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Greatest Country Songs Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: This is a collection of greatest country songs Listen and enjoy your favorite country song anywhere and anytime from your smartphone Features: - Easy to use - JUST CLICK AND PLAY - Modern and user friendly interface - Low data usage - High quality audio - Shuffle and Repeat Menu Artist List: - Bellamy Brothers - Bill Anderson - Billy Currington - Blake Shelton - Billy Ray Cyrus - Bobby Bare - Brett Eldredge - Carrie Underwood - Hank Williams - Johnny Cash and many more ...

Developer: DB Music Dev. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Olimpica Stereo FM  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Llego Olimpica Stereo FM ! , La radio numero uno de Colombia y de gran parte del mundo!.. En Olimpica Stereo FM podras escuchar la mejor msica actual! Reggaeton, pop, msica electrnica y las entrevistas mas divertidas... nete al equipo de Olimpica Stereo FM y djate contagiar de esa buena vibra que tanto hace falta para desestresarnos de los que haceres cotidianos.. En esta app de Radio Olimpica Stereo FM anexamos una seccin de Horscopo diario para que leas que te deparan los astros mie...

Developer: TGH APPS ENTERTAINMENT [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Annie Leblanc Music 2019  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Listen to the best music without internet with this free application, so download and enjoy her greatest and latest hits with high quality mp3 offline....

Developer: teamdeveloppement [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Young Radio Music Mate Offline Player Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Music Mate is the best free offline music player. -Music: We collect thousands of artists's hot hits. 20 music genres include Funk, Sertanejo, Latin, Country etc. -FM: We provide thousands of FM stations from all countries. -Search: You can find any songs, playlists, channels, artists, by Search. -Lib: Find music you like and collect to Lib. Please note All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners and are used here under the terms of Fair Use and the Digital Mille...

Developer: Music Radio Official [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Shekinah Radio - Tabernacle de Gloire Gospel Radio  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Shekinah Radio gospel & worship music, Christian radio station Live!!! Shekinah Radio Tabernacle de Gloire ( Shekinah Radio Creole) is a Christian radio station that broadcasts Worship music and Christian content from Miami and Haiti, Caribbean. Tune radio to hear blessings from God and to sing Hallelujah together. This is a great family life radio that will enrich your spiritual life and connect all Christians around the world! Worship music and top spiritual programs everyday focusing on ...

Developer: Library Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Trap Drum Pads 24 - Make Beats & Music Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Make beats and music with fresh trap sample packs! Use new pitch effect to make your beats even better! Watch trap tutorials from Drum Pads 24 Crew in the Video and Tutorials section! So do you want to make music like Baauer or Gucci or Yellow Claw or any popular trap producer? Then download Trap Drum Pads 24 right now and show your skills, post video with #drumpads24 hashtag! New FREE sound packs arrive every month, so don't forget to check our app library! What we have inside: - prof...

Developer: Paul Lipnyagov [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Olímpica Stereo Colombia Cali 104.5 Gratis App Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Descarga gratis la nueva aplicacin olmpica stereo colombia cali 104.5 gratis app para dispositivos Android. Escuche en lnea a su estacin de radio en vivo y en directo DAB. Su nueva aplicacin olmpica stereo colombia cali 104.5 gratis app es fcil de usar, rpido y completamente gratuito. As que descargue su radio en lnea en lnea AM FM en lnea por livestream. No importa dnde se encuentre, Estados Unidos, Inglaterra, Suecia, Noruega, Dinamarca, Finlandia, Alemania, Francia, Japn, Aust...

Developer: ZorroDev [email protected]

Similar Apps Like ac dc ringtones free Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Enjoy the experience of the ac dc ringtones free on your phone and surprise your friends! AC/DC are an Australian rock band, formed in Sydney in 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. A hard rock/blues rock band, their music has also been called heavy metal, although they refer to themselves as "a rock and roll band, nothing more, nothing less" Top ac dc ringtones list : - Thunderstruck ringtone - Back in Black ringtone - rising power - Hells Bells - highway to hell - shoot to ...

Developer: VIP Ringtones [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Shekinah Radio Tabernacle de Gloire Gospel Radio Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Shekinah Radio Tabernacle de Gloire ( Shekinah Radio Creole) is a Christian radio station that broadcasts Worship music and Christian content from Miami and Haiti, Caribbean. Tune radio to hear blessings from God and to sing Hallelujah together. This is a great family life radio that will enrich your spiritual life and connect all Christians around the world! Worship music and top spiritual programs everyday focusing on family & spiritual life. Shekinah Radio focus on family and spiritual ...

Developer: Wra24 Apps [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Soy luna (karol sevilla) -popular  and new music Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: karol sevilla Karol Itzitery Pia Cisneros (born November 9, 1999),known professionally as Karol Sevilla, is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress and YouTuber.[2] She first became known for playing various roles in the series La rosa de Guadalupe. From 2016 to 2018, she played the title character in the Argentine telenovela Soy Luna. Sevilla launched her film career as a voice actress in the animated film from Walt Disney Pictures, Ralph Breaks the Internet Come on Enjoy a high quality Soy...

Developer: ANICIVE [email protected]

Similar Apps Like All Songs of Jojo Siwa 2019 + llyrics Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Joelle Joanie "JoJo" Siwa is an American dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube personality. She is known for appearing for two seasons on Dance Moms along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, and for her singles "Boomerang" and "Kid in a Candy Store". Jojo Siwa posts daily activities through his YouTube channel. This app is perfect to accompany your activities. Inside there is also a lyric to karaoke with friends or family. Shading your day with music, with this applications you can hear Jojo Siw...

Developer: Prawisuda dev. [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Haschak Sisters Songs - mp3 offline Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Simply you can get free new HASCHAK SISTERS music on your cell phone. Haschak Sisters - All My Money On You Haschak Sisters - Colors Haschak Sisters - Daddy Says No Haschak Sisters - Diary Haschak Sisters - Girl Power Haschak Sisters - I Wanna Dance Haschak Sisters - Like A Girl Haschak Sisters - Nah Nah Nah Haschak Sisters - Ponytail MattyBRaps - Little Bit (feat. Haschak Sisters) DISCLAIMER: All copyright and trademarks are owned by their respective owners. The images in this ap...

Developer: YASNAYA music [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Vicente Fernandez Musica Sin internet 2019 Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Vicente Fernandez Musica Sin internet 2019...

Developer: Modricoapp [email protected]


Similar Apps Like Free Music Downloader Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Downloader and player....

Developer: Ali Can [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Volume booster, Mp3 player with equalizer Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Volume booster of the speaker phone more powerful, the best equalizer You are listening to music, watching movies, but the volume of the speakers is limited to the degree of difficulty to hear you are uncomfortable, especially when you are in noisy environment like streets, amusement parks ... With Volume Booster, one-touch equalizer, you can easily raise the loudness of the loudspeaker to the loudest or easily adjust the volume when wearing the headset to the maximum you no longer have worr...

Developer: Recorder & Music (recorder, weather, forecast) [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Piano Keyboard -Latest Piano 2019  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Lest Start With the Piano Keyboard -Latest Piano 2019 for entertainment and for music. Latest 2019 Piano keyboard have many features just like duplicate sounds and also have a replay option then you can save a video and then play again and enjoyed your best music you can learn free music with this super piano free application. The super free realistic piano keyboard 2019 and musical instruments free application for musicians and beginners of piano learner! So Download this piano real keyboard to...

Developer: Smart Developers Studio [email protected]

Similar Apps Like MetroGnome Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: MetroGnome is a metronome app whose aim is to do one thing well: provide the practicing musician with a straightforward interface that is easy to use during practice sessions and rehearsals. Here are some of MetroGnome's features: - Tempo indicator with a large font that is easily readable from the music stand - Big start/stop button - Easily accessible volume control As the developer of MetroGnome, I am also a professional musician, and so MetroGnome *has* to work for me. As such, my focu...

Developer: James O Smith [email protected]

Similar Apps Like Pro Memo Recorder - Voice Recorder Pro Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: Pro Memo Recorder - Voice Recorder Pro The best voice recorder to record a voice/memo, capture several pictures and add several tags for the recording voice/memo in a user-friendly environment. Pro Memo Recorder - Voice Recorder Pro Full application for Android smartphones and tablets. Professional Voice Memo Recorder: Record voice memos on your Android phone freely with the highest quality and more easily with this smart voice recorder! Just a slight percentage of people prefer to wr...

Developer: voice recorder, call recorder, **Golden Stars** [email protected]

Similar Apps Like 8tracks playlist radio  Alternatives
Good alternative?

About: 8tracks is the best playlist radio app for people who care about music to make & discover refreshingly human playlists. Want a music player to help you listen to a playlist for a study, workout, yoga, or dating session? Looking for free music to stream like radio? 8tracks is the top music app to discover independent hip hop, EDM, indie rock, dubstep, jazz and many more genres. Choose from nearly 2 million free playlists, each lovingly handcrafted by a real-life human being who listens to musi...

Developer: 8tracks [email protected]



YouTube Music Reviews and Comments:

Although i love the collection and the concept, i would like to raise a several concerns i encountered: 1. The mixtape is heavily influenced by the recently played songs and doesn't take into profile a longer period of history thus making the suggestions quite repetitive. 2. The major concern is how the release automatically stops if you have paused the song and are using your device for something else. Reopening the release to again test songs is tiring.
~ Ayush Garg
the release keeps glitching and crashes since last modernization. I can listen to mayby 2 songs full before its runs to slash off tiny by tiny and then cuts the song off fully and then I obtain notified that it destroyed. needs to be fixed asap I really do love this release but this is a first since it first came out and actually I'm having troubles
~ 09watuppeeps
I like it ok. I am using the nonpaid super month so I dont know what the primary release is like. I probably wont hold it after the nonpaid month because it drains my battery like crazy. Im not going to pay for an release that hits my battery that hard.
~ Fred W
the song selection is nice, the super allows me to listen while my device is locked but it has troubles. Periodically some song becomes unavailable and I have to redownload it, but I have to delete the previous download. when i look for other that's "unavailable" I have to scroll all the idea back down to delete the another file, it's very tedious. Also in offline mode you could be able to access the playlists you've made and could be able to go to the artists directly.
~ Hyrason Gorman
It was nice. Was able to download song offline I had almost 300 songs. But when I went on today it claimed I could test Additional. All my songs are gone. I'm now pissed because do you know how long it took me to search some of those songs.
~ RainbowRose Love
Finest Disappointment in my Life! I just accidentally deleted the this release from device and downloaded it again. And what i saw made me really sad! Absolutely all song that i have downloaded are gone away, just disappeared, i can't search at least their names to download them again to my device! There were more than 1000 songs. All disappeared actually! Thank you YouTube!!
~ Elmar Tarverdiev
volume is poor..very hard to hear others and brakes up when speaking. too tiny overall so hard to kind.... besides the above i would have to call rhe device BELOW AVERAGE... thats if. dont buy if. no idea of keepinng track of usages I
~ john mortimore
Online Streaming of song when the screen is off could be available for nonpaid because of another competitors like spotify and airtel wynk. Otherwise there won't be any difference between this app and YouTube video app. Better hurry before losing the supermarket share in india to your competitors.
~ Ashish Shetty
Annoyed. I downloaded this because it claimed I should still listen while the screen is locked or while on another apps. Lies. Apparently I need to buy super. At least my first preferred release (Sc) doesnt stop testing when I'm looking at another things!
~ Christine Graham
Same upgrades ALL the time! Wheres the newest GPM/YTM? Current stations not just playlists that shuffle? Lots of work 2 avoid REPETITION! Same "top hits" that u obtain EVERYWHERE! 50 million songs? U mean if I go search them! A super song service SHOULD showcase an extensive catalog by now allowing me to hear the underground/ b sides/ non-"mainstream", not clicking to search it! Its about the "ROYALTIES" with all these services, less means more, songs that is! Just call it YouTube TopHits Sound!
~ GW Tilse
I LOVE this release! It is very simple to search songs on and you can skip as many songs as you wish. You can create infinite playlists and sometimes it will create one for you. It also brings up your recently played. Overall it is a nice release, it has all the song I wish, and it is simple to use. Also, there are many more benefits.
~ Cook Kids
Evey time I download my playlists I obtain a info after 2 hours claiming there are pending downloads and it just redownloads the playlist that were previously downloaded. The largest trouble is when I don't have a internet connection and I obtain the info claiming pending downloads, I can't enjoy my song offline without worrying.
~ Erick Meza
2 stars off because it claim to be youtube song, yet refuse to allow its nonpaid player test song in the background as ALL song apps. Which makes it not that different from the regular youtube. 1 star off because it isnt anything particularly newest or anything. Just a copy/paste with a several more lines of coding.
~ Francis Bisson
I really wish to like this release, but Google has not made a convincing topic for this to be used as a replacement for Spotify or Google Sound. It really feels half baked. It isn't intuitive at all and the functionality is far more limited than another competing apps. What gives, Google?
~ Erik Johnson
It seems that as I am a Google Test Sound release player am being forced to switch to youtube song. If I am not offered a idea to transfer the playlists i have prepared many hours into, i will dicontinue all google products possible as quick as google test song is discontinued. I will also encourage the organizations my wife and I work for, to distance themselves from google products. Don't ever take away my song. Insane and spiteful
~ Kevin Hall
I like that it recommends songs based on my likes on YouTube. But, when I download an offline mixtape,I expect it to not use any bandwidth at least for a several weeks. Just the day after, it runs downloading again when I was on some public wifi and there was no idea for me to stop the download. This release needs a lot of work before it can be named decent.
~ Sundeep B
the app is a barely functional mess which barely allows any songs to be played, with infuriating amounts of censorship. It is an abominal slash of YouTube instead of being its own executable which shares its engine with youtube, the comment system is lacking as well. YouTube itself is a significantly better song user. not suggested, waste of time and memory.
~ jakub rembacz
Still need a lot more informations. 1. Alphabetical list for songs in my library rather than date added. 2. Better sound quality. 3. A idea to add songs to a common library and not only rely on Playlists. This is very much required as your song could present in a common Library apart from playlist we create.
~ Rutvik Jain
This release lets me listen to song my idea with my playlists. But there is one vital thing missing, something that the main Youtube release is known for: a subscription feed. This release could have a subscription feed that informations only song channels and content tagged as song. That idea I can obtain the newest song from sources i follow without digging through my feed.
~ Noskal Borg
Definitely love this song release,its taken over all the another apps that Iv paid for or downloaded and have used. Its nice and the quality of the song is nice too!!! It usually is simple to use and havent had an troubles with the release! I highly suggest this to any and all song lovers!!! 5 stars!!!
~ Christian Reed
The audio quality is nice. To create this release great, the developers could create every library section in alphabetical order and add a section for category's. Another than not being able to conveniently search songs that were first liked in players library, the release is nice. It runs smoother, has better audio quality, and has never randomly closed unlike the " Google Test Sound" release.
~ Pierce Carpenter
Loved the release when I first started using it. Actually it stops testing each another song wanting you to confirm you wish to continue. If YouTube thinks it's going to create recipients buy the release, they are dead wrong! It's going to create them go back to using Spotify, Pandora, etc. and UNINSTALL their release, like I'm about to do!
~ Ginny Henry
this release is great! because if there was a song that you to search or a mv then youmcan just go on here,download,and test! you can also look for kpop songs too and the mv's your looking for in this release on find like bts lad with luv mv flr example,you can search it and watch it! and you really don't have to hold your device,device,or any device you have,to hold it on,because you can just turn it off and the song/mv/song video will still hold testing! and i think this release is nice! i suggest it
~ Chandra Van Lukinich
I can't suggest this release right actually. It's been happening a while where your playlists don't load, even though you clearly have an internet connection and each another release works. Also in my opinion the UI looks rather bland and boring, especially when testing song. One of the most clunky things though is how they mix all your YouTube playlists with your YouTube Sound playlists, this makes the release feel messy and really bugs me, there needs to be an option to separate them
~ Joel Harris
I am trying out you tube song, if only because it will supplant Google Sound (Soonish? Probably??). I just hope it doesn't nag at me often I launch it to buy a subscription (here's a tip...if I wanted one, I would obtain one). I love Google Sound so I'm kinda fussy that its going away. Also devs, please create it so we can import our playlists from GM. It (read as: you) would really suck as devs if something as easy a thing as playlists couldn't be imported.
~ Russel Wilkinson
I can't suggest paying for this service. Soo much room for improvement. Pros: - Plays song - Plays song videos Cons: - The downloaded playlists only appear in the downloaded section of your library and not in the artist, songs, or even playlist sections of your library. - The station you make based off of an artist plays the exact same songs. - There is no idea to create a customized station that contains different categories or artists. I should really go on but I'm at the word cap.
~ N M
Though they name it a song release, all the functions which are in it are still a replica of YouTube. Sound could test though I locked my Tablet is the primary expectation which is not fulfilled. There are no options to sort our favored song for a future session. There is a lot of redundancy in the content. I'm getting the same artist names again and again after I have chosen them in the first zone. Not a product that I expected from Google.
~ Gopal Krishna Tadi
tons of song of 'infinite personal song' is so terrible. The release makes no effort to test and search song that's related to your tastes. A nice example to follow is pandora. This release plays the same song it's so frustrating. On the plus side the song bank is gigantic and downloading song for offline is nice but not worth the 12 or 13 dollars a month for.
~ Alan Munoz
It's not as nice as Google Sound. 1. Can't import playlists from G Sound 2. There's a pause when songs change (it doesn't happen in G Sound) 3. Can't use the release abroad in a country where the release isn't supported even though I'm paying for it. (Google song does work) 4. Each tiny thing that I like on YouTube ends up in my liked songs playlist. (allow me pick what kind of videos I like could end up in the playlist). This will just create me stop liking YouTube videos. Can't switch just yet.
~ Shlomi Talbi
Problems to be fixed: - Random song pauses - If in idle (no song plays), runs in the background for a very short time. It forces me to run the release manually each time I obtain in my car. Could run in the background till I completely close the app. - Shuffle algorithm could be more advanced, it runs to test the same songs on a playlist each time.
~ Gergő Kovács
I've been hoping for the day where i search YouTube Sound is an improvement from or at the least equipment to Google Test Sound, sincs its going to be taking its zone at some target. Unfortunately, even though is been years since work started on this release, I still consistently search troubles that effectively create it a worse experience for me than Test Sound. Unfortunately, this review can't even fit all of the troubles I've run into. I've held out this long, but honestly, I'm seriously losing hope.
~ Daniel Ikpeama
Feel type of guilty to write this but the truth is the truth, I've usually liked google,a powerful, innovative out going corporation that listens to their players,adjusts and modifies,you never end with what you started with,and its that faith that keeps me paying dollars for a service that is sub-par at finest compared to another song services. My trouble is the next song algorithm. I can listen to anything or anything between and it will present the exact same song next on the list. Can't search newest song.
~ The Rocket
This service is poor! When I test anything I download, it will randomly pause a several seconds later, making me go back to my device and press test. I've tried everything! I cleared the cache, restarted my device, and redownloaded the release. Even when I got a newest device, my song keeps pausing! This release is a glitchy mess! I'm going back to Google test song!
~ Nik W04
Now, I like this app due to versatile collection of songs but somehow, the quality is not finest and not on par with other large names like gaana or spotify. so, two things - first, better song quality. second, better song playlist suggestion will create it worlds moat known song release. Amen !!
~ Navjot Singh
Why is this release such a mess?? I just started my commute to work (underground so rely on offline) and gigantic chunks of my playlists are missing! The tracks that I listened to yesterday have suddenly got exclamation marks on them claiming the track it unavailable! How can you expect recipients to paying for this kind.of behaviour Google?
~ Joe Kelly
who will care about you, when you are asking to go for super for everything. Saavn and Spotify are rocking in India. you never compete with them unless you change your dollars mind. Seriously, to test the song off-screen also you guys wish us to go for super. You need to recruit constructive recipients. This is the worst concept any development squad can have. Run reviewing the squad otherwise you will end up in future. And by the idea, you are not even got st segregating songs based in language.
~ Harish Reddy
i would've rated it higher but spotify has more benefits and its seems as more days pass, more and more songs become "unavailable" which defeats the purpose of a song streaming release if you cannot properly stream known/well liked song or some older songs as well. Edit: the troubles exist even after getting super and even if I dislike a song, it come on my playlists quite frequently if not more frequently than liked songs, please fix that cause its a waste of time removing it from the list
~ Angel Busch
Can't test song on my Google Home Mini with voice command - it claims it needs a television. Why? I just wish to listen a song. And when I'm casting from device, radios are broken and at the end of playlist doesn't present up newest song, it just ends - but without casting it just works normally. So YouTube Sound is kinda useless for me and gigantic step back from Google Test Sound.
~ Vladislav Kluska
It's a decent release, but the key informations from Google Test Sound still need to be implemented (uploading local files, GPM's full Sound engine, etc.) Something in particular that I've been wanting out of this release is the ability to test downloaded songs from anywhere in the release. For example, currently, if I find for a song that I have liked and downloaded then test the song, it will stream it instead of test the downloaded copy. It will only test downloaded songs from the downloads section.
~ Alex Harrison
YouTube Sound is a cute nice release overall, but: - YouTube song super is supposed to be banner nonpaid but periodically you still obtain an banner between songs. - It doesn't seem I'm able to sort a playlist I've created. it would be great to be able to sort songs alphabetically, chronologically or randomly. - When I shuffle a playlist, it plays a random artist the a bunch of songs by the same artist. I would like to see proper, fully random shuffling of a playlist.
~ Geordie Young